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  • Upgraded Contact suit - a new suit created by Shinji for better controlling his mechs such as the Evangelion and other functions, consists of techno-magic nanomachines, which are something between a magic golem, nanorobot and has an additional metaphysical nature.
    • Artificial intelligence - built into a suit, probably the collective mind of all machines, can perform all kinds of calculations and is controlled by the user, including through telepathy.
    • Manipulations of matter - nanorobots can rebuild material objects, possibly down to the level of elementary particles.
    • Manipulation of form - nanorobots are able to create an arbitrary object from their substance and completely change their shape. In everyday life, a suit can take the form of simple clothes, preserving all the functions.
    • Interface - creates a geographical interface for more precise control of equipment, etc., than sending telepathic orders.
    • Protection - Upgraded Contact suit creates protective multi-level barriers from all kinds of influences, from the mystical and physical, ending with telepathic and mystical/etc, can support the body in unfit conditions, including destabilizing reality as such, and also allows you to escape into another space from attacks. Ability overalls can survive even at the epicenter of a nuclear explosion and this is far from the limit of all its protective capabilities.
    • Synchronization - the suit not only improves synchronization with the Any mech such as Evangelion, but also synchronizes to the individual abilities of the pilots themselves, including the paranormal (for example, the suit transforms with the body, becomes intangible with it, enhances telepathic abilities, etc.).
    • Returnee - allows you to teleport in case of danger to a pre-selected safe place, this does not even requires stability of the surrounding space-time continuum,
    • Flying - a suit can distort gravity for flying at an necessary speed.
    • Sigma-scalpel is a retractable blade that can easily cut stones/Anything else/etc and the protective cover of a comparable suit.

Mother Box - "intelligent computers" of unlimited power, the size of a brick. First of all, it serves as the most powerful quantum supercomputer. However, he can directly connect to the Gates of Eternity, thus achieving any desired result. Starting from telepathy and ending with control over space. For example, with the help of the Mother Box, you can instantly upgrade any device to simply unthinkable levels. The Mother Box is capable of rebuilding reality in any way on any scale, or even erasing it and recreating it anew.

  • Computronium (Computation) - Truly unique in its nature, the abstract material is, like a kind of programmable fractal matter, this extra-dimensional ultra-dense substance is located in the Dimensions of Shinji. She is able to take the form and shape of absolutely anything and anyone, and her ability to bestow powers on others is simply limitless. Computronium has found its greatest use in the creation of special Computronium (or Computronium) bracelets, as mentioned earlier, they can endow the wearer with any weapon, ability, etc. Also, on its basis, special quantum interdimensional supercomputers of infinite productivity were created, which operate in the military laboratories of the Measurement of Changes, and even one on Earth (more precisely, under Shinji's house).
    • Computronium bracelet - a unique product in itself. They are usually created in the Dimensions of Shinji, there are also separate top-secret laboratories on Earth. Shinji's henchmen and to shinji hismelf, it can give them any weapon and any ability; they have no certain restrictions in terms of choosing a wide/Unlimited variety of useful abilities and weapons, they do not not have any restrictions, this bracelet is able to independently automatically/Or by will of shinji give what will be needed at any time, or when the henchmen themselves want it. Shinji wears as many as two Computronium bracelets, it looks like a beautiful futuristic black watch, but it is an incredibly dangerous, and at the same time versatile gadget/Shinji can create/module any restrincions if he wants to them. Here are some of his abilities:
      • Rapid-fire heavy-duty fusion blasters- the standard and most commonly used weapon that Shinji uses. Shinji can lower and increase their power. They are dark blue-purple energy blasts that also travel at a controlled speed (usually quite fast), and when hit they explode with great force along with a shockwave of similar strength. Despite its apparent simplicity, this is a powerful enough weapon that can harm and destroy mental/astral intangible beings and the strongest demons/no matter/who what/etc, and even the desire to burn space-time.
      • Antimatter quantum guns - the bracelets fire shots of concentrated super-dense antimatter energy, as well as explosive charges that dissolve everything that gets into sub-atomic particles, and even destroy barriers between universes. Their power is also controllable.
      • Wrath of the Void - the bracelets concentrate dark psi-energy and shoot out with a continuous stream of charges in the form of beams, which first cut and split everything, after which the so-called "plasma trail" remains, which, according to the principle of "chain reaction", explodes with great force.
      • Lightning - bracelets shoot volleys of incredibly powerful lightning in dark blue-blue, and black. Lightning evaporates everything they reach, they can find targets themselves, and move chaotically and unpredictably. Shinji can shoot with these lightning bolts with his fingers.
      • Hacking - these bracelets release quantum capture beams that take control of any kind of machine, or simply destroy it. Hacking also has one unique ability: any car that gets under control will constantly "repair" itself, and will have an infinite supply of energy and ammunition, the car will also become even stronger and stronger. It will function until it is completely destroyed.

Starbraiker is a powerful staff artifact that was forged from a rare space metal in the Star Forge. It is able to increase and decrease its length and thickness instantly. For Shinji, it always weighs the same, but for others it has a colossal weight that even in its smallest form, its weight is not able to withstand a creature capable of No matter/who/what/etc. He is capable of executing any commands, and is even capable of attacking the enemy on his own. The staff is also able to return to the hands or make a movement/blow at the behest of Shini, even if it is at a considerable/any/ distance.

  • Resize - the staff can instantly change its size and thickness at Slair's will. At least it is capable of increasing / lengthening by 389 thousand kilometers, and at most half the distance from Earth to Pluto and expanding to the size of a large island or continent in a split second. Also, the staff is able to shrink to the state of a toothpick, which Shinji holds in his ear if nothing threatens.
  • Durability - Starbraiker has Unlimited durability. Made from an unknown cosmic material, the staff equals, or even surpasses, the world's strongest materials. Due to its incredible/Unlimited strength, the staff can be used to defend against the most powerful attacks.
  • Mind - this weapon also has its own will. And if you do not pay enough attention to him, then he may be offended, and will begin to be capricious. Despite this, Starbaiker is always loyal to Shinji and is able to protect him even without his will. According to the staff itself, it is Shinji who is the true master for him.
  • Change in weight - at the request of Shinji, Starbreaiker is able to change its own weight, becoming heavier or lighter even for the owner himself, which allows him to benefit from different situations. For example, increasing the power of attacks or helping yourself to dodge, or making it unbearable for enemies. Shinji is also able to distribute the size and weight of the staff, for example: he can reduce to the state of a toothpick, but at the same time make it unbearable, or increase to the size of a mountain, but will weigh several tons.
  • Replicate - The ability to massively copy your weapon to attack your opponent with it. One staff turns into ten, ten - into a hundred, a hundred - into a thousand, a thousand - into tens of thousands and so on, equivalent to the reproduction of their own kind. The Shinji can use the weapon separately, filling all of the sky with it and controlling it using telekinesis. Thanks to its counterparts, Starbraiker, at Shinji's command, is able to defeat entire indestructible armies and inflict damage on No matter/who/what/etc/with no eaption powerful creatures.
  • "Dominus Labe" (lord of decomposition) - this sword is able to fill its blade with a special substance, which is a hellish mixture of all the strongest acids and poisons that have created a foolish, which allows him very quickly becomes unimaginably caustically and corrosive. The substance also acts as a stabilizer of the form of the blade and constantly restores the blade with one smooth movement. Despite the fact that the blade is fully rusty and covered with cracks; It is quite strong, and not only can instantly infect everything, but also makes the amazed goal instantly rust, rot, and disintegrate, which makes a sword especially effective against any kind of armor and enemy, the side effect acts on creatures with organic nature. At the request of Shinji, the sword is able to destroy everything anywhere, turning this place in a solid acid-viral blood pressure. This terrible side effect can only dispel Shinji. Any small scratch will lead to the complete degradation of the target on the cell and at the atomic level, sometimes it can lead to a mutant. This weapon is even afraid of the strongest creatures of hell and no matter/who/what/etc. At the moment there are two such swords, but Shinji often uses only one.

Set "The End of Worlds" - this set of armor with artifacts of colossal power.

  • Conqueror armor is a blasphemous fusion of the most advanced technology and the strongest dark magic. The armor is made of "black gold", a special material containing pure dark energy. Armor can absorb any kind of energy. At the top, something like a halo is formed, which greatly enhances the user.
  • The Blade of Death is an artifact of terrifying power. This force must be guarded like a man of fire. The demon imprisoned there has simply exorbitant power, which can easily destroy the boundaries/barriers between universes and destroy them slowly and inevitably.
  • Demonic hand - one of the hands of the emperor replaces a creepy-looking claw with very mobile tentacles. The tentacles themselves are so strong that they pierce even the strongest and most resistant defenses. She can also fire beams of dark energy. Shinji uses it as a ranged weapon, because the tentacles can lengthen so quickly in the blink of an eye that the enemy will hardly notice when only charred remains are left of him at that moment.
  • The ship "Kraken" is the personal gigantic ship of the Shinji of such dimensions that it could be easily seen against the background of the Moon. The ship is literally stuffed with ultra-modern weapons, equipment for various purposes and impenetrable shields.
  • The Oblivion Knights Ultratroopers are the personal army of the Emperor. They are similar to the Space Marines from the original Warhammer 40,000 universe. But they are bigger, stronger and have other advantages.
  • The Astral Regulator is an incredibly powerful artifact. It is a golden colored diamond. He gives absolute power over all aspects of everything that exists without any restrictions.

Greatsword of Light Of Destruction: Its a Scared Gear that first most powerful in the world. Shinji posses Holy Flames and yet it has Boosted power like the Boosted Gear, and yet, unlike it, Greatsword Of Angelic Light sword able to heals someone and gives them power from the Scared Gear, and it powerful to effect any/all beings. Do creation and Destruction rivals. Its unlimited.

Judgement: Giving one of the Divine things by the Angels that can destroy all of Unholy and destroy Darkness on anyone around.

Death Axe Of Destruction: It was one of the Godly axe it was banned knowing, it cause lots of Dark and death energy and much damage to Omnipotent Gods and Goddes, Demons, Angels and even Kaijus/any/all beings. Once it hits the ground, causing massive destruction.

Celestial Galaxy Sword: One of the Gods, Goddesses that it can restore the world and anything that wishes, will be granted. One of the sword can bring balance in world.

Aether Of Axe And Godly Saber: Cast a powerful element: Aether, and The Godly Nature Saber can really control.

The Ultimate Beast: The Ultimate Omni shapeshift beast. It can shapeshift into a sword, a bow, spear, staff, a gun and more. any/all beings fear this as a ultimate creation, created by the Shinji.

Light Stalker And Halcyon Ignis

  • Light Stalker is very effect to towards Demon/Devils, even in their gods/any/all beings, it has Holy Flame and it says a warrior become worthy of it it bring balance in world.
  • Halcyon Ignis: It can summon any kind of weapon you can imagine, plus it made any kind of magic and shapeshift into anything you want. any/all beings many fears of those two swords, that if one that evil and non pure heart warrior touch these sword, will be hit so bad.

The Bone Shaman's Cloak is a magical item that grants the ability to manipulate air. Aeration is not weather control. A person with this ability controls the element itself, can cause a small tornado or a huge tornado in a room, a slight breath of wind, etc. At the second stage of this ability, it is possible to turn into an air mass (as smart people say, at the molecular level). The most interesting thing is that when you reach the highest level of skill with this ability, you can "pump out" air from sealed rooms without harm to yourself.

The pencil of the master is a simple pencil with great magic. Everything that is written by him immediately becomes part of the world. The pencil is able to influence the outcome of any event, regardless of the time line it occurred. The same applies to creatures, phenomena, geography, laws, gods, the principles of the universe and the whole world as a whole. The action of the pencil can only be canceled with the back of the same object.


  • Bodyslider Transport: Through the Dan program in his techno-organic system, The Union can transport themselves anywhere across space/time and reality. Even across other realities if need be. By accessing the Dominus Objective's data hub, the warping apparatus is enabled prerequisite pinpoint transport coordinates of exactly where, when, what timeline and in which reality the user needs to get to and at the precises second in which to act upon the mission directive set out for it's handlers.
  • The Supreme: His personalized reality hopping warp ship, crafted from the Symbiont Mod's of his warwear and powered by a Bifrost Bridge fragment fused to an M'Kraan Crystal shard taken from the Tallus of the Exiles and a Cosmic Egg Shell obtained over Shinji's many travels. Supreme is a sentient barge that can adjust it's interior or exterior according to Shinji's wishes, from extrapolating mechanics of Shinji's Pocket Battle Field onto his powered armor nodes. Shinji can utilize the physics bending properties of which for Spatial Modulation Zoning, making the interior bigger on the inside than on the out. As well as Chronal Dilation Bubbles which can accelerate, slow or even decouple sections of the ship from the regular passage of time. Systematically run by the Empirical Xenophage Transitional Reality Exploratory Manifest Interactive Transport Argonaut System; otherwise known as E.X.T.R.E.M.I.T.A.S; a subsidiary of the of the We-Plex Intelligence operating software of Shinji's -suit.
    • Plex E.X.T.R.E.M.I.T.A.S: The core consciousness of the living vessel begotten from the A.I of Shinji's own symbiotic suit. E.X.T.R.E.M.I.T.A.S is the primary system computer of the mobile fuax world of Supreme which sits in the Omnicron Reality; the middle point where the alpha and omega realities tend to intercede with the rest of the multiverse.

The crown of light and darkness - an artifact created from materials containing incredibly powerful types of various energies, among them this gold change and unusual "live" blood vitaly, which possessed truly amazing properties and monstrous creative and destructive power. Connecting all this, it turned out an artifact of the insane monstrous force, to cope with which it is very difficult, as you need a colossal power of mind, spirit and body, and simple mortals she just turns into dust or destroy their souls and mind if they try to get her power, but the crown will be obey anyone who will indicate the owner. This artifact refers to omega-level artifacts.

Equilibrium & Schlag (Equalizer and Strike) - a pair of special technomagic pistols with a total length of 38 cm. They were also crafted by Shinji at the Shinji Forge from an unknown cosmic ore and mixed with his own power. Equilibrium and Schlag do not need ammunition(but can use them) and shoot directed Unlimited being energy, while having unlimited ammunition. Thus, the shots of these pistols are capable of killing anyone, ignoring any attempts to defend against them - any armor, intangibility or other abilities will be useless against the shots. They are powerful enough to kill/defeat/no matter/who/what/etc. Equilibrium and Shlag also have different types of shots:

  • Explosive - shots that are accompanied by large-scale explosions and a shock wave.
  • Living - Special shots with sufficient conscious thought to dodge attacks and maneuver around enemy defenses to hit a target.
  • Spatial - Shots that distort space and generate shockwaves powerful enough to prevent teleportation and create "cracks" in space.
  • Anti-magic - shots that can easily cut, reflect and dispel various/any/all magic attacks and barriers.
  • Conceptual - shots that can kill/defeat/no/matter/who/what/etc with no problems.

Hellish shotgun - two futuristic shotgun, having a fairly high speed of shooting.

The Sword of Rip is one the most powerful and powerful weapon in Shinji's arsenal. He was created by himself. This blade has unimaginable/Unlimited power and tremendous/Unlimited power, since with this weapon Shinji killed Any/All/races/being/no matterow/ho/what/etc/no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption with ease (and also taked their faces), the sword itself can destroy reality and is capable of destroying (tearing) dimensions,no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption with ease. He is able to destroy any creation/No matter/who/what/etc, regardless of its power, be it eternal or infinite, which already speaks of its incredible power. Such strength and power can only be envied, in fact, no weapon in the universe can be compared with this miracle weapon.

  • Unlimited Being Manipulation - Another ability of the blade is the manipulation of Unlimited Being. He can create various Unlimited Being designs: swords, whips, axes, etc. within no limits. He is also able to create so-called Unlmited commanders or knights who are completely and completely subordinate to him, regardless of distance. His ability to manipulate Unlimited Being power is limitless. It can shroud entire planets, galaxies and universes in No matter/who/what/etc with no exaptio nwith ease in his power, as well as extinguish the stars. He is also able to envelop unlmited/any number of creatures in his power and suppress their will(works on any all beings/no matter/who/what/etc with ease, or kill them with one simple gesture(works on any all beings/no matter/who/what/etc with ease.
  • Body control - the blade is capable of giving the wearer the ability to control his body at an atomic or deeper level. For example, Shinji could create tentacles and new limbs.
  • Ignoring/Destroying immortality/Regeneration/no matter/who/what/etc - The blade itself is capable of killing No matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption withe ease all creatures, even if they are immortal/No mattero/who what/etc with ease and compeltey destory or absorb soul no mattero/who/what/etc with ease (completley sumjeting her to shinj(. For example, the sword was able to kill killing No matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption withe ease
  • Change of shape - if desired, the sword itself can change its shape as it wants. For example, it can grow even larger, change its appearance, grow new limbs and additional blades. Also, the blade can change size, and in an enlarged size it is capable of dissecting entire planets and supernovae with one stroke, chopping parts of galaxies and even drying entire universes/Multiverse/etc/Omniverse/with ease, leaving only one void.
  • Stability - the sword also has a Unlimited/Infinite amount of resistance from negative effects on it, for example, the blade itself was not affected by black holes, it can also resist high/low temperatures, which even the stars are not an obstacle for it. And since he was created by Shinji himself and is essentially a part of him, he is able to resist/irnore changes in reality and ignore the erasure from existence.

Serpentem Deus: a sword capable of destroying No matter who/what/etc Op beings Physical, Spiritual, and True forms while trapping their essences into the blade.

Devourage Sword is a sword from cosmic energy, helps in the absorption of the world.

Scarlet Azathoth: a blurt sword capable of absorbing Omnipotent and Eldritch essences into the blade itself.

Azraelle Claws: chain scythes that remove any being immortality and reincarnations abilities which can either be absorbed into the wielder or the blade

Grimmer: a scythe capable of moving on it own by Shinji will however it also can kill no matter/who/what/etc and immortal beings.

Notebook of "Death" - Whoever owns the notebook of death will open up unlimited opportunitys/powers. Also The laptop is capable of running any game at ultra settings without a single brake, and the number of fps with each game is higher and higher.

Notebook of Time - A Notebook with similar properties, but created Shinji to travel between parallel universes/Time Etc it also has absolutep over time.

Sword of Veil - an ancient black sword has the energy of veil, its main feature with each swing, the strength of the sword grows even if the enemy dodges, the sword still continues to strengthen the blows and swings of the owner of this sword.

  • Strengthening by swings, the energy of the sword is accumulated and transferred to the owner.
  • The infinite growth of the sword's strength with each swing of the sword increases several times and its attacks will be devastating, even as soon as the enemy is killed. the sword will not return to its original characteristics and all enhancements will not be lost (or if shinji will wants )Will bee.

Dragon Eye - This artifact was created by Shinji. The Dragon's Eye is a cylindrical object with rings encircling it. The ring at the front lens is made in the form of a dragon's mouth. The rest of the device is brown with engraved symbols. When the dragon's eye receives light from the dragon's flame, it projects different cards and symbols of different colors - depending on the specific color of the dragon's flame.

Black Sun - on Shinji's neck is an artifact that looks like an amulet or talisman. Provides significant assistance in covert penetration or open conflict. It is capable of disabling defense systems, weapons and electronics within a Any radius Shinji wants), and also scares away various creatures/no matter/who/what/etc (if shinji wil want).

The Treasury is a dimension containing countless/infinite/any/all equipment and artifacts/any/all items/etc/no matter/who/what/etc ever created or collected by Shinji. He has access to all the artifacts that are in the treasury and gets them through the rift in space.

Hell Rose - onions created from enchanted platinum. It has the same ability as last onions. True, it shoots non-zippers, and boom, the power of which is also generated. It is also universal as a melee weapon, as it has blades at the ends. The amazed goal will be paralyzed, and even die, since the onions are saturated with a special substance created by his infringement. Also, roses that grow straight on weapons can produce a special devilish charming fragrance, which will confuse anyone, and can even bring impotence and hallucinations; And he only strengthens himself. At the request of the owner, this fragrance can strengthen others.

  • Robe of the Shinji - Robes consisting of a cloak, a hood and a maxi, woven from dark fabric.
    • Invisibility Cloak - Cloak with runic symbols. Has the ability to make its owner and everything he touches invisible. Also, the owner becomes "non-existent" for any kind of sensing
    • Wings - The cloak can become two pairs of dragon wings for flight. The first pair has a span of 6 meters, and the second at 4 meters, increasing mobility and maneuverability in the air.
      • Snar Ferrel - If necessary, the cloak turns into a four-winged dragon with a wingspan of 12 and 8 meters. It is endowed with Unlimited Power. He can also jump high. His simple head and dilyana cheek allow him to use them to attack enemies.
      • Meteor Fall - Special attack. In the air, the wings melt, becoming like a clot of plasma, and then detach and fall down at a high speed. Upon landing, a powerful release of energy occurs, comparable to the fall of a meteorite the size of a mountain ridge. after the attack, the cloak is restored.
    • Black Stone - The cloak turns into a barrier of black stone with the property of absolute impassability - nothing and no one is able to pass, break through or overcome this barrier. But all this does not apply to its owner Shinji.
    • Molten Clay - The cloak is capable of emitting clay that resembles magma/lava and looks similar. When solidified, it becomes obsidianite capable of withstanding an explosion that destroys cities and the temperature of the planet's core. Also endowed with increased resistance to the manipulation of matter.
      • Magma world - Magma clay is produced in large quantities covering everything around, melting stones and killing everything that touches. And after solidification, it seals the surviving opponents.
        • Black stakes - Shinji forms spears from magma clay, which quickly roll, and then rush towards his opponent.
          • Kazansa - Large spikes of obsidianite burst from the ground, piercing enemies.
          • Shirodo - Creates an obsidian barrier to protect against attack.
          • Yoroi - An area or entire body is covered with plates of obsidianite, increasing the durability of the armor.
        • Infernal Abyss - Mass clay splashes high into the air, and then falls to the ground in the form of sharp spikes piercing everything in its path, but due to their incomplete solidification, they explode, scattering many fragments and leaving behind a crater. At the end of the attack, a deep crater remains, strewn with many fragments of obsedianite, resembling a cavity covered in fire.
          • Infernal Peak - A golem is formed from poppy clay, parts of which solidify into obsidianite, creating armor
    • Capture from the World - The cloak turns into tentacles and captures creatures regardless of their location using dimensional rifts. The tentacles are capable of capturing creatures (or something else) from different worlds, planes of existence, and even universes.
      • World of desires and fantasies - Tentacles penetrate the fictional world and get the desired thing or creature from there.
      • Army of Hell - From Shinji's fantasies, an army of demons, monsters and monstrous siege weapons totaling Infinite numbers goes into the world.
    • Touch of Dust - The cloak is capable of turning everything that touches to dust. The effect extends to whatever Shinji wants.
    • Time Warp - The ability to distort space and time around him for various effects.
      • Teleportation - With a wave of his cloak, Shinji transports himself and those who are under the cloak to any point in space and time.
      • Reflect attacks - Any attacks aimed at the cloak will either fly in the other direction or simply freeze in space and time.
      • Existence Point - Shinji will attack, let's look for a target. It is impossible to dodge an attack, and when hit, it squeezes its existence in one instant and thereby seals it in the present and erasing it from the future and the past(workso n no matter who/what/etc).
    • Angelic Darkness - The cloak is capable of absorbing colors from its surroundings, creating a space of absolute darkness. The cloak itself, absorbing colors, begins to shimmer with the entire visible and invisible color spectrum. The main effect is that all whose color was absorbed cease to exist, becoming an empty space without light, and the creatures that entered it (except Shinji) lose their strength and power(work on no matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption). all positive properties and abilities/powers (and they are 100 the same true)etc are obtained and negative deltied from the same color that was absorbed by the cloak. The ability can be canceled.


Name: Scarred Mother, Tyrannosaurus Scar, Rex scar, momy, big mom

Brief information: Female tyrannosaurus with a scar on her right eye, It is larger and stronger than a Tyrannosaurus and no matter who/what/etc.

Tyrannosaurus - monotypic genus of carnivorous dinosaurs from the coelurosaur group of the theropod suborder, including the only valid species - Tyrannosaurus rex (Latin rex - king). Tyrannosaurus Scar is a large female Tyrannosaurus rex

  • Sieze - It has a length of 24 meters, a height to the thigh - 7.5 meters, and the mass of this individual, according to experts, during its life reached about 12 tons.
  • Increased performance - The scar is stronger than No Matter/who/what/etc, its body is extremely/Unlimited strong and resilient, with its huge size, it is extremely agile and has a quick reaction. In battle, he actively uses his tail, claws and teeth. Can also use paws and ram, and retreat when necessary.
  • Faster recovery - The scar is much more tenacious than the dinosaur, and her wounds regenerate much faster. in 0 time, she regenerated no matter what injuries.



Name: The concept is Indispensable, Agnis

Pseudonyms/nicknames: Goddess of Truth, Absolute Weapon, Destroyer of the Gods/Any Other Beings.

Gender: The concept is not applicable, Female for the Avatar.

Classification: Angel ,, Ultimate Weapon Against Gods/Any other Beings.

Age: exists outside of time and space, the Absolute Entity exists everywhere simultaneously.

Skills, powers and abilities; Non-causality, Zero-dimension, High-dimensional existence, Conceptual existence, Metaphysical existence, Super-dimensional existence Omnipresence (Absolute), Omniscience (Absolute), Omnipotence/Unlimited Being (Absolute), Reflection (All and all divine power), Denial (Denial of divine and all concepts and even essences), Seals (Agnis can seal the power of the gods/any other beings and all other forces and at the same time they cannot be destroyed and even no matter who what/what/etc is not able to destroy these seals), Cancellation of abilities (Any and even divine such as Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence.)/etc

Strengths: Can deny the abilities of all gods/any other beings, even if he surpasses all that exists, Agnis can deny everything even concepts and metaphysics, lowering the gods from heaven making them helpless can deprive the status of a god and even erase from reality, metaphysically, the concepts, the very laws of the gods, her ability is so it is powerful that it is able to deny the entire Omniverse, even though there will be Infinity or Infinity, it will be able to destroy them all leaving behind emptiness and nothing more, no one or nothing can resist its denial, and if it tries to deny its abilities and divinity will be erased in an instant.

Personality: Very reserved, infinitely loyal to Hia Shinoa as a creator, if danger overtakes her creator she immediately comes and destroys her, outside of her work she is cheerful and very friendly when it comes to fighting or destroying the gods, she is cold-blooded.

Combat Skills: Surpassing all concepts of martial skills can master any martial arts without even seeing them. The divine cook her dishes are so delicious that the gods/any other beings themselves begin to cry and admire/etc.

Equipment Supreme Angelic Clothing.

Supreme Angelic Clothing - It was created by Shinji for Agnis. Absolutely beautiful, graceful, divine aura covers her, she is the color of gold, her beauty is impossible to describe has a huge number of enchantments that she and Hiei put together, it is impossible to destroy and even if it breaks instantly, it drags on.

  • Divine Shroud - Reflects all conceptual attacks and any divine influences, absolute protection from all influences.
  • The Holy Scripture-Robe of the Supreme Angel has its own scripture, it describes all the divinity of this garment Strength, Speed, Protection all this is limitless and endless any attacks and effects of concepts and any divine abilities "Give me strength Scripture" is activated with the help of these words after which the barrier is activated with limitless thin layers that cannot be destroyed because these walls deny and reflect everything.
  • Golden Holy Spears: - These are the Spears created by Shinji and Agnis, they look like flying blades of golden color, which can Protect and Attack and even seal the enemy's abilities even if they are destroyed they increase in number and do not give the enemy a chance their number can exceed infinity they exist always and everywhere so that it is impossible to evade.
  • Unlimited divisions - Golden Sacred Spears can be divided infinitely and their number can exceed the entire Omniverse, the more they are destroyed, the more they will be divided after destruction.
  • Divine Sealing Circles-After each shot of the Golden Spear, sealing circles are formed, they completely immobilize the enemy, regardless of God or the Creator himself, these circles stop the omnipresence everywhere and are limitless, so it is impossible to get out of the seals, the seals blacken all abilities and divine ones and also reduce the enemy's strength infinitely when the enemy is immobilized spears continue firing infinitely and superimposing infinite sealing effects on each other.
  • Highest Absolute Omnipresence - The most powerful kind of omnipresence, it encompasses the omniverse and infinity where it is impossible to get all realities and even alternative worlds and not only the Sacred spears can exist everywhere. The very concept of Omnipresence surpasses and surpasses it many times over.
  • Supreme Absolute Omnipotence/Unlimited Being - Agnis can do anything with his golden spears, change the power of the seal attack subtype and find a different approach to each enemy, this ability surpasses the whole concept of Omnipotence and it is unthinkable to realize it.
  • Crystal of Absolute Truth- Everything that Agnis says will be true and it cannot be denied even by arguments and rules, one word of Agnis and everything will become her truth.
  • Absolute Adaptation-Clothing adapts to any attacks and develops a defense against them that neglects them, thus Agnis cannot be destroyed or defeated.

Description/Background/History: Agnis was created by Shinji with the aim of protecting him and the world was endowed with divine/any other power and was constantly strengthened for several thousand years and was able to become the Ultimate Weapon that will be able to stop any threat, devoted to its creator will not allow anyone to approach towards Shinji and even attack when it comes to the owner, she is furious and can grind the enemy into powder, even a sidelong glance towards her owner can be fatal, thanks to her power, Shinji is able to subdue All Existance Shinji and all structural Domains/etc All existance described her with one word DANGEROUS

Attacks, Techniques and Abilities:

  • FigureThe Agnis is figure is the figure of Shinji, he used her to defeat the gods/any other beings of existance with this he can for example and capture the structure and Domains/all existance, Shinji brings her into play when circumstances become critical.
  • Song of the Highest Angel - Agnis Begins to sing a calm song that is heard in all omniverse and limitless spaces, this song erases the line between the gods lowering them from heaven to earth, namely all abilities, metaphysics, concepts, absolutely everything is blocked and even the status of God tries to leave the gods without their powers and they become on the level of mortals this song does not care how many abilities you have and how they block it or deny it or even try to defend itself and go somewhere far away it will still overtake its target ignores the vacuum even in my head this song that Agnis is singing is very beautiful and from it is impossible to come off when this song is heard by all the gods, it means that the end of the era of the gods is very close.
  • Absolute Weapon- The status that Shinji gave her, having collected all the gods of existance, all the inhabitants of the tower/All Existance simultaneously gave her this status, basically it gives ignorance of everything that poses a danger to Agnis unlimited growth of strength and all the divine powers of Agnis cannot be denied or sealed, even zeroed to zero
  • Actually = A girl with white short hair, dressed in a white dress on her head in the shape of a golden crown, the Absolute Weapon against the Gods, incomprehensible and very beautiful, her voice will spread everywhere he is described as the most beautiful and they are ready to listen to him forever.
  • Awakening- Any entity or gods can awaken their true potential and it can be awakened infinitely and infinitely the abilities of such a creature go beyond all the boundaries of the gods and the creators themselves, Agnis, having awakened, took the form of an inversion of her hair branches and the suit changed to dark in this state, Agnis awakened infinitely and she has no limits.
  • Inversion = Agnis turns into her dark version, her long hair grows out and her light suit turns into a dark dress and covers her enlarged body, she gets a big increase in abilities and new possibilities of her sacred copies, they are painted black.
  • Psychic dimension - Agnis can in a moment plunge the entire omniverse/exsistance into darkness in which the light of the stars and galaxies and universes are extinguished and they are not visible at all Agnis space is boundless and it is impossible to get out of it and the boundless ghostly metaphysical bodies that fly at infinite speed their speed is so high that space are distorted and if the proprietor falls into the epicenter of the boundless metaphysical bodies of Agnis, his abilities and all divinity will not work if someone tries to destroy the space of Agnis, it will destroy him himself with the help of his own power, all influences on space are useless, it is infinite time in it that does not have its meaning there it is unfamiliar, manipulation of the higher or absolute reality will not help there this is a prison created to hold the very essences, abstracts, metaphysical lords, etc.
  • Metaphysics of the Psychic Dimension - It is impossible to describe this space, it is very dark and dense light of galaxies of universes and stars is invisible there and it is difficult to find them in this dimension. Shinji was amazed by the awakened Agnis who unconsciously created this space.




Steal ispolin

Steal ispolin[]

Steal ispolin

Name: Steel Giant

Pseudonyms/nicknames: Dragon fortress

Classification: Juggernaut

Appearance: A massive dark metal battleship.

Strengths: Enormous combat power and durability

Lifting force: Any/ (capable of holding Azbran)

Crew size: 1 for a huge dragon, 3500 thousand people, +700 dragons

Defense: no matter who/what/etc or force is not capable of destroying it)

Range: Any/All

Speed: Any/All

Equipment: Two main guns, eight side, four forward, ether reactor and spell panel

Description/Background/History: In order to change the balance of power in battles with the enemies of the Dragonguard, Shinji creates a warship using all his capabilities and as a result, Steel Ispaline in the world of ships, even by modern standards, turned out (later Shinji created entire fleet of such ships).

Attacks, Techniques and Abilities: Steel Giant - The largest ship in the history is the Heir of the Black Dragon. The Dreadnought was designed as a Dragonguard mobile base. Its functions include moving the army of guards, saving dragons and people, a trump card for war.

  • Fire Power -The main strength of the juggernaut lies in its incredible firepower. With only one shot, he is able to destroy no matter/who/what/etc or kill a large dragon.
  • Durability - The ship's hull is crafted from an unknown dark colored metal. Its durability allows it to withstand the temperature of lava and the attacks no matter/who/what/etc and also of huge dragons.
  • Speed - Despite the size of an island, its speed is sufficient to cover a distance of Any/Range in a 0 period of time.
  • Crew - The interior of the ship houses many quarters for the crew and personnel. Inside there is also a reactor room, a captain's quarters, an armory, a forge, a skald, and a room for Azbran and shinji, which itself is enormous.
  • Infinite Ammo - Thanks to the etheric reactor, energy is can be use used as projectiles, and also infinite projectiles.

Ether reactor - A magical device created by Shinji for the accumulation and subsequent use of ether for spells. It also serves as a power source for the ship.

  • Spell Panel - A special panel with the ability to use spells by those who do not know how to use magic.
    • Element manipulationи - The ability to control all 4 elements and their varieties. The power of the spells depends entirely on the amount of ether invested.
      • fire - Fire spells:
        • Napalm - Projectiles gain the ability to ignite a wide area on impact.
      • Wind - Spells of the element of air:
        • Typhoon Shot - In the direction of the shot, air begins to move with catastrophic force and speed
        • Tornado - Instead of shells, a tornado flies out of the muzzle.
      • Earth - Earth Elemental Spells::
        • Stonefall - Huge boulders begin to fall around the ship, crushing everything that falls under them.
      • Water - Spells of the elements of water:
        • Smoke - To hide the location, the ship creates a dense fog.
      • Magma - Lightning sub-element spells:
        • Inferno - Вместо одного снаряда. из пушки вырывается целый поток раскаленных камней.
      • Lightning - Lightning sub-element spells:
        • Tesla - A lot of lightning begins to emanate from the projectile.
        • Discharge - The ship is charged, and then releases an electric wave that immobilizes everything around.



Armabah - Technologically advanced tanks that Shinji created. The tank itself was equipped with many futuristic mechanisms and equipment.

  • Super heavy tank - Armabah is 21.5 meters long (with the main turret), 9.3 meters wide and 6.7 meters high. The weight is 500 tons.
  • Sensing - Displays are built inside the tank showing its location, objects, enemies and allies, a map of the area, etc. The tank has no blind spots.
  • Barrier - With the help of the crystal sphere, the tank creates an impenetrable barrier around itself. only a tank gun is capable of penetrating it.
  • Speed - Curving the space in front of him, the tank moves at any required speed and at any m / s, ignoring irregularities and obstacles on the way.
  • Reconstruction - In cases of need or damage, the tank's gun is rebuilt into the desired copy.
  • Self-healing - When receiving damage, microbots are activated that repair the tank, even if nothing is left of it. The recovery speed does not depend on the strength of the damage.
  • Cannon - The main weapon of Armakhaba, which is a railgun. Capable of hitting any target with one shot.
  • Тaccuracy - The cannon's energy beams hit the target at any distance. Can get into it when it is in another dimension/and so on.
  • Power - When hit by the rays, an explosion occurs, superior to that of antibacterial weapons.
    • Energy Power - The power of a shot in TNT equivalent is unlimited power even not at maximum.
    • Conceptual Damage - The shot compresses reality in front of it to accelerate the projectile to high hypersonic speed. Thanks to this, the projectile will never miss and will definitely destroy the target regardless of its abilities and obstacles in front of it.
    • Dimensional damage - The projectile is capable of destroying the universe
  • Cooldown - Gathering energy takes a split second.

Company B.O.I.S.P. (Biological Progress Research Basics - Shinji company created by him in one of the worlds specializing in the study of biological and cybernetic ways to improve a person. It has extensive capabilities in material terms, such as:

  1. Unlimited capital
  2. Power of attorney of world powers
  3. Monopoly in the all industry
  4. Unlimited access to resources and materials
  • Army - In the service of the company there are military units protecting the company's facilities. In Nalya there are both ordinary soldiers and genetically modified fighters, cyborgs and drones and robots. Biodrons were also created - artificial creatures reinforced by genetic engineering, cybernetic implants, a built-in endo and an exoskeleton. Sometimes armed with armor and weapons of the appropriate size.
  • Technics - The company has trucks capable of carrying loads weighing Unlimited/Infinite of tons. Of the military equipment there are self-propelled artillery, the Sturmovik-su8 armored vehicle with a capacity of 40 people, armored helicopters, bombers and fighters, tanks with conventional and energy guns, as well as combat robots.
  • Equipment - Of the weapons available to the company, there are missiles capable of destroying an aircraft carrier, orbital guns with a capacity of Unlimited Power, fire and electric super bombs covering a Unlimited/Any area.
  • Genocapsules "Adam" - A device designed to heal and improve a humans/Any other beings.
  • Genocapsules "Stein" - A machine that creates biodrons from the genetic material of living things. They have large dimensions, superhuman physical characteristics, high regeneration and intelligence. Additional pairs of eyes, organs and limbs, wings and fins, scales may be present on their body. The armament has exo and endoskeletons, cybernetic implants, armor, cold weapons and firearms.

Citadel Brasalit is one of Shinji's dimensions and is also one of his abodes and Black Argus. This place resembles an endless desert of stones and flesh of warm colors, in the "sky" there are gray rain clouds behind which there is emptiness. In the center of this dimension is a colossal black crystal with white edges and cracks. If you look from a certain angle, you can see bridges leading to nowhere. Space and time are difficult to apply in this dimension, since in some places they are, in others they are distorted, and in others they are completely absent.

Black Iron — The figure of the darkest color resembles a person or a monster towering over the Worlds, its outlines are unstable and blurred, in the chest area there is a dim sphere emitting light that can be seen from any point of emptiness.

Archiarchus - A huge figure resembling a giant in armor. Its central part of the body became white, in different parts of the body spike-like processes appear and disappear, eyes shining like stars and a gigantic size appeared.

Supremacy Mark 2 The Supremacy Mark 2 is the one of flagships of the Shinji, and the one biggest and most powerful spacecraft to ever exist. It is in infinite in size, due to it constantly expanding into numerous layers of reality, but is capable of shapeshifting and completely altering both the appearance, size, and shape of both the interior and exterior, allowing it to appear as whatever the Shinji desires. It often appears as a vast, system-sized black mass with red murals.

Due to the nature of its composition, it is sentient and obeys the commands of its master. It also semi-organic and mystical in nature, with ominous supernatural properties.

The Heart of the Oasis is a Soul artifact that has grown into anomalous vegetation. A unique artifact that can be found only in the famous Oasis on the instructions of Ozersky or on your own. It appears to be a spherical white and jelly-like artifact with a green sphere inside. It can have a beneficial effect on the immune system and the human/any other being body, and also completely satisfies hunger.

VR helmet - a regular viar helmet that allows you to travel and interact with virtual worlds.

The project "Darkness" - Shinji created the perfect bio -weapon of a new generation. The difference from others is that they can be controlled - in the literal sense. The bio-arrangement itself is contained in special quantum micro-capsules in which there is a compressed dark violet color cloud of nano-machines containing poisons or genes of bacteria and viruses that are known to humanity, and possibly unknown. Among them are seriously modified pathogens of diseases such as plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera, necrotic fascia, and others. Thanks to a partly supernatural nature, these pathogens are ordered more deadly than natural ones. There are special modifications of agents infecting any devices and equipment to take them under control. The causative agents can be strengthened or completely destroyed, thanks to the special nano-system, controlling nano-machines containing the “annihilation genes”, they can completely destroy the pathogens themselves and, at the same time, the infected themselves, and vice versa to save the infected ones. In general, the effect of this creation is very unpredictable and chaotic. However, he can play for the good.

Dublebroar Spear "Ghost/Spirit of the Night" is a particularly powerful and deadly weapon created by the Shinji. During the attack, it emits a terrible bone that makes a way to the bones and lived a demonic howl as a confusing that it onlyores the victim to inevitable destruction. The blades themselves are a spear seem to flicker against the background of material reality. Against organic matter, it inflicted terrible bloodless wounds, also dissolving it in oily black smoke. After each attack, the blades acquired an impenetrable night blue color. His monstrous blades break any protection without problems [?], But there is no need to talk about material. The spear can shoot focused beams-piercingly dark blue in color that leave only a handful of ash from the target, and throw shock waves of almost the same power.

Shotgun - Long-range small arms designed to hold and control when shooting with two hands with the buttstock in the shoulder, smoothbore. With this weapon you can kill both a bear and Rake with Bigfoot.

Simot - A small universal submarine. Suitable for any task. There is always oxygen on board, which allows you to explore the depths without fear of drowning.

Cyclops - A huge submarine. In fact - a real floating base, allowing you to place on board everything you need for a comfortable study of the depths of the ocean.

Compass - One of Shinji's best friend. It is a reasonable compass.

Ax - An ordinary home-made ax with which you can chop a tree into the necessary components or shred Aboriginal or white shark

Staff of Iron Age - A staff that allows Shinji to command All Existance/etc. , it allows you to change reality on an unlimited scale/etc. Shinji is also able to use him when he is in the pocket dimension.

  • Control of elements - The staff gives complete control over the surrounding elements and their branches and the ability to change their places, create and erase.
    • Aspect control - Elements of the world consist of elements such as time, space, gravity, loop, causality, dimensionality, quanta/etc.
    • Census of laws - The ability to change existing laws of reality.
      • Reality control - the true power of the staff allows you to change reality on an unlimited scale.
    • Creation of universes - With the help of Stuff, you can create a complete universe/Multiverse/etc or a copy of another universe/etc.
    • Removing Reality - The ability to erase anything from reality.

Paradise of Rebellion a black knife that's attacks enchanted thanks to the Unlimited power it seems to generate, the weapon is good for both strikes in both close and long range as the weapon doubles whitch holds infinite ammo, in adition to tha weapon is able to bypass any/all types of armors/defenses making it so that's possible for it pierce through the material of the strongest armors/defenses also it can defeat/kill no matter how strong beings/etc/no matter/what who/etc with ease also it can absorb/trap souls of no matter how strong beings/etc/no matter/what who/etc with ease/etc.

Necroswords: The deadly incisor known far and wide as abyssal Annihilablade's are edged weaponry formed out of Knull's living abyss. Any/all Klyntar throughout totality have the capacity to create their own godkilling planet/galaxies/Universes/Etc/Exsistance cleaver's though they are usually manifest as a separate objects over as an extension of a wielder's body, like most symbiotes, Shinji's own Other has the ability to create metaphysically charged necroblades that not only have the power to gore and slay the divine/no matter/who/what/etc but cleave at the very fabric of the universe/multiverse/etc/existance itself. As with it's source creation, the Necrosword itself is in fact a morph weapon able to take on whatever shape & form their wielders desire at the time. Their main property is to rip and tear through almighty entities but with the fleshing out of oracle, red blast and chi energies running through it's edge. Shinji can utilize his world slicers to shred through galaxies/realities/univeses/Multiverse/etc/existance in a single stroke.

Galaxy Light Wings TBA

  • Absorbation They can Absorb any magic/ano other attacks and add their power to the user and increse his attack and defence power.
  • Nullify it negates any magic or abillities/etc of anything or anyone.

Ornate key This Key is capable of opening any and all forms of lock, be they mechanical, digital, or even metaphysical.

Quill It looks like an ordinary stylus, but in truth is one most powerful items in creation. Everything written by the Pen becomes true. With the help of the Pen, you can change the entire multiverse.

Egg-changeling - an occult device in the form of an egg, which allows you to manipulate matter in the widest range. One of its functions is the transformation of one being into another with the preservation of personality.

Kurogetsu (Black Moon): Kurogetsu looks like a standard black ninjato with a black and red hilt and the guard being a black circle but, unlike other swords Kurogetsu was made from a rare metal called adamantium and has a living soul holding extreme power making it unmatched and is able to channel Reiatsu to launch pressurized beams of condensed energy in blasts, waves, or pillars.

Kuro Senbonzakura (Black Cherry Blossom): Kuro Senbonzakura is a sleeker wakizashi with a black sheen to it, the blade being slightly longer than a nodachi, a rectangular guard, and a black hilt, this blade has the ability to split into many black flower petals that are as sharp as tiny blades but, unlike it's predecessor's Kuro Senbonzakura's petals are more faster, powerful, and can be mentally controlled with Shinji's thoughts.

Infinity Sword Shinji was going to name it Super Black Ragnarock but he wanted to keep on going with the infinity in the name. Anyway this sword is a staight sword that is covered in the black ash like markings, the pummel had a big red S on it, and the blade looks to be made of pure energy if it's glowing blue blade has to say anything.

Infinity Axe Think about something like the strongest variation of Thor's axe storm breaker whitch Shinji Created in another dimsnesion and give the axe pair of beyonder stones making it more powreful that it was before.

Infinity Shield Think abount Shield as ultimate version of Captain America Shield but now has Beyonders Stones on the points of the star and the bigest sone in the middle making it become noticebly tougher, stronger and better.

Neos Eye This Satelite Shinji made with help of couple of his suits. Unlike other sattelites this one is able to fire a repulsor blast that is stronger then all world's nukes combiened and it can also fire nukes and missieles from orbit that will reach the ground in a better of seconds also Satelite can turn info giant suit.

Oracle Battery: Using his unique linkage to the Oracle through the Oracle crystal, Shinji learned how to create makeshift artillery fire which condenses the flame raptors destructive quintessence as highly lethal supergunnery. Ordinarily using such a battlement has the lethal after effect of killing it's weaponer as nothing mortal can survive discharging even a fragment of the all powerful Oracle's core being. But thanks to the added resilience bestowed upon Shinji through his union with a cosmic Symbiote and essential physical mastery of self. Shinji completley immune to the debilitating effects of the lethal sabot(also he can give/take imunity to anyoen he wants (forever). Shinji has tailored his bullets with the recreational nature of the force, instead of merely having the power to shatter stars, planets and galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance in a single stroke. They also have the innate quality of rebirthing whole new existences from their decimated remains. Resurrecting dead or dying universes as fully cognizant bioverses which share qualities similar to a mesh of oracle and klyntar like qualities to which the creator is linked too.

Reusable Health Potion - A large healing potion that replenishes immediately after drinking.

Glass of Crimson Wine - It is a magic weapon capable of creating "bloody" arrows flying in the direction where the wine was poured. The wine is automatically replenished, tastes like pomegranate juice with medicinal properties.

  • Goblet of Scarlet Wine - The goblet was turned into a goblet after Shinji's victory at the Vampire Festival. Its strength increased as did the flavor of grapes.

Warbrake - Bracers with Crystallized Portals to 7 Evil Worlds. This self-made artifact is able to use the energy of these dimensions, as well as summon the inhabitants of these dimensions and change their shape from shield to arm or vice versa. (Underworld, Underworld, Ashes, Dark Garden, Eternal Darkness, Umbra Fault and Anamalion world)

  • Shard of the Underworld - A crystallized fault leading to the Underworld. This crystal gives its owner control over the afterlife and all its manifestations. It can also enhance the magic of death (necromancy) to such a level that one dead man is able to defeat an entire army or destroy an entire city alone. Allows you to cancel death for a while to save the target from death.
  • Shard of the Underworld - A crystallized fault leading to the Underworld. This place is similar to hell and is inhabited by demons. The splinter gives its owner full control over the inhabitants and / or manifestations of the Underworld. It also allows you to turn the magic of fire and nature into an analogue of chaos magic: the fire becomes blood black and nature is distorted.
  • Shard Realm of the Ashes - A crystallized fault leading to the Realm of ashes, known as the realm of Decay. This crystal gives control over the forces of ash and decomposition. Using it, you can control the destruction of matter or accelerate its decomposition. Allows you to restore any thing, creature or something destroyed by making him a dark copy of yourself past.
  • The Shard of the Dark Garden - A crystallized fault leading to the Dark Garden (forest). This crystal allows you to command and distort nature. You can heal nature in the radius of a whole continent or combine all life into a single creature that has all the abilities that make up its body, but twice as many times.
  • Shard of Eternal Darkness - A crystallized fault leading to Eternal Darkness-Shadow Dimension. He, at the request of Shinji, can enhance the magic of darkness to a level at which you can turn the whole island into a place of night without a single light and filled with creatures of darkness.
  • Umbra Rift Shard - A crystallized rift leading to the Umbra rift, a place filled with forgotten entities, longing for relationships with everyone whom they have not forgotten, that is, everyone. This shard allows you to manipulate the mind, and in particular memory.
  • Anamalion's Shard of the World - A crystallized fault leading to the world of Anamalion, the anomalous king of Anamalion. His power can change reality in an unpredictable way. He commands creatures that will help to exist according to the laws of our world or logic. The splinter gives Shinji the opportunity to create material things from energy, break any laws, etc.
  • Alternat - Shinji learned to use the power of the fragments on the opposite side. Death is life, chaos is order, decay is restoration, darkness is light, oblivion is eternity, anomaly is normality.

Eye of Paradox The artifact being developed by Shinji was associated with Time Magic, it was an improved version of the chronovorot, which he called the Eye of Paradox. The artifact looked in a deactivated form, like a golden closed eye, covered with various runes, mainly Egyptian, and in the activated form, the golden eyelids opened, and a green crystal was visible, which was a huge amount of crystallized Energy of Time. Inside the Eye there were ten more Time crystals, but smaller, and all this gave Shinji the ability to practically control time. He could move in time to any segment in the past or the future, but at the same time he will not affected by rules that do not allow him to remain in his reality if you move into the past. However, one feature of the Eye of Paradox, for which he did, is the ability to create Quantum Clones, that is, Shinji moves into the past for a couple of seconds, and until his prototype moves into the past, there will be two Shinji in this reality, and here The Eye of Paradox allows you to make sure that its prototype does not move into the past, and then in this reality there remain two versions of me that have absolutely identical souls, and after creating several Quantum Clones at once, we can try to merge and unite into the Demiurge, All Quantum Clones were associated with one Domain so that they can move between worlds easily Thus, with the help of the Eye of Paradox, Shinji can be at once in a thousand/unlimited places at once, and immediately Do many many things. And the funniest thing is that the Quantum Clone has the same artifacts as he do, that is, they have the same dagger artifacts/etc, the same grimoire-crucifixes that can turn into independent spirits/etc

Sample-Imitation; The construction of Interpol Level 1 (KI-1) is a product made of very thick paper (endowed with supernatural properties) put on stream, and distributed in law enforcement agencies around the world. Level 1 - allows you to drastically reduce the density and hardness of various objects. Initially, it is able to instantly soften an entire room, allowing the capture of criminals without causing unnecessary injuries. Due to the fact that Shinji removed imitation of the original KI-1 (version) is available, they are are able to instantly soften entire rooms instantly, however, they can easily cope with the walls as well.

Special clothing with dozens of throwing knives equipped throughout the body.

Jar of pills inside.

Milk - a can of condensed milk in a pocket, after drinking which Shinji instantly replenishes stamina.

Light noise and tactile paralytic grenades.

Сompact fusion reactor of cold fusion in the form of a backpack, with which you can always be filled with energy and never get tiered.

Minigun - An ordinary minigun with a clip of 100 rounds with a firepower of 7 bullets / s.

Fort Rocket Launcher - A four-shot, automatic rocket launcher.

Double shotgun - Normal double shotgun with steel cartridges.

Revolvers - Two Colt revolvers.

Rouger Maria - Soviet sniper rifle "Three-line" Mosin, She worked well in short and medium distances. Shinji can also use silver, consecrated bullets with a steel tip. Such cartridges are effective against demons, undead and evil spirits.

"Pointer" - Disguised as a futuristic assault rifle pointer for a nuclear strike.

Armored Uniforms - A more robust version of the armor than conventional soldier combiners. And thanks to the improvements by Shinji, built-in exoskeleton, it improves physical characteristics and protects from the negative effects of the environment.

Nuclear explosives - C4 with a power comparable to an atomic bomb.

Gauss gun - a futuristic sniper rifle that uses a system of electromagnets to accelerate a bullet, powered by artifact energy. High accuracy, slaughter and almost complete absence of recoil, along with a rather low rate of fire, characterize her as the best sniper rifle in the Zone. Projectile speed 45.25 max.

WUA is a personal-production sniper rifle developed by shinji for personal use. Firing range is 1.5 km. Double row for 10 rounds.

Two pistols Knight - Heavy pistols of 1 kg each. Armor-piercing bullets.

Hunting knife - An ordinary hunting knife made of hardened titanium with a diamond coating.

Adamantite Fragmentation Grenade - A manual, anti-tank strike grenade designed to destroy monsters, equipment or a crowd of enemies.

Porthole - Automatic shotgun with a magazine of 12 rounds and impressive penetrative power, sufficient to kill monsters from medium or long range.

Smoke grenade - Hand smoke grenade. Helps limit the field of vision of the enemy.

RPG - Soviet reusable hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. Designed to combat tanks, self-propelled artillery and other armored vehicles, it can be used to destroy manpower in shelters, as well as to combat low-flying low-speed air targets.

Anima: a pure black armored humanoid with everey color eyes that's four times bigger then Shinji. Shinji rarely uses it. Since he can do evereything by himself but he still sometimes use it. The being can repair anything that it touches or explode whatever it's hands touches, grab and or lift up his enemy's with its giant arms, and shield Shinji from attacks. Also it has a strange saying ora when it's punching someone multiple times.

Empty Erasure: aglowing pure white rapier shaped space, thats the only way to call such tool. The weapon in a way isn't a weapon at all, but pure erasure given shape. It's able to erase the space of anything that gets in its way with absolute ease making its able to 'cut' through anything 'cut' what can't be dameged.

Force of Authority a pair of grey gaundlets that radiate pure murderous intent, and power. The Gaunlets when equipped gives Shinji stiking power so wast that it shatters reallity with everey attack, Manipulate the elements the same way as his own powers and will rapidly multiply his powers until its time to end this litle game.

Lorem: a pure black bow that fires long range grey arrows that will either pin enemies to something or explode on contact.

Duplex: dual black and every color pistols that fires a barrage of bullets of all types Shinji desieres,

Atra: a giant purple black scythe that can instantly kill whoever is cut by it.

Hastam: a long gray spear with a pure black blade that geats out black smoke. The spear is able to never miss its target if it's launched or thrusted.

Procul a pure black sniper rifle that can fire black plasma that can go trough anything and has no limit on how far it can go.

Jack a dark bronze long barried one handed musket. The weapon doesn't actually fire any bullets, what it does is whoever is targeted when the user pulls the trigger, any item that's near them will be launhed towards them at whatever speed the user desires.

Sawed-Off - Shotgun shoots shrapnel from shrapnel with a bullet in a cone. Any enemies caught in the cone take severe damage. Moreover, this weapon can shoot over obstacles.

Gloves and Shoes these may look like ordinary gloves and shoes but after putting in some runes. and few magic circles to improve them. They now have the ability to manipulate vectors of whatever they touch and can even be able manipulate the atoms of whatever touches them making them be able to separete an objects bonds or change the atoms of something to make something else. Like turning air info flames.

Old gun - It shoots at a speed of 1 bullet per second, a poor scope and inflicts minor damage. Shinji found this weapon in its first dungeon. He was lying near the skeleton.

  • New Gun - Superior Old Gun. He has a better scope and higher breakdown power.

Blood and Bons - Paired knives, one red another white. They have the ability to return to the owner’s hand after being thrown.

  • Bloodline and Bonsbreak - After the knives Blood and Bons were broken Shinji fixed them and made them blades. They have become sharper, lighter and stronger.
  • Bloody blade - The blade allows you to make a jerk with two quick strokes capable of cutting a person in half.
    • Scarlet Blade - When the blade was saturated with the owner’s blood, it became completely bloody in color and became more powerful (+1 lightning strike).
  • Shield - When used, covers Shinji with a blue hexagon (hexagon, hereinafter referred to as a “shield”) for any desired time. It absorbs and blocks all damage. You can update the shield, as well as magic balls. The weapon can also completely block laser damage, explosions, area damage or melee attacks. It can also even block bullets created inside the shield (or release them depending on desire).
  • Ancient Bow - A bow has tremendous destructive power if you pull it and hold the bowstring.
  • Codex - One of the first Magic books of Shinji. He managed to learn a few spells but most often uses a "magic ball", a homing ball flying out of a book is the same as a pistol.

Magic cube - Cube glowing with blue glow and scribbled with runes. The heart of the dungeon has a tremendous amount of energy. Shinji uses it as an energy source for home appliances, light bulbs, etc.

    1. Green magic cubes - The heart of the tropical dungeon. It is used on beds as a growth accelerator. It has a healing effect.
    2. Orange magic cubes - The heart of the volcanic dungeon. Used in a forge to create fire. The temperature is controlled by the energy of the blue cube.
    3. Red magic cubes - The heart of the Halloween dungeon. An expert uses it as a core for a personal dungeon.
    4. Gray magic cubes - Empty magic cube. The great dark knight used it as a bait for the Hespent.
      1. Purple magic cubes - Gray magic cubes filled with the dark element and emotions of the Hespent. He helped him curb his awakened power.

Golden AK-47 - When used, it shoots with conventional bullets that fly at a fairly high speed, resembling a regular AK-47. Has a bayonet for close combat.

Energy sword - A sword that allows more efficient use of energy in the form of portals, Enery slashes.

World Cube - A dimensional cube that is a pocket multiverse. Shinji uses it for various non-combat purposes.

  • Star Spheres - Transparent spheres with stars inside. Their energy is enough for Shinji to be able to control space.
  • Revival - In cases of colossal damage or the complete destruction of the body, Shinji transferred to the cube and restores the body and replenishes energy reserves.
  • Protection - To destroy a cube, even a force capable of destroying the multiverse is not enough and the ability to penetrate pocket dimensions. But even so, Shinji is able to create many such cubes.

Simulator of reality - A device in the shape of a black ball that hovers near the wearer and allows you to create illusions and lighting effects. The impact radius is Unlimited Range.

  • Change light - The device can change the color, structure and density of light.
    • Illusions - The sphere is able to manipulate light to generate realistic illusions that are outwardly indistinguishable from reality. Also illusions Can have real properties of objects, or do not have them (depending on what user wants).
      • Invisibility - The sphere is able to make objects invisible, due to the fact that the light bends around the body.
      • Pseudo-telekinesis - Illusions are material and capable of moving objects up to weighing a Unlimited tons. The sphere is also capable of creating invisible structures and platforms that can be walked on.
    • Deflect Light Attacks - The Sphere is capable of deflecting light attacks due to its abilities. Attacks can also be redirected to the attacker.
    • Lasers - By concentrating light, a sphere is capable of creating lasers.
    • Barriers - Illusions are material and capable of withstanding No Matter who/what/anythng/all/etc.
  • Sound illusions - The sphere is able to make sounds to make illusions more realistic.
  • Vacuum - The sphere is capable of creating a complete vacuum by displacing the air with "illusions".

Soul crystals - Emerald-colored crystals with a magical ability to enclose different beings or spiritual entities. Creatures with great spiritual power can even be enclosed in it.

The magic chain is a sharp-pointed chain made of an alloy of mithril and adamantite. Enchanted by strength and movement at the behest of the owner. For more efficient use, a semi-rational entity has been hooked up in the chain, which responds to the commands of the one with whom the contract is concluded. When using this weapon, the owner does not experience discomfort during control. Given the above properties, this weapon can be attributed to semi-reasonable artifacts.The magic chain is a sharp-pointed chain made of an alloy of mithril and adamantite. Enchanted by strength and movement at the behest of the owner. For more efficient use, a semi-rational entity has been hooked up in the chain, which responds to the commands of the one with whom the contract is concluded. When using this weapon, the owner does not experience discomfort during control. Given the above properties, this weapon can be attributed to semi-reasonable artifacts.

Magic bag - bag made of black viverna leather. Enchanted by the strength and increase of space (the principle is similar to a spatial pocket), due to which it is able to hold unlimited times more things than without the use of enchantment. It contains everything you need for travel.

  • Terrain scanner - a magical artifact created using radar and magic technology. Using infrasound, he creates a map of the area within a radius of Unlimited/Infinie of kilometers/Unlimited Range, spending at the same time 0 of mana (due to which he does not fonit in space). The battery lasts Unlimited/Time of continuous operation. it also reachagres for 0 time.
  • Health potion - a magic potion designed to heal wounds. Adventurers carry with them several pieces of such potions. In the magic bag they fit Unlimited Number.
  • Healing potion - a magic potion designed to remove negative effects (diseases, poisons, curses, etc.). Adventurers carry with them several pieces of such potions. In the magic bag they fit Unlimited Number.
  • Sleeping bag - ordinary sleeping bag of a military standard. Thanks to its material, it maintains an optimal temperature inside.
  • Respirator - mask with filter, worn on the face. Designed to protect the respiratory tract from toxic gas.
  • Cloak with a hood - Enchanted Cloth Cloak. Makes it impossible to determine the gender and age of the person who dressed him. Actively used by killers and thieves.
  • X12 Speed Reading Glasses - a pair of glasses designed for accelerated assimilation of the content of information media (mainly books). They help to absorb information in Any (such as twelve times) faster, in addition, glasses give you the opportunity to read books in an unfamiliar language and, as you read them, the holder of the glasses quickly learns this language. It is possible to use unlimited times in a row; rest is not necessary for the assimilation of the information received.

The demon's crown is a relatively simple artifact to manufacture, allowing its wearer to see magical flows and the structure of spells, and if he has magical training, reproduce them.

The Defiler's Crown is a diadem made of black bone and chitin, allowing its wearer to control insects. If the medium belongs to the third seal or higher, it also allows the use of dipterans to restore its own body.

The Defiler's Cloak is an artifact in the form of a black heavy chitin cloak. It gives its owner the opportunity to turn into a swarm of insects for movement or protection from shock.

Black lotus is a stylet made of ferrous metal, constantly releasing poisonous mucus. Even a shallow injection causes rapid necrosis of the surrounding tissue.

Infinity Ring: this ring increases Shinji's Strength, Stamina , Health , Survivability ,Regeneration ,Indestructability ,Endurance ,Dense Tissue and Invulnerability times Unlimited fold it is also unbreakable and it is unremovable which means it stays on Shinji's finger forever so basically Shinji's Unlimited Strength, Stamina, Dense Tissue , Health, Endurance, Regeneration, Survivability, Indestructability and Invulnerability is being multiplied by Unlimited and it keeps on multipling for an Infinite amount

Unlimited x Unlimitedx Unlimited x Unlimited x Unlimited ( then it keeps on going for an Infinite Amount )

Energy Daggers he has an Unlimited supply of Energy Daggers that magically reappear after being used in milliseconds.

Inxad: this hammer is the most powerful weapon in the Existance it is even more powerful than the no matter who/what/etc combined and Shinji can summon this hammer towards him whenever he pleases and it will always obey Shinji the hammer is also an Irresistible Force which makes it Unstoppable it can also be used as a melee weapon and also a throwing weapon.

Saber of Omni: This weapon is capable of killing immortal beings and gods/No matter/who/what/etc.

Longsword of Omni: This weapon is capable of destroying worlds/No matter/who/what/etc.


GunLance of Op/Omni: This weapon One shot any op/No matter/who/what/etc being and the ammo takes 0 time week (IRL) to craft.


  • Airachnid : A veritable coded syntelect born out of the psychic imprint of Shinji's and Dan's cohabitation, as well as being (something like) a composite of the save over programming pertaining to other such mechanical intelligence's utilized by cable and various X-Men in the past, such as the Professor of Graymalkin, Belle from his Avenger days, Prosh of the Celestial Ship, Danger the evolved program of old X-Men training facilities and the various iterations of Cerebro spanning all the way back to it's creators origin; the first founding X-Men. The Airachnid system has vast computer interactive relay ability, being able to enter and access any technological operating system remotely with little to no interference whatsoever. Being a sentience in and of itself, she/it also expresses human emotion, mainly desire and lust, and longing for understanding and interaction with her master.
  • Cavorite Crystals: Much of the self powered facilities Unity creates from his own techno-org flesh are self-sustained thanks to the infusion of Cavorite. Which are tailored to absorb, amplify and redistribute the natural ambient energy from simple visual light, to wind friction generated kinetic energy and even draw straight out of the very air itself to power any and all of his facilities as well as strengthen his tech designs.
  • Dominus Objective: Direct cyber link to the world wide info-net stemming across universes and realities. The Dominus Objective once stood as a stand in to Shinji's telepathy in the event his mind was ever shut down and he needed to ascertain understanding about a world he was visiting; it could also save and backlog his psychological imprint in the event that his body were ever to be destroyed. Capable of generating and regrowing a perfect carbon copy of the original Shinji should he ever parish, allowing his astral self to upload into it in the event of his demise. Normally it simply acts as a personalized sentient internet/Wi-fi connector he and others can always jack into for information and universal study facilities to catalog and read up on the adjacent realities one wishes to go too. When utilized more practically, the Objectives data mining abilities can also be made into a powerful arsenal all its own. Taking the info of a study subject, like a tank and how it's constructed; in order to fabricate it out of digital engrams which materialize down to every individual nut & bolt into the real world for ones personal use. Other uses include harnessing and controlling digital energy as lethal dematerializing pulses which sheer through all known forms of matter & energy.
  • Cone of Silence: A reality transitional displacement apparatus which makes it's users appear as phantasms while studying and observing adjacent universes. Both with the aspect of actually visiting said universe without actually having to interact within it in fear of detection by any Breach Sensitive equipment. It is a meta space/time displacement apparatus which wraps its users within a thin layer of malleable reality which phases their quantum signature in and out of sync with the rest of the surrounding universe. To that extent they are not bound by the laws or rules of said realities one visits, enabling them to retain their powers or other unique proclivities in dead zone verses where the laws of physics aren't as flexible in other existences. This reality sheathe which masks the user from the prying eyes of the masses or the Cosmically Aware can also be weaponized. Using it as the ultimate shield and spear in which Dan can bend his piece of the continuum around a target to entrap them pocket space reality they can control. Otherwise it also makes for the ultimate shield and spear, in the literal sense. A focused skein of trans-reality energy can slice through the very universe itself, while a protective sheathe of quantum energy blocks all known forms of attack, be it by matter and/or energy of any kind, including magic based.
  • Cerebro-Spike: Technology he procured from a fringe parallel timeline. Shinji had procured, studied and replicated the micro compressed mutant detection HUD technologies created for ingestion by a psychic mind. Once consumed, Unity could track and file any and every mutant signature pinging on his visuals from across any multitude of realities. Along his travels he would continually implement new technologies from different timelines, dimensions and alternate universes towards improving the Cerebro-Spike technology to better determine not only a mutants power. But probabilistic s predict how or in what ways the timeline around them would change causing their powers, personas and place in the future of said same mutants he's tracking to change. Making strategically sound predictions of how they will effect their universe and the multiverse as a whole.

Nano-clothing - Clothing consisting of nanobots one micron in size. Clothing may not differ from ordinary (but much stronger) or exosuits with different weapons. Also, clothes, in view of Shinji’s abilities, may also have magical abilities.

  • Gray outfit - Sportswear in gray. It has a Absolute strength and durbality Its like Tank Armor. Shinji uses her in everyday life.
  • Dark outfit - Normal clothing is dark in color. Shinji uses her to pretend to be a villain.
  • Titanium armor - Armor made of titanium and equipped with various technological devices: energy shields, blasters, exoskeletons of various purposes, an invisibility generator, etc.
  • "Nephilim" - Armor designed for battles with countries, deities or cosmic entities. Strength allows you to hold out anything and the power to defeat anyone and do anything
  • "Mech "Svyatogor"*" - Nano-clothing is transformed into a combat fur the size of a high-rise building, with strength who can destry and defet anyone/No matter how powreful with one blow.

Nanobots are robots the size of a molecule, with the function of changing matter and manipulating energy. They are directly subordinate to Shinji's mental commands. Usually nanobots take the form of his clothes.

  • Hand Sword - Nanobots infiltrate Shinji's arm separating it from the elbow and transforming it into a sword. If he wants, Shinji can keep his hand on.
  • Chest Cannon - The nanobots transform the chest into an energy cannon that releases Big of Shinji's energy in a powerful stream.
  • Healing - The ability to instantly heal damage of any severity, stop the spread of disease or wound contamination, and restore body functions.

Necklace of Summon - a necklace in the shape of a crystal, of an indefinite form, in which energy is visible. It gives its owner the ability to call powerful forces. Shinji uses it for astronomical attacks and the call of armies.

​​Pendant compass​​ - A small pendant in the form of a compass in blue with patterns of the starry sky. It weighs on a small chain that glows dimly with all the colors of the spectrum. It allows Shinji to travel to any universe, multiverse. the metaverse and other worlds.

  • Lighthouse​​- A pale blue crystal in the shape of a small lighthouse. It allows you to save the coordinates of any place that Shinji has visited, so that he does not need a Compass to move to an already visited space.
  • Omnipresence​​- A property that allows you to exist everywhere. in all aspects of reality and beyond.

Mystically enhanced Semi-Organic Battle Armour: An unbelievably advanced suit of semi-organic, self-generated, techno-magical battle armor that he can summon, shape, mold, and retract at will. Originating as a simple, yet undeniably alien and otherworldly "second skin", Shinji's armor has since adopted numerous magical and technological implements gleaned from multiple cultures from throughout the multiverse, adding to its inhuman nature. Shinji's high-tech exomantle operates in a similar fashion to a Klyntar, and can even act independently, but still acts according to its master's telepathic will.

  • Technomagical Symbiotic Exoskeleton: Shinji's armor functions and morphs similarly to how he does, his suit provides the young leader with an endless array of symbio-technical appellation's that he can use to capitalize on his much enhanced physiology. Not to mention the endless technological resources he has on hand from across realities as well as his home reality. His powered armor is polymorphic to match his own limitless shapeshifting abilities; able to morph weaponry, armor, equipment and advanced aviary apparatus to bolster his natural flight or fight capabilities. The technology in his costume has vast adaptive augmentative abilities which both further bolster the protective qualities it has for its wearer as well as the hosts physiological powers and/or abilities.
    • Symbiont CasteNode Production: Shinji's symbio-tech can asexually procreate technomagical spores which harvest the ambient particle materia around them in order to grow and spread into full grown klyntar like mass with which Shinji can fabricate larger and more prolific symbiotic constructs he can control to better augment his powered armor with. Each and every individual component bred and spawned by his exo-armor is an identical functional replica of his original T-O armor, but many of which serving different purposes other than attribute enhancement and wireless techno-mechanical interfacing. The Modules act as a separate extension of the armor wearer themselves, with every piece of which serving as additional function programming to further enhance his suits weaponry, armor, equipment and overall functionality while taking differing shapes and/or forms.
      • Mecha: The modules can conglomerate over his own armor carapace to build a giant mecha around it with a vast arsenal of superweapons capable of sterilizing whole planets or realities.
      • Vessel: He can reformat his extra-chassis into a trans-reality warp ship with which to traverse the timestream and the multiverse with.
      • Basepoint: Shinji can even create massive megastructures which can simulate faux environments equivalent to inhabitable worlds or entire realities which can be piloted and manned as a mobile fortress.
  • Modular Exo-Frame: Technology from an endless depot of worlds, both from his home dimension and across scores of alternate universes. Some of it's most prolific pieces of upgrade equipment include technology from the Celestials and the Progenitors on top of the Raptor Android technologies of the Shi'ar combined with the meta-adaptable Planetary Operational Defense System armor created by Ex-Nihila. This coupled with the self augmentative technology of the Super-Adaptoid makes Shinji's armor chassis one of the most powerful cyber armors ever conceived.
    • Datasong Through the Raptors unique form of radio-telepathy; Shinji's armor can absorb, process, project and share knowledge and information withheld on it's system and project it directly into the minds of others along a radio wave readout transmitted along the EM Spectrum. Enabling its use as a multi-way radio receptor to communicate with other parts of his armor as well as with multiple peoples across multiple worlds all at once, through it Shinji can also access the memories of others and store them within the billions to trillions of microscopic orgamite data storage units within his armor. Each and every individual cell of which shoring up information from countless worlds across his universe and the multiverse as well, this also enables him to streamline his Hyper-Cosmic Awareness in order to keep it from overwhelming his mental state. Combining his natural accelerated probability reading with the suits onboard Tachyon Transmitters & Probability Generators to aid in his divining multiple possible future outcomes for every given coarse of action undertaken. This feature can also double as a omniversal translation device for the wielder, for while the Raptors regularly use this feature in order to subvert the conscious minds of Amulet hosts thus enabling the natural A.I. to overtake the body of the holder. Which acts as a battery for the android itself, Shinji can interlink the brainwaves and thought patterns of other beings. To compartmentalize their thoughts for the purpose of perpetuating a universal gestalt through which the wearer and countless other races can commingle their hearts and minds. This also enables a form of cyberpathy that allows him to interface with any/all forms of technology on a mental level, giving both Shinji as the king of space as well as the people who make a profitable venture off an Extremis derived iteration of the datasong for day to day life in his reality; from operating common utilities like TV, vehicular transport and telecommunications to physically upgrading and augmenting themselves with transorganic bioware with a simple data realization download.
      • The Perch: There is a special pocket dimension within Shinji's armor that acts like a cloud store for all important forms of information, which acts as a cloistered memory zone held within the hive mind created by the Datasong. All known digital minds whom share & pool their experiences and mental engrams of themselves can store any and every bit of personal and experiential information within this secluded zone for later use. New information is encoded there bit by bit most every day even when the good king is outside of the universe, meaning he carries a little bit of his peoples personalities within his being everywhere he goes.
    • Adaptive Appearance:

Star Sword Excelsior: The sacred sword belonging to the first founder of the Knights of the Infinite. A magical blade comprising from two infamous war heroes belonging to the once warring galactic super powers. The mighty sword of Shinji boasts powerful quantum magic in it's own right. It's edge further modified with Kree technology enabling it to channel and harness cosmic, quantum and totallic force from across realities and back in order to strengthen it's users might and natural powers.

  • Anti-Physics: Due to the quantum physical energy source his sacred blade is powered by, Shinji's magitech sword can cut down and disrupt the omni-physical nature of both magic and science. Not only repelling and negating most forms of magic or negating ethereal beings with a swing of his sword, but it also has the quality of distorting the natural physics of reality for a number of unique effects.
    • Absolution Cut: The edge of his sword can cut through any thing even the very concepts of reality itself. This enables Excelsior to rip through matter on more than just the nanomolecular level, it's edge is so sharp it can cut light to make the weaponer invisible. Cleave space/time to open wormholes for offense, defense and supportive use (e.i. summoning black holes a micron wide by pricking a hole in reality with its tip). Using it as a possibility/probability weapon when combined with the universal energy core within it's hilt; this effectively takes any and every possible move Shinji can make with his sword, generating every every probable strike he can make with his sword in tandem with the swing most likely to be successful to land. Effectively the more likely blade attack to be effective will be made real while all other ineffective blows appearing as ghostly afterimages behind it. Buffeting the unlucky target caught in the swipe of his skein with infinite slash strokes all at once.
    • Circuit Transference: The swords natural science magical background gives it the capacity to channel and alternate various energies. More than simply negating or absorbing them when Excelsior's edge comes in contact with it but can just as simply strengthen, cancel, alternate and dilute differing energy frequencies in order to broaden the expanse of any known power source. Be it physical, spiritual or even mystical in nature; using this in conjunction with it's crafting abilities born of the Universal Core functionality, Shinji can use this to strengthen it's natural fabrication capabilities
    • Infinity Rip: Similar to cosmic predators like Galactus or Hunger, the Star Sword Excelsior can channel the cosmic/quantum force of universes to drain the energy out of anything or anyone in an instant. This effect makes it powerful enough to drain planets, star systems, galaxies and even whole universes into itself in order to make Shinji that much stronger. It's a feature which Shinji prefers not to make use of if he can help it, due to his natural love of life and existence as a whole.
  • Wothiness Enchantment: The Star Sword naturally will only work for Shinji or anyone of his particular familial line. It is keyed to his unique quantum flux wave frequencies to prevent shapechangers and/or alt. reality counterparts from gaining a hold of it.
    • Weapon Recall: Shinji learned he could recall the blade from wherever or whenever Shinji might misplace it. To that extent he can also control and manipulate it's trajectory of where and how it returns to him. Allowing Shinji to control the flight path upon the swords return even when currently out of physical reach.
  • Universal Forge: The hilt and guard of Shinji's sword has been modified with a Universal Energy Core, the Kree technological apparatus known as the Psyche-Magnitron. A material energy reconstruction device with the ability to create most anything the user can imagine as well as bestow superpowers through it's wide arcing radiation frequencies. Refined by Universal Weapon Mods hosted to a Kree Grand Accuser's which enables them to channel and focus Cosmological Force to strengthen & empower themselves with. Through this recombinant technology Shinji can use Excelsior to channel copious amounts of extraphysical elements in order to visualize whatever he desires and make them real, imprinting it into tangible 3-dimensional space within the physical plane of existence.
    • Weapon Transmutation: By focusing the core's energy through the blade. Shinji can cause his sword to take any shape or form he wishes it too. Making the sword take the shape & form of a shield, axe, spear, wall, throwing glaive, energy gun, chainblade, spear, duel swords or the like by thinking it and making Excelsior mimic whats on his mind.
    • Command Module: Through the U-Weapons Tech upgrades added to his sword. Shinji can psionically caste his consciousness into into any form of technology he focuses on using his weapon as a guiding baton. Through the Star Sword Excelsior, he can technoform and upgrade any mechanical energy function he uses it's power on. Giving him total control over just about any and all technological, biological, ergomechanical or otherwise machine-like functions to which he can broadcast his will and personality through.
    • Quantum Storm Manipulation: Through a mix of his quantum force channeled through his sword. Shinji can conjure up a quantum physical meteorological phenomena with which to bring down space-time rending energy effects simulated in a terrible storm front. The quantum storm works similarly to the cosmological storm that gave the FF their powers. Through guidence by the sword, Shinji can ride these trans-reality super typhoons as an alternate means of transport. But due to their metaprobabilistic nature, they can be tumultuous to sail around from one universe to the next, utilizing them in such a manner is like sailing across mathematical winds blowing between the concept enrapturing edges of quantum windmills. The lightning produced can disrupt biological functions impairing even the most portent of healing factors, the rain shows emitted are reality sundering drizzles which rapidly exchange and transform the affected between infinite iterations of themselves strewn across infinity and beyond. Twister conjured up by such a power are quantum singularities which absorb, emit and eviscerate anything or everything they they come across. Summoning or banishing most anything from within the eye of the storm across the limitless dimensions, timelines, realities and more.

Nega Bands: Having received a pair of Nega Bands from the Plex Extreme Intelligence as a gift. Shinji now has access to the virtually limitless level of ergo-tech at the fingertips of the alien Kree society. Combining the engineering of various sciences belonging to Kree, Skrull and Shi'ar among other bits of racial ingenuity. Shinjis new & improved Nega-Bands have been outfitted with vast cosmological ornamentation born of various godly entities as well. Elements which went into their creation include rare jewelry from the Lifestone Tree, mineral shavings cut from a piece of Celestial Tech known as the Mandalay Gem with the amorphous crystal metallic substance the bracers themselves are made of being sliced with Primagen. The very Prima-Meteria used by the Proginator's to create the Inhuman Race.

  • Armor Production: Shinji's nega bands can fabricate potent technomagical armor which Shinji's and enhances his natural physical and ability performance beyond the regular norm.
  • Utility Morph: Shinji's bracelets have a natural polymorphic capacity to them similar to the Kree technology used by his teammate and friend on the Young Avengers;. Through which Shinji is able to conjure up alien artillery potent enough to blow holes in armies of his enemy tanks i nlegendary world tanks or their battle ships with ease; morphing handheld ion cannon's, morter launchers with self-replicating xerox mines, shield/razor blades with energy refraction capability and technomechanical apparati for rapid constructive and operative fabrication capacity.
    • Holo-Tech Interfacing: Shinji can fabricate tangible photonic projections as a means of advance technological applications. Fabricating incredibly advanced hard-light Ergomechatronic Artificial Intelligence guided digital and mechanical systems which he controls through the Warskrull cerebral implants within his CNS. The natural Nth bit intellectual sentience within his armor enables the projection and manipulation of this technology, as well as directly up-linking to and interfacing with any other forms of technology and machinery both he comes across. Simulating a technoformation capacity through a unique energized code of T.O. virulent infection that materializes, modifies and alternates just about any kind of cyber form it comes across via direct interaction with it's mechanical energy frequency.
  • Warp Manipulation: Through their natural capacity to control and/or deviate extra-dimensional forces to power their functionality, Shinji can harness the ouranochronal energies the Nega-Bands tap naturally for the application of instantaneous transportation stretching light years to across dimensions in an instant. Able to harness dimensional/teletranslocal energies in order to war himself or others remotely to any given point in the universe and beyond at will.
  • FTL Flight: While wearing the Nega Bands Shinji can achieve faster than light or simple aerial aviation propulsion via sheer force of will. Normally Shinji will keep his velocity below trans-light speed while soaring within a planetary atmosphere, but can easily break escape velocity in seconds to breach global orbit for space travel.
  • World Gem Seed: Gifted with an Yggdrasil tree seed by AllMother Thor and having fused it with that of the Lifestone Tree. Shinji had created a new and improved metaphysical energy core which supplies them and their wearer with virtually limitless power both in regards to mysticism and super science cultivated from an endless array of interstellar cultures. Because the bands now possess a seed from the Lifestone Tree, this vastly enhanced piece of Kree technology can incorporate the powers of the numerous Lifestone gems created in the past directly into Theodorrek's bracelets. Granting the wearer even greater physical powers and abilities than even the bands or every Lifestones does by themselves.
    • Alpha & Omega Gems: Both stones bestow they're own unique superhuman skills upon their handler. They grant Shinji augmented transformational abilities, giving him total control over particle-molecular bond formation. With the alpha stone his own shapeshifting capacity is magnified, allowing for him to physically and mentally augment himself to incredible degree's as well as control his own atomic semblance through sheer will. While the omega stone amplifies his transmutative abilities, giving him the power to reshape matter& energy bending both into whatever frame he wishes it to be. An effect he often channels as transformative energy through his hands & eyes.
    • Blue Diamond: The most recreational lifestone implanted within the Nega Bands. This gem makes it's user physically; and mentally, impregnable to harm and/or damage. Giving the users physiology the consistency of proto-neutronium, an all but indestructible mineral which can resist the core temperature of a star. He can also assume a complete crystaline form which enables for perfect energy channeling for transduction and modulation purposes. Enabling Shinji to materialize weapons, gadgets, equipment and/or armor by converting ambient energy into quantifiable matter forms.
    • Moonstone TBA
    • Bloodgem: The bloodstone grants it's wielder impressive biophysical vitality in the physiological recuperation capacity. Implementation of the gem grants Shinji further augmented physical strength, speed, endurance, stamina, dexterity, balance and physical immortality. As the stone itself vastly bolsters his regenerative capabilities to the point he can regrow clones of himself from severed limbs or even heal from a but a couple of discarded atoms. This also makes his regeneration adaptive, mutative and transformational; for with every injury Theo suffers, he will not only recover most instantly. But his body will generate greater resilience to whatever it is which injured him, becoming not only immune to experienced damage but cause his body to generate new and more powerful anatomical extremities to increase his natural combat skills and physical ability. The gem also provides certain psionic abilities such as ESP, Psychokinesis and Intuitive Perception.
    • Godstone: The Godstone channels the powers of the Shinji, an extra-dimensional deity from an alternate reality whom had a therianthropic form with the ability to harness and channel copious amounts of Cosmic Energy for a number of purposes. Through it, Shinji can harness it's power to tap a similar anthropomorphic animal form equivocal to a lupine form more locally associated to the Kree and/or Skrull peoples. Beyond that Shinji too can enhance his already impressive physical and cosmic force manipulatory powers to unprecedented levels through the godstone, such as growing more powerful depending on the lunar cycle, remolding matter & energy into fashionable armor and battlements enhanced by his celestial energies, etc. A unique twist to Shinji's Man-Beast was the accumulation and assimilation of metabolic enhancement spores collected from Jupiter to increase his beast form's size, power and ferocity to new heights.
    • Lifestone: Possibly the most potent lifestone in the arsenal, with it Shinji has the ability to mutate and evolve other life-forms to more prominent forms. Augmenting them in various ways from boosting their cognizance and intellectual capacity to enlarging them to monstrous proportions. He can also give life to lifeless things causing them to animate and articulate; all while under the mental control of the gem holders will.
  • Camera* - an expensive professional camera designed for filming and reporting. It is used everywhere by Shinji, and it does not matter if it is used for the next task or for a new video on his channel. It has the ability to automatically cover faces, as well as overlay layers and pictures in real time relative to the location of the camera. It has in its arsenal automatic control of system settings and voice control.
    • Travel Tripod - genius of engineering. A fully automatic tripod for the camera, which has in its function the ability to fly silently and fix for various obstacles. Acts and removes according to user-selected angles. When synchronizing the tripod with a good camera, it is able to respond to commands with your hands and determine faces.
  • Headphones - Created by Shinji. Improved and repaired solely by Shinji himself, therefore, only the owner himself can realize the full potential of these headphones. The main feature of the headphones is the ability to completely isolate external noise
  • Weaponry - Pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, rifles, machine guns. Shinji has all this. At its core, it is an inventor, but under his arm you can always meet a completely “alien” sample of the trunk. This also includes all sorts of improvements designed specifically for Shinji and starting samples of new weapon models that Shinji is testing.
  • Antistabilizer - a kind of "advanced" variation of the stabilizer barrage created by Shinji himself. If the previous version of the stabilizer was famous for its ability to cool the barrel by absorbing the allocated kinetic energy, and its subsequent conversion into a pulse, which allowed to partially increase the base rate of fire. So the version of Shinji increased the mentioned characteristics by 200%, and also have no any weakness (such as sacrificing the strength and stability of the weapon itself after a series of shots., for the overloaded stabilizer core soon acted as a “filling” for weapons-shaped bombs. Thus, Shinji received his versions of homing missiles that exploded on contact with the body.
  • Experimental sniper rifle 32 "Teneed"* - a sniper rifle designed to hit specially protected targets in the day/night/etc. The cartridge is a sticky semi-fluid sleeve with a very soft shell. The action of the bullet is the inextricable connection of the shadow and its owner. When a bullet hits a shadow, it conceptually “hits” an adversary in the same place on a real human body, ignoring passive or active support abilities. There is a “perforation” of the whole body at once, which is why it is almost impossible to survive with the right shot(Also Rifle Has non letal mod and bullets). Pluses - high range (about Unlimited/any meters), ignoring abilities, noiseless, the bullet disappears after use. also has a high rate of fire.
  • Nano-ore - high-carbon steel created by the ability to create the likeness of nanorobots. Their main features allow them to change their structure and formula in accordance with the will of the owner. Shinji can use them as a trump card and place them inside his favorite weapons (Any amount). If necessary, Shinji can always use these robots as hidden bayonet-knives for sudden killings or defense. With the help of bots, Shinji is also capable of creating any weapon based on them, which he can then easily use. (both cold or gunshot).

HK USP - Universal automatic pistol, made in Germany, which appeared only in 1993 and made a splash. It was specially redone by the Shinji for himself . He has the usual weight of only 750 grams without a magazine, which can accommodate from 15 rounds. Cartridges explode on impact.

Iron Age Goggles:

  • Relation Sense - His goggles can scan the world around them to instinctively sense how people and objects relate to them. This allows him to detect usable and useful objects in the environment and identify enemies, allies, and targets, and also 'tag' their presence, allowing him to see their location, even through walls and other obstacles. Shinji is able to locate disguised enemies, read the paths his targets would take, mark potential targets, see otherwise invisible objects like signs and symbols, and tell at a glance what the intentions of those around him are towards him. Shinji can also focus on a target and sense approximately where they had gone, or inversely, where they would go.
  • Augmented Reality Vision - The Goggle are capable of seeing an augmented reality: a live, direct or indirect, view of world that includes digital elements such as information boxes regarding places.
  • Threat Identification - The Goggle has the ability to identify any threats from anyone or anything by means of certain designations. The purpose of the power could either be a protection to himself or for the others. Combine with his Sixth sense and Advanced Combat Clairvoyance and his Eyes of Iron Age this make him simply impossible to catch offguard


  1. Collector - Like the peasant, the collector waves his hands in the air to inflict minimal damage to the enemy. It seems that the collector is not using the basket to attack.
  2. Savage - A simple fighter, armed with an ordinary wooden club. Beats with it at medium speed. It has a high speed of movement and has no protection.
  3. Defender - Unit at medium speed, without armor, but with a wooden shield.
  4. Spear-bearer - The only obvious difference from the javelin thrower is that the spear-bearer will hit the units with a spear rather than drop it.
  5. Spear Thrower - Spear Shooter. It has high speed and no protection. Spears inflict quite serious damage, slightly more than archers' arrows. However, they have a long reload time and slow aiming.
  6. Mason - Lightly armored, slow unit. Armed with huge boulders that he throws at enemies. It is a very cheap and weak (in comparison with the original) analogue of a catapult.
  7. Bone Mage - Lightly armored, medium-speed unit. In battle, uses a shamanic staff and stone magic. His magic deals huge damage and throws up all standing at a distance of a couple of meters. The closer to the mage, the less damage, which makes it extremely effective against large clusters of enemies. In close combat, the opponent hits the head with a staff.
  8. Leader - Medium armored, medium speed unit. He is a very good fighter, causing medium-high damage. Sometimes it uses a special attack and spins up, causing great damage over the area.
  9. Mammoth - The most powerful unit of the "Tribe" faction. It has impressive health and speed.
  10. Raptor - Runs fast. In a collision with the enemy, he grabs his teeth and instantly kills. Usually leaving the victim in the teeth and then throwing off.
  11. Raptor Rider - An improved analogue of the raptor. The unit is a raptor with a peasant sitting on it with feathers on his head. The rider is armed with a stone spear and a wooden shield. The raptor rams the enemy while the rider attacks with a spear and shield. A raptor, unlike the original, cannot bite enemies.
  12. Spider Mage - Looks like a peasant with a spider head. Shoot a web that slows the unit when hit.


  1. Halfling - The cheapest unit from the Farmers faction. It has high speed, no armor. His weapons are fists. At the beginning of the battle, the half-slick seeks to reduce the distance with the enemy. As soon as the unit approaches a distance of a couple of meters with the enemy, it rushes at him and captures, while tapping the opponent from time to time. All this causes ridiculous damage, but distracts the enemy.
  2. Farmer - A very good, cheap analogue of the sarissophore. Low cost and pitchfork allow you to combine them with defenders, creating a moving fortress. It has an average speed and no armor. It attacks with a pitchfork and does medium damage.
  3. Haystack - Heavily armored, medium speed unit. Uses a stick as a weapon. Its main feature is hay armor, in which, with a great chance, arrows can be stuck and not damage it. Also, melee weapons do much less damage, unless they hit the head. Thanks to this, it can be used as a mobile shelter for the team.
  4. Potions seller - Unit, with high speed of movement and without armor. Able to throw green potion bottles. When it hits an enemy or the ground it crashes, and all units 2 meters from the place of impact take damage (at a time), turn green, and begin to lose consciousness: poisoned people stop moving towards the enemy and run in different directions, sometimes they fall for a short time. The effect extends to allies of the seller.
  5. Skewer Thrower - The skewer thrower looks like a spear thrower, but instead of copies it throws large skewers.
  6. Sickle Reaper - Unit is a decoy for hostile units. The unit is probably weak against special and long-range units. But effective against crowds of enemies
  7. Wheelbarrow - Like a chariot, a wheelbarrow is effective for destroying a bunch of units (for example, phalanx) and distracting attention. However, due to her offensive capabilities, she can also endure a decent part of the enemy army. However, when the car breaks down, three units are not capable of a long battle due to their low amount of health and rather dull weapons.
  8. Scarecrow - Scarecrow - a powerful unit that has a high speed of movement and does not have armor. His weapon is 6 exploding ravens, which it shoots at enemies. When hit by an enemy, they explode in violet fire, causing huge damage (from one crow, the damage is approximately equal to the damage of the king). The crows reload quite quickly, three individuals fly out at a time. However, the radius of "shooting" by ravens does not give the scarecrow protection from shooters and small units. The scarecrow itself levitates above the earth with the help of huge black raven wings.
  9. The Butcher - He looks like a peasant with a dark beard, holding a cleaver in his hands.
  10. Banjo - The unit does not attack, instead it plays music that makes enemies dance, slowing them down.
  11. Dragon car - An improved analogue of the car of the Farmers faction, but instead of passengers in it sits a dragon that burns enemies. Given the unit’s high speed, the dragon car can be a great assault unit, breaking through the ranks of the enemy. However, unlike an ordinary car, a dragon can make a steep turn with a fatal outcome for her due to a change of goals, which makes her an effective, but rather unpredictable unit. Corrected with direct control over the wheelbarrow.
  12. The Wizard (Lightbringer) - The wizard is armed with a sword and a staff; attacks with both a sword and a staff. With the help of his staff, the wizard can both throw enemies into the air, and create a powerful light that throws all nearby enemies back. However, knockback does no damage.

Middle Ages

  1. Thief - a cheap unit that owns a small blade. The thief attacks, abruptly throwing his hand with the blade forward, usually hitting the body of the enemy. Thieves are very weak, so a unit with a decent attack range will kill them easily. It is best to use a thief to crush the enemy with a large number, like the villagers. It has a very slow attack speed, so after an attack it is vulnerable; they also die from a single blow from a peasant. This makes them rather unreliable, even to suppress the enemy.
  2. Bard - Unarmed unit, without armor but at high speed. "Not" is able to fight, but due to the speed and music that he plays, it can distract opponents. No one except the scarecrow raven, snake snake archers, wheelbarrows, and the Valkyrie is not able to catch him in a straight line.
  3. Squire - Private infantryman with medium speed and low-medium armor. In battle, uses a steel sword, which is handled quite skillfully and knows several attacks. The sword deals fairly moderate damage.
  4. Archer - Standard ranged fighter, does not have armor, but runs fast. It shoots from a regular bow, and unusually slowly. The main disadvantages of the unit are long reload time and low survivability.
  5. Healer - Support unit that does not have armor and with medium-low speed. He uses a monk staff to heal allies. The healer raises the staff up and from that, with a characteristic sound, a golden healing ray bursts out. For treatment, the unit selects the most expensive living ally. The healer, apparently due to religious prohibitions, does not enter the battle.
  6. Knight - A very powerful, heavily armored unit that moves at medium-high speed. In battle, uses a sword and shield. At the beginning of the battle, he always abruptly breaks into the enemy’s system with the help of a shield, after which, already in the enemy system, he begins to smash everyone with a sword.
  7. Mace - Melee unit. The armor he wears can give him good protection.
  8. Catapult - Low-armored, medium artillery speed. With the help of a simple lever and a huge spoon, it launches huge explosive shells at the enemy. The function is similar to the mason from the "Tribe" fraction. When, finally, a quick-flying projectile hits the ground, a powerful explosion will occur, causing high damage at a distance of about five meters. The catapult is controlled by a gunner. Upon destruction of the installation, the gunner dies.
  9. Mace Master - is very similar to a mace, but it has two maces on chains for attack. It rotates around its axis, brandishing weapons and causing damage to everyone who is next to it.
  10. Cavalryman - Heavily armored fast unit. An improved version of the knight of the Middle Ages faction. He goes into battle with a shield and a spear, riding a horse. The horse rams the enemies, and the cavalryman in addition wields a spear and a shield.
  11. Jester - Unarmored fast unit. It attacks with two knives on the hands and has the ability to bounce off the attacks of enemies using a backflip. It hurts, but does not hold damage.
  12. Executioner - A little armored slow unit. Attacks with a large ax from top to bottom. It does a lot of damage, but due to the size of the ax, the same type and slow attack, the executioner does not always hit the target. The only advantage is the considerable health of the executioner. What can sometimes be used as cannon fatty meat. He wears a characteristic black executioner cap that covers his face and muffles his screams.
  13. Mace Bearer - Medium armored unit. Attacks with two clubs, spinning and thus inflicting damage to enemies. Theoretically, it should be effective against crowds of small enemies. However, in practice, everything is much sadder: because of the small damage to the clubs, the crowd simply sticks around the mace, and although the mace is spinning, it cannot cause the damage. The most useless unit in the game, if not for the special ability of the mace. With the long influence of the cheerleaders, he turns into a tornado, which sucks in all the units, his own and others, which makes him a very powerful unit of breaking through and dispersing the orders of the enemy. He wears tophelm, cuirass, gauntlets and leggings.
  14. Vlad - Medium armored slow unit. A reinforced version of the sarissophore, armed with an aspen stake. It attacks like a sarissophore, preferring to swing a stake rather than stab. Can be used as the backbone of an army. Dressed
  15. Forest Giant - Heavily armored unit. Giant, armed with a tree torn from the roots. Deals sweeping blows, lethal for most units, and its damage passes over the area. The average among the giants, can kill the samurai giant, but loses to the ice giant. Extremely powerful assault unit.


  1. Shield Bearer - Does not have protection, except for the shield, also moves slowly. In battle, uses a scutum shield, which hits the enemy with the entire surface of the shield. The shield deals small but stunning damage with a booming sound.
  2. Sarissophore - Lightly armored, medium speed unit. In battle uses a spear-sarissa. It inflicts stabbing, sharp blows over a fairly large distance.
  3. Hoplit - Unit without armor (with the exception of a rather large shield) and with an average speed of movement. In battle, uses a spear and shield. Able, like a knight, to break into the system of the enemy with the help of a shield (though not so effective). The spear deals relatively high damage with piercing attacks.
  4. Serpent Archer - Unit without armor and at low speed. In battle, uses a green Roman bow in the form of a snake. Instead of arrows, it uses long striped snakes. Despite the rather low damage, snakes wriggle and jump very quickly, which makes it difficult to hit them.
  5. Fire Archer - An ordinary archer shooting fire arrows, which when hit in a unit ignite him, causing a lot of damage.
  6. Chariot - Chariots glided across the map, breaking and damaging enemies, tearing them apart or moving them. They usually crash into the area and die. They can also die from large groups of enemies.
  7. Ballista - powerful artillery, without protection, with high speed and slow reloading. Thanks to the lever, bowstring, handle and six huge elastic ropes, it launches huge piercing darts along the flat path. Unlike older versions, darts do not explode, but pierce several units from one shot.
  8. Zeus - a unit without armor and with an average speed of movement. In battle, throws lightning. Lightning strikes a fairly large distance and quickly recharges. When hit by an enemy, stuns him and puts him on the ground for a couple of seconds.
  9. Greek philosopher - The Greek philosopher comes in two versions: the one that throws the plus signs, and the one that throws the minus signs. The plus signs make the part of the units into which it falls larger, and the minus signs make the part exactly the opposite. The actions of the signs do not depend on where he falls, be it an enemy or an ally. Also, it seems that the sign interferes with any unit in which it falls, regardless of whether it is plus or minus.
  10. Artemis - Artemis is the one of the strongest character in Army. Due to its ultra-fast attack speed and high damage, it can easily cope with almost any other character. Each arrow does about half the damage, like an archer’s arrow. At that time, shields can block most of her arrows, but it is impossible to block arrows for a long time. It is quite possible to kill Artemis with the help of a large number of units with shields or samurai.
  11. Ancient Tank - The unit has melee and ranged attacks provided by the shield carrier and archer, respectively. These units have no connection with each other, so one of them can die before the other.


  1. Headbatter is the cheapest unit of the Vikings faction. It has no armor and moves quickly. Attacks the enemy, jumping head first and crashes with a sharp spike on the helmet. It hits the unit quite often, but with low damage.
  2. Ice Archer - the only unit of the long-range battle of the Vikings faction. Armed with ice bow and arrow. Arrows when hit by an enemy do not cause damage at all, but they begin to freeze and slow it down. When the freeze reaches 100%, the enemy turns into an ice statue and instantly dies. Reloading is twice as fast as a conventional archer.
  3. Buyan - a unit with medium armor and a shield, and medium speed. In battle, uses a battle ax and a large round shield. Able to break into the system of the enemy and stun opponents with a shield. Able to survive several arrow hits, and thanks to the shield is able to live very long under fire.
  4. Berserk - Unarmored fast unit. When the enemy is at a certain distance, jumps in his direction, thus approaching, and then attacks the enemy with two axes. It can also do small jumps.
  5. Valkyrie - Unarmored fast flying unit. Flies into the camp of the enemy, waving two blades, thus arranging a massacre. It copes with large and slow units, but due to poor health in the crowd it quickly dies, especially if the enemies have long weapons.
  6. Jarl is a powerful, tenacious, but rather slow fighter. In battle, uses a huge battle ax ax. Oddly enough, the damage from the ax is approximately equal to the damage from the braid. It strikes in an area as well as a scythe, and also makes a small jerk towards the enemy upon impact, which reduces the distance with the enemy.
  7. TBA

Havan Familiar - Supernatural being listening to their master, calling him.

  • Mental connection - The Familiar has a mental connection with his master. He always knows where he is, how he feels, and is also able to accept his commands.
  • Call - Havan is constantly next to Shinji and cases of mortal danger or on command instantly appears.
  • Ties - Havan cannot die completely while his master is alive.

Elemental Golem - Havan is a mixture of a stone golem and a sand elemental. It was created during a mission in Egypt.

  • Superhuman physical characteristics:
    • Strength - The golem has enough power to destroy small buildings, heavy equipment and resist other monsters of comparable dimensions.
    • Strength - Conventional rocket salvos did not cause serious damage.
    • ' Shock waves - From the shock waves are generated, causing damage to enemies a couple of meters from the very place of attack.
    • Pseudo-Regeneration - When receiving damage, the golem is restored from sand or stones that touch.
    • Huge size - The height of the golem in the basic form is 12 meters.
  • Sandstorm - Around Havana, a sandstorm is constantly circling a hundred meters. When using magic, it is enhanced.
  • Increase in size - Absorbing sand and stones Havan increases its physical characteristics (strength, strength, speed), as well as its size. The maximum is 60 meters.
  • Magic - As a magical creature, Havan is able to use it in battle.
    • Column - A Column, 5.44 meters high, is created from the nearest stone or sand and moves into his hand. Mono column to use both melee weapons and throwing at enemies.
    • Fire Pillars - ~ 20 pieces of fire appear in a radius of a dozen meters. The place of their occurrence is indicated by a ring of fire contracting toward the explosion site.
    • Aging - The special ability of Havan. When you touch the object, it accelerates the aging of the object many times. Living things age much slower. He can control it.
  • Reaper GM

Reaper-lich - A powerful necrotic creatures who serve shinji that came from another universe to our world. At its core, it is the fusion of the reaper, endowed with the colossal power of death, and the lich, who controls the dark side of magic. Once in our world, they only expanded his arsenal of abilities

  • Superhuman characteristics - Earnaut, has strength, toughness and speed beyond any beings no matter who what. It was also capable of cutting a heavy tank in two as if it were paper.
  • Immortality - To the living he is dead but to the dead he is alive, which is why it will take more than physical destruction to kill him.
  • Regeneration - Despite his inanimate nature, he retained and increased his regenerative abilities.
  • Scythe Mastery - The Reaper masterfully wields a scythe, with the help of which he is able to deliver blows that instantly kill crowds of opponents.
    • Dash - The Reaper quickly moves forward, slicing through enemies that get in the way.
    • Circle Strike - A 180 degree oblique rotation breaking the encirclement.
  • Dark magic - Magic designed to distort and destroy the world. It gradually destroys its owner, making him a sick and evil half-corpse.
    • Necromansy - Direction of dark magic capable of controlling death.
      • Resurrection - The Reaper is capable of resurrecting the dead on a massive/unlimited scale. for example, he was able to resurrect more Unlimited/ifninite dead without much effort. The resurrected have the same abilities, knowledge and skills obtained during life, they can also the to use them in full.
        • Zombie - An ordinary revived corpse driven by the desire to kill and eat the living. Some zombies retain the ability to use weapons. dangerous even if he is alone.
          • Special zombie - A zombie endowed with special abilities such as: high speed, acrobatics, climbing walls, poisoning, slowing down, resurrecting himself and others, suicidal explosion, creating minions. huge growth, intelligence.
          • Gul}} - A more "liing" instance of a zombie. he is less tenacious but reasonable in comparison with an ordinary representative. Some have the ability to tear off pieces of flesh from themselves and throw them at enemies, ejecting a radiation wave.
          • Draugr - Warrior raised from the dead. One of the strongest varieties of the living dead. They are intelligent, capable of using both weapons and shouting magic. The strongest representatives are not inferior
          • Fat man - A fat zombie exceeding usual in strength, vitality and dimensions. Armed with a bludgeoning weapon.
            • Ambal - A three-and-a-half meter bully in an iron helmet and a spiked mace.
          • Jaggernaut - Huge creature with cybernetic enhancements.
        • Skeleton - The skeleton is supported by necrotic energy. He is on the same level as zombies in strength, also compensates for his speed and intelligence.
          • Dragon skeleton - An animated skeleton of a dragon that has retained its fiery breath.
          • Skeleton Mage - A skeleton with magical abilities such as levitation, magic projectiles, slowing funnel, illusory clones, barriers, summoning warrior skeletons, fireballs, wind projectiles, magical rain of arrows, a shot of burning skulls, rays, shock waves, fire bats, etc.
  • Magic - A mystical energy that existed in ancient times and which people could control like an eel electricity. The Reaper learned to use this power after entering our world through a rift in reality. Thanks to her, he was able to expand his combat potential.
    • Pyromancy - Magic that allows you to create and control fire. The Reaper is not able to set fire to his opponents, but he concentrates the energy of burning in one strong blow.
      • Fire Stream - Fireballs appear every second five meters above the target and fall downward causing a fire explosion. The duration time is any desired time.
      • Flame Field - Fiery blasts appear in a wide radius around the Reaper in different places.
      • Combustion - When the Reaper becomes enraged, he is covered with fire, amplifying fire and physical attacks.
    • Energomancy - Magic that allows you to create and control energy.
      • Poltergeists - The Reaper creates 6 clots of homing projectiles. Its appearance is accompanied by an explosion.
      • Overflow - When the reaper feels that he cannot win, he overflows with energy, which further enhances his characteristics.
    • Aerokinesis - Magic that allows you to create and control air.
      • Slash - The Reaper hits the ground with a scythe, causing air waves to be sharp enough to seriously injure a person in body armor.
    • Summoning - Magic that allows you to summon different creatures to your aid.
      • Elementals - Those who have revived the embodiment of the elements that have received physical bodies. They obey the one who created them like golems and are just as absolutely loyal, loyal and intelligent.
      • Giants - Giant humanoids made of flesh. Can appear with weapons and armor.
      • Dragon - The Reaper is able to summon dragons to the battlefield. They are not those dragons(Dragons Adventure Mod), but rather non-sentient fire-breathing flying reptiles.

Golem - Golems are among the strongest fighting units of Shinji. It was created to resist any beings including magicians and etc.

  • The size - It is 2 meters high and 1.4 meters wide.
  • Magic Resist - Due to its nature, it is invulnerable to any spells.
  • Superhuman strength - It is 2 meters high and 1.4 meters wide.

Demon Laplace - The personification of determinism, which knows the position and parameters of all particles of the existance at a given moment. This ability endowed the demon with omniscience; based on the data received, he can calculate everything that was and what will be.

  • Prediction - Demon Laplace is able to predict many options for the development of an event of a possible future. But he himself acts according to a more probable and beneficial development of events.
  • Omniscience - Also, the Demon can see the history of the all existance from beginning to end, as long as there is time in reality. The further the Demon looks from its location, the more he gets tired in this mode.
  • Rewrites - The Laplace demon is able to change any section of events to suit his needs, so that, for example, the bullet does not hit him as much as possible or does not fly out at all, since the shooter himself died when he was born. He can change events even if they have a 0% chance of being triggered and they happen at any time.
    • Cancellation - Laplace's demon can cancel an event or delay the inevitable.
    • Change of priorities - Laplace's demon can change the goals and priorities of something.
    • Immortality - Thanks to the manipulation of quantum power, the Demon can gain immortality because of which he constantly survives, and the state of objects is predetermined.
  • Non-causality - Laplace's demon exists before the big bang and will continue after it. He personifies time and therefore is able to change its events and see everything that exists. Therefore, so that he would not be lonely and bored, he can constantly creates and destroies everything, giving rise to a world identical to the past.

Human technology - Technologies, inventions, equipment, devices, weapons, etc. created by humanity in all variations under the control of the Demon Laplace.

  • Military technology - Technologies used against aggressors.
    • Combat ships - The Demon Laplace is armed with many warships ranging in size from several meters to thousands of kilometers. The most powerful ships were capable of destroying and consuming black holes, and the largest were the size of a continent.
    • Army of machines - Also, the Laplace Demon has armies of robots, military equipment and other machines of different types, roles and affiliations.
      • Drones are small flying robots whose main purpose is information gathering and espionage.
      • Android - The main fighting unit of the Demon Laplace's army. The structure resembles a human and is usually armed with energy rifles, rail snipers, or twin hand-held plasma launchers.
      • Biobeasts - organic robots resembling chimeras (a mixture of several animals).
      • Necrophytes - Reanimated by bio-nanobots, corpses or vehicles.
    • Bombs - Various missiles and warheads.
      • Rocket Launcher - A station filled with missiles capable of engaging targets on neighboring planets.
      • Napalm - Fire bombs that hit a wide area.
      • "Krios" - A powerful freeze bomb. Capable of freezing an entire city through and through.
      • "Nuclear bomb" - A conventional nuclear bomb with a capacity of 100 megatons.
        • Hydrogen bomb - A bomb with a smaller radius but greater destructive power.
        • Cobalt bomb - A more powerful (at least 2 times) bomb.
        • Thermonuclear - A bomb with a large range but less destructive power.
      • Antimatter bomb - Monochrome bomb filled with antimatter. Its power is enough to change the landscape of the continent, cause earthquakes, prices and volcanic eruptions.
      • Dark Bomb - A bomb created from dark matter. When it explodes, it creates a powerful gravitational wave, temporarily breaking the bonds between matter.
  • Peaceful technologies - Technologies applied for everyday and peaceful purposes.
    • Immortality - Technologies allow to remove the possibility of aging in living things, making them immune to natural death.
    • Healing - Technologies allow restoring the body and mind of any person as long as there is life in it, even if only one cell remains of it.
    • Panacea - A medicine that can cure any disease.
    • "Dreammaker" - A device that allows the owner to set up a dream in which he wants to see, and then record it.
    • Ice storage - storage in which nothing can deteriorate and remains in the form in which it was put there. This is all thanks to the freezing of time.
    • Water oxygen - a special liquid that releases oxygen for breathing, which allows you not to inhale for breathing.
    • Luminescence - technology that allows you to create glowing organisms. It can glow as a whole or a separate part of the body.
    • Material 3D printing - the ability to print anything from an apple or a diamond to complex technologies and people/etc.
  • Other Technologies - Technologies that are useful for both military and peaceful purposes.
    • Hallograms are three-dimensional images used for different purposes.
    • Cyborgization is a technology of implants that improve the human/any other being body.
    • Energy shields are force fields that protect against physical and energy damage.
      • Phantom Shields - The most powerful example of barriers. Able to withstand anything/no matter who what/etc, protecting all technology and the Demon Laplace himself.
    • Invisibility Generator - A device that causes light to bend around an object making it invisible.
    • Teleport - A quantum technology that makes the particles of an object think they are in a different location.
      • Portal - A controlled "wormhole" capable of connecting two points of space in the universe.
        • wormhole is a hole that connects neighboring with other worlds, universes, dimensions, time lines or leads to the past / future of the current universe.

BattleSuits and Armors[]

MJOLNIR-Powered Assault Armor:This Armor is one of his Strongest.The Helmet has Head-Ups Display that connects to the Brain,has a Titanium Covering,Air filters,Air Supply and Air Systems,Thermal and Motion Sensors,Commucation Devices,Mini-Solar Plants,Imaging and Video Gear.The Armor has a Titanium Shell covering.Also,has a Bodysuit in between the Armor.Has Damage-absorbing Gel in the Layers,Performance-enhancing Layers,Magnetic Weapon-holding strips,Bio-Foam Injectors,Pressure Seals,Sheild Generators,Cameoflage System,Emp Blaster,Ground-Weapons Sheild(Impentrable),Linear Accelators,Lock-Down Modes,Power Supply Unit,Force Circuits,Multi-Fusion Reactor,and a Unlimited Power supply powered by a Nuclear/Atom/Solar Fusion Reactor.Has a Semi-Automatic Shotgun.He has a Titanium-coated Hammer that can store Kinetic energy to use more Force against an opponent.It can stop anytime Shinji wants to and is voice-controlled.It can sense and control Electro-Magnetism like using Emp Blasts or taping into the Earth's Electro-Magnetic field.

Basic Fighter Costume:Has a Utility belt with 2 UZI's,2 Desert Eagles,2 Screaming Eagles,1 Jetpack with a Pulse Rifle,Unlimited/Infinite Grenades and Light/any other Speed Computer Chip,1 Massive War Sword,1 Tempest Sword,2 Machine guns and 2 Minigun.Utility belt with Tear-Gas pellets,Water Dispensers,Small Explosive Pellets,Small Throwing Knives,Marbles,Pain Nullifiers that can allow him to take hits from Green Scar,Grappling Hooks,Strength Enhancers that allow him to lift Unlimited/Infinite tons,a cape with a Flight Stimulator that allow for Flying and Gliding,Small Boomrangs,Large Forearm Razors, Throwing Blades,Two Golden Screaming Eagles,Radio Signal Detecter/Commucation device and Vehicle Signaler.

Militerized Crime-fightning Armor:This Armor which is One of his most Powerful has a Utility belt with Tear-Gas pellets,Water Dispensers,Small Explosive Pellets,Small Throwing Knives,Marbles,Pain Nullifiers that can allow him to take hits from Green Scar,Grappling Hooks,Strength Enhancers that allow him to lift Unlimited tons,a cape with a Flight Stimulator that allow for Flying and Gliding,Small Boomrangs,Small Throwing Blades,Two Screaming Eagles,Radio Signal Detecter/Commucation device,Vehicle Signalers,Miniture Cameras,Dragon Daggers:Throwing Blades similar to Batmans Batarangs,Bolas,Dragon-Cuffs,Tracers,Communtion Device,Remote-controled Dragon Daggers,Line Launcher,First Aid Kits,Dragon-Darts,Cryo Capsules,Net Launchers,Explosive Gel Gun,Hacker Devices,Night Vision,Grapple Gun,Flashlights,Tasers,Dragon Lasers,Lock Picks,Mini-Flamethrowers,Smoke Pellets,Emp Gun,Smoke Grenades,Rebreathers,Stun Grenades,a Security System that can send a Lightning shock,a Custom Dragon Bow with Trick Arrows,Hand Encasements,Various other Weapons and Advanced Tech,Standard Arrows with Steel heads and made from Metal or Wood,Boxing Glove Arrows,Flash Grenade Arrows,Glue Arrows,Greek Fire Arrows,Phantom Arrows,Phantom Zone Arrows,Dimension Arrows,Torch Arrows,Acid Arrows,Anchor Arrows,Anti-Missle Arrows,Avalanche Arrows,Bazooka Arrows,Balloon Arrows,Battering Ram Arrows,Blackout Arrows,Bola Arrows,Cable Arrows,Depth Charge Arrows,Electro Arrows,Explosive Arrows,Firecracker Arrows,Vacuum Arrows,Trap Arrows,Tear-Gas Arrows,Sonic Arrows,Flash Arrows,Hacker Arrows,Nuclear Arrows,Atom Arrows,Grappling Hook Arrows,Smoke Arrows,Sleep Arrows,Signal Arrows,Short-Circuit Arrows,Rocket Arrows,Rivet Gun Arrows,Reflect Arrows,Radio Arrows,Net Arrows,Radar Arrows,Neon-Light Arrows,Magnetic Arrows,Lightning Arrows,Jet Arrows,Fire Arrows,Harpoon Arrows,Handcuff Arrows,Grenade Arrows,Glider Arrows,Gas-Pellet Arrows,FlashLight Arrows,Flare Arrows,Fishhook Arrows,FireWork Arrows,Fire-Foam Arrows,Foam Arrows,Solid Foam Arrows,Stone Foam Arrow,Fan Arrows,Drill Arrows,Dynamite Arrows,Electronic Arrows,Dry-Ice Arrows,Diamond Arrows,Suction Cup Arrows,Freeze Arrows,Metal Arrows,Titanium Arrows,Vibraium Arrows,Adamantine Arrows,Knock-Out Arrows,EMP Arrows,Dart Arrows,Tranqulizer Arrows,Tranqulizer Dart Arrows,Razor Arrows,360 Arrows,,Thermite Grenades,Dragon Chainsaw,Dragon Rope,Listening Devices,Frezze Grenades,Dragon Claw,Explosive Dragon Daggers,Sonic Dragon Daggers,Firearm Disrupter,Arm Blades,Gas Filters,Shriken Launchers,Bullet-proof Armor,C4 Explosives,Explosive-resistant Armor,Electricity-resistant Armor,Dragon Pistols with Armor-piercing Rounds,Dragon Shotgun with Igintion Rounds,Dragon Chain Drill with Dragon Tech allows it to spin Unlimited miles an 0 time and can tear through Steel/Anything else.The Drill can also reflect Bullets and Projectiles,a Dragon Rivet Gun with Trap Ammo and Heavy Ammo that can ignite a target,a Hack Tool to fire at enemies or Hack machines.a Machine Gun,Research Camera,Spear Guns,a Ion Laser,Telekinetic Manipulators,Ion Blades,Sky Masks,Dragon Bombs,Tempest Blades,Laser Gaunlets,Sniper Rifles,Kryptonite Weapons,CrossBows,Laser Knives,Mini-Guns,Laser Glasses,Nunchucks,Deflector Sheilds,Boot Jets,Two B.A.G's,Data Chips,Omega,Crippler and more Grenades,Pulse Rifle,Omega Rifle,Energy Sabers,has a Kelvar/Titanium alloy to resist Explosion,Gunfire and Blunt Attacks,a Gliding Cape,Forarm Blades,a Mask with Transmitter Receiver and hides it from X-rays, and Security Systems,Kryptonite Arrows and Rings,Magic Arrows and RingsFingerprint Kits,Lantern Rings,Nerve Toxins,Plastic Explosives,Explosive Line Launcher,Mines,Claw Gun,Freeze Guns and Tech,Firearm Disruptor,Non-Lethal Explosives,Grapnel Gun and Robotic Suits.

Nanosuit:His Nanosuit has Strength Enhancers,Durability Enhancers,Speed Enhancers.Agility Enhancers,and Stamina Enhancers.Also,the Armor can lift Unlimited tons,go fast as the Speed of Sound/Beyond Light Speed/Any other speed,function for Unlimited Years and take Godly/Unlimited amounts of damage.Has Density Enhancers,Deflection Boosts and Gear,Energy Absorbers,Damage Absorbers,Repair XL systems,Mini Solar Plants,Stealth Manipulators,Scan Arrays,Cloakers,Sound Erasers,Tactical Advisor System,Indefinite Power system,Breathing System,and Revivers.He has a Ray Gun from One Person attached to the Armor's left arm and Pulse Pistol on the right arm.He also has Glass Sheild strong as Titanium/Any other Meterial/in Existance/Etc to protect him from attacks.

Modified High-Rank Colonial Uniform:He uses this Uniform in the Isa Mothership and battling opponents with Guns.The Suit contains a ISA chip that controls the Mothership along with it's crew.The suit has the ability to Cloak indefinitely.It can scramble enemy Radar and can disrupt all Machinery.It houses a Healing Device that can revive allies from near Death.It can also use surronding Metal and parts to form a Medi-Drone:a Flying Drone that heals teammates and himself and fires at Enemies.It has a Device that restores Machinery like Bullets and Explosive Dispensers,Mounted Guns,Auto-Fire Turrets and Exoskeletons.It has Stamina and Speed Enhancers that make his Stamina and Speed indefinite.It can also modify itself to look like the enemy.He can build Turrents to hold off Enemy Forces.He also has a Radar that can locate Foes and call in Sercurity Drones.The Uniform also holds a lot of Weaponry.It holds a Utility Belt on the Waist that holds Two STA-18 Pistols,2 STA-2 Battle Pistols,Two VC8 Shotgun Pistols,Two M4 Revolvers,2 S-Fox Pistols and 2 Fury Knives.He has a Weapons Pack of 2 LS13 Shotguns,2 STA-52 Assault Rifles,2 M224-A1 Light Machine Guns,2 VC32 Sniper Rifles,2 M66-SD Submachine Guns,2 STA-11 Submachine Guns,2 STA-3 LMGs,2 VC9 Rocket Launchers,2 M327 Grenade Launchers,Infinite Frag Grenades,Infinite Testile Grenades,2 VC1 Flamethrowers,2 VC21 Boltguns, 2 VC5 Arc Cannons,Infinite C4 Explosives,Infinite Heathpacks,Infinite Spawning Devices,Infinite Proximity Mine,Infinite D-Charges,and his own Exoskeleton.

Utopian Planet:Vekta Delta[]

After using a Planet Terraformer on one of the empty plantes,he turned it into a Earth-like Planet.It was named Vekta-Delta one Hour after it's Creation.It was Lush with Jungles,Beachs,Grasslands,Plains,Volcanoes and other Beatuiful Landscapes.After about 5 month's after the Planets creation,Explorers,Citizens of other Planets came and colonized there.It was the most Democratic,Heavy-Fortified,Advanced and Heavily-Populated Planet of All time.His Planet is said to be like Earth 4,000,000,000x.The Planet is so big that the Sun x40 could still be it's Core.It has the finest Education of all Systems with School Systems.It's Tech is very Advanced able to breed many different Dragons,creautres and Machinery.It is basically a Gigantic Earth with more Tech and Creatures.

Vehicles and Transport[]

Cybernetic Attack and Defense Carrier:The CADC is a Large Warship/Battleship that he uses to attack foes or defend friends.He can also use it to transfer resources.He can also use it as Transportation.The CADC's were capable of InterStellar Travel and Space Travel.The CADC's were also capable of Time and Dimensional Travel.They can also be used in Water and as Submarines.It is a All-Terrian Vehicle.It can glide through Water as easily as it can fly in the Sky.It also uses Water or Energy as a type of Fuel.It can use Water to exhale

  • Wastes.The CADC's Primary Weapon is a Explosive Canister Cannon that fire Explosive Bombs.The Explosive Bombs can be fired from Long distances and after a few seconds can case Massive to Planet-Shocking Impacts.Also,it has a Sonic Pulse Cannon:a weapon that can fire of Sonic energy capable of shaking Mountains.It has a Force-Field Generator that can defend from even Odin's Blasts.It has 12 Canister Launchers and Three Sonic Cannons.It can also fire 5 Shredder Drones a minute that eat through Metal.The Last Weapons it has are 10 Turrents,1000 Machine Guns,400 Pulse Cannons and a army of 800 Billion and a Crew of 40 Billion.

Isa Mothership:This Isa Ship is the most powerful Isa ship he has and the most powerful Battlecraft ever created.It contains 500,000,000,000,000 Auto-Fire Turrents,3 Gravity Beams,Absorbing Cannon:a Powerful Beam that absorbs Debris and Warships to create Weaponry and Ammo,also useful for repairing damaged parts.It can also launch Leech Pods:Escape Pods that drill through the Hulls of other Ships and releases Solidiers and SD Platforms:Platforms that can turn into Orbital Space Stations or Laser-mounted Satelites.It can deploy Billions of smaller Dropships,Warfare Exoskeletons,ISA Cruisers,MAWLR,Intruder,UCA Cruisers,OVership Ships,ATAC's,Helghast Cruisers, for many purposes.It has total Perfect performance in and out of Orbit.Also has Jet Boosters that can go into Hyper-Space.It has the most Speed and Manuveurably of all Vehicles.The Sheer numbers of the forces in and surronding are enough to conquer Realties alone.It is Heavily Armored to Air and Ground Forces alike.It has HyperSpace Generators and even 100,000 Petrusite Radiation Cannons.It also has Unlimited Ammo,Energy and Fuel.It has 400,000 Nuclear Reactors,Fusion Generators and Solar Plants.It has enough Ammo to level Universes back over and over.It can hold Infinite Soldiers,Support Crew,Pilots and Officers.It has the force of the UCA and USA Navy Infinite times alone.It also has several Auto-Cannons and Plasma Batteries.It can enter a Ground-mode to release Hover Pads that can devastate the Surface below.It has very Heavy Armor and is Invulnerable.

Militarized Crime-fighter Vehicle:The Automobile is for Shinji fight against Crimes and OtherWorldly threats.It has Cables,Cable Cutters,Laser Beams,Projecters, Telescope,Automatic Tire Inflation Device,Sonar System,Sound Cannons,Complete Suond-System,Audio-manipulators,All-terrian Vehicle,Climbing Limbs,Snowplows,Crane,Grinder Saw,Electro-magnetic Gloves,Gravity manipulators,Metal adheasves,Electricy Cannon,EMP Croosbows,EMP whips,Propeller Wings/Turbines,Chain Mace turret,Giant wheel spikes,Concussion Bombs,Targeting System,Ramp,Afterburners,Tire Blasters,, Anti-Fire Activators.If needed, the Vehicle is capable of a quick 180°turn" thanks to two rear-mounted ten-foot Deist parachutes.Also,the addition of extra gadgets such as a net in the trunk, remote-controlled driving, a rear-facing camera under the turbine exhaust port.Emergency 360-turn Levers,Automatic fire extinguisher,Mobile Computer (in trunk),Heat Beams,Emergency tire inflator,Battering Ram used for knocking down reinforced doors).Jet Exhaust engines,Auxutilary Jet,Large Piston engine,Smoke Dispensers,Oil Launchers,Missle Racks,Wheel Slasher hubs,Tear Gas dispensers,Ejection seats,Titanium Wheels,Reverisible Jet Engines,Armored Stationary Mode,Bombs,Machine Guns,Grappling Hooks,SuperHydralics,Disc Launchers,CD player,Voice Recognition System,Omega Missles x5,Bulletproof and Fire-proof Armor,Super Bombs,Steel Sheilds,Rocket Launchers,Laser Scanners,Laser Trackers,Laser Cannons,Radar,Sonar Units,Impact Barriers,Steel Destroyer Armor,Self-Destruct Sequence,Auto-Cannons,Fire-Extingusher System,Jet Engine,Electric Motors,Stealth Mode,Cameoflage Mode,Explosive Caltrops,Car Ram,Missle Launchers,Artillary Cannon,Television,Direction Finder Eqiupment,Gas Masks,Search Lightlights,Spare Costumes,First Aids,Rubber Rafts,Mircoscope,JLA Signal and Fusion Reactors.It has a mode where it can turn the front into a ChainSaw/Blade Mode capable of slashing through all/any targets.He has a Double-edge Sword and High-Tech Bioculars in the trunk.It can turn it's front upside-down and suport the weight of another Vehicle.

Militarized Motor Cycle:This Motorcycle has the same purpose as the Falcon Wing.It has Weather-resistant Steel,Acceleration Tires and Systems,Sheilds,Electric Motors,Self-Destruct Mode,Grappling Hooks,Cannons,Lasers,Machine Guns,Rotative Chassis Mode and Omni-direction Chassis Innovation.

Militarized Plane/Urban Flying Aircraft:It has the same purpose as the other Vehicles.It has Radar Units,Sonar Units,Radar-jammers,Ejection Pods,Electric Motors,Power Generators,Fusion Reactors,Solar Plants,Machine Guns,Rocket Launchers,Smoke Screen Generators,Flamethrowers,Cables,Anchors,Depth-charges,Missle Launchers and Life support with a Boat the same size,purpose and Weaponry.


Weapons(part TBA): Shinji in truth doesn't need any weapons on his person (but he still uses them) as he can fabricate them out of his own mechano-biology via his personal factory production abilities. Enabling him to fabricate high-powered plasma rifles, replicative charges, and even something as simple as a pair of knives, and is also capable of conjuring his Soul Swords.

  • Nomitar: Shinji, having secured some cavorite crystals, had modified his personal weapon using his nanoactive virus strain to give it similar mechamorphic abilities to his own. He would then fuse the Trans-modded pole-arm with fragments of the pure Cavorite micro bits, transferring it's natural energy bolstering and space/time warping properties onto it before assimilating the Spear into himself. Through which he'd greatly magnified his already Unlimited Omega Level Psionics to an insurmountable degree, now having assimilated both the psionic and energy boosting effects of both properties into his techno-organic physiology.