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General Characteristics
Model Number Type-1S
Codename Shinden
Unit type

Enhanced Custom Copy Production Fourth Generation Knightmare Frame

Manufacturer Masaru Miyamoto

The Black Knights

Dimensions Overall Height: 4.37 metres
Weight Combat Weight: 6.45 metric tonnes
Equipment and Design Features
Fixed/Optional Armaments
  • Chest-mounted Slash Harkens x 2
  • Katen Yaibatou (廻転刃刀, Katen Yaibatou) (lit. "Revolving Blade Sword") x 1
  • Assault Rifle x 1 (optional)


  • Masaru Miyamoto

The Shinden (神殿, Shinden) is a float system-equipped version of the Type-1R-R Raiden, and was created during the one year period between the Black Rebellion and Zero's return by its pilot, Masaru Miyamoto.

Design & Development History[]

Following the failure of the Black Rebellion, Masaru was one of the few members of The Black Knights to avoid capture and imprisonment by the Britannian forces following the battle, but had no contact with the other surviving members. After finding sanctuary within the ruins of the Shinjuku ghetto, Masaru immediately began preparing for the possibility of Zero's return. However, the Raiden's Electro-Heat Sword had been lost during the battle, and the Raiden's armour had been all but destroyed. In order to bring the Knightmare back up to fighting strength, Masaru managed to retrieve the unit's original Revolving Blade Sword (which had been stored deep within the ghetto for safekeeping), which brought the Raiden's armament back to full capacity. Masaru was also able to re-armour the Raiden, by scavanging metal from throughout the Shinjuku ghetto, while keeping the unit's weight the same. In addition, Masaru was able to salvage the Float System and Blaze Luminous System from the Sutherland Air, which had been abandoned by its pilot, Cécile Croomy, after having been disabled by Masaru during the battle. Thanks to the Raiden's light weight compared to the Sutherland Air, the Float System's power consumption was substantially reduced. Masaru was able to re-tune the system to accommodate for the Raiden's different centre of gravity and balance, and link the system to the unit's cockpit by salvaging the requisite controls from the Sutherland Air and installing them in the Raiden's cockpit, as well as re-programming the operating system to allow for the new equipment. As a result of all these changes, Masaru decided to re-designate the unit as the Type-1S Shinden.

Design Features[]

  • Float System
The Shinden is equipped with the same Float System found on some Britannian Knightmare Frames, including the Lancelot Air Cavalry. However, due to the Shinden's lower weight, the system has a lower power consumption than its contemporaries. This weight difference also enhances the Shinden's speed and agility in flight.





|right|x280px]]General characteristics (Type-1S Shinden)

Design Features


  • Chest-mounted Slash Harkens x 2
  • Katen Yaibatou (廻転刃刀, Katen Yaibatou) (lit. "Revolving Blade Sword") x 1

Optional Armaments

  • Assault Rifle x 1