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Genius-Level Intellect: Shinji is a supergenius of phenomenally outstanding, wunderkind level intellect (famous for being a polymath and bibliophile with the highest level of mastery over numerous eclectic fields, making numerous eclectic references), quite possibly the most intelligent human being in the world, with his phenomenally eclectic intellect nearley unrivaled, with Shinji standing out even among other geniuses Shinj's tremendously eclectic intellect extends itself to his unparalleled leadership, tactical, strategic, demagogic, deceptive, manipulative, detective, mathematical, scientific, engineering, computer science, computer programming, cryptographic, robotics, hacking, escapology, criminology, genetics, neuroscience, political science, literary, mythological, theological, exploitative networking, and oligarchical business skills, in addition to his phenomenal idiosyncratic wordplay skills with witty puns and malapropisms (allowing Shinji to subtly reveal things he is aware of, with people only realizing it when he intends them to) Shinji's brilliant intellect is arguably his greatest and most formidable ability of all.

  • Eidetic Memory: Shinji, as a supergenius, has a photographic memory and perfect recall, which greatly aided him in mastering a vast array of eclectic fields to the highest level as a polymath, while also allowing him to make numerous layered references (to pop-culture, to biblical and pagan theology, to mathematics, to computer science, to famous books, and etc.), and to know seemingly random facts, such as the scores of recent basketball games.
  • Master Scientist: Shinji is an extraordinarily brilliant supergenius scientist, phenomenally skilled and knowledgeable in a vast array of scientific fields (including physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, neuroscience, computer science, psychology, and many others).
  • Master Mathematician: Shinji is a phenomenally skilled supergenius mathematician being able to pick up on patterns almost all others do not notice, having a penchant to make even something as casual as sports scores sound like algebraic integers.
  • Expert in Weapons Engineering - Shinji has a huge range of skills in creating and enhancing almost any weapon, if not all weapons ever invented, ranging from swords of many types, combat knives, batons, chains, brass knuckles, projectiles such shurikens, bolos, boomerangs, to the use of all types of firearms such as pistols, sniper rifles, automatic assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-tank bazookas and even electronic remote launchers of various calibers, anti-aircraft fully automatic chain guns, cannons Gatling guns, mechanized mortars, rocket launchers, etc. Shinji is able to improve them to an incredible level. He is able to make weapons at the highest technological level, and Shinji can also make the most advanced types of suit and armor, the best technology of which has not yet been seen on Earth. These suits can enhance all physical characteristics and add any abilities, ranging from energy absorption, to ability copying, teleportation, etc. It is also worth mentioning that Shinji can take various advanced alien technologies and combine them with our earthly technologies.
  • Martial Artist - Shinji is a specialist in the full spectrum of martial arts with giantic experience fighting numerous enemis. His fighting style includes acrobatics, high jumps and extensive use of available objects. The proper use of physical strength, momentum and leverage, as well as knowledge of anatomical weaknesses and pressure points, combined with his superhuman strength, allows Shinji to quickly dispatch entire groups of armed enemies. Thanks to his skill, Shinji can fight even against physically stronger opponents and easily disarm them.
  • Master of Weapons - Thanks to his knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, as well as other combat techniques, Shinji is fluent in all types of bladed weapons and firearms.
    • Swordsmanship - Shinji is a master swordsman, having trainedfor many years, and is now capable of fighting a group of opponents at once and dodging every blow. He is also able to easily parry their attacks and hit vital organs or necessary body parts with maximum precision to immobilize the enemy.
  • Explosives Mastery: Shinji is very proficient at throwing, setting, and defusing explosives.
  • World Greatest Detective, Shinji is able to unravel the most complex crimes, even if they go beyond a reasonable explanation. Shinji can interrogate a criminal using different methods; he has special equipment that speeds up the process of interrogation and solving the case. However, Shinji often uses personal skills to assess a problem, since he is very eloquent and is able to skillfully conduct a conversation, studies human psychology well, and has an idea when a person is telling the truth or lying.
  • Expert Interrogator: Shinji is infamously adept in interrogation techniques, often using law enforcement methods, as well as torture as an effective means of punishment or information extraction.
  • Master Acrobat: Shinji is incredibly agile and is capable of climbing walls with ape-like acrobatics. His acrobatic skills make him an exceptional master of stealth.
  • Master of Parkur Form of acrobatics, a cross-country technique that Shinji trained. Shinji has perfectly mastered all disciplines in the parkour technique, he can jump quite long distances between houses, jump over any obstacles with maximum efficiency, climb onto vertical surfaces and perform quick maneuvers while performing these tricks.
  • Master of Intimidation - Shinji is master to intimidate his enemies, as well as his tactics, weapons and methods, allowing him to further instill fear in his enemies. Also, Shinji does this to spread rumors and prevent possible chaos attacks in the future. And many chaos followers, and even a large chaos empire, are very afraid of Shinji, some call him the “Devil” himself. Someone thinks that he does not exist in reality, that they later regret it, there are those who are afraid to go outside their “home” at night, and someone thinks that he is some kind of supernatural creature, but the very image of the Summoner/Commander inspires fear to all chaos followers.
  • Ventriloquism – Shinji learned this skill as well as techniques for changing his voice. Shinji is able to perfectly copy the voice of a completely different person and make it come from across the room. Thus, he was able to fool and discord enemsis that took him prisoner. Among other things, Shinji himself is excellent at reading lips, even if the person talking is standing to the side of him and at a great distance.
  • Infiltration - Shinji is highly trained in Ninjutsu techniques. this is one of the most important stages of training, it is needed in order to penetrate as covertly as possible into any important points to collect information or kill any important object, and at the same time without leaving traces and not catching the eye. You also need to learn how to effectively disappear if the enemy suddenly notices. Shinji has trained this technique at the highest possible level, he is able to enter the most guarded objects in the world, he can calmly merge with the darkness and navigate it without any problems. Shinji also finds points in rooms and uses them to covertly move around a given area.
  • Agility - Shinji has incredible agility and flexibility, allowing him to dodge enemy melee attacks quite well, run along walls, perform acrobatic movements, reach hard-to-reach places, scale high walls, and land safely from great heights.
  • Regeneration is the ability to heal minor injuries that could be fatal to an ordinary person. The effectiveness of regeneration depends on the individual capabilities of a particular practitioner. This ability allows Shinji to recover from injuries and minor damage to the body: minor fractures, dislocations, sprains, as well as blows of varying severity.

WARRIOR - a soldier who has undergone training in technology or under the direct supervision of a legendary warrior, whose technique allows one to take the limits of the body to a superhuman level, making it possible to fight with opponents many times superior in physical characteristics, to easily react and reflexively outstrip any opponent, allowing develop each moment of the battle, like a static film, into fragments, thereby sharpening the survival instincts to the limit.

  • Super Soldier is a person who has undergone changes in his body at the genetic level, as a result of which he has become able to push himself beyond the physical limitations of his own body, doing things that are impossible for ordinary people, such as lifting multi-ton weights and pushing them away from himself, withstanding a series of blows that can easily break through multi-ton concrete walls, have superhuman reactions and reflexes, and the ability to fight opponents with equal characteristics.
  • Physical strength - indicators of physical strength for each soldier are highly individual and depend on training, body development and even genetic intervention. Shinji, as an enhanced soldier, has enormous physical strength: superior to all trained humans, soldiers, cyborgs and super-soldiers.
  • Speed - every trained soldier has a high reaction speed, reflexes and movement, allowing him to survive in any conditions. All of Shinji's speed indicators are extremely high, he is able to focus on a visible threat and perceive the entire environment in slow motion, react to many shots and fight with super-fast creatures.
  • Durabily - this sub-item determines how many soldiers will survive certain attacks, impacts, etc. in certain circumstances, all indicators of Shinji’s strength are at a decent level: he can survive powerful explosions that destroy man-made structures, shots from different calibers and weapons, blows from mechanisms and superbeings.
  • Endurance - this sub-item determines the indicators of physical endurance, which is important for a soldier and his survival in the wild or in combat. Shinji himself has demonstrated excellent endurance: he can perform any physical capabilities beyond a human, withstand many deadly attacks, and go without sleep, water or food for a long time.
  • CQC is a fighting style that combines firearms and hand-to-hand attacks, which allows you to effectively counter any type of threat in real combat. For example, a master who has mastered this style will not have any difficulty in disarming a crowd of armed soldiers in close combat faster than they can react, even while under aimed fire.
    • Counter measure is the main style of CQC combat, whose important goal is to use any counter techniques in certain situations during combat. Using this style, a soldier is able to counterattack his opponent, adapting to his skills, habits, techniques, etc., and thanks to this method, it is possible to neutralize the enemy, and all his attempts to bypass this technique will be used against him or nullified by other counter techniques of CQC.
    • Suppression is another important principle of CQC, but unlike the others, it does not use physical suppression of the enemy, but psychological suppression. The Soldier himself uses moral pressure, threatening the enemy with either brute force and causing pain, or using firearms/knives, threatening his life.
    • Accuracy is one of the important disciplines for long-range combat: the use of certain types of both firearms and melee weapons to eliminate the enemy. Ranged combat skills and styles depend on training, skill, and experience. Shinji's accuracy and precision shooting indicators are very high - he can destroy an entire arch of the enemy at any distance, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Close combat - another important sub-point for every fighter is the skills of conducting close combat, using the hand-to-hand combat style or wielding melee weapons. Depending on knowledge, training and skill, a soldier can improve his combat performance or expand it for a more varied fighting style. Shinji is an extremely skilled and versatile melee fighter. He uses different styles and techniques against all types of enemies, adapting to them.
  • Stealth - one of the most important types of combat for a soldier is to be as secretive as possible. Every fighter must learn to be invisible, penetrating all kinds of enemy objects, and at the same time not give himself away. Any soldier can use any means of concealment from ordinary boxes and sheltered ones to camouflage suits or camouflages, and each soldier is trained in the skills of quickly infiltrating in order to get into the most protected places in the world.
    • Neutralization is an extremely important discipline for every covert fighter: his main task is to neutralize the enemy without causing fatal damage or using firearms. To achieve goals, a soldier must first be invisible and silent, use strangulation or a tranquilizer, without attracting attention.
    • Rapid Neutralization is the most improved subtype of conventional neutralization, and its main principle is, in fact, to extremely quickly and effectively neutralize an entire set of opponents. The difference from covert neutralization is that the fighter can neutralize a group of enemies during an open confrontation, without being noticed by the latter in an instant. Depending on the skill level and speed, a soldier can neutralize 3 people or more. Shinji himself has demonstrated the highest level of skill - he can easily neutralize a group of opponents of a dozen people or more much faster than they react.
  • Medicine - in order to survive against all types of threats, every soldier is required to study certain principles of medicine in order to provide first aid to himself and his comrades. Every fighter, one way or another, must master this discipline in order to survive. Depending on knowledge, skills and abilities, a soldier can provide first aid to himself in an emergency situation or, for example, make medicine from natural gifts, thereby healing himself from mortal wounds.
  • High intelligence - one of the main indicators of Shinji is extremely fast computing and mental abilities that are far beyond the limits of an ordinary person. His tactical and strategic skills allow him to capture entire combat sectors, enemy bases, or destroy entire enemy armies as quickly as possible, single-handedly, and most importantly, without unnecessary noise. Also, his mental abilities allow him to build an entire military empire around the world, increase power and influence.
    • Analysis - the ability of high intelligence - is a strong weapon of a soldier, because he can quickly analyze and process information in a large volume. You can not only think about and calculate the environment, but also events, conditions, and even what you saw only a moment ago, and thus, you definitely need to build a whole picture of what was, is and will be.
    • Experienced Commander - having gone a long way and accumulating combat experience, a warrior is able to become the commander of entire groups of fighters - because it is he who has great experience, charisma, knowledge and the ability to lead younger soldiers. Moreover, it is thanks to experience that he will be able not only to successfully command them, but also to save their lives, teach them something, etc. Shinji has acquired much of the knowledge and experience, thanks to which he can lead entire troops or recruit new fighters through charisma, experience and strength.
  • Polyglot - every soldier, mercenary, fighter must perfectly know at least several languages of the world such as: Russian, English, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Knowing certain languages, a soldier can learn this or that information, join a foreign society, and the like.
  • Vehicle Operations - Many soldiers are highly skilled technicians and pilots of various types of vehicles. Shinji himself showed masterful control of cars, tanks, helicopters or robots.
  • Willpower - Shinji has a high willpower threshold, thanks to which he can go through many difficulties and trials that a person would not go through. Even when exhausted, weakened and wounded, he can challenge an entire army of enemies and even resist super-strong creatures with just his will. And moreover, when he has some goal that is important to him, he will not back down, he will go through Hell just to achieve it, no matter what.
  • Resistance - Shinji’s resistance to negative influences on the human body has a very decent level. His body can withstand impacts and attacks that a person would not survive. He can resist influences such as poisons, toxins, drugs, paralysis, powerful electricity, extreme high and low temperatures, mental attacks, mind reading and possibly much more.
  • Superhuman Senses - Shinji himself has demonstrated a high level of senses beyond human capabilities. He can smell various smells at a considerable distance, has excellent vision, his hearing organs can also pick up clear sound vibrations and can even sense human emotions.
  • Extrasensory perception - Shinji has in his arsenal a unique ability for a person - these are extrasensory techniques. He has shown that he can sense supernatural forces, such as spiritual beings, that are invisible and undetectable to ordinary people. Also, the arsenal of this ability includes the following sub-items: Clairvoyance, he can see the past, present and future in a dream; ghost, he can foresee any attacks that he does not know about.
  • Body Control - Shinji is good at controlling his body at a basic level, which is a high level of body control for ordinary people. He can: control nerves, send his body into a coma, control blood flow in the body, control muscles and even completely control adrenaline in the blood.
  • Senses - all 5 senses of Shinji are developed at a superhuman level and he can see in complete darkness.
    • Sensory - Shinji is able to blindly sense where enemies are, Shinji can quickly detect the nearest enemy, even if the latter is out of their line of sight. He can also see invisible ghostly creatures.
    • Ninja Sense - Shinji has developed a 6th sense, thanks to which he can sense the presence of enemies and the danger emanating from them.
  • Rage is the main emotional source of his power - it is an uncontrollable rage that drives his goal of destroying chaos. His anger was so strong that it helped him destroy hordes of chaos for Eons of years, becoming stronger and stronger. It is his Rage that is the incentive to destroy all chaos/chaos followers. It was Fury that gave him some features that frighten all chaos followers.
    • Aura - Shinji has a highly concentrated aura of intimidation to intimidate all his enemies or allies. Because of his appearance, legends and strength, he became a real monster and a nightmare for all the chaos followers, his name alone frightens every chaos follower and the latter run away, even despite the absence of self-preservation instincts or feelings of Fear.

Godmaster is the ultimate super-robotic lifeform, created by the perfect fusion of Transformer and human. The mechanical aspect of a Godmaster is a non-sentient Transformer body known as a Transtector, to which a human being is bonded. Through the power of the Masterforce, the human can sheathe their body in a suit of armor, which allows them to transform into an engine that connects to the Transtector, bringing it to life, creating a being with the ability to manipulate Chōkon Power.