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The Ship of A Thousand Guns

The Seraphim is the largest Minerva-class Battleship of the European Union. It is also the flagship of the Chancellor's own forces, the Griffin Legion. It is also known as The Ship of A Thousand Guns.

General Description[]

Probably the largest aerial ship in the world, eve larger than the Damocles, the Seraphim is comparable to a whole country's armed forces in terms of brute strength and raw fire power. It uses a Nuclear Reactor powered by Uranium 235 as its source of power. While registered as a battleship, it is more than often treated as a mobile fortress. Its special features include the capability to go underwater and to participate in land battles in a tank-like manner.


A crown of European technology, the Seraphim can be used for all types of warfare. Ground, aerial, naval, and even underwater battles can be participated by the Seraphim. However, its immense size limits it mostly to a small place and instead uses fortress-like tactics in battle. It does not rely on the Blaze Luminous Shield, but on an armor made from a very tough alloy capable of resisting multiple Hadron Cannon shots. It uses its extensive fire power and multiple armaments to take down its enemies. The Supreme Chancellor even mentioned that in terms of raw fire power, three armies are not enough to match up to its numerous guns and that had knightmare frames not existed, the ship can conquer a country on its own. The many guns of the Seraphim earned it the nickname of The Ship of A Thousand Guns. As counter-measure to the F.L.E.I.J.A., it employs a high-gravity pulse reactor particle cannon capable of neutralizing the effects of the warhead. However, it takes thirty minutes before the said weapon can be used again. Its dome-shaped center can be used to launch multiple Knightmare Frames at the same time and its four flight pads can be used to launch multiple Skyhawk fighter planes. It also houses five nuclear warheads mounted on five IBMs(Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) capable of reaching targets on any part of the globe. The warheads armed within the Seraphim are the only nuclear weaponry within the EUDAF. The warheads can only be used by the Supreme Chancellor since the Supreme Chancellor is the only one granted with the activation code needed to unlock the said weapons.