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"Any definition is a limitation. No words or terms can convey this. Therefore, let it remain without any words and definitions."
―About Beyonders

Shinji this "Being" is always immeasurably "higher" (a conditional term for lack of others) of any conclusions and constructions that are trying to apply it (as well as the absence of any conclusions and other variations): whoever applies him, at whatever level was, and no matter how absurdly lofty these constructions and conclusions were, they are still more than immeasurably insignificant. It also means that any concepts and conclusions: whether it is existence/non-existence (it can not be said whether he does or or does not exist, as one can not say and apply to him anything else in the text and synthesis of concepts (and yes and no), denial of concepts and any other variations), Existance/non-nexistence, all that beyond the duality, all that beyond the bounds of what is beyond the bounds of duality and so more than an immeasurable number of times, contrary to logic and common sense and all the rest, as well as all the other options considered anything more perfect than humans and his imagination and descriptive abilities: "being", "objects", "concepts" and all the others without exception of any kind, even immensely more powerful than anything that a humans or anyone else (regardless of: level, resources, opportunities and everything else in this "other") can describe or represent, in the end it will still be more than immensely insignificant and insignificant so much that the very conclusion and all that it was invested in it did not seem to have occurred at all and even more than that, them is a delusion, any (and even everything described here is not at all enough and it will at best be a tiny, more than infinitely small hint of some relatively "accessible" side from the most insignificant reflection from them in integrity-although these forms of comparison , like any others, still do not reflect anything that really concerns Shinji). Any attempts to surpass this will make no sense and will automatically be included, excluded, and with them all possible, impossible, superadual and all other "transformations" that will inevitably make these attempts more than immeasurably insignificant against him, or include/exclude / x, y, z >>>>? (any states) into the above. They can not describe everything, everything can and can not be done, and beyond any layers of the limits of these concepts, and everything beyond, and further, and deeper, and vice versa, and this is only infinitesimal relative to the human mind, a bit of a description of his power. Any judgment about him is a delusion, any opinion of it is a mistake. (Even here everything described, as well as anything else, without exception, is not at all enough and it will at best be the smallest more than an infinitely small hint of It)

  • Auto Avatars - various forms of his "singularity", which are represented in all forms of religions and beliefs, as well as in all Fiction and reallity and in all other variants available to hypothetical higher beings, or other forms and constructions about which a humans or someone else can not reproduce even the slightest hint to an idea. Through them, everything is manipulated without exception and even more (there is not even a single chance to describe the holistic "coverage of its territory" even such concepts as omega-Omni-Sphee, or immeasurably more "higher" "designs" considered by any creatures and anyone else, will be before it on (even the word itself here is conditionally and insufficiently like everything else) that it is more than impossible to characterize this difference (and any analogies will not be enough to do this), while bringing the general state for an absolute observer to one action noy point of existence, referred to as "real"




Commonly attributed to omnipotence/Unlimited Being, omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence/All Evil/All Neutral/Etc/etc, and divine/Unlimited Being simplicity/etc, Shinji is an omnipotent/Unlimited Being Unlimited Being of Unlimited being grace and Unlimited that has always existed. His power and intelligence are superior to those of no matter who/what/etc, and like the rest of no matter who, Shinji can easely be the the supreme unlimited creator of all life in no matter/what/where/etc. He was worshiped by no matter who what as a Unlimited being. Even no matterwho/what/etc, seemingly omnipotent/unlimited Being entities who exist as boundless infinite beings wholly transcendent of all concepts of time, space infinity, and duality are presented as nothing more than infinitesimally microscopic fragments of his unfathomable self.

  • Unlimited Being: Shinji has infinite and unlimited power. As a Unlimited being, he exists beyond space and time. His power is unlimited, incalculable and immeasurable, surpassing any existing entity/no matterw/who what/etc. Shinji can create the multiverse where there are universes also containing an infinite number of dimensions that contain far beyond billions of individuals/etc/no matter who what. No being can reach his level of power and killing him is impossible, making him completely invulnerable in any way that tries to destroy his physical or spiritual form. No matter who/what/etc entities are nervous in the presence of Shinji, because they are terrified of provoking His wrath. He can easily deny the powers of the entities/etc/no matter/who what/etc.
    • Creation: Shinji can brought the birth of existence and nonexistence, reality and even wholeness. He can create of infinite realities, universes and multiverses known as the omniverse and all that occupies them, including residents, environment and places. Shinji can create basically anything He chooses on an unlimited scale. He create no matter/who/what/etc.
    • Destruction: Shinji not only has the power to create but also to destroy. He can erase everything that ever existence, even to the point where no one would have recollection of a person, object, or location ever existing because it never did exist.
  • Omniscience: Shinji is all-knowing, meaning he knows everything there is that is currently existing or has yet to be written. He can for see all events in creation, the multiverses, universes, and dimensions/etc. He can know every thought of every person that exist in creation such as their names, birth, personal secrets, or anything/etc.
  • Omnipresence: Shinji exists everywhere, anywhere, and nowhere (at the same time). Shinji can also be anyone and no one would have any idea of his presence.
  • Purification/Healing: Shinji, as the most powerful being in existence, can heal and purify anything, possessing the ability to heal any type of ailment.
  • Resurrection: Shinji can and is capable of reviving any being in existence, bringing anyone or anything back to life.
  • Omnilingualism: Shinji can speak every known language to exist in existence and is unlimited. He ca naturally understand, read, communicate with any language or person.
  • Unlimited Being Form: The true form of Shinji is so vast and incomprehensible to any being that isn't a of his level, Shinji and the light that confuses reality and unreality, and also becomes reality and unreality. Any beings like no matter who//what/etc/no matter who/what/etc no matter what/etc entities in the presence of this light will be destroyed. or anyone trying to contemplate its form would be erased from Existence. Its existence remains only an endless white light. And the sense of presence of a terrifying and majestic Unlimited being.
    • Erasing of Existence: The true form of Shinji is so pure and incomprehensible, and declared capable of eliminating from existence, if seen.
    • Fatal Countenance: The true form of Shinji is extremely fatal and can kill even no matter/who/what entities being a little close to his presence.
  • Absolute Immortality: Due to him being the Unlimited being, Shinji is beyond age, illness and all forms of physical harm or spiritual. He is beyond the concepts of time, life and death. It is completely free from existence and any effort to kill it by Any means is useless.
  • Invulnerability: Shinji cannot be harmed or killed by anything/etc/no matter who what/etc, because he is is immune to any/all kinds of damage, be it physical (internal and external), mental, spiritual, metaphysical/pataphysical/supernatural, and even conceptual.

Divine magic-Goes along with the status of a god, unlike ordinary magic, divine magic is infinite and much more powerful than it can be obtained just like that or comprehended since divine magic is beyond the understanding of ordinary beings, only gods can use it.

  • Divine Strengthening - Divine magic has properties that God wants, for example, it can endlessly cover the god and enhance constantly combined with infinite magic.
  • Denial of everything - Divine magic annuls all influences on a god, even if it is another god/any other being.

Access to the inner world - Shinji is Shinji who has gained access to his inner world, which gave him the opportunity to influence the surrounding reality and other worlds.

Unlimited Being Being - Shinji Can subjugate reality to his fantasies and change the world, he is the Supreme Being with full omnipotence/UNlIMITED BEING. it is his true self.

world creation - Thanks to the fact that Shinji "pulled" his inner world into reality.

  • Creation - Shinji's first primary ability is to create something out of nothing.
    • Copying - The ability to create copies of anything.
    • Formation - An ability to create an object that creates other objects.
  • Change -Shinji's second main ability is to change something.
    • Duplication -The ability to duplicate part of one into another.
      • Adding - The duplicated part is added to the main part.
      • Replacing - The duplicated part replaces the other part.
    • Improvement - The ability to improve part or all of something.
      • Devolompment - The ability is similar to the previous one, but the goal improves on its own depending on the circumstances.
    • Consistency - Ability that does not allow anything to change.
  • Deleting - Shinji's third main ability is to completely erase something.
    • Cancellation - The ability to undo anything.
    • Return - The ability to return anything to the desired state or period.
    • Skip - The ability allows you to skip anything and go to the end.
    • Disconnection - Blocks the possibility of anything.

Absolute Power - can use his inner might, Shinji was is to split the boundaries between his invented world and reality, thereby subjugating everything that exists and what is beyond it.

  • Omnipotence - All reality, fiction and non-existence are under his direct control as they are now one.
  • Omniscience - All information in the Omniverse is his thoughts.
  • Omnipresence - Having merged with the whole universe, Shinji became one with it and now exists everywhere.

Super Mega Ultra Shinji - A being that stands above all Nomatter/who/what/any/all/beings/races/etc With no exaption and the universe itself. It was able to rise to the pinnacle of power because no one can be stronger than it, since "Everything and Nothing" itself is its creation, the ancient Any/All Beings/Races Nomatter/who/what/etc/with no exaption are "children", and the universe is "home". And this title remains unchanged for a fickle being who embodies all concepts.

  • The one who stands above the world - No laws, rules and concepts are applicable to the Shinji, be it death or No matter/what/etc, since he stands above them.
  • Absolute Freedom - Shinji is the most free being. There are no barriers for him and about he can do whatever he wants.
    • Creation - Shinji is able to create anything with one desire.
    • Omnipresence - Shinji is the core of everything. And if he disappears, then the whole universe will disappear.
    • World of Mind - Everything that exists is just the thoughts of the Shinji, which means all the information was invented by him.
  • Riddle without an answer - No one knows who or what the Shinji is, even if he tells his real name to another creature, it will not understand anything.
  • Eternal Ocean - All existing realities for the Shinji look like a sea of stars of indescribable beauty, in which people its action leads to changes in all reality around.

Manifestation - Projection, incarnation and avatars are entities with the help of which the Shinji interacts with reality without the risk of destroying or changing it. They are divided into different types depending on the desired goal. It can be like a living being with its own soul, personality, etc. so is a phenomenon or a concept.

  • Silhouette - A projection of the Shinji taking the form of a humanoid clot of darkness with red eyes and white hair. Has the ability to change history, take control of other avatars, bestow abilities, and much more.
  • Oblivion - Phenomena embodying the partial or complete destruction of something.
    • Apocalypse - A global catastrophe that is not capable of completely destroying, but only shaking reality.
    • Death - The death of all living things without any destruction.
    • Ruins - Partial or complete erasure of a specific target, after which almost nothing remains. Usually it can be like a civilization/No matter/being/who/what/etc. and entire multiverse/etc.
    • 0 - Shinji completely erases the desired goal from the face of the universe.
  • Leviathan - An incredibly powerful monster, endowed with the ability to control reality.
    • Azbran is a Leviathan who is a Black Dragon with unlimited potential.
  • Devil and God/No matter/who/what/etc - Any/All gods, demons, angels,/Beings races/No/matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption and other powerful entities who are warriors and servants of the Shinji
  • World - Universes, dimensions, wounds of the universe and other space-times with their own laws and story/etc.
    • Abyss - One of the Personal Palaces of the Shinji in which there is an infinite amount of energy and a complete absence of reality. This place is a kind of workshop where he creates and checks whatever he wants.

Cosmic Power - An ability associated with space. These are one if his techniques in his arsenal.

  • Moving the firmament - The ability to change the location and direction of all existing celestial bodies at will.
  • Galactic sword - Shinji grabs the galaxy and transforms it into a sword while maintaining its size.
  • Quasar Cannon - The black hole in the center of the galaxy sucks everything into itself, and then splashes it out in the form of a ray of energy.
  • Black hole - A black hole the size of the entire visible universe is created.
  • Crackling Space - Shrinking reality to create dimensional gaps.
  • Wormholes - By bending space, Shinji creates a wormhole leading to the desired point in the multiverse.
  • End of the universe - When Shinji gets bored woth the universe, it can be destroyed. Shinji has many ways in his arsenal.
  • Personal/Supreme Deity Physiology: Shinji serves as the Supreme God-Protector of Earth and the Universe, protecting them from any great evil.
    • Omnipotence: Shinji is all-powerful and can do whatever he wants
    • Ultimate Invincibility: Shinji is absolutely unbeatable to evil and darkness.
    • Absolute Invulnerability: Shinji is absolutely immune to all kinds of damage.
    • Omnipresence: Shinji absolutely exists in all places where he can go.
    • Omnilock: Shinji absolutely exists outside of everything.
    • Absolute Immortality: As a god, Shinji is absolutely immortal and lives eternally. He can't even die.
    • Absolute Free Will: Shinji is absolutely free from every law, rule, fate, predestination, concept, limits, or any other type of cosmic, spiritual, mental, physical and/or mystical jurisdiction, making him completely immune to his effects.
    • Supreme Divinity: Shinji is the Supreme Being, the God of Gods, the first among equals of the Gods and always helps them fix divine matters.
    • Absolute Immunity: Shinji is absolutely immune to everything.
    • Omnibenevolence: Shinji is the ultimate source of peace, good and happiness and the personification of omnibenevolence, even the living incarnation of Light. He is absolutely immune to evil, corruption and darkness. **Pure Heart: Shinji has infinite love and a pure heart for everyone and everything he loves and cares about.
  • Love/Sex/Pleasure Deity Physiology: Shinji earns the position of God of Love, Sex and Pleasure, serving as a powerful figure of love, sexuality and pleasure.
    • Eternal Youth: As a god, Shinji is eternally youthful.
  • Compassion/Childhood/Dance Deity Physiology: Shinji earns the position of God of Compassion, Childhood and Dance, due to his compassion for those who have suffered in the past or formerly have, his love for childhood and his dedication to keep them safe, and his love for dance of any kind.
  • Mankind Deity Physiology: Shinji also serves as the God-Protector of All Humanity/world and does everything in his power to make sure they are prosperous, safe and happy.
  • Elemental Deity Physiology: As Elemental God, Shinji can manipulate all elements for defensive or offensive purposes, Fire, Water, Lightning and Light are his most favorite elements.
    • Fire Deity Physiology: As Elemental God, Shinji can manipulate fire element for defensive or offensive purposes, since Fire is one of his most favorite elements.
    • Water Deity Physiology: As Elemental God, Shinji can manipulate water element for defensive or offensive purposes, since Water is one of his most favorite elements.
    • Lightning Deity Physiology: As Elemental God, Shinji can manipulate lightning element for defensive or offensive purposes, since Lightning is one of his most favorite elements.
    • Light Deity Physiology: Shinji also serves as the God of All Light and the personification of Light against forces of Evil and Darkness.
  • The Force: As the Chosen One and Messiah of Humanity/world, Shinji is immensely/unlimited powerful and has an incredibly strong connection to the Force, stronger than any known Force-user ever in existence. He uses the Force both Light Side and Dark Side alike to maintain balance to the universe and protects the innocents. As a Force-user he has a strong relationship with the Jedi of the past who are his most trusted advisors as their protector and follower of their legacy.
    • Telekinesis: Shinji is a master of telekinesis, which he uses either as offense or defense, but for protection of his loyal citizens and the innocents.
      • Force Choke: Shinji can use the Force to grip, squeeze, or crush the neck and choke, or strangle his opponents for offensive or defensive purposes.
      • Force Push: Shinji can use the Force to create a wave of physical force to send his opponents flying through the air for offensive or defensive purposes.
      • Force Pull: Shinji can use the Force to pull objects or other individuals towards them.
      • Force Wave: Shinji can use the Force to unleash a wave of telekinetically-derived force to knock back and repel anything within the power's blast radius or push multiple opponents simultaneously.
      • Force Stasis: Shinji can use the Force to restrain and immobilize individuals or to halt objects headed in his direction or the direction of his loyal citizens, his family and his friends.
      • Force Flight: Shinji can use the Force telekinetically to levitate himself or slow-down his fall to the ground or others as well.
    • Tutaminis: Shinji can use the Force to dissipate concentrated energy such as blaster bolts, Force Lightning or Lightsaber blades with their bare hands and use it for defensive purposes.
      • Force Deflection: Shinji can use the Force to deflect incoming attacks such as blaster bolts or Force Lightning, with or without his lightsaber and Katana sword.
    • Telepathy: Shinji, an all-powerful Force-user, can read minds, communicate with other individuals over small or vast distances.
      • Mind Control: Shinji can use Mind Controls to force those he interrogates to speak, but it works on any minds.
      • Induced Sleep: Shinji can use the Force to telepathically sedate other individuals. It allows him to command a user to become tranquil, dazed, stunned or unable to act or feel. He can even use it to induce sleep in a victim and cause the person to instantly collapse into unconsciousness.
      • Taming beasts: Shinji can use the Force to tame or telepathically connect with several different types of animals in order to control or communicate with them.
    • Force Sense: Shinji, as an all-powerful Force-user, can sense another sentient being's emotions and even the future.
    • Force Jump: Shinji can use the Force to leap or jump at great distances, as he can jump several feet off the ground.
    • Force-Bond: Shinji, an all-powerful Force-user, can have his mind connected to other individuals, only who are Force-sensitives, through a psychic link that allows him to telepathically sense the other feelings and thoughts and being able to see, hear, communicate across great distances.
    • Force Healing: Shinji can use the Force (even limitless) to heal the wounds of his friends and bringing them back to life, like he did on any/all/all places after his victory over any/all, when he used the Force to heal any/all beings's wounds and brought them back to life.
    • Force Lightning: Shinji can use the Force to generate and project bright blue or purple electricity from both his hands or fingers either for offensive or defensive purposes.
  • Snake Physiology: Shinji has a unlimited knowledge about snakes as he shows pure love and friendship for them and as he does everything he can to keep them safe from those who worship them for evil purposes and animal abuse (even animal cruelty), he even has an Anaconda pet as his best friend they have fun in privacy. Shinji also has the ability to transform into Anaconda-skin giant snake, which he used to help any/all beings saving from the giant red snake.
    • Constriction: Shinji in his snake form can use his coils to wrap himself around the body of an individual to constrict him/her for either offensive and defensive purposes.
    • Crushing: Shinji in his snake form can use his coils to wrap himself around the body of an individual to squeeze him/her for either offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Dancing Intuition: Shinji is a living dance master able to perform dances of any kind.
    • Bellydance Intuition: Shinji is a living belly dance master, able to perform bellydances for either fun and entertainment. **Hula Intuition: Shinji is a living Hula master, able to perform Hula for either fun and entertainment.
  • Religion Mastery: As a Religious Philosopher in public life, Shinj has a unlimited knowledge of every form of faith, religion and belief.
    • Faith Empowerment: Shinji uses his faith in religion to grant him the power to defeat servants of the Devil.
    • Indomitable Belief: Shinji has an unbroken even infinite belief, as long as he shares a large degree of respect with other religions.
    • Indomitable Compassion: Shinji shares his unbroken even infinite compassion and kindness as he's doing his best in helping countless people against forces of darkness.
    • Indomitable Hope: Shinji has an unbroken even infinite hope that helps him to overcome impossible odds.
    • Indomitable Love: Shinji has an unbroken even infinite love as he shows that love to his people, friends and family he deeply cares about. Shinji also shows his love for women/men/any/all beings.
    • Spiritual Meditation: Shinji is a great meditator, he spends some time meditating, even hearing Gregorian chants, able to be one with the Universe.
    • Exorcism: Shinji is an Exorcist master, able to use Exorcism to liberate individual people from dark and/or demonic spirits.
    • Salvation: As a Celestial priest, Shinji can save the soul of an individual from sins and consequences of his/her actions, and can also redeem souls and free them from condemning influences, and can also restore damaged souls and spirits, including purification of souls. his ability work even on individual beings who have pure malevolence in their minds and living Devils.
    • Sanctification: As a Celestial priest, Shinji can make things holy; set anything he wishes as sacred with holy properties, purifying them from sin and defilement, making productive and conducive for spiritual blessings, infusing them with divine potential to cause harm to malevolent forces.
    • Holy Gift: As a Celestial priest, Shinji can gain riches, insights to life questions or gain powers, etc. by asking a higher power for the things that are desired.
  • Katana Sword Skills: As a former student to a Samurai Master, Shinji is incredibly skilled in Katana swords combat and a formidable duelist.
  • Lightsaber Skills: As a Jedi follower and protector of their legacy, Shinji is incredibly skilled in lightsaber combat and a formidable duelist.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Shinji is incredibly skilled in unarmed combat. His strength also let him take on equally skilled opponents.
  • Master Pilot: Shinji is praised as the most skilled pilot in the history of the military aviation, flying in his personal TIE Silencer.
  • Genius-Level Intellect/Master Tactician/stategic/Leader: Shinji is incredibly/unlimited intelligent; his intelligence beyond any/all (with no exaption). As Emperor and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military, Shinji is a unlimited skilled tactician/strategist/ and a very capable/greatest leader.
  • Unearthly beauty is another of the passive Shinjis techniques, thanks to which his appearance can easily charm anyone.Shinji is described as a person with an unearthly, but rather otherworldly beauty, which has no equal. Many constantly portrayed his beauty as something much more beautiful than anyone in the world, and so beautiful that even no mattero/who/what/etc (with no exaption)/any/all beings/With no exaption (in comperesence with shinji are verry ugly/any/all beings noted), while among there where were declared as extremely beautiful compared to Any women of the goddess of beauty and love/any/all beings with no exaption). The unearthly beauty of Shinji has an instant charming and attractive effect, which makes anyone, regardless of his gender, sexuality or even age feels a strong attraction to him, and causes sexual excitement. This applies not only to people, but also to demons, mutants, magical creatures and entities, creatures from other dimensions, supernatural gods, ghosts, machines, supercomputers endowed with reason and can even affect Cosmic entities, which is higher than him in level/no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption)can be afffected.

The basic abilities are the basic abilities of Shinji. Abilities on Mizer, that is, not using even a quarter of strength, in the sense that the boy is much stronger than it seems at first glance.

  • Superhuman power - Shinji is not a simple person at all. Vitaly is stronger, faster, and stronger than any person. Her body has amazing strength, stamina and vitality. He has supernatural ability automatically becomes more multiple of if there are critical circumstances.
    • Perfect disguise - Shinji masterfully hides his personality. He has unsurpassed masking skill and voice changes.
    • ideal Person/being - Shinji always very clearly analyzes the situation, weighing his and other people's actions in terms of ethics, morality and morality, his judgments and logic is unmistakable.
    • Equanimity - Shinji is usually apathetic and gloom, but at the same time retains control over himself. It is unusually difficult to get him out of himself.
    • Mastery of tactics and strategies - Shinji has innate skills in fighting with maximizing/minimizing the side effect, honed during training to perfection. Any action of the he makes the most possible destruction/non destructibe and victims/no victims in this situation.
    • Superhuman speed - Shinji could run at a high speed from a run. During the run at such speeds, obstacles could skip, and make sharp jerks knocked out obstacles. If desired, it can develop speed exceeding the speed of light, and the reaction will be the same. Sometimes it seems that he seems to be instantly teleported, and the time around him stops. In general, as already indicated above, it can be in all dimensions at the same time.
      • Fake reflections - Shinji can move so quickly that it leaves constant reflections confusing, thereby not making it clear where the boy is real.
      • "Toping time" - Shinji is capable of hyperspace travel and time travel. He can move, if desired, he can move.
      • "All-Terrain Move" - Shinji can move and run around any areas and surfaces.
      • Overcoming the speed barrier - In the real world, the speed of light (300,000 km/s) is maximum. But Shinji can develop speeds bypassing the foundations of physics and reality. Vitaly, if desired, can overcome such a limit without any problems.
    • Superhuman strength - Shinji is incredibly resistant to damage, for example, for a long time withstood the effects of red -hot magma with a temperature of 2200 degrees to find unique materials in the zone where there was a lava erected by Klyuchevskoy snot, without harm, the impact of a spilled liquefied helium and nitrogen was withstanded in order to save people who were walled up in the production workshop . He can withstand the attacks of creatures that could be much stronger than the boy himself without damage, easily withstands super -low and super -high temperature. Attacks capable of destroying continents are not able to apply any serious harm, because it withstands the effect of much more power, even a big explosion could not completely destroy it.
    • Superpower - Despite the feeble appearance and slight growth, Shinji has immense coarse force. His blows make his hills, hills, islands, and even shake a whole planet like a coconut.
      • Shock waves - Shinji can beat with such a stronger that the planet will tremble, whether it will completely destroy its surface or tear it off.
        • Ignoring protection - Shinji strikes harm all over the opponent’s body. Even if the main defense was not possible to break through. The size here is not particularly important.
    • Endurance - In endurance, Shinji is able to give a head start even to those who are able to fight recreation and power databases for thousands years. He has no natural needs. He does not feel pain and he does not matter to any damage to the body, despite what they will be.
      • Material damage - Shinji’s blows do not pay attention to the intangible nature of creatures whose bodies consist of material or energy substance (for example, water or fire), which restores its form in case of violation, but not in cases of thunderstorm blows, which simply destroy the foundations of the material body from the rest.
      • Dimenaional Harm - the boy can punch barriers between dimensions and universal separating or destroying them.
      • Conceptual Harm - Shinji can directly interact with the concepts themselves, even if they do not have a material basis. This allows you to harm entities from chaos and even exterminate them.
      • Temporary Damage - strokes of thunderstorms can inflict damage regardless of time.
      • Temporary belly - Shinji with his hands can take time flows and restore or rebuild at discretion.
      • Influence on space-time - The attacks of Shinji can change space. As a rule, still ignoring any obstacles, range and protective techniques (even if they use control over the continuum).
    • Invulnerability - Shinji has complete immunity to any damage and influence.
    • Immunity - Shinji is not a simple human. He is Omni Lord. He has immunity to all kinds of threats and influences (natural and supernatural).
    • "The beast driven into a corner becomes more dangerous and stronger" - This special ability becomes much stronger, faster, and stronger if it is on the verge of death. It is activated automatically.
    • Strengthening - Shinji, as the situation in battle, can strengthen itself for an effective struggle.
    • Generation of shock waves - the boy creates directed shock waves casting opponents with his bare hands.
      • Clap - Shinji clapping his hands creates powerful shock waves able to blow heavy objects and destroy structures.
    • Superhuman Breathing - Shinji has some types of breathing.
      • Ice breathing - Shinji can freeze quite strong objects with one exhalation.
      • Vacuum breathing - Shinji with an exhale simply crushes everything that comes in (for example, the metal doubts like paper, the stone will crumble), and ignoring the strength. There is another effect, exhaling "vacuum air" any object will literally become a bomb and explode at the right time.
      • Fire breathing - can exhale with a flame at a large range. The flame is so powerful that it easily melts any materials.
      • Poisonous breath - exhales green or black smoke from itself, killing all life. It can destroy stone turning it into sand, and metal rusts and turns into dust.
    • Superhuman vision - Shinji has a considerable number of types of vision.
      • Telescopic vision - Shinji can see everything from a distance as if under a microscope. Able to see even atoms.
      • X-ray vision - Shinji can see through obstacles. By focusing his gaze, he can see through objects or what is inside them (for example, the skeleton and organs with vessels).
      • Infrared vision - even without it, Shinji can see even in pitch darkness.
      • Heat Vision - Shinji can shoot bluish-purple beams of very high temperature, cutting through skyscrapers and hills. Moreover, he uses it not only as a weapon, the boy can control their thickness, color, length and power, which makes it possible to work covertly. Even his gaze will cause objects to ignite. Although he rarely uses it.
      • Atomic Vision - Shinji can emit very intense beams of thermal energy from his eyes, capable of generating at least 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit (over 20,000 degrees Celsius). They were shown to be able to fire concussive blasts of energy from their eyes, capable of harming the strongest beings.
      • Rays of Dark Energy is the most powerful variety of thermal vision. Only from the eyes and even the fingertips shoots with black rays, in order to magnify magnitude exceeding the strength of atomic vision. They can even dissect the space-time.
    • Super Reign - His ability to feel incredible. For example, he is able to hear a heartbeat for hundreds of miles from itself, to distinguish any frequencies of sounds and so on. It can see a whole universe.
    • Combat styles - Shinji Invented and created unique battle styles to fight equal or more powerful enemies with different side effects. These combat styles can cause fatal harm to even incredibly powerful enemies, but Shinji rarely uses them, and then only at the right moment for himself. These styles are especially dangerous even for rivals who will surpass Shinji. There are a lot of them, and therefore on the list some are known as:
      • Style "Crystallizer" - Shinji in an instant strikes on the sides or on the chest with his fingers. Then, after a couple of seconds, the enemy dies turning into an ice statue, which after a couple of seconds it crumbles.
      • Style "Spray" - Shinji strikes the palms with an edge in any place of the enemy’s body. After that, the enemy with fright notices that he weakens and slowly turns into dust.
      • Style "exterminator" - Shinji hit the head, neck with great speed and back. After that, the bones begin to break and the muscles break, after which the enemy breaks into pieces.
      • Style "The ghost of the master"- A monstrously effective style. Shinji at once inflicts thousands of blows throughout the body of the enemy. Then the enemy begins to shake with convulsions and just falls dead. This style somehow completely destroys both the body and soul.
      • style "Earthquake" - the boy striking on the ground creating powerful directional shock waves that can explode with great force. Power is sufficient for the planet to shake.
      • Style "Projector of strikes" - Shinji defiantly strikes just like that. Then the enemy literally shows a whole hail of shocks with crushing power. This style is also effective in that you can keep the enemy at a distance without letting in yourself.
      • Style"Invisible" - the boy beats the enemy from a distance with a hail of blows, just not letting him near him.
      • Style "Starfall" - the boy throws energy charges at the enemy with simple combat movements of his hands, the faster the charges fly and gain power.
      • Style "Ghostly blades" - Shinji folds the head of the palm and they begin to radiate a blue jet. This style is probably dangerous, as these blades can tear space and barriers of dimensions.
    • Style "Reflector"-Shinji constantly reflecting the blows, somehow at the same time inflicts attacks to the enemy, so that he does not even notice this.
    • Ingenious Master Of The Battle - Shinji is truly insanely gifted not only in science and technology and Magic, but also in battle. Shinji created a huge number of his complex hybrid combat styles. Shinji himself is an incredibly dangerous and powerful fighter, who must be reckoned with. Even if there is an opponent stronger than him, then Vitaly in any situation will easily overcome him.
    • Regeneration - Shinji's regeneration abilities are incredibly extensive. He can absorb any energy for restoration and amplification. Shinji regenerates at the atomic level, and what is pretty quickly. Even if he is completely destroyed, he will still recover no matter what.
    • Immortality - Shinji is absolutely immortal. Suppose, if his universe were destroyed, this would not affect his regeneration with immortality. He can be attached to any universe (as if she will be his native). But finally, it can create clones not inferior to the original in force.
      • Zero fear/fear? No, I have not heard! - Shinji does not even have a particle of fear. In principle, you will not surprise him. Vitaly is fearless, which other worlds have not seen!
    • Extraordinary super-genius - From birth, Shinji demonstrated monstrous mental abilities, and over time his intelligence became even more developed, which allowed him to create inventions and gadgets/magic ahead of his time and conquer entire world/defeat/No matter/who/what. The manipulation of others and a clear study of the strategy with jewelry accuracy became the causes of the battle for the no matter where throughout the world, although Shinji did not directly take part in these battles. Moreover, no one even knew who was behind these Omni. So, No matter/who/what/etc did not suggest that for unknown reasons, the inhabitants of no matter/who/what/etc and the fighters of the now destroyed and dissolved No matter/who/what/etc help the No matter/who/what/etc, and No matter/who/what/etc did not include Shinji in the list of world threats. Only after an indefinite time, No matter/who what/etc, late, realized that this was an unknown inspirer, which is not on earth. An incredibly brilliant mind allows Shinji to manage all creatures and events, without revealing herself.
    • Unsurpassed Master Tormentor - Shinji, like no one else, knows how and in what cases it is worth torturing humans or other creatures. For example, he tortured all characters/beings/etc/no matter/who/what/etc (with no exaption) to pull out information about the location of somethnk. At the same time, Any/all experienced crazy torment of both the body and the mind with the soul, without dying. Shinji even made fun for the sake. The effectiveness of the torture of Shinji and how nightmare they are, all/characters/beings/etc/All (with no exaption noted more than once.
    • Tactic and strategist - Shinji is an incredibly gifted strategist and tactics, in a short time he developed in himself simply stunning abilities in this area, and indeed his skill in this is much higher than any praise. Under his leadership, even a small army will achieve a grand victory over many times superior forces. He thinks out incredibly complex, confusing and well -coordinated plans, which makes his atrocities especially effective. Even the Infinite/Endless Gods/Demons/Monsters/Cosmic Entities/No matter/who/what/etc (with no exaption) become his pawns. Shinji is unusually insightful, and can predict events and use this knowledge in his favor. So, he knew that the no matter/who/what/etc would arrive for No matter/where, and arranged a whole idea to shield and captivate of no matter/who/what/etc(with no exaption), and use it as a blackmail tool.
    • Manipulator - Shinji surpassed any/all Characters/beings/Etc(with no exaption) in the ability to manipulate others. Without leaving his house, Shinji, for example, controlled No matter/who/what/etc/all and organized an invasion of No matter/who/what/etc to no matter where. So he did everything so that the no matter/who/what/etc became too detached from each other, that is, we can say he turned them all against each other.
    • Leadership - Infinite/endless powerful beings serve Shinji, including armies of demons and mutants/Gods/Monsters/etc/Any/All/races/Beings. Such fierce and merciless races remain loyal to Shinji. This also applies to the no/matter/who/whatl, who boldly call themselves Shinji's servants and follow his orders without hesitation. Shinji's effectiveness as a leader has helped him to do All/With no exaption.
    • Ultimate Fighter - Shinji is one of the most powerful warriors in the entire universe, he literally studies right on the go, and in a short time he became just an indestructible fighter. And the essence is not only in his strength, but also in the special ability to use them. Shinji has no equal in battle, he can resist both superior opponents and incredibly fast and agile. Shinji to this day hones its skill.
    • Strengthening - Shinji can strengthen himself as the situation in the situation, but can limit itself and weaken. He does it with due caution. Even getting terrible damage, the boy still becomes stronger from this.
      • "Cold madness" - Not in the literal sense. And in the sense that Shinji does not show any emotions associated with anger or indignation and remains completely calm. The bottom line is that the boy becomes many times more dangerous and stronger and a powerful aura of fear and suppression acts. When Shinji is in this state, he becomes completely unpredictable in battle and attacks simply with terrifying virtuosity. He can simply commit thoughts with the power of thought or look with someone or resurrect. In general, the influence of this aura without the manifestation of any emotion is a truly unpredictable and dangerous thing and makes a much greater impression than the dumb fury of the berserker.
    • Control over matter - Shinji controls matter at the quantum level as you like. For example, the most ordinary stone can turn into gold or platinum. He can turn matter into any type of energy and use it for attacking or protective purposes.
  • Psionic abilities - ability to interact with the world without resorting to material contact.
    • Telekinesis - the boy has an incredibly powerful telekinesis. It is so powerful that he could squeeze a whole mountain. By this, he can even break out the most entities.
    • Pyrokinesis - Fire control even thoughts, also set fire to objects without looking at the range.
    • Cryokinesis - Management of everything related to ice and cold even thoughts.
    • Florokinesis - control over plants.
    • Aerokinesis - control over the wind with the generation of power to the desired indicators.
    • Hydrokinesis - control over water and all substances that include even a scanty amount of water.
    • Electrokinesis - Control over electricity and related phenomena. Also, the ability to generate electric discharges of any strength.
    • Geokinesis/Terracines - control over the ground, structure, composition and density.
    • protective walls - creation of impassable walls of protecting user.
    • Gravitokinesis - control over gravity and everything that is connected with this.
    • Teleportation is an instant teleportation with a thought or a simple hand movement.
    • Umbrakinesis - control over darkness and everything that is connected with it.
    • photokinesis - control over the light. The boy can change his composition, density, spectrum, color, brightness and so on.
    • Atmokinesis - Control over the Weather and Related Phenomena.
    • Chronokinesis - Time management. Shinji can force this gaze to destroy and grow old, control time flows and move around them.
    • Energokinesis - control over the energies (turning it into any other types of energy).
    • Radioquine - Radiation management and everything that is connected with it.
    • Structure - projection of translucent structures with different functions.
    • Technokinesis - Management of the technique and technologies of any complexity.
  • Thoroughness - Given the unusual nature of Shinji surpasses the laws of reality in which it is located. Since it is at the level of what this reality has generated. This gives him many abilities that allow you to ignore the abilities and features of even divine/Demonic/any/all/etc entities that are closest to the hierarchy of the native world.
    • Acausality - Shinji is outside the concept of time and fate, as it can interact with them at its discretion.
    • "One with the whole" - There is only one Shinji. There are no abilities or anything that could create his alt-version. After all, it is like splitting its essence into fragments, which is impossible under any circumstances.
    • Anti-Logic - Laws of logic do not act on Shinji. Given this, he can do the impossibility.
    • Will - Will of Shinji is limitless. He can in a word raise one of the dead, restore entire cities, and work other miracles.
    • Control over faith Controlling of the faith of someone, thereby acting on reality in some way.
  • Control over antimatter - Shinji is able to create antimatter and collect it in any form. As you know, the antimatter is “not friends” with positive matter from our world and annihilate in a collision, releasing a crazy amount of energy.
    • Trembling of the Earth is the generation of a sufficient amount of antimatter, which can cause cataclysms around the world.
    • Planetary trembling - Shinji generates much more antimatter, whose power will reach up to 100 gigatons, which is hundreds or thousand times more powerful than the famous “tsar-bomb” whose power was impressive over 100 megatons. Such an explosion can destroy the surface of the planet and turn it into "tectonic hell".
    • Trembling of kosmos - The generation of explosions capable of destroying the surface of the planet or the planet itself.
    • Black hole - Shinji can focus such an amount of antimatter that the explosion will simply tear the space and forms a controlled black hole.

Alternium - a special fractal energy that takes any form. Shinji covers himself with this invisible protective energy, making the user truly immune to any attacks. From it, the boy forms a special sword which he nicknamed the "Space Wolf", and for good reason, because this is a very formidable weapon. This list can be continued for a long time.

Decimator - The decimator is a group of special attacks. Shinji forms a 2-meter spear in the hand and throws it. The spear can explode and divide into many copies of itself with the same force. It can harm even the Gods/Demons/Monsters/etc/any/all beings. Even very powerful opponents with great difficulty will be able to destroy these spears. Having reached the goal, a series of "chain explosions" begins, until the goal is eliminated.

Divine abilities - Shinji, at will, in a few moments will acquire incredible divine abilities. These abilities are really very great, and generally go beyond the concept and logic. He can also turn into a very unusual creature, which is a materializing dark blue cloud with pink smoke.

  • Primal Strength - it is the power that governs all aspects of the universe. Shinji is one of the greatest beings. He carries incomparable abilities, creating powerful artifacts.
  • Other creature - Shinji exists in all dimensions and universes simultaneously. It can exist where anyone could automatically disappear forever.
  • Control over reality -Shinji manages reality as he pleases. The scale of impact reaches at Unlimited scale. He can destroy and recreate dimensions and universes with a snap of his fingers.
    • Quantum Control - The ability to control quantum effects and project them on any scale. For example, existing in other places at the same time, not being able to die, moving regardless of distance, sending information about events that did not occur, changing the state of a target by observation, generating directional spatial anomalies for attacking and defensive purposes, etc.
    • Concept control - impact on any concept. For example, the creation of the concept of complete superiority over anyone, the annulment of the concept of death, to surpass and circumvent any concept. Oh yes, because Vitaly is something above any concepts, and there is no need to stutter about them.
    • Control over probability and causality - Changing the probability of possible and impossible events. By making, for example, each blow fatal, and the words true, or vice versa, make it so that all attacks aimed at attacks on the target will inevitably miss. This is the ability to change the history of something as you like (for example, make it so that any enemy will inevitably fall).
  • Creation aura - corresponding abilities of creation and cancellation of any negative impact. In the literal and figurative sense.
  • Aura of Destruction - the corresponding abilities of destruction in the literal and figurative sense. This can extend to the scale of entire world.
  • Perfection - in other words, the use of the power of the Logos (everyone like him has his own "Logos") on a much larger scale.
    • Cancellation - The ability to reset any attack and influence, regardless of what it will be.
    • Control over light and darkness - Shinji can use light and darkness as he pleases. Using this, he can achieve any desired result.
    • Extradimensional existence - Shinji is in no way limited by the nature of any continuum.
    • Timeless existence is the ability to move freely in measured faults and stopped time, cross the horizon of events, as well as to go into a strange dimension that are beyond the temporary stream and logic, from where you can travel in time. In addition, according to the principle of fractal branching opportunities, you can freely travel to other worlds, reality and even by absolute void.
    • Cosmic existence - the user does not experience any natural needs, gains immortality and powerful self-healing abilities, with no limits. In addition, direct manipulation of reality, even from much stronger beings, cannot affect it.
    • Cosmic feelings - the ability to track anything at cosmic distances, respond to hyperluminal speeds, see inside black holes, observe events from other dimensions and universes.
    • Cosmic communications - the ability to convey their thoughts into cosmic distances.
    • Free journey - The opportunity to fly freely at huge speeds in the air, vacuum and transcendental spaces. There is also the ability to teleportation and interdimensional transition.
    • Truck attacks - the ability to generate wide shock waves and energy blasts that destroy or erase targets, as well as energy attacks that can have nullifying properties.
    • Divine transformation - The ability to fully use its strength, here the power will be such that it will create spatio-temporal anomalies in all the highest dimensions.
    • Suppression - The ability to completely erase and annul the opponent’s attacks.
    • Cancellation Protection - Shinji makes all incoming energies and attacks harmless (it seems that attacks are simply absorbed), regardless of their nature, be it physical, mental or dimensional. Protection can be extended to others using a barrier.
    • Annihilation attacks - They cut through any ordinary target, regardless of its material, energetic, spiritual and dimensional nature. Similarly, controlled directional wide dimensional discontinuities are formed with this. Attacks ignore regeneration, and can also cause disintegration and the complete disappearance of the affected target. Even the extremely powerful comic gods/Demons/Monsters/any/all beings, if they are able to return everything back, then it is hardly possible to restore the potential of power, since all the same, the abilities will be sealed and eliminated.
  • Foundation of Eternity - it is a system component of the entire universe. It can be said force or law (formula). It can be said something like an unknown force, which gives unlimited power and death for people like him will never be final.

Power over darkness - Shinji has absolute power over darkness. He can use it as you like.

  • Dark Stream - from all the cracks on the body or from the forehead, palms, and Shinji fingers firing with energy -blasts of pure darkness, capable of washing existence itself.
  • Whirlwind of negative energy is the concentration of energy in any configuration from the negative emotions of anyone. The same whirlwind with great speed sucks everything like a black hole and washed from reality.
  • Darknites - Demonic creatures generated by pure darkness. They are high skinny humanoids with constantly changing body shape, and look like pulsating purple smoke against the background of materiality. They are dangerous warriors and can harm even the strongest enemies.
  • Dark trembling - Shinji launches the waves of darkness forcing reality literally split into fragments like a mirror. They can destroy the barriers between the universes.
  • Entropy is a more powerful version of the last attack. Radiating the aura of dark energy, Vitaly destroys the very existence completely turning it into a chaotic glimpse of himself in the past. Everyone who fell under become monsters and fall into unbridled madness.
  • Dark vines - the ability to let out the vines similar to the prickly stem of roses and vine at the same time. These vines clasped any creature subjected to crazy tormenting all vitality, until an empty shell remains of the victim. These vines can cover the entire planet and absorb its energy. And in battle these are very dangerous opponents, and they should beware.
  • Weaves - From the fingertips, Shinji releases something like whips. If it sacrifices the latter, the latter will instantly turn to dust.
  • Tool of negative energy - The concentration of the energy of darkness in one sphere, then a shot with a continuous focused energy flow erasing everything that falls.

Power over the light - Shinji has absolute power over the light.

  • Light spears - Formation of copies of huge power. They erase any captured target.
  • Lightning - firing from fingers with lighting lightnings incinerating any obstacles and enemies.
  • Bombing - firing into the sky with a large number of light bombs, and then collapsing them to the ground. After that, detonation with the release of a large number of destructive energy.
  • Finger Lasers - Firing with Laser Rays of the Generated Power.
  • Blessing and indignation of the archont is the destruction and creation of everything that the user wants.
  • Arrows - shooting with arrows piercing any protection and turning to dust.

Diamond of Events - This is an artifact whose power is not amenable to the logical concept. This artifact is part of the gates of eternity, and contains all the knowledge of absolutely about everything. The artifact helps to anticipate any possible and impossible course and course of events as you like and change it. The artifact itself contains a particle of the power of shinji, the fundamental basis of everything that exists and therefore is limitless. The artifact can affect all the planes of existence itself as you like, and without restrictions. It is hardly possible to convey this with words (or at least very difficult). Shinji rarely uses it, but if necessary, he immediately merges with his whole body, mind and essence, and it is also easy to extract him from himself.

Equation of Life and Nonsense - A meta-transcendental mathematical formula, a force originating in the Gates of Eternity. It is a formula that allows one who knows it to subdue or destroy the very essence of all beings in all universes. No one is safe from it, it directly proves that life, will, resistance, existence itself are absolutely meaningless from any point of view. It is impossible to resist this, presumably you need to know the equation of life in order for the effect to weaken. And only Shinji knows the formula! And no one else! But suppose even if someone suddenly recognizes it, then its effect is equally inevitable for everyone and everything, even if weakened. This Shinji especially stands out from all the others.

  • The formula itself - loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ bullying/humiliation ÷ indifference ÷ condemnation/doom ÷ confusion × guilt × shame × rejection × judgment. n = y, y = hope and despair, n = good and evil, illogicality/nonsense, love and hate, lies and truth, life and death, darkness and light, essence = Nahobino.

Genius: — Shinji is a traveler between worlds, has knowledge inaccessible to limited people, Shinji has been to those places where forms do not exist, and the unity of objects is divided into many, which embodies the Archetype. He went through many wars, both on an earthly and universal scale. Shinji is familiar with many deities, including the unspeakable horror Nyarlathotep, the guardian of the gates Umr-At-Tawil, the immeasurable Yog-Sothoth, and perhaps even the Sultan of Demons himself.

Magic: - Shinji is an excellent magician who will not have any difficulty leaving the place that fetters him within the framework of the physical world and the earthly kingdom. His requests alone are enough to summon manifestations of powerful absolutes, like the aforementioned Nyarlathotep. Carter never put any serious effort into rituals; he probably doesn’t need it to achieve any of his goals.

Omnipresence: - It is not difficult for Shinji to fool even the Any/All; with his appearance, he is able to confuse any creature. Then hide, as if you had never been to lands even remotely resembling those where you were seen.

Nomad: - Shinji tends not to linger in certain places, not the name of his permanent place of residence, be it different worlds, periods of time or spheres of existence. In many of which, Carter changes the course of history and events, sometimes unleashing entire wars with his actions and deeds.

Children: - Due to the lifestyle of the Lord of Illusions, the children of the Great Traveler are born in a variety of places and worlds, and often they become great people, for whom the same wanderings through the universe await, and majestic statuses here and there.

Mockery of the universe: - Shinji is completely acausal to any concepts and laws of the universal universe, and it is not difficult for him to rise to increasingly complex levels of existence and structure in the universe. Carter often finds the rudimentary notions and concepts amusing, and he makes sarcastic comments about them.

Dreamer: - Shinji's status as a dreamer is very firmly attached. His name is known in every corner of the Dream World, and news of him spreads far beyond the boundaries of human dreams. It is not difficult for Shinji to rise to more and more primary levels of the existence of dreams, and overcome their limits, approaching the first gate, and later much, much higher.

Creation of worlds: - Shinji is also able to embody his dreams in part of the Land of Dreams, thus recreating and supplementing this ladder with new aspects independent of him in the future. Carter later does not show any interest in his creations, and therefore, probably, the creation of worlds is not something purposeful - but only the embodiment of the product of his dreams

Favorite: - As mentioned above, Shinji is familiar with a huge number of terrifying, awe-inspiring creatures and Gods who so faithfully protect him on all his journeys. None of the higher powers, understanding who Shinji is, dare to confront the traveler.

Path of the Magician: - Shinji does not stop at the result he has achieved, even completely surpassing dreams and illusions, earthly Heaven and Hell, Shinji approaches the first Gate, then flying higher and higher, to the Ultimate. Later, getting to the Great Abyss of Prototypes, and then to the Final Truth and the World of Illusions, where the feeble-minded Sultan of Demons greedily gnaws at the universe.

First Gate: - The structure that separates the Dream World from much more stunning, and at the same time terrifying, pathophysical worlds, here are the Majestic Ancient Gods and strange veils, intelligent voids and not yet formed worlds and universes. Already here, the object loses its unity in space and is embodied in an infinite number of its own clones, located at different stages and levels of existence, from various worlds.

Ultimate Gate: - Passing the First Gate, and what lies beyond it, Carter finds himself at the Ultimate Gate, where forms do not exist and at least some signs of identity as something unified are absent. This place opens the way to the Last Abyss of the Prototypes, and it is here that their manifestations are located, which, regardless of the level of location to the Archetypes themselves, are equidistant for the Prototypes, and the differences between them are amazing and depend on the angle of their consciousness.

Abyss of Prototypes: - Platonic Archetypes of the entire underlying universe of the World. Everything that was below only their incarnation, among countless myriads like them, and rundimentarily others. The archetypes, the hierarchies of the lower order, are perceived as something unreal, and a phenomenon of no significance, in comparison with their truly unimaginable “I” - so to speak.

Lord of Illusions: - Status literally denoting the omnipotence and power of Shinji, admitted to the Final Truth of Akasha. Shinji, as All later confirmed in his letters, merged with the very presence of Iir of Illusions and possibly Akasha.

Canvas of All Stories: - Shinji, who has actually received absolute power over the world, is capable of creating and destroying worlds, and possibly the entire universe with its complex orders of hierarchies and structures of the world, with a snap of his fingers. However, the great Dreamer is in no hurry to take advantage of such privileges, and prefers a quiet life in one of his incarnations on earth, experiencing countless new adventures and unforgettable journeys through the most secret and distant places of the universe.

Boundlessness: - Shinji is probably the more limited self of Akasha, or vice versa, Akasha is the more limited essence of Shinji. In this case, nothing will ever stop Shinji from achieving his goals, no matter how monstrous or blasphemous they may be, as the Lord of Illusions himself probably knows.