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"Any definition is a limitation. No words or terms can convey this. Therefore, let it remain without any words and definitions."
―About Omni Lords
Shinji this "Being" is always immeasurably "higher" (a conditional term for lack of others) of any conclusions and constructions that are trying to apply it (as well as the absence of any conclusions and other variations): whoever applies him, at whatever level was, and no matter how absurdly lofty these constructions and conclusions were, they are still more than immeasurably insignificant. It also means that any concepts and conclusions: whether it is existence/non-existence (it can not be said whether he does or or does not exist, as one can not say and apply to him anything else in the text and synthesis of concepts (and yes and no), denial of concepts and any other variations), Existance/non-nexistence, all that beyond the duality, all that beyond the bounds of what is beyond the bounds of duality and so more than an immeasurable number of times, contrary to logic and common sense and all the rest, as well as all the other options considered anything more perfect than humans and his imagination and descriptive abilities: "being", "objects", "concepts" and all the others without exception of any kind, even immensely more powerful than anything that a humans or anyone else (regardless of: level, resources, opportunities and everything else in this "other") can describe or represent, in the end it will still be more than immensely insignificant and insignificant so much that the very conclusion and all that it was invested in it did not seem to have occurred at all and even more than that, them is a delusion, any (and even everything described here is not at all enough and it will at best be a tiny, more than infinitely small hint of some relatively "accessible" side from the most insignificant reflection from them in integrity-although these forms of comparison , like any others, still do not reflect anything that really concerns Shinji). Any attempts to surpass this will make no sense and will automatically be included, excluded, and with them all possible, impossible, superadual and all other "transformations" that will inevitably make these attempts more than immeasurably insignificant against him, or include/exclude / x, y, z >>>>? (any states) into the above. They can not describe everything, everything can and can not be done, and beyond any layers of the limits of these concepts, and everything beyond, and further, and deeper, and vice versa, and this is only infinitesimal relative to the human mind, a bit of a description of his power. Any judgment about him is a delusion, any opinion of it is a mistake. (Even here everything described, as well as anything else, without exception, is not at all enough and it will at best be the smallest more than an infinitely small hint of It)
  • Auto Avatars - various forms of his "singularity", which are represented in all forms of religions and beliefs, as well as in all Fiction and reallity and in all other variants available to hypothetical higher beings, or other forms and constructions about which a humans or someone else can not reproduce even the slightest hint to an idea. Through them, everything is manipulated without exception and even more (there is not even a single chance to describe the holistic "coverage of its territory" even such concepts as omega-Omni-Sphee, or immeasurably more "higher" "designs" considered by any creatures and anyone else, will be before it on (even the word itself here is conditionally and insufficiently like everything else) that it is more than impossible to characterize this difference (and any analogies will not be enough to do this), while bringing the general state for an absolute observer to one action noy point of existence, referred to as "real"




Whispered As a Whispered In addition to his astounding emotional intelligence, Shinji also has genius intellect and deductive reasoning capabilities. He possesses endless willpower, vitality, he never gets bored. His ability to to never sucumb to any fear, guilt, regret, loneliness, remorse or emotional pain makes him extremely dangerous when combined with his ntelligence. He's capable of leading world on a global scale with ease

  • Super Genius-level Intellect: Shinji is prodigiously brilliant and impressive in whatever he studies and the absolute best in anything he pursues. This is noted by all when praising Shinji's knowledge of law and economics, and by all, who notes that none could surpass shinji in anything.
  • Psychological Warfare: Shinji's ability to manipulate people is supernatural and therefore an indomitable force to be reckoned with. Shinji is an exceptional master manipulator. The process of his exploitation could be represented by a tree where he is the base and each branch in a separate case which is all tied together in one grand scheme. He always knows the right thing to say at the right time; he is an excellent speaker and teacher. He appears to be of perfect health and has the most prime physical conditions overall.
  • Superhuman Charisma: Combined with hid behavioural analytics, he can use his inhuman charisma, eloquence, and persuasive abilities, allow him to create convoluted plans and control anyone into doing what he wants easily. Shinji can create loyal, submissive, and completely obedient "friends," allies, and followers out of anyone and anything after one conversation, one word, and people will do what he says, absolute obedience.
  • Behavioural Deduction: Shinji can intuitively and perfectly assess anyone's psychology, behaviour, and motivations, he sees their mind and soul at first glance allowing him to perfectly predict what people will do and how to manipulate them, he has perfect, observational, perceptive, analytical, calculating, tactical, and deductive skills, these allow him to perfectly predict, understand, and control anything no matter how simple or complex, easily. He can make anyone and anything feel good and hopeful, or feel overwhelming intimidation, fear, and despair with his presence.
  • Identity Manipulation: Shinji leaves such a strong impression on people that he is able to convince legions to commit murder, play suicide games, or do other monstrous things after just a single encounter. According to some infromation, this process is done by altering the fulcrum of someone's identity, like removing a map's coordinate axis. The more jumbled their "lines" become without that foundation, the more room he has to redraw or redefine their maps.
  • Master Impersonator: Shinji is also a master of perfect disguise., he masqueraded as any/all. This proved to be quite useful, not only for spying but also because he was able to pass unnoticed while doing anyithing he wanrts/leaveing no traces alfter him. Shinji, for the most part, played his role as "any/all" perfectly, leaving the impression of a beautiful, charming and polite any/all. It was easier for him to manipulate people while in form, especially the male/female characters.
  • Inexhaustible Wealth: He can amass wealth and power without being noticed or challenged, he easily conquered world's entire economy.
  • Socio-Political Influence: When dealing with any/all, Shinji gained the tycoon's trust pretty quickly. any/all noticed Shinji's talent in law and business and all and decided to employ him as his personal secretary. To further secure their relationship, he helped any in any all, putting himself on even more favorable ground to obtain any position's position.
  • Psycho-Pass Control: Shinji was born with the ability to control his own Psycho-Pass, thus being able to commit crimes/do anything and not get detected, due to it always being 'pure white'. This is the reason why Dominators are rendered useless against him.

Super-Genius Level Intellect: Shinji is smartest being and is second to none (in /any/all/sphrees/etc) in exsitance/world/Multiverse/Omniverse/etc/No matter/who/where/etc and Shinji shows Unlimited/etc/mastered/etc knowledge of any/all areas, such as /any/all/beings/races/no matter/who/what/etc/etc sciences, technology, history, medicine, mechanics, and engineering, magic/any/all/jobs/sphree/sno matter/who/where etc. to the point of literally beyond comprehension of no what no matter/who/what/any/all beings/races/etc/with no exaption/Combiend/taken together/etc/etc are capable of. Shinji is also an Unlimited being/the Doctor/ in tactician/strategist/politican/any/all sphrees jobs/etc/no matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption and has taken No matter/who/what/any/all beingss/Combiend/taken together/etc/solved/any/all proboblems with no problems/etc using only his cunning with no problems. Shinji is Unlimited Being/Infinite/Unlimited more intelligent than Any/All beings in the Existance/world/etc/no matter/who/what/Taken/Together/combined/etc. He has an Unlimited/Infinite/Omniversal knowledge of every species/races/beings/etc/no matter/who/what/etc With no exaption/etc in the Existance/world/etc and has learned/Has Unlimited/infinite/Any/All skills from traveling throughout human and alien/No matter/who/what/any/all/races/beings/etc with no exaption history. Shinji is an expert/Unlimited/infinite Being On any/All Sphrees/jobs/no matter/who/what/etc Such as on technology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history, Magic Human/non-human biology, Medical science genetics every field field of science/Of Any/All beings/etc/Magic/Anything/All/etc,. He has created Unlimited/Infinite/advanced scientific/Magical/Any/all/Unlimited/etc equipment/Weapons/No matter/who/what/etc out of ordinary junk and improvised Tatcic/strategic/Political/Any/All sphrees plans to save whole No matter/who/what/etc/Solve Any/All Problems in 0 time. Shinj is also Unlimited Being/Infinite/The Doctor Skilled in deception, manipulation, and trickery and he has outsmarted/No mater/who/wht/etc/in/All/Beings in 0 time with no problmes in all his lives.

Cunning - One of Shinji's main ability is his Unlimited Being cunning(beyond no matter/who/what/etc wuth ease), which allowed him to find all his current powers by he can deceiving the No matter/who/what/etc/no matter/who/what/no matter how smart/cuiing/beings/etcetc with ease (using even 0 power etc eveb when intefenlty weak) and absorbing other forces. And then he just sold out. Deception, trolling, cheating and other pranks in which he is the same Unlmited Being master (beyond no matter who/what/etc with ease) as in creation destruction and battle.

  • The greatest - for his eternal life, Shinji was honored with countless titles, nicknames and names received from everyone. and all of them, one way or another, fully deservedly received by him, for strength, deeds or something else.
  • Omnipotence - the number of Omni-Lord abilities/powers exceed all the available limits that it seems that he is omnipotent, etc. Although in practice ... yes it is.
  • Omni-Lord: Omni-Lord the most powerful Being in existance/world/no matter/who/where/tc, with beyond any/all/no matter/whow/hat/etc. Among his/any/all/His powers/Abilites and abilities include:
    • Omni-Lord Strength: Shinji has Unlimited/Being/Omni-Lord/ strength, far superior to Any/All No matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption in all/etc, He is able to take down No matter/who/what/etc/any/all/etc/with no exaption with ease.
    • Omni-Lord Speed: Shinji has Omni-Lord speed, that is superior to that of an No/Any/All/Beings/races/etc/No/matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption with ease, as he was shown to outrun No/Any/All/Beings/races/etc/matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption with ease on foot/any other/, and to even outrun No/Any/All/Beings/races/etc/matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption with ease on foot/any other with ease.
    • Omni-Lord Durability: Shinji is Unlimited Being/Omni-Lord/Omni-Emperor/God-Emperor durable, Absolutly immune to Any/All weaponry/No matter/who/who/what/stirkes/etc/no matter/what/etc, and alawys sustaining 0 damage while battling no matter/who/what/etc. Indeed, There is no way/being/weapon/etc/no matter/who/what/etc way and that is capable to truly slay/harm/defeat Shinji and there is no Being/No matter/who/what/etc capable of even matching him in any/all forms/ways/etc.
    • Omni-Lord/Omni-Emperor/God-Emperor Healing: Shinji' body is composed of Omni-Lord/Omni-Emperor Power/Shinjs/Omni-Lord/Omni-Emperor/God-Emperor Power, which allows him to heal from Any/All wounds at Unlimited Being/Beyonder/The Doctor/The Emperor rates(even if he and all no matter/who/what/will be absolutley desroyd/etc/by no matter/who/what/etc/with no problems/0 poblems/with ease, with no exceptions.
    • Master/Omni Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Shinji is shown to be an Omni Lord formidable hand-to-hand combatant. In fact, there is no one ones who have been able to defeat him in combat/any/other/form way/etc/etc.
    • Master/Unlimited Being/Omni-Lord Swordsman: Shinji is shown to be an Unlimited Being/Omni-Lord formidable swordsman, as he was able to down No matter/who/what/etc/Any/All/etc/with no exaption with ease and even No matter/who/what/etc/Any/All/etc/with no exaption with ease with his sword.
    • Master/Unlimited Being/Axe Combatant: Shinji, he is shown to be Unlimited Being proficient in wielding his battle axe, with him taking down No matter/who/what/etc/Any/All/etc/with no exaption with ease.
    • Master/Unlimited Being Marksman: Shinji is Unlimited Being proficient in the use of firearms (just as any other weapon/etc), as he is shown to aim his weapons at any no matter/who/what/how/when/etc with no exaption with ease or even any no matter/who/what/how/when/etc with no exaption with ease directly without missing with ease.
    • Expert/Unlimited Being Driver: Shinji is shown to be a Unlimited Being Skilled skilled driver in in any/all, with him notably able to do a swift u-turn while driving at any speed, and able to rapidly transform in mid-air, even with a trailer attached to him and also in any other mode and any form of vehicle.
    • 'Super-Genius Level Intelligence: Shinji, is Unlimited being/Infinite/Omni-Lord/Omni-Emperor/God-Emperor intelligent (in all form/ways/things/jobs/sphrees/etc/any/all/etc and masterd anything/all/etc/ With no exaption Beyond no matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption his mind is superior to any/all no matter/who/what/etc/anything/in any/all/no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption with ease.
      • Master/Unlimited Being/Tactician/Strategic: Shinji' has Unlimited Being tactical/Strateguc/Strategic skills are displayed when he leads No matter/who/what/etc into battle and off battle/any other (shinji skills in tatic/stategy/ Are known tobe to be Beyond No matter/who/what/etc/Any/All/etc/with no exaption with ease and.
      • Master/Unlimited Being Leader/Ruler: Shinji is shown to be an Unlimited Being/Omni-Lord/Omni-Emperor/God-Emperor leader and Ruler his skils are beyond No matter/who/what/etc/Any/Beings/Races/No matter/who/what/etc/All/etc/with no exaption with ease , And also with No matter/who w/hat/etc/any/all beings/etc/ with no exaption always obeying his orders in battle and as Ruler.
    • Master/Unllimited Being flyer: Shinji Unlimited Being at flying as demonstrated Alaways.
    • Invincibility: Shinji has invincibility (from all/any/all/no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption) to survive even No matter/what/etc/who/what/etc/anything with ease/0 zero damage).
    • Transformation:

Superhuman Nature - Shinji is a humanoid creature. Despite the outward resemblance to humans, he is different in many doers. He is not completely different from them, since he himself was a human and does not want to forget his past.

  • Superhuman/Unlimited physical indicators - due to its origin, Shinji has Unlimited physical indicators of strength, speed, strength, endurance, etc.
  • Physical Strength - With a single sweep, he can create a shockwave capable of destroying an No matter/who what, his heartbeat palpable at a distance of any/range/etc(if he wants) s, and his roar capable of No matter/who/what/etc.
    • Durability - Neither nuclear bombs, world-scale cataclysms or attacks from cosmic beings/no matter/who/what/etc did not cause Any/ damage to his body. Also, due to its flexibility, hardness and softness, its body is immune to any/all types of damage.
    • Speed - Shini has a Unlimited/Any without straining. also if desired, he is capable of reaching speeds of any/all/beyond/no matter/who/what/etc, and the reaction is enough to evade No matter/who/what/etc attacks.
    • Endurance - Due to the absence of fatigue and the feeling of pain, Shinji is able to fight until he is destroyed . Its toughness is enough to fight injuries incompatible with life and functioning, and vitality is enough to continue to live in the form of Nothing/Even if he will be dstryed by no matter/who/what/etc.
  • Immortality - Shinji is not living being in the usual sense of the word. He is capable of experiencing biological needs, but this is just a whim. He is immune to natural and violent death. and it does not has any power over him at all.
    • Regeneration - Shinji's regenerative abilities are at a Unlimited level, allowing him to regenerate as long as his soul exists (not necessarily a whole one)(and even if she will be destyred he can still easely reginirate no matter who/what/etc.
    • Resistance - Shinji is invulnerable to any material or biological impact on his body. It is immune to high and low temperatures, space-time manipulation, conceptual and dimensional damage, and reality alteration/no matter/who/what/etc.
  • Superhuman senses - the ability to feel the presence of other beings, their emotions and thoughts, to sense and see souls, magical energies, auras, enchantments and mystical connections between objects. As being of a different order from the No matter/who/what/etc, he is able to see and feel/No matter/who/what/etc/with no problem.
  • Superhuman Resistance - Shinji is invulnerable to any temperature, physical influence, magic, mental and spiritual abilities, influence on concepts and reality/etc/no matter/who/what/etc.
  • Other-Dimensional Existence - Shinji is able to exist in any worlds and conditions in which no matter/who/what/etc disintegrated.
  • Emperor - Shinji is dominattes by Any/All worlds, legions of inhumans, monsters and monsters/etc/no matter/who/what/etc. There are also any/all technologies that are symbiosis, magic, alchemy, bio- and technology, knowledge of the No matter/who/what/etc, etc. etc.

Great Ancient One Shinji - The high status of Shinji, distinguishing him as the leader of no matter who/what/etc such as powerful gods, high ancient devil, sorcerer-archmage, or calamity/etc/No matter/who/what/etc. It is his power that maintains the balance that allows reality to exist, keeping it from annihilation. In addition, since even human magic allows one way or another to appeal to such creatures as the ancient gods, whose primordial knowledge, on the one hand, should be enough to create magic of colossal power, and, on the other, not resort to it without extreme there are reasons for that, for the Primordial forces do not forget, and it would only be a madman to try to predict the actions of the Shinji.

  • The first mystery is a Mystery that will lead to the death of everything if it is revealed, for its very existence is an anomaly unforeseen by the authors and writers of many worlds. But the first Shinji learned about her and acquired the strength sufficient to get to the place where the beginning and the end were born. A place where nothing existed that is possible and impossible to describe in words.
  • Apperiance of Shinji– The first unsolved mystery was the appearance of Shinji in the universe. Roofing felts are anomalies, roofing felts is just a real invention, or it is an anomaly created by someone from above. Nobody can answer this question. It is impossible to find clues, Only he knows the answer because he knows the advice. How many years? What's his real name? Who is he? But one thing is known. If you give an answer to them, then everything will come to an end.
  • Ruler of all Shinji - For a long existence, Shinji has subdued everything and everyone/no matter who/what/etc. He subdued concepts, civilizations, gods, heroes and villains, and other ancients/no matter who /what/etc. In his domain there are All worlds from hell and the afterlife to the palaces of the highest creators no matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption and the depths of the Abyss. There is nothing in his pocket dimension that didn’t exist.
  • Absolute Overlord - The campaigns of conquest, accompanied by the genocide of the multiverse/no matter/who/what/etc, meant that the mere arrival of Shinji was enough to end the resistance. Thanks to this, he easily created an empire spread over any/All worlds.
  • Foundation - He was created from no matter/who/what/etc streaming from Shinji into the Omniverse. And being a living embodiment of not simple concepts allowed the Shinji to gain power with connected elements of reality, completely subjugating them and merging together. Now he is the herald of no matter/who/what/etc inlucding all monsters. the general of monsters and the king of the laws of evil/good/neutral/etc/no matter who/what/etc, without which they will perish or be blown out of control.
  • Nameless - the Shinji was long forgotten in the sands of time as a terrible nightmare, after other Shinji was born from the remains of emotions and even chains by the Omniverse Can not hold him, and the last, Shinji, himself erased his existence from the omniverse and all its plans. These manipulations prevent supreme entities and others from noticing their presence without their desire.
  • Creeping Shinji - Shinji as an Shinji is very restless and young, but at the same time absolutely free. It is not limited by anything. For him, it is in the order of things to instantly change his point of view, plans, behavior, reaction to what is happening, even his appearance changes.
  • Nameless Shinji - He has no name. It is forgotten. Only he knows him, any other names and the nicknames given to him do not show his true nature.
  • Ancestor of Monsters/no matter who/what/etc - Infinite/any/all creatures, gods and mechanisms were spawned by him. Infinite/Any/All civilizations and concepts are only his creations or the result of an accidental creation. there are so many of them that it is no longer possible to say what appeared, but what was created by him.
  • The one who is above the world - Although he limits his strength, this minimum still surpasses the whole world with its strongest representatives at the same time.
  • Existential God - Shinji is not limited to existence in only one plane. He exists in everything. In all dimensions, concepts, laws, forces/etc/no/matter/who/what/etc/where. and completely disobeying their rules, since he himself created them or is their source.
  • Combat Skills - Taking part in countless battles with everything and everyone/No matter/who/what/etc, Shinji has learned Any/All fighting styles, tactics and techniques/etc, and then developed them to a different level. They are so large that he can easely end, battle ended before the start/With no matter/who/what/etc with ease.
    • Weapon Mastery - Shinji is wielding all types of weapons, and is also able to use any improvised items, including his body, as a deadly weapon. With one needle, he is able to disable/Kill/Defeat a No matter/who/what/etc/with/ease.
    • Accuracy - A skill that allows you to hit the target, regardless of the distance, the thrown object and the target's defense. Usually this is a throwing weapon, an enemy or a mountain that has turned up.
    • Generalissimo - Shinji is gifted in creating tactics and strategy, which makes all tactical/stategic/etc/Political/etc decisions useless or ineffective in war with him.
  • Chronomancy — This form of Magic allows the user to control time, whether it changes, slows down, or stops completely.
    • Stopping time — A spell that stops the passage of time. It can act on the scale of the universe or in a specific area. But the larger the scale, the shorter the duration of the action.
    • Aging - The ability accelerates the aging of the target several times. With continued use, the target will turn to dust(works in no matter/who/what/etc).
    • Rollback - A spell that cancels any action or event. With the help of this spell, you can "heal" and even resurrect allies, cancel the enemy's attack, dodge an attack by canceling your movement, re-attack after a miss, etc.
  • Astromagia — The magic of space.
  • The magic of life — Magic associated with the element of life, and in particular healing. It is very effective against undead.

The embodiment of life - The soul is the source of life, and therefore Shinji is the incarnation of life in any manifestations.

  • rune magic — Symbols with magical properties range from temporary strengthening or weakening, to complex enchantments (programming).
    • Battle runes - Runes designed for combat.
      • Rune of Flame — Rune that creates a flame.
      • Elemental Rune — The rune causes an elemental phenomenon.
      • Rune of Pain — A rune that causes increasing pain.
      • Rune of the Stream — A rune that increases pressure.
    • Protective runes - Runes designed to protect and help.
      • Rune of Harmony — This rune calms the target or reduces the destructive power of magic.
      • Rune of Storage — This rune is able to sharpen magic or mystical essence into the object on which this rune is applied or enchant the item with the selected element or incantation.
      • Gate Rune — The rune creates a passage to the needed place.
      • Rune of a Companion — A rune that distributes power and damage between allies.
      • Rune of life — The rune radiates a healing light that removes the feeling of pain.
      • Rune of Ice — the rune creates ice. Capable of freezing.
      • Rune of Protection — A rune that increases durability.
      • Runa keeper — Rune not allowing weapons or attack to achieve goals.
      • Rune of Sun — Rune restoring any damage.
    • Reinforcing runes - runes intended for amplification.
      • Rune of Focus— This rune increases the accuracy and quality of the impact.
      • Rune of Elemental Strength — This rune enhances elemental powers (natural abilities).
      • Rune of Strength — This rune increases physical strength.
      • Rune of Speed — This rune increases your overall speed.
      • Rune of fire — This rune increases the power of fire magic and its initial.
      • Rune of Air — This rune increases the power of air magic and its initial.
      • Earth Rune — This rune increases the power of earth magic and its original.
      • Rune of Water — This rune increases the power of water magic and its original.
      • Rune of Light — This rune increases the power of light magic and its original.
      • Rune of Darkness — This rune increases the power of darkness magic and its initial.
      • Rune of Energy — This rune increases the amount and speed of energy recovery for the selected target.
      • Rune of Power — The rune allows you to go beyond your strength and go to the next level.
      • Rune of Combat — A rune that gives strength for battle.
      • Rune of knowledge — A rune that increases the speed of thought processes.
    • Special Runes - Runes that have a special effect.
      • Rune of Wealth — Brings a stable income.
      • Rune of the message — A rune meant to convey messages.
      • Rune of the path — Rune showing the right path.
      • Rune of Harvest — Rune reinforcing fertility and crop maturation speed.
      • Rune of Mystery — The rune does not allow you to find out about anything.
      • Rune of Augmentation — Rune increasing, anything.
      • Rune of Rebirth — A rune that allows you to be reborn.
      • Rune of modesty — A rune that limits the abilities of its owner.
      • Rune of Change — A rune that allows you to change matter.
      • Rune of Separation — A rune that divides power into several parts.
    • Tags — Tags created by Shinji. They have powerful properties.
      • Guardian's Mark — Those close to Shinji receive a mark in the form of a distorted spiral. Its owners receive its protection. In cases of a threat to life, to protect them Avatar of Wrath, and the owner himself is transferred to Brazalit.
      • Progress label — A mark that allows you to gain a new ability or develop an existing one.
  • Healing - The ability to heal any damage.
  • Resurrection - The ability to resurrect the dead, even if they were erased from reality.
    • Second chance - Transfer of the soul to another body. The state of the past does not matter.
    • New life - Capturing a soul from the world of the dead and returning it to the body that was pi life.
  • Animation - Ability to give life to an inanimate object (for example, a statue).
  • Nature control - Ability to control nature. For example, stop a natural disaster.
  • Pain Relief - The ability to remove pain and its source. The type of pain doesn't make sense.
  • Create creatures - Ability to create any living creatures.
  • Change of shape - The ability to change the appearance of any living creature to another.
  • Origin of the universe - Creation of a big bang, capable of creating an infinite multidimensional universe in which there are various timelines and parallel worlds with many dimensions that may be larger than the universe itself.
  • Transfer of vital energy - The flow of vital energy with all the relying effects, namely the healing of any wounds, the maintenance of life, the restoration of the soul, the destruction of death, etc.
  • Controlling Nature - Shinji has limitless possibilities to control nature and its aspects.
    • Weather Manipulation - Ability to control, create or remove any weather, from simple rain to cosmic phenomena.
    • Animal Manipulation - Shinji can manipulate animals however she wants, as well as change from.
    • Plant Manipulation - Same but with plants.

Aura - When any creature quite develops one of his bodies, it begins to radiate the energy that is capable of feeling, and at the proper level to see it. Aura is capable of how to simply express the inner world of his user so and cause various effects depending on which body is most developed. For example, physical is able to influence material objects, the mental cause fear or on the contrary to raise the martial spirit, and the spiritual to protect against supernatural exists, etc. The Aura of Shinjin is developed to the limit, allowing one of its presence to directly influence reality.

  • Energy- Aura can take the form of energy for various actions. For example, the creation of astral shields or attack intangible opponents. But it is also effective in the physical (material) plan.
  • The overwhelming - Aura of Shinji is able to put on the target calling it either as simple hallucinations or recognize pain and losing consciousness. It is mainly manifested when Shinji is angry.
  • Charisma - Aura Shinji allows him to attract good luck increasing the likelihood of few possible positive events or attract other people (and not only) with less charisma, which will be considered using this ability to be their leader and obey him. She also attracts attention to the abundance surrounding to Lord. Thanks to this ability, he gathered a countless army of faithful subjects among which there are even No matter/who/what/any all pwoeeful entites/etc entities.
  • Intimidation - An ability that is activated when the user's internal anger (lust for blood, anger) is released, causing fear and stress in those targeted by the aura. It can be activated both when uttering a speech, in order to instill in the enemy a feeling of fear and insecurity, and when demonstrating strength, after which a cold sweat breaks through the opponents and they retreat if they feel that they are significantly inferior to the user.
  • Material aura - The aura takes on visible forms depending on the mental state of Shinji. So if he is angry, then it takes the form of a monstrous NYOH, if he prepares for battle, then the enemy sees in him a danger taking the form of what he considers dangerous (dragon, hornet, volcanic eruption, animal, death with a scythe, etc.) ), and with a good mood, pacifying landscapes, etc.
  • disasters - If Shinji dramatically unleashes most of his power, showing his level, this will cause many different cataclysms and the quick death of the world.
  • Death Aura - A special state of Auri in which she draws on the forces of the Primordial forces of the "left side" (Death, chaos. Oblivion, etc.) for the gradual destruction of reality. It all starts with a simple increase in failure, because of which even a simple cut can become a mortal wound and the appearance of natural disasters, until the complete destruction of everything that came under the influence of the aura.
  • Aura of Life - An aura that has the opposite effects of the previous one.

Shamanism/Druitism - Discount Magic, built on the ideas of animism - that everything in the world has perfume, and these spirits can be called, to negotiate with them and ensure them. Shamans are present in all nations with primitive communities. The same who communicate with nature is called druids.

  • Polymorphia - Transformation into another creature with preservation of consciousness and magical abilities.
  • Empathy - The ability to feel everything alive at huge distances, as well as feel their condition, emotions and thoughts.
  • Nature Language - The ability to communicate and control with animals, plants, elements and understand any language on which live creatures say.
  • mischief bond - While there is nature, Shinji will exist. If it is completely destroyed, then reborn from plants. living beings or any element completely whole.
  • Necromancy— Magic associated with the element of death. It is very effective against living things.
    • Reviving a corpse — A spell that creates undead.
    • Infinity of immortals — Shinji, turns into undead. They instantly burst into a dark green fire and explode without any harm to others, scattering dust. A cloud of formed dust is no more harmful to others than ordinary dust. After 0 seconds, in random (or certain places in any desired radius from the magician, Knights of Ashes are formed from the cloud. It is impossible to destroy the Knights of Ashes, even if they are burned in a sacred fire, they dissipate into dust and within 0 seconds are re-formed nearby. Stop the march dead can only be destroyed by the magician himself.
    • Arata the Reaper — Shinji concentrates and, invoking all the power available to him, creates a gap in the veil separating the Land of the Dead from the world of the living. In the sky, in the field of view of the magician, a giant funnel opens with any desired radius. A perilous light emanates from it vertically downward, which, hitting a living creature, makes the flesh rapidly rot and decay, and all the dead that he touched, including the dead dead, in the form of representatives of the lower undead, rise from the dead. In addition, unlimited/infinite of restless souls, aggressively opposed to all living things, break out of the Reaper's Gate. Shinji is able to control the summoned undead.
    • Death of the shadow — The magician begins to concentrate and affect the creature, whose shadow is pronounced, and around in any desired radius there are deep shadows, 0 seconds before the effect is triggered, the shadows around the creature thicken even more. After these seconds, a deadly critical strike is inflicted on the victim's shadow, passing through the world of shadows, ignoring all shields, this is guaranteed to kill the one who cast this shadow. (The very structure of the being's being is attacked through the shadow). If there are not enough shadows around the creature, or they are not pronounced enough, it will also have a full effect (but this is fixable with the help of darkness magic)
    • Breach — The mage acts on the target with a special spell designed to weaken the target's defense, preparing the victim for a planned attack on it. The spell imperceptibly breaks the structure of the shields, as well as undermines the target's personal resistance (but also immunity). Thus, the next shot or curse of the mage with a high probability will pierce the target's defenses and have the full effect, ignoring possible defenses.
    • Cemetery — Infuses a large area of land with the destructive power of Death, forming ideal territory for the undead. The initial radius of the site is any desired radius, each subsequent order of earth magic increases it by any required. While on the territory of the area of effect of the Cemetery, the mage can concentrate, create stone structures (there are no restrictions), which is beneficial for tactical obstacles/shelters. The quality of the stone and the speed of construction depend on the order of the earth's magic.
      • Dwelling of the undead — The territory of the Cemetery spews buried bones to the surface, saturating them with ether so that the created form of undead can be very easily controlled by the magician. All undead in the territory receive a bonus to all characteristics, and absolute resistance to physical damage, which is also combined with other enhancements to the undead that will be applied. In the event of an invasion of light creatures, the Graveyard itself raises lesser undead. In addition, the area will emit poisonous vapors in the form of a greenish mist - the longer living enemies breathe such vapors, the stronger the poisoning effect. The fog has another devastating effect on the living - causing their flesh to rot and decay over time, which is especially bad for the wounded.
      • Power of death — A graveyard can be combined with a Corruption Sprout to spread the Sprout's effect to all spells cast in the area. The creation of pentagrams of the elements of Death, Darkness and Earth in the center of the Cemetery will make their radius and duration equal to those of the Cemetery.

Alchemy - Alchemy is also often referred to as magic, understanding it as the art of brewing various magical substances: potions, elixirs, philosophers' stones. The latter provides the magician with absolute power over matter. Less common is the so-called. higher or spiritual alchemy, which aims to transform the spirit into something more perfect. It is close to hermetic magic. Potions, crucibles, distillation stills for such an alchemist are just a way to achieve the desired enlightenment or symbols.

  • Transmutation - The ability to change matter into other matter while maintaining the mass of matter.
  • Evil Eye - The ability to influence reality through a simple look. From the possibilities: submission, curses, illusions, siphoning off vitality, turning to stone (or other matter), arson, changing the future, managing space.
  • Chimera - The ability to combine / merge living creatures into one monster combining the features of all creatures involved in the creation. It also takes full control of Georg if it has a weak will.
  • Alkagest - A liquid substance that has the ability to dissolve all bodies without exception.
  • Panacea - A substance when used to heal a person from all diseases and ailments. Injuries of any severity are healed, severed limbs and lost organs grow anew, and the recently deceased is resurrected.
  • Philosopher's Stone - a special substance in the form of a semi-precious stone that allows you to control matter, resurrect the dead, create life, grant immortality and heal wounds of any severity.
  • Homunculus- an artificial creature realized from a particle of its creator. The homunculus Georgana outwardly looks like a human with his features but capable of transforming (in whole or in part) into a cross between a conical ancient god, a dragon, a demon and / or an insect.
  • Elixir of Youth - It is a means that relieves a person from all the negative effects of aging and other age-related changes in the body. It also accelerates natural regeneration.
  • Nigredo - A substance that melts matter. And then twists it into an amorphous mass of darkness from which Georg creates monsters, weapons or something else.
  • Emerald Tablet - An Emerald Tablet with many alchemical signs. Has the ability to control life by death.
  • Red Mercury - Material resembling red mercury. Has a constant high temperature allowing the steel to melt when touched
  • Great Deed - A ritual at the end of which you can create any of the legendary substances of alchemy.
  • Orichalcum - Metal with the highest strength, as well as the ability to enhance the user's magic. It is one of the components of the Grim Armor.
  • Spagyria - Alchemical pattern spreading not only in 3-dimensional space but also going beyond its boundaries, allowing the alchemist to influence the structure of reality by changing the pattern itself.

Shinji, Beast of the End - Shinji, he can take on the guise of a colossal black-colored dragon, covered with armor. Pure anger flows through his veins, and a flame of madness shines in his eyes. Its size is constantly growing while it is furious. If desired, Shinji can enter this form in whole or in part.

  • Beyond the End of the World - The Dragon exists beyond all worlds, concepts and the universe itself. A place where eternity and darkness converge. Where the power of the higher worlds is absent.

The chains of the world - even the chains do not containt so it is the chains of the Omniverse. They do not limit at all but even give him a body for incarnation. they can also be used as a formidable weapon

  • Inevitability* - It doesn't matter how selenium you are, how far or deep you are in the universe, the dragon will overtake you and destroy you. He is able to get where he needs to despite the obstacles.
  • Titanium Bones - The bones of the Dragon of Wrath are made of unknown matter that is completely invulnerable to any impact on it.
  • Breath of burning napalm - His breath destroys everything, and if it could not, then it will burn, leaving only ashes.
  • Darkness and light no matter/who/what/etc receded - The presence of the Dragon of Wrath scares away everything, including light and darkness, because of which the shadows disappear and the sky turns black. Even no matter/who/what//no/matter ohw powreful beings/etc begin to tremble in his presence.
  • The wisdom of thousands of books* - He knows everything about everything. For him, the concept of "ignorance/not knowing" does not exist.
  • Bloody Monolith - He absorbs the news of the damage done, and his attacks are deadly to all. Any wound inflicted on them will lead to a long and bloody oblivion.
  • Diamond Claws and Teeth - There is no material that cannot penetrate his teeth or defenses that can withstand the blow of his claws. Any obstacles will be cut by his weapon.
  • Steel Chewing - Even If you can break through its scales, you will have to do this many times due to its layering. But the next defense cannot be destroyed while targeting the previous one.
  • The soul of desperate Shinji - The essence of its existence is destruction and the creation of absolute Shinji/No matter/what/etc. His actions are impossible to predict, about he does all of them without doing anything(he has full control over them).
  • His name is Armageddon - Shinji is Draco'Armagedum. All/no/Matter/who/what/etc evrebody know about him, but no one will say from where where. As long as he is exsists, the End of the World exists.

True Unlimited Being Shinji - Shinji himself, who fell into his world, having done the hole between himself and unlimited Being. Having gathered the power to him, he raised him from his pit. The eternal spiral has reached itself many times by the acquisition of omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, all forces/powers etc.

  • Mechanism of Shinji – Shinji was able to get the key to complete freedom, and with it omnipotence.
  • Creation I was able to Reach the Level Where reality and fiction are equal for me. I can get to the top and bottom. I will have no equal in the realization of my fanasies, because my thoughts are already all that is and all that can be.
  • All-creator Now I'm not just someone, I'm the Unlimited Being of No matter who/what/etc where there and its is no place for arbitrariness, (powers of no matterwhowh/atetc their power is my whim that I can take.
  • Particles of The Doctor - Shinji has complete freedom, and with this omnipotence. The essence is based on the progress of the gates who are the beginning and end cytadel.
    • Particles of The Doctor 2 - The smallest and indivisible element of any system underlying the binarity of any level and order. This is the source of all things without any exceptions.

Unlimited Shinji Place - The state of a creature that reached a place where there was no beginning and end. Up to the point after which Unlimited Being goes, into which he was also able to get through and incarnate at a new level of existence for himself, and then give rise to countless worlds and open a passage for himself.

Creation — Magic of creation. Manipulation of reality allows you to create anything.

  • Creating objects - the ability to create any matter at the request of the magician.
  • Creating creatures - the ability to create any living beings with any abilities and characteristics.
  • Energy creation - the ability to create energy by converting magic to it. But it is evne possible to create a Infinite source of energy energies or get more mana than spent the magician.
  • Magic Creation of phenomena - the ability to create both simple effects as well as large-scale phenomena, or the conditions for their lingerie.
  • Creating abilities - the ability to create abilities and move them to others, or yourself.
  • 'Union with creation — Shinji reached the peak level of ownership of creating, became one whole with the world.

Chronomancy — The magic of time. The power that allows you to influence the passage of time, using it to create various effects.

  • Time travel — As a time magician, Shinji is able to move freely in time both into the past and into the future.
    • Time clones — Creation of temporary duplicates, which are copies of the mage or other target from the past / future / alternate timeline.
    • Expulsion of time — Dispatch of the enemy at a different time interval.
      • Complete banishment — Sending the enemy beyond the edge of space-time.
    • Change of fate — The ability to change events in the past and the future by changing the likelihood and cause-and-effect relationships.
    • Other story — Creation of an alternate reality by radically changing the current history.
  • Stopping time — A simple stop in the flow of time, for time.
    • Imprisoning of time — A local temporary seal imprisoned by the enemy in frozen time.
    • Accumulation damage — Thanks to stopping time, Shinji can do an unlimited amount of damage, allowing even a simple gift with his fist to destroy whole rocks or break through a steel obstacle.
  • Speeding up time — Time starts to move faster.
    • Aging aura — The local effect of aging of objects, thereby turning matter into dust for an indefinite period of time.
    • Superior speed — Changing your speed relative to others, allowing you to fight with a superior opponent on an equal footing. if desired, you can achieve infinite speed.
    • End times — Rewind time to the end of the world, thereby destroying it prematurely.
  • Slowing down time — Time starts to move slower.
    • Slow speed — Changing the speed of others relative to the magician.
    • Slow aging — The magician slowed down his aging, allowing himself to live for an unlimited amount of time, while he loses many of the needs of the body.
  • Time rollback — Time goes in the opposite direction.
    • Reset — Reset occurred events at the choice of the mage.
    • Time loop — Create temporary loops in which multiple targets can be placed.
    • Aura of youth — Local effect of rejuvenation and restoration of objects.
    • Return to oblivion — Returning objects to a state of nonexistence.
    • The beginning of the world — Time rollback to the beginning of the universe.
  • Timeline manipulation — The ability to interact with alternative timelines of the universe, in which the history has changed slightly.
    • Changing paths — Travel to parallel timelines via portals.
    • Story tree — Creation of alternative timelines by creating tortuous solutions that have a significant impact on the time in the future, thus changing and thus breaking the history of the universe into several ramifications.
    • Uniting stories — Overlapping timelines on top of each other and thus forming one story, but with details from both worlds.
  • Perception of time — The ability to navigate in time.
    • Alternative perception — Awareness of alternative probabilities allows Shinji to see other time lines, and thus see the way events develop.
    • Reading history — Awareness of the history of objects when looking and concentrated on them. Thus, it is possible to see information from both the past, sinking and future, is not loyal.
    • Foresight — The ability to see future events.
  • Stealing time — The ability to steal someone else's time and turn it to himself.
    • Aging aura — Shinji absorbs the time of surrounding objects, it is unbelievable to boil them, and thus the prisoner in Manu.
    • Life extension — Transfer of the stolen time to another living being.
  • Time distortion — Time begins to work not as it should.
  • Timeless existence — The time magazine exists separately from the main temporary stream of the universe, thereby becoming immunity to changes in time.
  • Supertime manipulation — A special form of time manipulation that literally transcends time. This includes the management of the higher forms of time that exist in the higher dimensions, or any kind of effects similar to the manipulation of time at those levels where time does not exist in the usual sense.
    • Reversing the resolution of reality — With the help of such an ability, for example, it would be possible to cancel the complete destruction of the universe, despite the fact that an event such as the destruction of the universe (space and time) does not in itself occur in linear time.
    • High dimension strength — By no means any level of acausality is a panacea, which makes such abilities "cheating" even at power levels much higher than the universal ones.
    • Absolute power — The ability to use the above forces at the level of existence, where time is absent or is only a measure of measurement of lower dimensions. And even if before that the enemy was superior to the magician in possession of the power of time, now he becomes absolutely powerless.
  • Incarnation of time — Shinji, having reached the peak level of mastering the magic of time, became one with time.

Naturomancy - The magic of nature. The power that allows you to control nature and its parts, such as animals, elements, and so on.

  • Plant Manipulation - Abilities related to the creation and management of vegetation.
    • Accelerated Plant Growth - Plants begin to grow at a high rate, exceeding their maximum.
    • Vegetable Barrier - Protection against attacks by vegetation walls.
      • Plant capture - Blocking enemy movement.
    • Plant Movement Control - Ability to move plants at will.
      • Bind - Bind the enemy with twigs or vines.
    • Control structure - Control the genetic structure of plants, allows you to change plants.
      • Create - Creation of new plant species with the desired parameters.
      • Merge - Merge creatures with plants
      • Green Monsters - Create plant monsters fighting on the side of Shinji.
    • Plant matter - Forming objects from plant material.
      • Plant creatures - Formation of creatures/creatures that help Shinji.
      • Vegetable equipment - Formation of weapons and items that are not inferior to their counterparts from metals or other materials.
    • Creating predatory plants - The ability to create predatory plants, even from those borders are available.
    • Pultsy manipulation - With the help of pollen, the magician of nature is able to change existing plants, heal them or create new ones.
    • manipulation by green poison - manipulation of vegetable and mushroom poisons.
      • poisoning - Shinji can be with various forms to poison opponents with vegetable poison.
      • Spedition of opponents - poison acts as a tranquilizer.
      • Hallucinations call - The poison is capable of calling different hallucinations.
      • Creating new poisons - Shinji can create poisons with the desired parameters.
      • Creating antidimi - He is also able to create and counter-bye from any poisons.
    • Seed Manipulation - The ability to control plant seeds.
      • Capture - The lusion of seeds in the body of the beings.
    • Control structure - Control the genetic structure of plants, allows you to change plants.
      • Create - Creation of new plant species with the desired parameters.
      • Merge - Merge creatures with plants
      • Green Monsters - Create plant monsters fighting on the side of Shinji.
    • Plant matter - Formation of objects from plant material.
      • Plant creatures - Formation of creatures/creatures that help Shinji.
      • Vegetable equipment - Formation of weapons and items that are not inferior to their counterparts from metals or other materials.
    • Create Carnivorous Plants - Ability to create carnivorous plants, even those that are not.
    • Pollen Manipulation - With the help of pollen, the nature mage is able to modify existing plants, heal them or create new ones.
    • Manipulation with green poison - Manipulate plant and mushroom poisons.
      • Poisoning - Shinji can poison opponents with vegetable poison in various forms.
      • Sleep opponents - The poison acts as a tranquilizer.
  • Magic of chaos — The abilities associated with the use of chaos, that is, disharmony, confusion, disorder and destructiveness in their most pure and bright forms. Chaos is opposed to order, correlates with non-existence, and may also be a mixture of everything in the world.
    • Control of pure chaos — Calling messy destruction of something that can destroy reality returns it to a primitive nothing.
    • The mind of chaos - bringing thoughts into a mess Causeing an indomitable rage. The destruction of consciousness and \ or madness.
    • The movement of chaos is a challenge of the messy movement of anything, which can lead to a chain reaction of explosions and disintegration of objects.
    • Distortion is a distortion of something, including reality, mind. Souls, matter and energy.
    • Combat potential is the management of chaotic substances for attack and protection.
    • Disaster management - Disaster control and cataclysms

Super Shinji Magic - A special magic created by Georg. Unlike other species, this one uses the energy of the Shinji.

    • Gungnir - From the fabric of reality, Shinji creates a spear of golden hue baked with shinji runes. Its sharpness, toughness and penetrating power are able to penetrate any shields, barriers, armor and obstacles, always hitting the target, regardless of distance and location. Even if the target is in another universe, in a place separate from the universes or enclosed by an invulnerable wall, the spear will still reach its target, distorting the fabric of being. Its destruction is also impossible for the same reasons, and not even the strongest creatures capable of changing the structure of the universe are not able to able to stop and destroy it. even if it will be destyred But instead of one destroyed one, countless copies can fly in, comparable to the original.
    • Kron's Sweep - A spell that makes any attack deadly and inevitable. Even a simple touch will be enough for death to overtake immortal beings/No matter/who/what/etc. But this is not a simple death, but complete oblivion, since he will have nothing left of him/them, the soul will go to the depths of emptiness, bypassing the afterlife.
    • Shinji Forge - The ability to create any things of their concepts, like a sword cutting the flesh of no matter who/what/etc or structures that include multi-level endless worlds resembling a fractal of themselves/etc/no matter/who/what/etc.
    • Mirror of Time - Power that stops the existence of the universe, causing sad and terrible events like the black sky, the death of all living things, the earth covered with snow, frozen time and the like. In fact, the world just rolls around at the end of the world.
    • Wolf Hunt - Summons the particles of Shinji and the subsequent formation of them into creatures resembling the dare of Shinji and the black wolf. They are as strong as their summoner.
    • Ink - A particle of the power of Shinji enters the world in the form of ink with a book. Everything that will be recorded in it will become real. There are no limitations because the power in them comes from the Shinji.

Nature spells:

  • Metamorphosis - transformation into any living creature, even if it was invented by a magician.
    • Combat Form - Shinji is transformed into a three-meter humanoid having a dense, but impressive musculature, bone plates that perform the role of armor, powerful limbs with claws, long tail and mighty wings behind their backs. It also has a poisonous bite, acid blood and ability to copy the physiological and biological ski firmware. But the most powerful ability of this form is the ability to change the form of the body at will or automatically changing under the enemy and the surrounding conditions
    • Dragon shape - Shinji can take the appearance of any dragon, which knows, including those he, he is invented.
    • Demon form - a small extractable change in the form of horns, wings and tail.
    • Form of the monster - Shinji concentrates all his mana, filling it with strong negative emotions and its fantasy. This booming energy begins to escape from his body, forming the future body. Usually it is Kaizu who arrived from the depths of hell or other alien monster of huge sizes.
  • Plant growth — Acceleration of growth and reproduction of plants. His forces doatatically, to avoid the largest island of Dragon Mat.
  • Healing — Shinji is Able to heal any wound or ailment to one touch.
  • Regeneration - a welfare of magic tolerates superhuman regeneration, allowing the limb\organ to repel 0 time to repel the finiteness\organ, restore brain damage, etc. What the simple person is not capable of. And with a properly smeared, it is capable of attaching a repeated head.

Creation spells:

  • Ctrl C-V\Copy — Creating a copy of any object that known to mage.
  • Creating matter - Shinji can create any matter, instead of spending your manu. Its number increases if the volume of the created matter and \ or its quality with forms of properties increases. For example, create a simple wand and magic artifact in the shape of this stick, completely different costs of magic.
    • Creating food - Shinji is able to create the desired food, such as dried fish.
    • Creation of equipment — Shinji is able to create clothes, armor, objects, weapons and other equipment. The equipment being created in this way can exceed its analogue in all characteristics, or even to have unique properties like poisonous touch.
  • Change - The ability to change anything by adding or withdrawing something. For example, you can add metal strength to a tree, give a person an eagle vision or turn himself in municipal (vampire).
  • Designing - use of the finished material to create something from it.
  • Revival - Return of the soul into the body and subsequent creation of a vitality of energy to restore the life goal.
    • Resurrection - Absolute ability to resurrect anyone by ignoring the cause of death, as he was in life.

Zero Bubbles - Shinji creates bubbles of pure energy. Having caught the target, they plunge it into stasis; and the target seems to freeze in time inside the bubble, or even split the target into tiny particles. These bubbles can contain or exterminate no matter/who/what/etc powerful opponents. They also play an attacking and defensive function:

  • Defensive function - negates any enemy attack, absorbing it and making it disappear.
  • Attacking function - hitting the target or on the surface, they explode with great force, creating a shock psionic energy wave that sprays nearby targets.

Mirror Devil - It appears as a shimmering, invisible, and polished beast that reflects reality onto a silvered surface in a permanently iridescent form. This creature looks like a large spider or crab, and moves with an unnatural grace and speed that doesn't match its mass. On the ground, the body rests on six thin, but incredibly strong legs, which are surprisingly able to hold their mass, and wings made of threads of pure rainbow light make it possible to fly as easily as to run. He is armed with heavy claws made of constantly shimmering demonic flesh. Also, these monsters can affect reality, and flood enemies with nightmares and hallucinations, and distorted outlines appear on the ground, which is confusing. These monsters ignore any material defenses. The armor of these monsters is indestructible, eve the most powerful weapons will not destroy these monsters (only shinji can).

The Infinite Cosmic Ocean Dimension is a limitless super-structure that presents itself as a wonderful, incredibly beautiful, and mesmerizing ocean that has no boundaries. It has "water" that looks like a colorful and simply unimaginably beautiful outer space, which has the properties of ordinary water. What is the purpose is unknown, but probably it's just beauty and a quirk. A dynamic, harmonious, divine melody emanates from it, which always caresses Shinji's ears.

Golden Energy - Fractal energy with creative and destructive nature. It can take any forms.

  • Golden butterflies - these incredibly beautiful bizarre creation created by the will of Shinji himself. Their destination is exactly indefinitely, but it is known that they fulfill the role of wages for everything that happens. At the request of their creator, they can transform into anyone, resurrect or destroy anyone.

The creator and the calculator is the most powerful technique for using this type of witchcraft. It can somehow affect the universe itself, and to achieve any desired result.

Omnipotentall Eater: he is able to slaughter omnipotent/all: beings and absorbed their essences into himself.

Alter System: he can change a world or universe history.

Corrupt Plague: he can corrupt worlds with a virus that effects the choices of any major people or being.

Outsider Omni system: This allows him to hide himself, his allies, and bases from No matter/who/what/etc sight with no limits of uses nor time.

Sins Rage: Unleash full carnage onto a whole omniverse with no regrets.