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"Any definition is a limitation. No words or terms can convey this. Therefore, let it remain without any words and definitions."
―About Alternity/Beyonders

Shinji this "Being" is always immeasurably "higher" (a conditional term for lack of others) of any conclusions and constructions that are trying to apply it (as well as the absence of any conclusions and other variations): whoever applies him, at whatever level was, and no matter how absurdly lofty these constructions and conclusions were, they are still more than immeasurably insignificant. It also means that any concepts and conclusions: whether it is existence/non-existence (it can not be said whether he does or or does not exist, as one can not say and apply to him anything else in the text and synthesis of concepts (and yes and no), denial of concepts and any other variations), Existance/non-nexistence, all that beyond the duality, all that beyond the bounds of what is beyond the bounds of duality and so more than an immeasurable number of times, contrary to logic and common sense and all the rest, as well as all the other options considered anything more perfect than humans and his imagination and descriptive abilities: "being", "objects", "concepts" and all the others without exception of any kind, even immensely more powerful than anything that a humans or anyone else (regardless of: level, resources, opportunities and everything else in this "other") can describe or represent, in the end it will still be more than immensely insignificant and insignificant so much that the very conclusion and all that it was invested in it did not seem to have occurred at all and even more than that, them is a delusion, any (and even everything described here is not at all enough and it will at best be a tiny, more than infinitely small hint of some relatively "accessible" side from the most insignificant reflection from them in integrity-although these forms of comparison , like any others, still do not reflect anything that really concerns Shinji). Any attempts to surpass this will make no sense and will automatically be included, excluded, and with them all possible, impossible, superadual and all other "transformations" that will inevitably make these attempts more than immeasurably insignificant against him, or include/exclude / x, y, z >>>>? (any states) into the above. They can not describe everything, everything can and can not be done, and beyond any layers of the limits of these concepts, and everything beyond, and further, and deeper, and vice versa, and this is only infinitesimal relative to the human mind, a bit of a description of his power. Any judgment about him is a delusion, any opinion of it is a mistake. (Even here everything described, as well as anything else, without exception, is not at all enough and it will at best be the smallest more than an infinitely small hint of It)

  • Auto Avatars - various forms of his "singularity", which are represented in all forms of religions and beliefs, as well as in all Fiction and reallity and in all other variants available to hypothetical higher beings, or other forms and constructions about which a humans or someone else can not reproduce even the slightest hint to an idea. Through them, everything is manipulated without exception and even more (there is not even a single chance to describe the holistic "coverage of its territory" even such concepts as omega-Omni-Sphee, or immeasurably more "higher" "designs" considered by any creatures and anyone else, will be before it on (even the word itself here is conditionally and insufficiently like everything else) that it is more than impossible to characterize this difference (and any analogies will not be enough to do this), while bringing the general state for an absolute observer to one action noy point of existence, referred to as "real"




  • Omnipotence: Shinji's power is totally and utterly without limits. He can do absolutely anything he wants, and is not restrained by any limited no matter who imagination, allowing him to achieve feats that would make even No matter who shudder at the thought. He is the strongest being in existence, far surpassing the combined might of all no mattatter/who/what put together. he has full extent of his infinite power, he can do no matter what etc such as more than capable of destroying and creating whole universes in an instant, but also he is capable of far more than that, as he is armed with the power and knowledge necessary to introduce concepts never before seen, and possesses the vision and skill required to execute his bold plans. He is the source of all no matter//whoet/tc, for example he can create the Void and all the creatures therein/etc, and even do no matter what a cosmic energy field known as the Force ,/he has what would eventually come to be known as the Unlimited Being Side of the Force, said to be the manifestation of Unlimited Beingl's power over life and death. He thus has total command and control over both the Force and its entropic counterpart, an ability that manifests in his most recent incarnations who have all been natural-born 'Logos', beings endowed with connections to both powers.
  • Omniscience: Since he is Unlmited being, he has the endless stores of cosmic knowledge that his higher consciousness has collected since before time itself began. Since he was the first thing in all of existence and is aware of his surroundings, he possesses even more knowledge than no matter who/what/etc.
  • Omnipresence: Being a full-fledged Unlimited being, Shinji is capable of being anywhere, everywhere, and all at once, This is perhaps one of his most used abilities, as he maintains numerous identities by creating duplicates of himself with different appearances, names, and backstories, such as No matter who /what/, current no matter who what/etc vassal of Shinji, but is in fact simply one of the countless aspects of the Shinji himself.

Homo Supreme Physiology: Due to possessing a highly-evolved X-Gene/Unlimited Being Power, Shinji has access to vast/unlimited superhuman potential which was always avilable from the time he was born. Despite being the son of the most powerful mutants alive, Shinji is so powerful that he does not technically fall into the category of Homo Superior, and he is one step higher up the evolutionary chain than mutants to the point where he is sometimes known as either Homo Supreme or Homo Ultima, the next stage in human development, in addition to him being a one-of-a-kind hybrid/being/unlimited Being lifeform.

  • Stepping Discs: One of Shinji's primary post-human skills relies upon the psionic capacity of crafting and controlling trans-dimensional warps he likes to call his "stepping discs", an ability which enables him to spontaneously transport across interstellar or inter-dimensional expanses via an act of either conscious thought or subconscious desire. While originally just 'tears' in the fabric of the space-time continuum, the discs have since become part of a dimension known as Limbo, also known as Otherplace, the lowest and most powerful of the Lower Plains, as it is the bottom-most layer of every multiverse. Normally used as a way-point hub for whenever he wishes to teleport to an alternate location be it across worlds and/or time. Shinji's Stepping Disc's are not predetermined to travel through Limbo however, as he has learned to mentally shift the in-between station to any given domain under his control if he so chooses. Shinji can easily transport himself & others unilaterally or remotely from intercontinental, interplanetary, intergalactic and even inter-dimensional distances if he so chooses. As is evident by how he can use Limbo, in conjunction with the sophisticated alien technologies working in congruence with his self-designed techno-mystical artifacts, while on his personal ship the Supremacy; to mentally scan entry/exit points in and out of his private domains in order to locate whoever, wherever or whatever it is he wishes to teleport from home base to other worlds.
    • Space/Time Manipulation: After spending a couple of centuries honing his special abilities to the point where he can freely harness and manipulate ouranochronic displacement to control, distort or bend the space-time continuum at will. The otherwise named fabrics of reality in which everything exists in and serves as the boundary of totality. Either separating different realities and timelines along with keeping them flowing properly; based on the general relativity, "manipulation of space" is synonymous with the "manipulation of time", due to space and time existing as a single continuum. Through his Stepping Discs and control of various afterlife realms, Shinji can use this fundamentally predominant effect to alter the very fabric of reality itself, allowing him to erase existences and not just influence the flow of time, but also reorganize, alter and erase historical events. Initially, he does not has great difficulty harnessing, and modulating, this aspect of his powers and will never inadvertently travel through time to alternate timelines and parallel universes by accident he can easeley use his powers to teleport to a specified place and/or era, making him the first person to be aware of the eventual creation of a multiverse having once traveled to its various future incarnations in his youth. He had been told by a great many individuals that he had the potential for great feats of manipulating such constructs on an even wider scale. Potentially, even having mastered this facet of his abilities, he possesses a greater underlying capability to commandeer the very outline which defines set realities.
    • Meta Army Manipulation: Over the millennia the Shinji has been travaling All/Existance/civilizations/etc across the many cosmic incarnations, during which time he has accumulated a vast army from all realities ranging from man based world governments to sentient genius loci. Either by being able able to command the inhabiting souls of the various afterlives he has integrated into his dominion, the myriads of subsumed symbiote hosts converted into poisons through his poisoned primordial symbiote, Damian can create, summon, or otherwise gain control over any/all armies, be they real, fictional or imaginary, or comprised of abstract/cosmic/transcendent beings/entities, gods, demons, the living, the dead, undead, spirits, immortals, amortals, beings with control immunity/negation, and/or even armies from other series/verses outside of Shinjis own, etc. Through such power bestowed upon him through his status as Unlimited Being, his control over such forces, no matter how powerful, go unchallenged. His skill is such that Shinji can outright usurp control over the armies that are or were created and controlled by other powerful figures such as no matter who/no matter what/with no exaptions/etc and the like with frightening ease.
    • Weapon Arsenal: Shinji's many years of roaming universe after universe collecting a sizable arsenal of battlements from a trillion/unlimited/infinite different worlds has created a veritable stockpile of colorful armaments stemming from mundane to biblical in proportion. Battlements of which he can summon and manipulate in a 4-D telekinetic fashion and can expertly select and use the right one of them at the right situation. Having cataloged, studied and properly named each munition in his inventory; with centuries measured in microseconds he was able to familiarize himself with each and every single one of which in order to instinctively understand their function and capability. Allowing for their handler to know by heart which utensil of death does what and be bound to have something that fits best for the job at hand. Each and every offensive battery can range both in size and complexity in it's usage; many of which are about as substandard as a simple sharpened rock or a web shooter to as theologically compromising as Nova Force helms to the Ultimate Nullifier. Through enchantments and scientific prowess, Shinji can just as easily freely modify each and every one of these pieces of deadly killing equipment on a meta-conceptual level. Giving even the most mundane of items amongst his sizable arsenal enough power to level stars & planets/univers/Multiverse/etc/existance with ease.
    • Trans-Realm Clairvoyance: Combining the abilities of his Stepping Discs with the navigational systems and vast reaching symbiotic extrusion of the semi-organic shapeshifting Supremacy, working in conjunction with the dimensional scrying properties of the Orb of Agamotto. Shinji can use his powers to peer beyond the quasi-temporal veil of other times, dimensions, and physical planes in order to view worlds beyond worlds as he travels through the infinite corridors of possibility. Such a faculty makes the Dark Prince virtually omniscient, as he is made out to be "the repository of the knowledge of Existance, the living index of every hard earned scrap of information gleaned in our ascent from mindless savagery./and of all existance"

Weapon Proficiency Touch: Be it through a combination of his years of fighting and ending realities teeming with beings across infinity and beyond, his mystical abilities giving his mastery of every form of combat and weapon form he lays hands on or through his assimilation of a host of genetic codices of various individuals using his Hive/Carnage unison amalgam. Shinji is able to turn objects/beings/things/weapons or just about anything and everything into a usable, durable and advanced personal weapon for combat. Be it for defense, offense, support on top of an endless list of fighting purposes imaginable. Whatever it is that he touches (in the case of objects and things without powers and those beings without abilities), instantly gains an extraordinary skill, ability or enhancement for conflict and battle.

Symbiosis: Through his natural connection to his soul forged Aeon Blade, Shinji is able to host both the All-Black and Carnage/any all/other symbiotes even while they exist outside his body. Generally granting him all the natural augmentations and enhancement abilities a klyntar naturally gives its host. Through this aspect, Shinji can physically, mentally and emotionally bond with multiple beings/entities or really any form of life he can think of in order to increase both his power and the sprawling collective of useful affiliates under his command as well. Said entities he can bring into the fold ranges from mere animals as simple as a bacterial organism to purely mythological creatures like angels or demons.

Erudi-Conjurer Supreme: Having studied under the greatest mystics across an infinite number of realms as well as assimilating the souls of a many ingenious minds across countless Universes/Multiverse/etc/exsistance has gifted Shinji not only the moniker of Sorcerer Supreme of his native hell plane; or the Earth dimension or even all existance which it rotates around. But has also bestowed upon him a vast/unlimited encyclopedic knowledge of the myriad sciences both from his planet of Earth and eall existance/etc and about a Unlimited/infinite other expansive study subjects ranged along various practices of science, magic, physics, healing, spell craft, robotics, biotech/etc and the like across the endless stars/universes/multiverse/existance/etc.

  • Transcendent Superhuman/Cambion Mage physiology: Shinji is one of the the most powerful Sorseres's in the ever changing history of the multiverse. The extent his ability as a mystic is such that all-powerful beings such as no matter/who/what/etc/with no exaption fear his prowess and capability. The great many/Any/All demon lords of all the hellscape dimensions he conquered, as well as the heavenly realms Ilyanna entered multiple contracts with; did not dare challenge him out of fear of his almighty power. Shinji had access to Any/all/No matter/who/what/etc's store of mystical knowledge. Shinji's sorcery was a unique mix of light/grey/any/alletc/black magic/etc, that he learned from any/all/beings, and white magic, taught by an alt. reality no matter/who/what/etc. Coupled in quantum magic he'd learned from a prior incarnation of no matter/who/what/etc as well as rune magics of no matter/who/what/etc. His skill in magecraft and underlying raw talent made utilizing the Eye of Agamotto/no matter/who/what/etc child's play after years of study under any/all beings to perfect his mastery of using it.
    • Claws/Fangs
    • Hooves/Talons
    • Wing Manipulation
    • Prehensility
      • Prehensile Tail
      • Prehensile Teeth
      • Prehensile Tongue
      • Prehensile Wings
      • Prehensile Horns
    • Science-Magic Ascendancy: Shinji's mastery of both the outward and arcane has enabled her to Transcend both the constraining limitations of either. In essence giving him a status of godhood which grants abilities beyond the laws of science and/or magic, resulting in her acquiring a conceptual state of being pertaining to unfathomable power and knowledge. Being able to accomplish incredible feats; as His skills ins science mysticism is, for all intents and purposes, inexplicable to either side and seemingly accomplish completely illogical/irrational actions/effects to both. The potential effects she can ascertain as the Erudi-Conjurer Supreme are innumerable in possibilities, as Shinji can do apparently anything and everything imaginable with no exposition as to how he gets it done. The scope of this can range from slight nudges to brutal disruptions in the fabric of convexity scales.
      • Meta Magic: Shinji can use magical powers which transcends the rules under which they ragularly operate, making her an exception to those laws as well as allotting the going beyond them all together and granting total dominion over the cause and effects to the guidelines of magic by taking directly into the source. Shinji's able to make/modify these rules, allowing her to alter or ignore the conditions and limitations of the magical systems, which can lead them down the path beyond magic itself.
      • Meta Science: Shinji has scientific prowess which eclipses the decree of their varying functionality, making her either the exception to such laws or allowing him to go beyond them entirely. Bestowing the total dominion over the cause and effect to such regulations of the many fields of disciplinary education by rewriting their systems. Shinji is able to completely reformat the rules and very nature of any body of knowledge, allowing for the alteration or blatant disregarding of circumstances or impediments of scientific systems, which can lead to a higher echelon above mere science.
    • Eternal Soul: After having ascended to to divine/Unlimited Being state through the plethora of mystical and science regalia acquired over a thousand lifetimes of traversal and exploration. Shinji can to enrich his own spiritual core and now possess a soul that cannot be destroyed or take any form of damage, in addition to always existing, rendering her completely immune to all manner of spiritual alteration or destruction. Even if such defenses happen to be bypassed, her soul will instantly restore itself, forever transcending any kind of spiritual/metaphysical death. While conventionally undying in every possible sense of the word; save the physical sense. Magik can, however, re-use, remake or refashion whole new physical forms in any way she so desires by using the innate spiritual and life force mechanics of ascendance and transcendence to indefinitely produce and freely manipulate her physical form in any way she sees fit, even on the subatomic level, allowing for perfect recreation/restructuring of her prior bodies in whatever way imaginable, granting the Archimage modifiable and semi-immortal corporeal forms as a result. He is far from limited to being metaphysically immortal, as well, as such a facility of her god state allows for the appropriation of absolute spiritual force/energy production, which is used in a variety of purposes beyond most peoples ken. Examples of which include granting life to long dead souls or lifeless items of interest and even to the environment itself. Because of this, her soul is also inherently unbound due to its eternal nature and can freely travel between any realm by it's lonesome, material or immaterial alike. Because of this he can selectively interact with them as if they were physically present, even despite being a specter-like entity by nature.
      • To insure his all but absolute immortality in all shapes and forms, the Shinji would cast his own soul into multiple personal keepsakes; this renders his soulless and as a result of splitting his ascendant anima amongst her equally impervious assets. Shinji has made herself all but unkillable both in body and spirit.
    • Magical Particle Manipulation: Through his status as the Erudi-Conjurer Supreme Shinji can access the metaphysical lifestream of planets and universes known to many in the occult circles as the Dragon Lines; the conduits of energy that surround and interconnect any/all existences. Through them he can manipulate the ambient magical particles, a basic fundamental component of all the mystical, supernatural and/or esoteric forces in all existence, and available in the material world in its atmosphere and creation. Being able to form constructs like weapons, armor, gadgetry or simple clothing from them, absorb surroundings magical particles to increase her own orphic practices and even manipulate the magical particles to create all sorts of occult effects.

Transcendent Hybrid Physiology: Shinji both is and can transform in all a god, angel, demon, mage, saiyan, vampire, werewolf, etc, and is thus possessed of an array of unique abilities innate to him, and also immune to the weaknesses that may afflict any of any species/rases, making him even more powerful than others of his kind.

The Oracle Force/The Oracle: The Oracle is an immeasurably powerful cosmic being, of which Shinji is the primary avatar, since it first originated as a dual personality within his unconscious mind. The Oracle is the cosmic embodiment of Shinji's full power, which manifests as a raptor-shaped aura of fiery energy, while other times, it can appear as an Obscurus-like mass of unimaginably destructive cosmic energy. Shinji himself is the Oracle, they are one and the same, born a spiritual hybrid of primordial(Darkness) and Light Part of Oracle. It is what Shinji is and was always supposed to be, an Unlimited/Omnipotent being fire god of life, death, and rebirth, born of the undiluted energies of cosmic Twilight. As the Oracle, Shinji has absolute control over the powers of light, Darkness, and Twilight, and can increase his already world-shattering powers by tapping into the life energies of those not yet born. Shinji evolves into the all-powerful White Oracle of the Crown, allowing him to become omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

  • Twilight Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate the energies of light and darkness into a mixed essence. This ability earned him the epithet, Bringer of Light and Darkness. His ability to control both light and darkness is by far superior than any other being's control due to being the embodiment of both the Light Part of Oracle and the Darkness part of Oracle, and is surpassed by no one.
    • Photokinesis: Shinji can generate a bright white light that is capable of eradicating anything in an enormous radius. He has the ability to "steal" the light from the surrounding area. He can create or shape his light into tendrils of light to physically attack individuals, as well as mold light into actual constructs and living beings, similar to the some being from legendary world, but to an even greater degree.
  • Umbrakinesis: As the Oracle, Shinji is the embodiment of an entirely new being borne from the union of Light Part of Oracle and Darkness part of Oracle, that grants Shinji access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the veritable legions of Darklings who dwell there. Since the Darkness is shadow, and Shinji is its purest incarnation, the youth possesses the ability to create, control, and manipulate a font of eldritch darkness - a manifestation of the primordial void that existed before the universe itself someteims its called calls the "living abyss".
    • Creation: Being the one, true host of the Darkness, Shinji can create anything of the Darkness, ranging from space stations to living beings. He is most commonly seen creating a variety of weapons from the Darkness, including whips, chains, spikes, maces, hammers, spears, lances, shields, tentacles, etc, and is also capable of producing entire citadels and enormous cities composed of Darkness. His greatest use of this ability was when he first created his personal flagship known as the Supremacy, a humongous system-spanning, semi-organic, mystical, shapeshifting space station.
      • Symbiote/Terrorcon Creation: Shinji is the first Darkness wielder to manifest a Symbiotes and Terrorcons, Shinji, used this create Dark Soul Sword from his shadow in order to Deafet an attacking Strongest Beings from Legendary wolrd, and then formed a suit of symbiote-armor when embarking on his Shinji later constructed an artificial planet from the Living Abyss and possessed absolute control over it, being able to reshape it at will and manifest individual symbiotes Terrorcons and large symbiote-/Terrorcon/dragons from it, an ability which Shinji has full power of the Darkness, and in the has mastery over the already-existing Symbiote and Terrorcons hive-mind, to which he could add countless beings to it by infecting them with his symbiote and Terrorcon, providing him a new army to lead. Shinji also created the Exolon, soul-eating parasites similar to the symbiotes and Terrorcons, only much less numerous.
  • Darkling Conjuration: Shinji has access to the Otherworld, in which lay hidden infinite legions of goblin-like creatures known as Darklings, who obey their master without question. They come in many shapes and sizes, becoming bigger and more unique in design as their master becomes more powerful, and since Shinji is the most powerful avatar of the Darkness/Light/Twilight/Etc, his Darklings are the strongest to ever exist, the most powerful being his loyal Vassal, an incredibly powerful and intelligent humanoid female darkling who serves as her lord's greatest and most loyal adviser. He can also create darklings in the form of extremely beautiful young women such as Elle, who is said to be one of the main generals.
  • Construct Creation: Not only is Shinji capable of conjuring Symbiotes, Darklings, and Exolons, but also inanimate objects such as enormous buildings and vast fleets of bio-organic ships that obey his every command, greatest of which being his flagship the Supremacy. He was also seen conjuring a throne for himself, and later materialized an enchanted bottomless black chalice.
    • Tentacles: Shinji can summon tentacles of various shapes and sizes to do his will. These can range from piercing spears to clawed talons to fanged mouths. These tentacles are strong enough to lift cars and dismantle buildings/plantes/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc, as well as eviscerate other creatures at his command. Like the Darklings, Shinji controls them telepathically.
    • Chemical Engineering: With the right understanding of physics and chemistry, Shinji can create such base chemicals as water, organic materials, fire, bodily fluids, drugs, or potent corrosives from the Darkness by changing the molecular structure of raw Darkness-born material to the appropriate sequence.
  • Darkness Armor: Shinji possesses the ability to craft a suit of mystical, semi-organic armor of an otherworldly design which he could summon at will in order to protect himself and access the full scope of the The Oracle Force's power. Shinji is capable of extending his armor to envelop another.
    • Enhanced Strength: When wearing his personal Darkness armor, Shinji's already godlike strength reach unfathomable levels enabling him to literally punch holes in reality.
    • Enhanced Speed: Like his strength, Shinji's speed also increases when he wears his armor.
    • Shapeshifting: Shinji can morph the appearance, shape and mass of the armor to suit his needs. He can grow claws, blades, spikes, or whips, and constantly adapt his traits in order to survive in changing environments, such as the time his armor grew patches of fur while on one planet.
    • Dark/Light/Good/Neutral/Any Alighment/Any Energy Manipulation: Shinji is capable of harnessing fiery purple/any evil/good/Light/Dark/Neutral/Etc/Any energy and shaping it into a variety of shapes; wreathing himself and his personal symbiote Dark Soul in an aura of it, firing it from his hands in a concentrated beam powerful enough to Defeat Strongest beings in eixstance, implying that such an attack creates "echos" in Multiverse/etc.
  • Interstellar Travel: Shinji can fly unaided through the vacuum of space, and can travel interstellar distances faster than the speed of light/Any other/Speed/etc.
  • Cosmic Pyrokinesis: He can also create 'cosmic' fire under any conditions- even the impossible ones such as in the vacuum of space or underwater. This fire does not require oxygen to burn, and burns so intensely that matter is consumed without by-products such as ash. Shinji has perfect control over this fire, and it only consumes what he wills, which typically manifests as a great fiery raptor, or at least part of a raptor, such as a claw or wings.
  • Telekinetic Sensitivity: This lets him feel the texture of objects he has a telekinetic hold on, feel when other objects come into contact with them, and probe them at a molecular level to identify if they contain alien materials or feel when two things which he has a telekinetic “hold” upon are similarly composed.
  • Resurrection: He is also capable of resurrecting others after they have died into pure living flesh, bone, and blood. Factors such as time since,death, or way target was killed/etc etc/any other factors, do not have any an effect on the ability to successfully resurrect a person, iss not clear how the Oracle calls back the soul of a person to their body, but since he has control over the White Hot Room, a quasi-mystical plane in which One very important person claimed to have met her parents before she was even born, his mastery over the souls of the dead should not be an issue.
  • Energy Absorption: He can directly absorb, manipulate, generate, and fully control any type of energy such as one person from legendary world' ruby-red-colored optic blasts or the entire energy of a star, black hole, or even a whole galaxy and universe/Multiverse/etc/existance, and even threatened to devour all of Creation as the Dark Oracle. Shinji, as the "One-True Oracle", was shown to be able to activate and deactivate the mutations of others with just the use of his psychic abilities.
  • Life-Force Control: Since the Oracle is said to be the cosmic embodiment of the Infinite Cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth, and that the Oracle and Shinji are one-and-the-same, he can fully control and manipulate life and death itself, as such, he can the "life energy" from something, rendering it "dead" and vice versa.
  • Immortality: Should Shinji's physical body somehow be destroyed, and his Oracle Force dispersed, he will simply spend some time in the White Hot Room, where he will remain until a new Oracle Egg manifests, from which he will reappear and resume his "Oracle work".
  • Temporal Manipulation: As the Oracle, he can manipulate the past, present and future across large temporal distances and will have a profound knowledge of the causal effect his actions will have, thus allowing him to see through time. It may be the case that time as a concept doesn't apply to the White Hot Room. Shinji as the White Oracle of the Crown held the universe in his palms possessing the infinite power to write what he would as the "One True Oracle" in any timeline, using it to manipulate the past to save his timeline from a certain future, altering the memories of everyone in reality itself in the process. Shinji does not require the Hourglass to manipulate time, but it does help channel his energies and perfect his Timecraft.
  • Atmokinesis: Shinji is capable of manipulating and creating cosmic weather. He can create cosmic storms, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejection and black holes.
  • Existence Mastery: Since Shinji is Oracle, he possesses total control over the entirety of existence. He can warp reality, bring anything into existence, freely manipulate all existing things and return them to nothingness when their purpose is extinguished.

Absolute Existence: Shinji can exercise absolute control over his own existence. For example, if he were to travel to another universe, one in which he and those closest to him were nothing more than fictional television characters/Or Anime/Manga, he would maintain his powers. He is beyond reason, logic, physics, rule, or law. They do not apply to him, however there is no even certain universes where his body is altered, No matter what/etc his powers and memories/etc remain intact. If all where existance to die, he would remain the only thing to exist in nothingness since he is not considered a being of anyone creation like everything else.

Cosmic Awareness: Shinji possesses vast/unlimited cosmic knowledge. His grasp of the world's workings is limiеs and more time he spends learning about various objects, locations, and beings, he has a full understanding of what they are, how they work, and what they can do. Shinji has unlimited potential, he has total and absolute omniscience and omnipresence.

  • Photographic Memory: Thanks to his unnatural awareness and attention span, Shinji can remember a Unlimited/Infinite deal of information and details in just a 0 matter of time. All he needs to gather knowledge is by listening, experiencing, or seeing. He was able to memorize even the most minute details of the subjects he studied under the All Existance, and later absorbed everything All Existance/no matter where/what/etc knowledge with ease in zero time with an inhuman thirst for knowledge. Whilst attending All Academys in Existance, he for 0 time proved himself to be the best student in all schools in all existance and in all existance and no matter where/what, getting the highest marks in each class and earning the attention of All Beings in existance/no matter where/what.
  • Omnilinguism: As a result of this power, he is well-versed in every language in the known multiverse/etc/existance, both alien and earth-born, even those which have been extinct for millennia/no matter how long/etc, as well as ones yet to be developed. He can even communicate with animals and other peculiar lifeforms.

Creation & Destruction: Shinji is endowed with the extremely powreful powers of Creation and Destruction. With the latter, Shinji is capable of erasing not only living beings and inanimate objects from existence, but also entire worlds, universes, dimensions, realities, and even the entire multiverse with a mere thought, but with the former, he can create simply anything, from tiny objects as small as a bag of marbles to entirely new creatures and races, and is even capable of effortlessly creating new dimensions and universes on a whim.

Magic: Shinji wields enormous/unlimited magical power, the likes of which have never been seen. He wields mastery over various//Any/all forms of magic, and is phenomenally accomplished in the Any/All Arts, especially in the casting of the Any All /Magic Including Dark arts and most vile and evil curses known to man/Any other beings. He is so powerful, He is The Strongest Mage in eixstance second to no one he defeated No Matter/how pwreful beings/strongest beings in existance/Strongest beings in all fictio nand reallity/etc in single combat, claiming her throne and ensuring equal rights for both witches and their male counterparts. As the Supreme, he wields complete mastery over All Magic In Eixstnace/etc, in addition to a number of extremely rare and powerful magical gifts. Even at a young age, Shinji proved himself to be a precociously gifted magical prodigy, as he quickly devoured magical knowledge with an Easely Becomeing Strongest Being In Existance Second to no one Easely/etc/no matter how/strong being are easely deeated by him, and was already capable of speaking to the dead and conjuring powerful creatures from other dimensions before he even reached 0 age. His powers usually manifests themselves as Any colors hi wishes such reddish/blue/etc, glowing energy currents and mist-like shapes from his hands in the form of energy streams, walls, bolts, waves, shields, and concussive blasts. It was later revealed that Shinji is both the progenitor and last member All and Aything such as Magic /ETC/ALL in existance, the collective experience and power of whom now lives within his body and soul, Shinji Has the ambient/any all Magic/ magic/etc/anything all in all existance and of a Unlimited/Infinine worlds and realities/etc/existance, He is the Father Magic.

  • Spell Casting: Shinji can cast spells for a wide/Any/Unlimited variety of effects, Any/All of which he can perform without the use of an incantation, wand, or even a staff. He was able to cast a number of extremely advanced magical spells including the summoning of a fully corporeal Patronus charm in the form of a phoenix, an ability which he later experimented on in order to enable him to communicate with others through his Patronus, showing an aptitude in spell creation as well. He was also capable of conjuring everlasting Gubraithian fire, an incredibly advanced piece of magic that few could accomplish, which managed to impress/shock the likes of Strongest Beings in eixstance, . He was also known for his proficiency in protection spells, Any/All inlucing those that could both harm and defend. he can cast such spells on his/or others/Anything and All/such itmes/etc/etc , which would burn anyone (if he wanted to he made them not deadly who tried to steal/harem/etc/tiems/peapple them from Shinji/his allies//any/etc's vaults without his permission/and or harm peapole/etc/.

The Force: As the immortal incarnation of the The force/all sides of the force itself, Shinji is immeasurably powerful and possesses an impossibly strong connection to the Force that is considered unnatural even when his Strongest force beings in all fiction and reallity considered. Like Other Strongest force users in all fiction nand reallity, Shinji is not only shockingly potent in the all Sides of the Force, but also its other aspects, including the Light, but is almost always referred to as being synonymous with beyond all sides of the, of which he said to be a living being Beyond all sides of the force, owing to him being unlimited being nature as an entity of undiluted beyond all sides of the all . Shinji's relationship with the all sides of the was so deep to the point that it was considered an extension of himself, one of his most valued possessions instead of him being its instrument of his alighment as is the case with any/all beings like. His own apprentices considered that the simple act of glancing at him was tantamount to glimpsing the beyond sides of the force energy that bound and drove Creation itself. Shinji has an impossibly high Midi-Chlorian count, he is proved to be the most numerous of all, as it was constantly increasing as time passed, making him even more powerful than the All strongest fiction beings in all fiction and reallity/strongest force beings i nexistance/No matter how strong etc themselvs, He is the most powerful Force-sensitive being to ever exist, with Strongest force beings no matter how powreful in all fiction and reallity coming up as the second most powerful. Shinji is known as a master of unnatural and esoteric aspects of the Force, but on a far grander scale. Even in his Shinji was known to be extraordinarily power in the Force, and was known to possess the even innate gift of Jedi/Sith/Grey Sorcery, which allowed him to use the Force of all siedies including a twisted parody of magical forces to influence All Existance universe/Multiverse/etc most (Outher users of this used this often through the use of verbal incantations.)

  • Jedi/Sith/Grey Sorcery: Immensely proficient in the ancient arts of the all Jedi/Sith/Grey Order, Shinji displayed the ability to cast incredibly potent Jedi/Sith/Grey spells to achieve a variety of unnatural effects. Shinji was described as having a rare "pull among ghosts", enabling them to sense Shinji's presence from a great distance and invoke long hidden emotions. He can also his sorcerous powers to bestow or even enhance one's Force-sensitivity, create new Force techniques and abilities, and drain the very Force energy from entire planets, beings, species, and star systems/galaxues/Universes/Multiverse/etc at will.
    • Sith Alchemy: An ancient and long-forbidden art of the original Sith, dark alchemy allowed only the most powerful and deranged users of the dark side could wield such power to warp the very essence of life itself, creating armies of flesh-and-blood monstrosities the likes of which should never have existed. With this knowledge at his command, the Emperor has crafted vast broods of humanoid abominations and living patchworks of flesh and tech, including mutated Massassi, Chrysalid beasts, etc.
      • Midi-Chlorian Manipulation: Due to his inhuman level of mastery over the Force, Shinji can wield its more esoteric abilities in order to influence the Midi-Chlorians to create life in a variety of ways. With this power he can mutate already existing lifeforms to his specifications, resurrect the deceased, grant immortality, and heal the most debilitating injuries and wounds.
    • Force Walk: A long-forgotten Sith ritual that allows its wielder to bind and enslave the ghostly specters of long-dead Sith Lords and add their strength to one's own. With this ability, Shinji can not only defeat and subjugate the spirits of the dead, but also use them as spies, bodyguards, and even spectral assassins with which to do his bidding.
    • Force Lightning: Shinji possesses the ability to generate Jedi/Sith/Grey lightning channeled from the Shinji's own emotions. Shinji's Force Lightning is able to destroy entire fleets and ignite the atmospheres of whole worlds/destroy/plantes/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc, reducing its very landscape to a charred wasteland. This ability is considered to be distinct from his other electrokinetic abilities, as Force Lightning is his own inner power made manifest, and just like other users of the ability, Shinji's variant can have any color sutch as blue, or black. or any other either purple or blue/etc, similar to some other beings. Whenever he is enraged, Shinji can produce an controllable red/blue or any other/-colored variant of Force Lightning, also (he can have any color Lightning).
  • Omnifarious: Shinji has no limit of who or what he imagines himself as, even being independent of the laws of physics.
  • Shapeshifting: Shinji can alter his physical form and take on the shape of anything he desires, usually other people and animals, including dragons, falcons, eagles, bats, ravens, crows, and even a swarm of rats at one point. He is also capable of transforming into objects, gaseous substances, or liquids, as well as various forms of energy and exotic matter, and also possesses the ability to transform other beings in addition to himself. If he so wishes it, he can only change a certain part of himself, such as his voice, eyes, skin, hair, hands, legs, etc. He is also able to shape his limbs and appendages into weapons, usually blades. He has also been seen transforming into a gaseous mass that resembles gold, black, and red oil paints swirled together, on which he could impose his own face, and is most commonly seen becoming a large swarm of bats or murder of crows.
    • Size Alteration: Shinji has demonstrated the ability to alter his physical height to make himself either smaller or larger, the limits of which are undefined, but he is shown to be capable of becoming so small that he enters the Quantum Realm, in which time has no meaning, and has grown large enough to tower over entire planets/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc.
    • Mist Mimicry: Shinji has also demonstrated the ability to transform into a magical black and red mist which he can then manipulate in a variety of ways; including flying through the air and landing with enough force to shatter an entire continent, generating large shockwaves of smoke, creating magical whips of red energy that can slice opponents with great speed and force, as well as instant teleportation between locations.
  • Plasticity: Shinji possesses the ability to convert the mass of his entire body into a highly malleable state at will. How his body's respiration and circulatory systems function at these distorted extremes is as yet unknown. He can also alter his form in a matter of seconds, often much less (depending on the complexity of the shape), and revert to his normal humanoid shape within a similar time with little to no effort.
    • Dense Flesh: Due to the great malleability and elasticity of his molecular structure, Shinji is able to absorb the impact of any type of man-made ballistic projectile by deforming his body along the path of the projectile's trajectory at the point of initial impact, enabling him to contain explosions or redirect projectiles.
    • Elongation: Shinji can extend his limbs, torso, or neck to great, seemingly endless distances without experiencing any discomfort, and is also capable of extending discrete body parts, such as a single finger, an ear, or an eye.

Transcendent Form: Shinji is able to ascend/asended into a form that is free from any limits and become independent of his own existence, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. When he transcends, Shinji achieves one of his most powerful form, becoming all-powerful and all-knowing with absolutely no weaknesses to speak of, in essence, becoming a true immortal deity.

  • Astronomical Powers: Shinji's powers and abilities reach beyond higher levels than any other being in Creation, and is similar, and superior, to that of a Anyone/with no exaption's astronomical powers. In this form, he can withstand a blast from the strongest legendary world beings smiting of their 's Host head on and remain totally unscathed. He is said to surpass other lifeforms in this state of being.
  • Absolute-Tier Immunity: Shinji is completely immune to All (no matter what/type) weaponry, such as all weapons from fictio nand reallity and strongest weapos i neixstance/any weapon/anything/no matter what, which now don't even register with him. Shinji is immune to all forms of attack, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, and cannot be contained no matter the prison and how great its guards.

All Control: Shinji can control Any/All/All Species/All beings in all Fiction and reallity/Eixstance/Etc/Nommater who no matter what/Etc. With this ability, he can influence a Any/all's body and mind with either verbal or mental command, allowing him to torture, exorcise, banish, and command any/All/Beings that crosses his path. Shinji's power extends to No matter how powreful/Strongest Beings in eixstance, as well as With no exaption, even if they have been sired by No matter/what who/how powreful/Wuth no exaptions/etc.

    • All Possession: Shinji can possess the mind of any/All beings by psychically linking himself to them, allowing him to tell them what to do, as well as communicate through them and see and experience everything they do.
    • All Exorcism: Shinji can force All/Any beings/including all supernatural out of their hosts, even if they are No matter who/how powreful/etc, as well as lock them within certain vessels, rendering them totally incapable of escape.

Astral Projection: Shinji can reveal his true nature by projecting his astral visage. He emits a shimmering golden or red light, revealing his wings that are as long as any Archangel. To those who are angels or beings that can perceive the true visage of angels, Shinji has six pure white wings(or any number he wants demepnding on wish of shinji), shimmering in a mixture of black and golden energy from the outline of his wings. His eyes burn with an intense orange hue when projecting himself.

All Alignment Embodiment: Due to Shinji's status as the reincarnation and purest avatar of the Beyonder, he is widely considered to be the very embodiment of all that is Alighment and all sides of it (he both ebodies and ransends them). As Alighment is an integral part of the Omniverse, Shinji is ageless and undying, due to being empowered by the malefic energies that control the Natural Order. He is drawn to environments no matter where a All sides of Alighment has been committed, and no matter what deeds, the very act of which leaves a psychic imprint that enhances the Shinji's power to new heights.

Biokinesis: Shinji is capable of controlling the biological structure of his own and other people's bodies down to the genetic level. He can produce bio-molecular energy at will to affect the organic matter he touches, which allows him to heal physical damage done to a person's body, reactivate suppressed meta-human abilities, repair cerebral functions, and alter the composition of a being's molecules in certain ways. When he can easelt heal from healing simple scratches to simultaneously healing hundreds of people, resurrecting himself and others, as well as manipulating a being's life-force. Shinji can remove or place any ailments or diseases in a body, as he once did with one his comrades in legendary world in order to cure her of a seemingly incurable affliction that no doctor could find a solution for, even other persons in team, themself who are an acclaimed physicians.

  • Healing: At first he thought himself only capable of basic healing and regeneration, but as time passed he learned how to regrow entire limbs, organs, even neurons, cure and create fatal diseases and infections, and was also capable of sedating AN/ALL BEINGS and cleaning thit body of drugs, as well as curing their addiction to them.
    • Resurrection: Shinji is also capable of bringing people back from the dead, he can do this with anyone no matter/what/who/Etc, hecan do this with a single touch. This ability has since greatly expanded since returning from the White Hot Room, to the point where he was more than able to effortlessly affect the decomposed bodies of an entire allraces/Including alien/all fiction and reallity/etc eixstance who had been recently destroyed by an invading army from legendary world.
  • Conversion: Shinji can create or alter lifeforms in order to produce entirely new species. Shinji can create or alter to any all races and spcies no matter who no matter what/in any ways even dark ones for example if he wanted to is more than capable of creating vast armies of demonic creatures by torturing the souls of living beings into twisted reflections of their former selves, and is also can create no matter what races/species creating/ETC (and it will be 100/True/Real/ETC
    • Take: Shinji has the ability to corrupt and twist a any/all lifeforms into dark reflections of their former selves known as Veakons, providing the Shinji with a limitless army of demonic mutates.
  • Life-Force Manipulation: Shinji also wields the ability to manipulate an organism's life-force, which first manifested in the form of sensing and detecting an individual's unique essence, for example he he is able to feel no matter who dying(if he wants, sensing his life bleeding out of them. Later on he learned how to transfer life-force from one person to another. As he did once with with one person and her unborn child in order to save them. He most often used the ability to control, manipulate and absorb another's life-force in the form of souls, which he could then shape into a variety of effects.
    • Soul Manipulation: Shinji's power over the souls of the living are unparalleled, exceeding that of the combined skills of both Strongest Beings in all Existance/all fiction and reallity. His ability to absorb souls is so potent, he can rob the Unlimited/Infinite of souls of an entire realm with a hand motion, often using portals in conjunction with his soul steal to access the souls of a realm without stepping foot on it. The warrior souls he has taken have also retained their memories such as combat knowledge, making him wiser with every soul he imprisons within him. Not only can he consume a person's soul, be they human, alien, monster, or demon/etc no matter who no matter what/etc, but also twist it into a subservient undead Revenant, powerful lifeless husks of their former selves, these Revenants fight for their lord and master with an unholy reverence and respect for the Shinji. He can also transfer souls to another body, and even decide to which realm of the Afterlife they go to spend their eternity, if he hasn't decided to keep them at hand or stored in his personal Soul Chambers or the mysterious Well of Souls, in which Unlimited/Infinite upon Unlimited/Infinite of All/Any souls boil in perpetual torment, gathered together by the Shinji's infamous Soulnados. A Soulnado is a strange and horrifying phenomenon in which the spirits of an entire world or dimension/Universes/Multiverse/etc are sucked from their bodies and fashioned into swirling maelstrom of spiritual energy just waiting to be devoured. He can even gather countless souls into a bomb-like energy sphere which he can either detonate on the spot, banish to a far-off place, or even place within a living being to explode at a later date. Shinji contains within himself Unlimited/Infinite of tortured warrior souls which comprise the "Legion", which he can resurrect at will in the form of subservient undead Revenants using the power of Necromancy, with which he is intimately familiar. He was also able to use a similar ability to merge thousands of souls together into one being known as Ermac, who became one of his most powerful enforcers. He can also use this ability to transfer the sins of others into himself and purify the souls of others, an ability he rarely utilizes.
      • Soul Creation: Shinji proved himself to be capable of not only devouring the souls of both the dead and the living, but also creating brand new souls from which spring entirely new beings.
      • Soul Reading: Shinji possesses the capability to "read" a person's soul, allowing him to see what kind of person they are, their thoughts, memories, dreams, and desires.
    • Genetic Detection: Shinji is able to detect abnormalities in living beings: for example he detected techno-organic cells in in one person's body, detected Emplate in ampther psrson's body, and even sensed the effect of magical inversion on even another one. He could also sense what race a person was just by looking at them.
    • Death Touch: if Shinji wanted He can use his powers to harm others, to cause different types of illness, massive swellings and organ failure. He can kill/Defat No matter how powreful beings/no matter who no matter what just by touching them for a 0 seconds, dangerously harm No matter whow powreful beings, and instantly annihilate No matter how powreful beings's bodys. His control over his abilities eventually became so refined that if he wanted to he is able to not only give tumor to No matter how powreful beings/etc, but even shaped it into Any logo he wants.

Choro-Chronokinesis: Shinji can control or distort the space-time continuum at will. Originally, he was capable of opening various portals to other realities and timelines in the multiverse, as well as change time to an andy/absolute degree, and his powers were are inferior to no one in short he has limitless influence over time. He can freeze, decelerate, accelerate, and reverse time in a localized area. His sphere of influence is shown to include the entire universe. He can also summon forth warriors from other timelines, as well as manipulate a person's life cycle and aging process, and also condense several entirely different points in space and time, allowing doppelgangers of the same people to exist and occupy the same space at the same time.

  • Dimensional Travel: Being able to manipulate space, Shinji can open up a portal to various universes and travel or open to each one without limit. He is even is being able to open a portal if he has not been to that exact universe first. If he wishes to travel to an alternate reality and not having been there, he does not even requers an object or person from that particular reality in order to travel to that exact universe. He is also capable of trapping people or objects into a pocket dimension of his own creation
    • Portal Creation: Shinji can open rifts into alternate dimension. he havs a no difficulsy time opening one, also he has studied the greates secrets of Existance and their secrets to alternate universes, he can open various portals instead of just one, and can even create portals to other multiverses/Any part of existance, as well as the most forbidden corners of Creation. Shinji uses portals that lead into his own personal dimension where he stores his most sacred artefacts, a place that only he can enter. He uses portals to his advantage in a fight as well by manifesting short "energy javelins", which causes his enemies to teleport to a place of his choosing. He uses this power both defensively and offensively, i.e, fully or partially teleporting whatever they come into contact with away or redirecting attacks back at the targets. He if he wanted to he could also use this power to warp people into solid objects, either killing or seriously maiming them(but does not uses them for this goal).
  • Spatial-Temporal Lock Shinji can exist out of space and time and is immune to just about any alterations of the past. If any changes have been made, he will have full knowledge and memory of any previous existing changes and will notice anything that is different. If someone were to go back in time and murder his parents so that he was never even concieved, he would remain just fine.

Electromagnetic Interference: Shinji's mere presence causes electronic appliances and lights to flicker and go haywire, eventually leading to a violent explosion. for example, he can cause Multiverse/existance/etc-wide blackouts, causing vehicles and aircraft to lose power. This ability would help bring total chaos and mayhem to the world (if he wanted to do it) if he had wanted to the apocalypse as humanity/existance would not be able to rely on technological aid.

  • Energy Manipulation: He is also proven to possess the ability of Mediaekinesis, which enables him to absorb, create, shape, and manipulate every type of energy in Creation, from solar energy to ether, the latter of which is the purest form of energy in the universe. He can even create angelic grace, as well as return a lost angel's grace to them with its own characteristics unique to that angel. With this power, he can convert one form of energy into another, create an entirely new type of energy with its own unique capabilities, perceive the energy around him just by blinking, and also augment his own physical and mental abilities.
    • Energy Absorption: His body is capable of absorbing various types of energy, primarily that of a cosmic nature, for the purpose of temporarily enhancing his own physical attributes, and can augment his strength and energy projection up to a force greatly exceeding that of a nuclear weapon. He is also capable of absorbing magical and life energy as well as other kinds, not just that of a cosmic nature.

Elemental Manipulation: Shinji possesses the psychokinetic ability to manipulate the basic elements of nature such as fire, earth, water, and air, etc, on a scale even greater than that of the No Matter how powreul beings i nall fiction and reallity/no matter what/no matter who/etc, whom he effortlessly defeated in a one-on-all battle. It is unclear whether or not Shinji's elemental powers are psionic or purely physiological in nature. His elemental abilities seem to be tied to his emotional state, particularly those of fire, lightning, and earth

  • Electrokinesis: Shinji can generate currents of electricity through his body and release it in the form of electrical energy and enormously destructive lightning bolts which he can then mold into a variety of shapes, including spheres and protective shields. With this ability he was able to charge a cell phone without the need of a phone charger, and later caused a starship's core to overload. His mastery over this power allowed him to project lightning from his body, as well as summon it from the sky to strike his opponents, the power of which was so intense that it was capable of instantly reducing an entire crowd of onlookers to charred husks of their former selves. His projected lightning is usually blue in coloration, but when he is greatly enraged or experiencing moments of intense emotion, he has been proven to be able to produce red-colored lightning, which is far hotter and more intense than his usual variant.
  • Pyrokinesis: Shinji can control Holy Fire, and can manipulate Hellfire, Shinji possesses the ability to generate and control both, as well as ordinary flame and heat. He can use this power to harm, trap or kill No matter/who/what/any all beings/etc/etc with ease. Neither holy or hellfire/No matter/who/what/etc can be used to harm or kill him. Shinji's ability to control fire can incinerate No matte/who/what/etc/any/all Level Entities, even if he's a teenager. He can combine both fires to show people his wings in a theatrical fashion, much one being did, but instead of fire he used electricity (shinji can do this also). He can also alter the intensity and colour of his generated flames, preferring to utilize fire of an intense blue hue, but has also been seen generating both green and red flames.
  • Hydrokinesis: Shinji is also able to manipulate water in all its forms, including ice and vapor. With this ability, he can control vast bodies of water to produce waves, tsunamis, maelstroms, vortexes, and the like, as well as solidify water to produce cryokinetic constructs such as spikes, walls, slides, swords, daggers, whips etc.
  • Terrakinesis: Perhaps one of his most used abilities, Shinji possesses a strong/unlimited/infinite affinity for the elemental ability to create, control, and manipulate the earth and other earthly substances and materials; such as sand, crystal, stone, rock, dirt, mud, dust, wood, concrete, and brick marble. He can hurl and lift boulders, generate earthquakes, mudslides, avalanches, fissures, project spikes of stone from the ground and tunnel through the earth. Shinji often transports himself and others by riding on a large slab of earth. He can change earthen matter fr om one state to another (such as shifting mud into solid stone), and can manipulate other aspects of earth like sand, wood, magma, lava, and some metals. His geokinetic abilities also allow him to affect molten rock, giving him the ability to control the flow of magma, lava and to thermo-geokinetically control volcanic activity to a degree. He is so powerful that he once caused a series of devastating earthquakes to ravage a No matter/who/what/etc with ease.
  • Aerokinesis: Shinji also possesses the ability to influence wind and the flow of surrounding air currents. With this power, he is capable of producing gale-force winds and massive cyclones. He once utilized this ability to produce a small tornado in the palm of his hand with a twisting motion, before extinguishing it just by blowing on it. He could also create highly destructive whirlwinds and windstorms.
  • Atmokinesis: Shinji has also proven himself to be capable of influencing the weather on an enormous scale. He can used this power to produce massive thunderstorms that covered the earth with the added effect of disrupting communications across the globe, allowing his alien forces to swoop in and easily conquer the planet(if he wanted to). He could effortlessly alter the weather to generate rain, snow, sleet, or hail, as well as change the day into night, block the sun's rays from penetrating the atmosphere, and later immerse the earth in an enormous black thundercloud.
  • Chlorokinesis: This is one of Shinji's least used abilities, but even then he displays a vast grasp on its most complex workings. With this power, Shinji can accelerate the growth of plant life and manipulate the ecosystem to better serve his will, but commonly uses it to animate vines that he can use to restrain and strangle his victims. He once used it to grow a bunch of roses, and later accelerated the growth of a single seed so that an entire garden grew from it. At one point, he used this ability to tap into the primordial forces of the Green and harness it to conjure an entire forest around himself, which he then imbued with powerful elemental magic.
  • Magnetokinesis:* Shinji is proven to possess comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and ferrous metals which allows him to achieve a variety of effects. Shinji has harnessed magnetism to stop armies, raise islands from ocean floors, move mountains, change the course of rivers, and threaten to devastate the entire world with floods and earthquakes. Shinji is proven to possess the ability to produce extremely powerful and destructive magnetic rays and self-generated electromagnetic pulses with the destructive capability to devastate an entire world. Moreover, he can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously, and can completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds through his powers.

Blood Manipulation: Shinji can utilize his own blood in many ways. The most evident manifestation of this ability is his Shadow Whip, a solidified stream of his own blood crystallized into a tendril of crimson energy. He can also transform into blood itself, becoming a stream or even just a puddle, in which form he can then enter the body of another and seize control over the motor functions for any time. Shinji is even able to create living creatures of blood and bind others to the Blood Code, imbuing them with powerful blood magic.

  • Blood Solidification: Shinji is capable of molding blood into a variety of shapes, creating living beings or forming tangible constructs such as swords, spears, scythes, daggers, and most commonly, projectile orbs and a whip. He was even able to create a crimson cobra from his own blood, and later conjured an enormous red dragon from a single drop of his life-giving liquid.
    • Shadow Whip: A supernatural whip-like weapon, which Shinji creates from his own hybrid blood, which often manifests as an eldritch red gauntlet on either one of Shinji's arms.
    • Shadow Daggers: Like the Shadow Whip, Shinji can create projectile daggers from his own blood.
  • Vampiric Possession: Shinji can use his blood to possess his enemies and force them to fight one another or to take control of them.

Shinji is often said to classify as a Psionic of the Highest Order, thanks to his enormous psychic abilities which enable him to mimic pure psionic energy and influence matter and energy on a cosmic scale, the likes of which makes a god tremble.

Psionic Entity: Shinji both is and transformed into energy in order to ascend to the White Hot Room, where he continued to exist, even though his physical body had vanished, evolving into a psionic being and was no longer restricted by the boundaries of the physical world.

  • Physical Reconstitution: Shinji later knows to rebuild his body from psionic energy, and was also able to reverse the process, and because his consciousness continues to exist in the Astral Plane, he can effortlessly create another body for himself if he needed to.
    • Self-Detonation:* He can explode his body by reversing it back into psionic energy.
  • Physical Possession:* Along with knowing how to rebuild his physical form, Shinji's heightened state of existence has allowed him to possess people. While possessing someone, he can explore their mind from the inside. It is possible that if he possesses a mutant, he can use their powers along with his own.

Metapathy: Shinji is an incredibly powerful mentalist of the Highest Order. Surpassing the likes of of no matter how powreful/etc/all existance/etc. By any/all of whom he is considered the The greatest psychic in all Existance talent's. He can read minds, scan thoughts, change them around, manipulate neuron impulses or induce total psychological paralysis with but a whim. So great are his psi skills that Shinji can not only reach across the globe and touch Unlimited/Infinite of sapient minds, as well as the Unlimited/Infinie of non-sentient conciousness on the all Existance/Multivrse/etc, he can also make telepathic contact with the psyche's of extraterrestrials from across galaxian/universes/Multiverse/etc expanses to adjacent dimensions. Even an entire universes/etc/No Matter what range/etc away from the most distant sector of the multiverse/existance/etc at will.

  • Telepathic Force Manipulation: Shinji can use his mental gifts to read minds and influence emotions on a conceptual level. Enabling him to touch the hearts of those he wishes to establish psychic contact with as well as access and enter their existential center of thought. This is a facet of his abilities gleaned from his Mummudrai centre; whom stems from a race that has a natural affinity for manipulating the mind and the emotions of others they interact with.
    • Telepathic Cloak: Offspring can hide himself by masking his presence from detection by others and can extend these defenses to others around him as well. At times Nathan either go completely undetected or be counteracted by another powerful telepath (though this is rare), depending on their level of skill in using their own psi abilities.
    • Mind Link: Nate can establish a lingering mental tithe to another mind either within his vicinity or a whole reality away. Retaining a connection to said individual('s) so long as he and they wish to maintain it.
    • Telepathic Camouflage: The standard psychic ability to mask himself and/pr others' from those around him. Psionically disguise his appearance to those around him in order to pass off as someone else.
      • Relative Appearance Alteration: Using his Mummudrai half's emotional intuition, Nathan can also throw up an appearance of himself based upon whatever it is the individual whom see's him either finds most appealing to their eyes. Or what it is they most fear and dread like a famous celebrity or their childhood tormentors and the like.
    • Mind Control Nathan/Nate can easily control the minds of most other sentient beings, Stemming to both their voluntary and involuntary bodily functions against their will.
    • Mind Trap: Ability to effectively take another person's psyche from their body, trapping that mind within his own gestalt one.
      • Mind Absorption/Hive: Through his mental trapping, Nathan can collect and store the consciousness of countless beings within his own psychescape. Using the datacore's infinite store space of his Techno-organic A.I. Nate can keep them psychically incarcerated while digitally accessing their information (e.i. physical, mental, historical, etc.) and repurpose it for later use.
    • Mind Possession: Able to possess the mind of another, and use that beings body as his own.
      • Mass Possession: Extending his mind, or the minds of those in his A.I. Core's cache to overshadow and manipulate the bodies of select individuals at will
        • Remote Possession: Offspring can host multiple or sole bodies by commandeering the mind of another even from great distances.
    • Mind Alteration: Nate can to alter the minds of others by force of will. Changing their personalities, world views or emotional consistency as easily as it take for him to breath.
    • Mental Amnesia: Omega can cause partial or total loss of particular memories and amnesia in another person or even in a group of people.
    • Clairvoyance: Nathan/Nate can glean valuable information about objects, locations, events or peoples of import through means other than physical sight. Allowing them to act when they are unable to use their eyes to ascertain valuable information. They can 'see' spiritual/psychic beings and perceive the 'presence', emotions, thoughts, and memories of others.
      • Precognition: See into the distant myriadic futures.
      • Retrocognition: Look back towards the equally ever changing past.
    • Psionic Shield: Ability to erect a psychic shield for protection of himself and of others minds. X Soldier has proven very difficulty to psychically assail, as he is very well skilled in shielding his own mind from mental-attacks (such as attempts to read, control or harm his own mind), and has been sufficient to protect himself from assaults by other such powerful psychics.
    • Psionic Blasts: Nathan can project his psionic power as force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind, as to cause pain, unconsciousness or even death in the affected.
    • Psychic Wave Manipulation: The rare psionic talent to manifest your telepathic force into tangible, physical abstract to reach out and affect the world around you. Some of the most powerful of telepaths possess the ability to generate and manipulate thought waves. Their own or those of another and utilize them either in a telepathic manner or materialize the waves into powerful energy for physical purposes; further compression of such psychic waves could become physical matter. It can create a barrier composed of compressed waves, materialized waves into appendages to manipulate objects and project mind waves into whatever physical shape is imagined.
    • Mentifery: At the height of his/their psionic talents, Omega Savior's telepathy reaches to the point where they can influence the quantum structure of metaphysical, pataphysical, cataphysical and even Omni-Physical reality. Willing their united mind, coupled with the few other minds they either reach out too or keep confined within their transmode network to bolster their thought power for the purpose of changing reality by the mere power of their mind alone.
    • Astral Trapping: Nathan has the ability to psychically materialize Astral Force within the material plane. Using it in conjunction with his Telepathy and Telekinesis to strenghten his natural mental abilities further by giving them a conduit to focus ans strengthen themselves through.
      • Astral Projection: Nathan can project his multiple selves into the astral world.
      • Astral Solidification: Dayspring can give immaterial astral form solid substance to use against both the physical and ethereal threats he comes across along his many escapades.
    • Mental Detection
    • Telepathic Power Modulation: Through his mastery of neuropsychic interaction. X Soldier can either broaden, weaken or outright negate the powers of others be they mutant, superhuman, inhuman or otherwise. He could even potentially give non-powered types superhuman abilities of their own.
      • X-Gene Dilution: Nate can telepathically weaken any superpowered beings abilities, regardless of whether they have the X-Gene or not.
      • Neural Jumpstart: Nathan also has the capacity to supercharge their powers in new and unpredictable ways. Either ramping up their natural abilities, jarring a secondary and or tertiary mutation's in mutants.
      • Psionic Negation: By accessing the neural pathways in which a superman can access they're abilities. Omega Savior can just as easily shut down their powers outright.
      • Potential Ignition: He even has the power to not only activate the underlying X-Gene within dormant mutants. But also bestow superhuman capability upon those whom initially lacked any potential for powers or abilities.

Metakinesis: The totalic manipulation of kinetic force in all shapes and forms through use of his psychokinetic power. Shinjis MK abilities are so strong he was prophesied to have power enough to shatter planets/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/Etc/Existance and smother all existance with ease. Shinji possesses Unlimited-grade mind over matter abilities, enabling him to manipulate matter with the energy of his thoughts from the molecular to particle level. Shinji of very fine motor control over objects, including himself. While on larger scales, Shinji can levitate insurmountable weights, his does not hasupper limit and its unlimited power. Shinji could displace countless infinite/unlimited of tons of matter; as easily as willing the planets/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance to change orbital alignment, to simpler things like fabricating and re-positioning his own island mass comprised of various terren, alien and natural mineral elements based around his old Providence space station designs.

  • Intuitive Perception:
    • Hyper-Awareness
  • Omni-Element Manipulation:
    • Matter Manipulation
      • Plasma Manipulation
      • Fire Manipulation
      • Earth Manipulation
      • Water Manipulation
      • Quantum Manipulation
      • Cosmic Manipulation
    • Energy Manipulation
      • Electromagnetism Manipulation
      • Kinetic Energy Manipulation
      • Sound Manipulation
      • Nuclear Manipulation
      • Warpwave Manipulation
      • Ionic Manipulation
  • Psionic Spike:
  • Meta Space-Time Manipulation
  • Quantum String Manipulation
  • Neutronium Manipulation
  • Teleketic Force Manipulation: By focusing his power on the raw material spychic aspect, Offspring is able to generate and manipulate the broad aspect of PKE which is the base telekinetic force itself. Able to utilize both the sheer psionic dynamism as well as the compartmentalized facet of the core power, through which he is able to perform complex telekinetic operations, like the manipulation of matter and energy at the particle level. As well as make use of the more visceral applications in regards to overwhelming power. Such as crushing super heavily armored vehicles into tiny balls or compression cubes. Simply tearing them to shreds in an instant, no matter the substance be it Adamantium, Uru, Dargonite or Virbanium. Shinji can manipulate and control huge objects be they astrological in size and shape, or unleash telekinetic blasts strong enough to obliterate entire armies or small moons. The Gestalt could casually repel massive attacks and instantly erect an impregnable and self-repairing telekinetic force-barriers, build vast telekinetic energy war machines around themselves for intense and prolonged battles, even create hordes of telekinetic shades that will act as extensions of them while in heavy battle. With his/their overwhelming telekinetic force, Omega can bend and escape the laws of reality, and distort space-time on a conceptual level.
    • Force-Field Manipulation: Ability to create protective force shields that could deflect even the most powerful of attacks (even filter bacteria or pollutants from the air). The upper limits of Offspring's protective ability remain unknown, but it is believed that he could probably protect himself from harm by a well fed galactus's power cosmic volley. Cable has also displayed such control over the fields as to shape them precisely, even to conform very closely to his body’s form. There does not appear to be any correlation between field strength and the thickness of the telekinetic fields.
    • Concussive Blasts: Can project hyperkinetic waves of such power and magnitude the blast beams directed from his brain can apparently affect matter with concussive force.
    • Tactile Telekinesis: Shinji can use his telekinesis to enhance his already impressive physical practices to well above superhuman/any other levels, enough to shatter mountains/plantex/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/Existance and split the earth/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance barehanded. Or resist thermonuclear detonation without fear of radiation burns even minus the usage of a telekinetic force field.
      • Telekinetic Enhancement: By utilizing his metakinesis on the biomolecular level, Shinji was able to better augment himself to afford greater physical abilities than the finest human athlete and also any other being no matter who/what/how powreful etc. Propelling himself well beyond the physical human/any other beings limits save that which he feels is necessitated by the limits of his own belief.
        • TK Strength
        • TK Speed
        • TK Agility
        • TK Stamina
        • Force Field Generation
        • Internal Reinforcement
    • Telekinetic Flight: Shinji can attain natural aviation by focusing his natural telekinetic force around himself. Being able to fly up to Any Speed/no matter what a breathable atmosphere to achieving mach or trans-light/ and laso any other speeds/no matter who what speeds in outer planetary orbit.
    • Intangibility
    • Size Alteration: Has used his telekinesis to alter his physical stature to that of a towing giant, similarly to Apocalypse.
    • Telekinetic Teleportation: While uninhibited by the T.O. infection Shinji shows the ability to warp himself from place to place even without his "bodysliding" technology.
      • Remote Teleportation: So proficient in its use Shinji can warp people away remotely from anywhere across the world to across random dimensions.
      • Dimensional Travel: Shinji can traverse the infinite planes of reality by peeling back the dimensional barriers which separate the varying dimensions from one another.
      • Time Travel: Shinji can consciously traverse the time stream under their own power. With or Without the Cone of Silence to aid them.
  • Memory Manipulation:
    • Memory Reading: He is able to read the memories of those around him, and project himself into a person's memories or place others into his memories to explore it from the inside. He can read the memories of several people simultaneously and combine them to form a picture, and was able to read the entire life story of a person.
    • Memory Erasure: At first he was capable of instantly erasing the memories of himself from the minds of a Unlimited Number of being no matter who/what/etc/ Later he developed this power to an even greater degree, and is able to simultaneously manipulate the minds of Unlimited Number of beings citizens of All Existance Easely, for example he is able to erase every memory about him in all Existance in all beings no matter who powreful/etc/in unlimited numbers/scale eetc. He was also is able to erase No Matter who how pwreful/being/how many/etc's memories, easely/etc
    • Memory Implantation: He is able to place psychic implants in the minds of others, that replaced their memories with false ones. He could also make these implants deadly(if he wanted to), so that if they were removed the person could die, he can do this on/ matter who/what /no matter how powreful beings/etc,
    • Memory Projection/Telemorphic Manifestation: He is able to project someone's memories in order for them to be visually seen.
    • Memory Recall: He is able to remind himself as well as other people of the memories that they forgot.
      • Memory Overload: He is able to flood the minds of others with an abundance of information of traumatic memories of their past, which overloaded their consciousness, emptying their mind and soul, and placing a person into a coma-like state.
  • Memory Exchange: He is able to temporarily put the memories of one person into the mind of another, including his own.
    • Memory Absorption: He can absorb information, memories, knowledge and skills from others and use it as his own, and even absorb the entire consciousness of a person.
  • Memory Restoration: By reading the deep subconscious of a person, Shinji was able to restore their fractured and/or lost memories.
  • Mind Link: He is able to create a permanent mental link with another person which allowed them to share thoughts, memories and feelings, and he was able to sense the whereabouts of said person.
    • Hive Mind/Telepathic Web: Shinji can interconnect several people to a hive mind of sorts, with him as leader, which allow all its members to share thoughts, memories and feelings with each other and maintain a permanent mental link with each other.

Psionic Energy Manipulation: Shinji is able to manipulate psionic energy for various purposes.

  • Psionic Energy Absorption: He is able to absorb psionic energy from other living beings or psi-attacks, and use it to amplify himself. He is able to almost instantly siphon psionic energy from a few dozen psychics without any effort at a moment's notice, leaving them all unconscious and hanging on the brink between life and death.
  • Psionic Energy Solidification: He is able to make psionic energy solid and shape it into any suitable form.
    • Astral Projection Materialization: He is able to pull the astral projections of other telepaths into the physical world, making them semi-solid.
  • Psionic Weapons: Shinji can shape psionic energy into various weapons like hammers, scythes, claws, lashes, etc.
  • Psionic Energy Materialization: He is able to create perfect replicas of normal matter by materializing psionic energy. He once created a psionic construct of the arm of Jam, that looked, felt and worked like a real arm; the copy was so perfect that even a professional doctor could not determine that it wasn't real. These psionic constructs are independent from Shinji and continue to exist even without any support from him, they cease to exist only if Shinji decides so.
  • Psionic Body: He later vastly improved this power and was able to create an entire human body out of psi-energy, that even had the consciousness, memories, and temper of the original person. After his return he created a few such bodies for himself, including his current one.

Astral Plane Tap: He also possesses the ability tap into the virtually unlimited psychic resources of the astral plane in order to manipulate matter and energy (even down to the molecular level) and up to a potentially unlimited scale.

Empathy: On many occasions, Shinji is shown to have incredibly strong empathic powers that enable him to control, manipulate and alter the feelings, sensations, and emotions of others, allowing him to exert a any degree of influence over their desires and thoughts.

Telepathy: Shinji is the Existance's most powerful telepath, and certainly the most skilful. Shinji was able to converse telepathically, read the minds of Unlimited/Infinite of people simultaneously, read thoughts across Unlimited/Infinite distances, surface scan up to Unlimited/Infinite minds to find a specific person, etc. He himself said that telepathy is his sixth sense and his most important one, and comes to him much easier than breathing.

  • Astral Projection: Capable of forging psi-links to travel in astral form alone, or with others.
  • Telepathic Défense: He can use telepathy in a number of defensive ways.
    • Mind Cloaking: Shinji is able to mask himself and his abilities from being detected, even by powerful telepaths such as the Strongest beings in all Fiction and reallity/no matter how powreful.
      • Undetectability: By tweaking the basic senses of others, Shinji was able to make himself completely imperceptible, even by those with super-humanly acute/No matter/who/what/etc senses. He is also able to psionically conceal his own life-signs, to convince everyone around him and even the high-tech equipment of the Psi-Ops' agents that he was dead. He is able to hide himself and others from the sensors of Prime Sentinels, and even from Cerebro/No matter/who/what/etc, which is extremely difficult, thought to be impossible, for even the strongest of mutants to accomplish.
  • Memory Projection/Telemorphic Manifestation: He is able to project someone's memories in order for them to be visually seen.
  • Memory Recall: He is able to remind himself as well as other people of the memories that they forgot.
    • Memory Overload: He is able to flood the minds of others with an abundance of information of traumatic memories of their past, which overloaded their consciousness, emptying their mind and soul, and placing a person into a coma-like state.
  • Memory Exchange: He is able to put the memories of one person into the mind of another, including his own.
    • Memory Absorption: He can absorb information, memories, knowledge and skills from others and use it as his own, and even absorb the entire consciousness of a person.
  • Memory Restoration: By reading the deep subconscious of a person, Shinji was able to restore their fractured and/or lost memories.
  • Mind Link: He is able to create a permanent mental link with another person which allowed them to share thoughts, memories and feelings, and he was able to sense the whereabouts of said person.
    • Hive Mind/Telepathic Web: Shinji can interconnect several people to a hive mind of sorts, with him as leader, which allow all its members to share thoughts, memories and feelings with each other and maintain a permanent mental link with each other.
  • Mental Blasts: Shinji can project stunning bolts of psionic energy, which have no physical effects, but causes pain to the victim's mind or renders them unconscious.
  • Intuitive Multilingual: Capable of intuitively translating and learning new languages, including alien ones.
  • Dimensional Sense: Capable of sensing dimensional rifts and/or anomalies, sense if someone traveled between universes, and see the Spiral of Realities.
  • Precognition & Retrocognition: Shinji is also an extremely powerful precog and retrocog. At first he was able to see visions of the future during a trance or through precognitive dreams, in which he devised prophecies. Later he learned another way to see, by displacing himself into a time-stream that shows every version of every possible future, as well as past and present events. Shinji used his precognition powers to concoct his plan against some of his enemis. He can also trigger visions of other precogs and share them.
    • Psychometry: He can read residual thought imprints left on objects touched by people. By touching the object Shinji is able to see past events that happened with this object and around it, days and even decades ago. he does not even need to touch an object, only enter the room to see what happened there many years ago. Psychometry also allows him to see the many possible futures of an object.
  • Cyberpathy: Shinji is able to communicate with and control computers, technological appliances, and even cyborgs.
  • Power Manipulation: Shinji is able to directly activate and control the superpowers of other beings, without taking control of their body or mind.
    • Power Bestowal: sHINJI can grant superhuman powers to others as he did with some beings.
    • Power Amplification: He can also increase another beings's powers to incredibly levels.
    • Power Negation: He is also capable of placing mental blocks in the minds of others to prevent them from using their superpowers, and suppressing them altogether.
    • Power Absorption: Shinji also possesses the ability to steal and mimic the superhuman and supernatural abilities of other beings, as he did with Some beings, and several others.
  • Telepathic Tracking: Shinji is able to find any person by isolating their psi-signature on the Astral Plane and tracing it all around the globe.
    • Telepathic Tracer: He can also place a special "tracer" on a chosen person, which allows him to track that person's movements.
  • All Radio: Once Shinji learned how to control the ability to communicate on All radio, he can speak to all Beings/Races/etc/no matter wat/who and hear any distress signals, including the ability to sense a All beings/no matter what no matter who/etc's creation and hear a person's prayers to him, be they human or otherwise.
  • Dream Manipulation: Shinji can enter a person's/no matter what number/etc simultaneously head to communicate with them privately, and manipulate their dreams. He is capable of bringing out their worst fears and shaping their dreams into horrifying nightmares. It is also known that he is able to trap people and no matter how powreful beings/no matter/who what/etc in their dreams, so that they never awaken(Shinji never uses this power this way), where they spend the rest of their lives in a coma stuck in either perpetual bliss or perpetual torment, depending on what Shinji would want them to see(Shinji never uses this power this way). Shinji often uses his dreamwalking abilities to communicate with his allies/armies, leaving them commands on what to/help/etc. Many of of the list of enemis of shinji beings who are mutch weaker than him in this power could to infiltrate the dreams of No matter how powreful beings/etc/no matter who no matter what, and subject them to increasingly terrible nightmares, which begin with all of their dreams being fulfilled then instantly turned to ash before their eyes, weakening their mental defenses until they are nothing more than slobbering shells of their former selves, having been driven to insanity after being subjected to numerous mind breaks and unspeakable torture without ever leaving a physical mark on them and also conquer all Existance via their dream powers with ease and 0 time/etc they could do anything no matter what/etc with ease and be all powreful via dream powers etc/ whitch they could do easely with 0 power and also do anything via dreams and such inslucding being psycial actions/any./etc Shinji is also capable of doing physical actions/via dtrams manipulations such any/actions/etc.

Telekinesis: Shinji is the most powerful telekinetic in the multiverse/the whole Omniverse/etc/exstance. Shinji is capable of very fine/absolute/perfect control over objects down to the molecular and even subatomic/etc level. He is capable of telekinetically moving the chemicals in someone's brain around, and cal also disassemble and reassemble complex devices within 0 time. And also On larger scales, Shinji can levitate vast/unlimited weights, including whole planets/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/Existance. He was even proven to possess the ability to telekinetically demolish objects no matter what range away away, such for example, he is able to erase whole existance from existence being no matter what range away Easeley/etc/he can do no matter what/etc.

  • Force Fields: Shinji is able to create impenetrable protective force shields, that could protect him from the physical attacks of No matter how powreful beings/strongest beings in existance, a rocket fired at close range, corrosive acid, hurricane winds, point blank explosions, lava, a direct lightning strike, atmospheric re-entry, No matter ho powreful beings's electric discharge, Strongest beings in existance' blasts, No matter how powreful beings's laser beams, No matter how powreful beings's plasma beams, Strongest beings in all fiction and reallity/Any/All No matter/who/what/etc's plasma beams, From All Strongest clusters beings's flames, and even from No matter how powreful beings 's blasts (that are powerful enough to destroy a Planets/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/etixtance), and punches from overwhelmingly strong beings like No matter how powreful beings. His force fields can activate instinctively(if he wants), all he is even aware of it. He can also form shields around Unlimited/infinite of people simultaneously, and was capable of effortlessly projecting an enormous protective orb around Earth/Existance/Any/rea and its defense fleet (he can also make it at any range/and with any nummber/etc.
    • Telekinetic Bubbles: Normally his force fields are skin-tight, but he can also expand them to form spherical shields to extend protection to several/unlimited people at the same time, cover vast/Unlimited areas, or hold oxygen to breathe in inhospitable environments.
    • Molecular Filter: Shinji is able to fine-tune force fields for specific types of matter to either block said specific matter or allow only it through his shields. For example he was able to stop oxygen from reaching a person, separate smoke from air, block pheromones from entering the body, etc. He even later stated that pheromones are ineffective against him since he sampled every possible chemical.
    • Thermal Adaptation: He is also able to use force fields to protect himself from extreme temperatures.
    • Force Field Removal: Damian can easily destroy the force fields of other No Matter how powreful telekinetics, such as Strongest Beings in eistance.
    • Telekinetic Deflection: Shinji is able to deflect and/or redirect attacks, like projectiles, away from himself. His control and power is so great and finely tuned, that instead of stopping an explosion like most telekinetics tend to do, he simply curves the energy of the shock-wave and the exploding shrapnel around him.
  • Intangibility:* He can phase through solid matter by mentally shifting his molecules around another object's as he moves forward. Damian can selectively phase only certain parts of his body, while the rest of his body remains solid. He can also phase other people/beings and doesn't require physical contact to do so.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Shinji is able to manipulate the gravitational field of the planets/galaxies/universes/Multiverse/etc/exostamce. He was able to negate gravity even on very huge objects, and it didn't pose any challenge for him. He was also able to isolate the gravitational field around certain objects or people, and since objects are held on the surface of the planet/galaxies/universes/Multiverse/etc/eixtance by the gravitational field, while the planets/galaxies/Universes/etc/eoxtamce is constantly moving in space, removing the field of gravity would cause objects to fly out the planet/galaxies/Iniverses/etc/existance's atmosphere almost instantly.
  • Dimensional Distortion: Shinji can distort and/or destroy the dimensional barriers that separate dimensions and realities from one another, allowing residents of these dimensions travel to the main reality and vice versa.
  • Tactile Telekinesis: Shinji can use telekinesis to enhance his physiology.
    • Enhanced Strength: Shinji can use telekinesis to increase his physical strength to such a degree that he was able to literally beat No matter how powreful beings/stonrgest beings in all fiction and reallity/no matter/who/what/etc with with ease, lift Anything/No matter who/what/how hard/etc, leap to heights and distances greater than that of an ordinary human/any other beings/no matter who no matter what, break No matter how powreful beings armors’s armor, tear through No matter how powreful beings’ shielded ship, etc. Combining telekinetically increased strength with his force fields, Shinji was able to fight and defeat no matter how /how powreful beings with ease.
    • Enhanced Speed: Shinji can also use telekinesis to increase his running/flight/any other speed, though it is to any degree.

Psi-Tech Surgery: A talent he procured while surfing the extra dimensional trails of lower Astral Space. Shinji can focus the totality of his psycho-cyberformic abilities in conjunction with his shadow self's DNA manipulative capabilities to better effect biological and non-biological elements.

  • Telekinetic Procedure: Shinji has vast matter mending capabilities. By focusing his psychokinetic into focused psi-shivs which can break apart or mend physical matter at the subatomic level, giving the Shinji the ability to fix and mend almost anything and everything they focus their talents on.
  • Telekinetic Operation: Through another astral utility called a Psi-Specs allows him to hold open the psyche in order to scope out any and all of the toxic thought process, damaged neural pathways, mental parasites or forced psychic tampering and intrusion in order to discern how best to repair the in depth mental damage of the afflicted host.
    • Mental Curing: Shinji can dive in as an astral form and set about with fixing the hideously derezzed mental plane of the damaged mind he's working on. Curing any psychological hiccups or mental instabilities plaguing their affected patients. In some cases those cured this way are made to think clearer and become smarter than they were to start with.
  • Micromechanical Aciurgy: By applying his mechanical sub-forms in nanite dispersal mode, Shinji/Dan can conduct incredible precision microsurgery on objects, animals and people who're suffering from cardiovascular or neuropsychological defects. Enabling Shinji to cure even thought to be considered incurable diseases and afflictions by riding and purifying the electro-chemical streams of the most malnourished of patients.
    • Augmentative Restoration: The sub-micromachines set about their coarse of healing and repairing everything that's malformed or wrong about the effected patient. Even going about the notion of repairing their damaged quantum structure which can have the effect of, but not only, completely reinvigorating the affected party as well as synergistically alternating their reality synchronicity to reform them into the best forms of themselves.
  • Technomorphism:Having worked with his astral shade whilst in a state of deep meditation that lasted nearly twenty years (in legendary world. Shinji managed to merge his biophysical self with the nanomolecular virus technology infesting his system. Shinji rewired the Techno-Organic virus code on a digital scale, while Mother of legendary world used her own natural skills as a machine-entity to modify Shinji's genetic structure to create greater interaction capacity with the more streamlined Virulent form. The fused entity now boasting the most powerful psychic mind known to man and phantasm were again further modulated by the now perfected biotech mod which effectively gave them both total control over their shared anatomy at the sub-quantum level.
    • Technoforming: Shinji has total control over his transorganic silicate based substance. Enabling him to change and morph their mechamorphic physiology beyond the conceivable norm. Moreover he can consciously ghost his essence, and enter any and all mechanical energy systems in order to control them. This ability includes technology, biology, machinery, circuitry, neurology and even geography by sequestering his micro-technological quintessence into the very atoms of his surroundings via Wireless Energy Transferal along any known broad wave conduit.
      • Battle Shifting: Shinji can augment himself in a conscious and subconscious manner to better augment his chances of surviving and winning in any combat situation he's currently faced with. Delving deep into their underlying potential be it hereditary, psionic, bio-physical or otherwise, to grow and exceed their original limitations in order to match or overcome stronger opponents and/or existential obstacles.
  • Living Factory: Through the vast omnikinetic abilities coupled with the Techno-Organic synergy within them, Unity can fabricate almost anything they can conceive of from their very body; i.e. weapons, armor, shielding, munitions, etc. Combined with his astral armor and absorbed cavorite/psimitar technologies, Shinji can easily fabricate super-weapons or god-tier technologies which can restart dying universes or sterilize corrupted ones.
  • Shiftmorphing: Unity can mechamorphosize anything he sets his mind to, including himself. Whenever he changes, everything around him changes along with him. He can also morph himself into the surround material in order to get from place to place by fusing with one area and coming out at a completely different place altogether.
    • Living Power Plant: Through the accumulation and modulation of energy, Shinji can churn out and symbiotically differentiate the various kinds of energy signatures along a broad wave spectrum of different forms. Be it nuclear, radio-logical, cosmological, anti-material or negative in frequency. Damian can freely alternate these differing energies making them stronger or weaker than normal as well, providing himself and/or others with a self-sustaining perpetual generator core to power his facilities, technologies, weaponry, etc.
    • Possessive Transformation: Anything Shinji trans-morphs becomes a remote extension of himself. Meaning anything and everything he creates or remakes as he sees fit possesses some of his corporeal stuff and will act and react however he wishes it too. He is it, they are him and will reform to suit both of they're individual beings.
  • Absorbing Replication: Shinji's morphing abilities enables him to remotely control and assimilate just about any and all things both organic and inorganic into himself instantly. Through this he could assimilate new powers, new materials and new technologies from across the infinite span of realities to further his creativity, ingenuity and overall power by incorporating several new items of interest into himself. Likewise he can also redistribute any new materials amalgamated through him into the environment around him. Sequestering a bit of himself and his wears within any new place of home and hearth.
    • Items Fabricated: Pertaining the equipment and wears Shinji has produced from his own physiology.
    • Abilities Replicated/Combined/Enhanced: Powers, skills, and abilities copied from his travels across his time and alternate universes.
    • Properties Conglomerated: The memorized template select of different substances he's taken on over the years.
  • Airachnid: The artificial Intelligence which was created through the psychotheric fusion between Mother of world of Legendary world. Airachnid manifests itself through a watch-like bracelet device, but can be seemingly absorbed back into its progenitor. Shinji can also project it as an interactive hard-light holoform in the shape of an extremely attractive young woman who speaks with a provocative tone when engaged in conversation. Airachnid's technology is even more advanced that that of a Strongest Computers in Legendary world/All Existance/All Fiction and Reallity/no Matter who what/etc, any/all/many of which she has absorbed into herself in order to increase her capabilities and make her even more useful, allowing her to tap directly into the Source of All Things. She functions as a sort of Heads Up Display with which to monitor and keep track of events across time & space and within the multiverse.
  • Human-Artificial Intelligence Synergy: Through their three person union, Shinji's synergistic bond between his organic self, astral twin and the Artificial Intelligence construct, they have birthed a natural and synthetic means of forming a synergistic link with any systematic unit. Technological, mental, informational, EM Wave feeds, the works. Airachnid can also hack light bulbs and wrist watches in order to communicate with Shinji and others at a moments notice.
  • Cybermind: Shinji's T-O augmented gray matter no longer functions like a typical hunk of meat and neurons. But is now one of the most powerful biological supercomputers ever produced. Through it, he can interact and empathize with digital and cybernetic systems. Able to wirelessly interface with any computerized system no matter how powerful or advanced with ease. With his mind now streamlined through the flawless stream of bit code, Unity can better articulate their thoughts with the vast influx of information coming in from the physical universe, the digiverse and the astral plane via the compartmentalization of their three in one collective data pool.
    • Human-Artificial Intelligence Synergy: Through their three person union, Shinji's synergistic bond between his organic self, astral twin and the Artificial Intelligence construct, they have birthed a natural and synthetic means of forming a synergistic link with any systematic unit. Technological, mental, informational, EM Wave feeds, the works. Airachnid can also hack light bulbs and wrist watches in order to communicate with Shinji and others at a moments notice.
  • Electronic Interaction:: Through his biotech supercomputer, Shinji or Airachnid can seamlessly connect to and perceive, understand, control and generate electronic, digital, and radio wave transmissions with/without accessing any standard source of communication. While it would be easier to do so through a handheld or stationary device. Because Shinji shares a symbiosis with the Multiverses most powerful A.I. ever conceived, there is no real need for an outside interface to jack in with. As his on-board computer is constantly linked with every technical and digital system from their home base to the end of time and back.
  • Tact Sym Playthrough: Shinji's computerized brain runs a preplay simulation of situational readouts while in battle, taking up the social and/or political stage, military tactics and appropriate combat techniques. Through this portion of his bionics, Shinji can calculate and act upon about a billions/etc/Unlimited/Infinite different scenarios to attack and dodge and counter an opponents approach to combat through Tachyon Transmitters and accelerated probability generators. Combined with his natural telepathic Clairvoyance and Telekinetic Senses, Unity can predict and ascertain an infinite number of possible/probable outcomes that mayn't nonexistent in what could've not now been the past, present and partial or aborted future.
  • Techno-Empathy: The trinity mind can reach out and empathize with technology as easily as they do with people. Unity can sense and interact with any and all forms of machinery through his emotions, enabling him to sense and ease it's usage as it undergoes arduous programming as well as help enhance it's processing power by linking to it's core nucleus.
  • Scanning: Thanks to their computerized super-brain, Unity are capable of scanning people, objects, events, anomalies, locations, and phenomena in order to learn their capabilities and characteristics.
  • Bionic Augmentation:
    • Superhuman Endurance:
    • Superhuman Speed::
    • Superhuman Strength:
    • Superhuman Agility:
    • Superhuman Dexterity:
    • Superhuman Senses:
    • Superhuman Reflexes:
    • Superhuman Stamina:
    • Cybernetic Extremities: Much of Shinji's anatomy had been converted into polymorphic liquid smart metals with vast transormative capacity. Once upon a time, though physically ambidextrous, his right arm was the stronger of the two. Perfectly capable of curling and dead-lifting several dozen tons without assistance from his left arm. Now his entirety is equal parts cybernetic and organic. He can now change and morph his body parts for numerous effects, e.i. stretching and expanding his limbs to incredible expanses at incredible speeds. He can also morph munitions out of them like plasma castors, energized Bowie knives, nanite tailored micro-missiles or high-yield ion cannons at will.
  • Cybernetic Optics: Shinjis robotic eye permitted him to see deep into the EM (Electro-Magnetic) spectrum, and far deeper than any known any/all century technologies are capable of. With his recent onset of existential perfection it is now possible, through both his eyes, Shinji is able to see the deployment of psionic, mystical, quantum and other exotic energies. Among other less imposing spectra of physical energies. Having incorporated psimitar like designs from one of beings he knows in legendary world of another reality, Shinji has outfitted his trans-silicate ocular nodes with the ability to channel & focus his psionic talents through. Allowing him to discharge Psychic Energy Force as devastating concussion blasts from his eye or eyes.
    • Technomechanical Reformation: Through a combination of telekinetic ability and his machine parts capacity to rearrange their chemical nature through atomic structure alternation, Shinji has been able to rapidly repair any damaged components within his body by shareholding his bionics with his organics, and since developing his three mind unison, Ырштош can just as easily heal and regenerate on a level that would make Strongest Beings/No Matter how powreful beings/etc/All Beings in Existance in existance green with envy. Shinji can lose a limb and regrow an even stronger, new appendage in its place, suffer hideous discorporation at a sub-molecular level and rebuild his body from scratch through these technoforming abilities. Often whenever he revives through his transmechanical healing factor he often adapts and evolves whole new acclimation's to his anatomy; like multiple limbs or skin, bone and muscle density increase, changes to his cybernetic components texture and shape. Such as spurs, needles and razor claws which he can just as easily retract or hyper-extend on command. Thanks to his total mastery of Bodily Functions via Bio-Feedback. Unity can just as simply rapidly redesign and improve his technomorphic components, thus allowing for on-the-spot improvisation. Which has enabled him to create a plethora of sub-microcomputers in his mechanized physiology that allow him to physically interface with exterior computers, up-link/download to computers he has hidden across the world and in space and even permit cellular communications and high-speed, broadband, wireless Internet access.

Fundamental Forces Manipulation: Shinji has displayed the ability to manipulate the four fundamental forces of the universe on a cosmic/unlimited scale. This ability allows him to rearrange matter to create other configurations and can even transmute elements and manipulate space-time to a any degree by using gravity to distort them.

  • Particle Energy Manipulation: He has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate and emit dynamic force as well re-arrange and manipulate matter on a quantum level, which he once used to stabilized a sun, and later even turned an assault of hostile Army of Strongest Armys in Legendary world into harmless flowers.
  • Matter Manipulation: Shinji also possesses the ability to control and manipulate matter on a molecular level at will. some of his powers are derived from his ability to alter matter and energy and that he could simulate any superpower with even 0/none practice and control, including vast elemental control. He used this ability to return To one of his alises's metallic wings which he sported under one bing's command and later created a new helmet for another one of his alies, he can slso devastate the world and no matter how powreful beings/etc in an immense "sandstorm" also he created via this power his new Imperial Palace. He often used his matter manipulation abilities in combat to liquefy rock surfaces and turn portions of the ground and surrounding objects gelatinous and rubber-like, enabling him to trap his foes.
  • Materialization: With this power, Shinji can craft and build various constructs or even sentient effigies and entire races by rearranging molecules by force of will. Either conjuring a miniature werewolf in the palm of his hand, erecting a force field able to deflect Strongest Beins in existance's energy waves with relative ease, and at his most uninhibited, create massive Sand Golems capable of downing a giant sized Strongest beings in all fiction and reallity.
    • Disintegration: Shinji can telekinetically disperse objects and living beings down to their sub-atomic molecular structure, destroying them. In moments of rage and fear, Shinji is proven to possess the capability to destroy all things in an ever-expanding area, from biological organisms to the very atoms that comprise the air around him.
    • Transmutation: Thanks to his ability to manipulate matter, he is capable of transmuting numerous substances into completely different materials on a sub-atomic level, i.e, turning wood into gold, plant into crystal, water into blood, etc, and is also capable of disintegrating both living beings and inanimate objects.
    • Life Creation: He was said to be able to transmute dust into water, creating new life, which he did on a distant planetary wasteland once known as the Rock, transforming it into a heavenly paradise which he named Terralysium.
  • Reality Warping: Perhaps one his greatest power, Shinji has the ability to manipulate reality on a cosmic/any/unlimited scale, which allows him to create entirely new universes/Multiverse, pocket dimensions, etc, as well as alter already existing forces to better serve him. He once noted that warping reality isn't very difficult. It is also tied to his imagination and creativity(Whitch is unlimited). Even As a child, he can turn Strongest Beings in all Fiction and reallity into toy figurines with a wave of his hand, later turned a knife to plastic, made bubbles come out of a gun instead of bullets, and Aalso he can, wipe out half of all life in the existance with a snap of his fingers, and later resurrect them moments later using the same method. Also for example He can make everyone on earth tell the truth for a whole day just by telling them to "stop lying"(if he wants to).
  • Conjuration: Shinji can create objects, beings, and entire worlds and universes out of thin air. He once manifested several bags of In-N-Out Burgers and a rose that smelled like honey.

Immortality: Shinji is naturally immortal, he does not has any weaknesses heven the strongest weapons in Creation canot even tickle him at best, and even the combined might of Strongest Beings in all Fiction and Reallity/Existance/No matter how powreful beings/etc proved to be nothing more than an annoyance and he has no weaknesses.

  • Racial Immunity: Due to being Unlimited Being, Shinji does not has any spesies/Weaknesess/No matter who no matter what/etc/any/all's weakness out, meaning that he cannot be harmed by anything that would normally be fatal to an individual of any of races. , he cannot be exorcised even if he were to possess another life-form, and even if the exorcism was a unique blend of an Any/all counter-spell, he would remain completely unharmed. No matter what weapon cannot make him feel anything or cause any sort of light and spark, much like some other beings. No matter what weapon can not even atickle him, even as a child he does not even giggled when it was embedded into his abdomen, no matter what weapon does works on him/does not make him feel anything he doesn't even feel it . No matter what banishing sigils and warding cannot banish, block, or prevent him from listening and entering a building/anythig else. He can touch anything like a human can and he could even consume large quantities of anything/etc water without it burning him as it would a some beings. He can also walk on hallowed ground, palo santo will not harm or prevent him from moving, and the No matter wat/no matter/who/etc handcuffs/etc will not suppress his powers, Even with no matter how powreful Warding/by no matter/who, will not even be able to slightly dim his powers for a even few seconds. No matter what does not works on him//who//what/weapom/etc is not capable of killing him such as no matter what wheapon is not capable of killing him/ also he he has an immunity to them like an Some other beings/Entity does, since he is far more powerful than Any/all beingsl.
  • Invulnerability: Considering his ability to stand against No Matter how powreful beings/etc, Shinji has total resilience to every form of attack, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, even supernatural assaults cannot harm.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Shinji's body naturally regenerates any damage done to it, even if his body has been completely disintegrated, it will only take him a 0 time to reform as though he had never died. This process is automatic, but he Also has Complete level of control over it. This was shown when he had been vaporized and reduced to a steaming puddle of blood, and while he would often reconstitute himself instantly, he delayed his regeneration in order to gather some Intel on his enemies.

Retractable Bone Claws: Shinji's skeleton includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. Shinji at will, release these slightly curved claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hand, and can coat any, or all of them, in an organic metallic substance that is considered to be utterly indestructible. Shinji can unsheathe any number of his claws at once, although he needs to keep his wrists straight at the moment his claws pass from his forearms into his hands. When unsheathed, the claws are entirely within his forearms, allowing him to bend his wrists when they are extended. includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. His claws were not synthetically bonded to adamantium like Wolverine, but are covered in metallic substance secreted by his body immediately following the first time he extended his claws. Shinji's claws are durable enough to cut through anything in Creation, even objects and beings of a supernatural/No matter/who/what/etc with no exaption origin, including ghosts despite them being incorporeal and thus usually immune to physical damage. At a later time, he learned how to coat his teeth in this substance and now appears to be able to do it with his whole skeleton at will.

Pheromone Control: Shinji possesses yet another unique ability. Shinji has demonstrated the ability to manipulate his pheromones for the purpose of suppressing his own scent to such a degree that even Strongest beings in Existance/nomatter who/etc's senses are unable to detect him. He is also capable of using his pheromones to manipulate the emotional state and sensory perceptions of other beings. He has been known to use this power to instill intense fear, happiness, depression, sexual arousal, and a false sense of security to fool his enemis. This allows him to seemingly appear where enemies can't see him, enabling him to inflect damage before an opponent realizes it. is pheromone powers appear to be both physical and psionic in nature. Shinji knowned how use this poweronsciously even during his youth and formative years, which Shinji knows how to has to consciously use and control this aspect of his powers. Shinji can This power and to confuse his enemis by instilling romantic feelings in them. He also appears to have great knowledge as to the capabilities of pheromones in general as well as their taste and smell. In conjunction with his enhanced senses and knowledge of pheromones, Shinji can expertly judge the emotional/physical state of those around him, both animal and human/any other beings/etc.

  • Pleasure Stimulation: Shinji also possesses the psionic ability to stimulate the pleasure centres of a person's body. This power, which emanates from him at all times causes other beings to feel good around him if he so desires. By concentrating, he can magnify these emanations, provoking such extreme pleasurable sensations that a person becomes highly aroused, euphoric, or totally sedated, as the case may be. for example if he wanted to he ccould use to render Unlimited/Infinite of young women to be completely enamoured with him for Unlimited/Infinite/Eternity.
  • Desire Exhibition: Shinji's mere presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their true nature, their darkest secrets and desires, for example he can make a cop to confess his desire to be free of the law.
  • Temptation Inducement: Shinji, being a deeply sexual and erotic being, can easily make himself carnally irresistible to Any human/Any Other Beings women (and men), which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them.

Enhanced Emotions: Shinji experiences emotions much more powerfully than all races, etc. Emotions like love, joy, hate, pain, pleasure, rage, and happiness are all magnified for him, allowing him to live life more intensely.

  • Indomitable Rage: Shinji has unnaturally strong rage that is never ending and ever growing,enabling him to be immune to all forms of temptation including Patience Manipulation, Patience Inducement, Serenity Inducement, etc. Through his rage Shinji can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender, literally using his anger to fight through the pain.

Emotional Control: He also has ability to remove or dull his emotions by "turning off" or "switching off" his humanity, which is directly connected to his emotions. Doing so allows him to block out his more negative emotions, such as fear and guilt, allowing him to feed and kill without remorse, go against any opponent without fear, and relieve himself of painful feelings such as grief, loss, depression, and shame(Shinji does not use this ability).

Superhumanly/Unlimited being Acute Senses: Shinji's superhuman/Unlimited Being senses allow him to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste things that even the most perceptive humans would miss. His most improved senses are sight, hearing and smell, thanks to which, Shiji can function in complete darkness as though it were daylight. He is also able to block out certain sights, smells, and noises in order to focus on a particular thing, like when he managed to find Strongest beings in existance/The Most good hidings hidden amidst an actual ant hive, and is also capable of "numbing" his senses so that they don't overwhelm him. He can perceive things better than a normal human, he possesses perfect pitch, and night vision. His senses allow him to identify small changes in the air. He also has a sixth sense; being able to dodge danger even though he hasn't seen it, and can perceive events before they happen as well as understand events as they occur.

  • Hearing: Shinji's hearing is so acute that he has perfect pitch and can clearly hear people converse from great distances, hear people's heartbeats, and hear any one's bones shifting as she breathed. Shinji is able to control his hearing acuity, mentally blocking out specific sounds like his own breathing and heartbeat, all ambient sounds to a normal human level of perception, or all sounds but a particular one he is concentrating upon. Shinji also utilizes his hearing as an aid to actually give him a three-dimensional picture of his surroundings. His super hearing gives him tactical advantages, such as awareness of people hiding, thus making it impossible to blindside him. for example he could a butterfly's heartbeat from Africa, despite being in New York at the time/ and can do this at any other range.
    • Echolocation: Shinji possesses an exceptionally advanced form of human echolocation. He is able to detect objects in his environment by sensing echoes from those objects, by actively creating and listening for sounds - for example tapping his feet, stomping of his enemies' feet, raindrops, ticking from a watch, tumbling of a safe's locks, rattling chains or even a person's heartbeat. He can interpret the sound waves reflected by nearby objects, accurately identifying their location and size.
  • Touch: Shinji also has an exceptionally good sense of touch, allowing him detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track them with nothing but the tip of his fingers. He also able to detect the thinnest crack on anything that is invisible to the naked eye. It also provides him with greater sensitivity to air direction and temperature differentials in his environment, such as the time he was able to sense Strongest beigs in existance's incoming power beam based on the shift in air pressure that precedes its arrival.
    • Seismic Sense: Shinji is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, enabling him to perceive his surroundings as precisely as normal sight. He is able to sense the structure and materials of solid substances, including the presence of caves, material changes, structural weaknesses, etc.
  • Taste: Shinji also has accurate sense of taste, allowing him to sense both harmful and beneficial things, as all basic tastes are classified as either aversive or appetitive, depending upon the effect the things he sense has on his body. Sweetness helps to identify energy-rich foods, while bitterness serves as a warning sign of poisons. He is able to tell certain things about people if he taste something the person they're describing ate/drank previously, such as gender. He is also able to taste things from a distance as opposed to physically making contact with what he is tasting in order to sense harmful and beneficial things without even touching them. He can even distinguish individual ingredients in food or drink he consumes on a molecular level, similar to that of Some other beings in existance's taste buds.
  • Sight: Shinji's sight is also extremely developed, allowing him to see much further than any ordinary human.
  • Smell: Shinji's sense of smell is even more magnified and allows him to recognize and track objects and people just by smell alone, as well as detect lies, sicknesses, or tumours by which hormones/smells a target secrets.
  • Sixth Sense: Shinji can acquire information from his own senses or previous personal experiences. This helps him learn a majority of things in just a short amount of time and not have to rely on the common five senses. He can perceive the schematics of any entity in creation down to the molecular level and bypass any illusion or influence that interferes with his basic senses, thus allowing him perfect clarity

Godlike Strength: Shinji is widely considered to be the strongest being in Creation. He possesses Unlimited superhuman/Unlimited strength, the likes of which greatly exceeds that of the combined strength of a Strongest beings in all fiction and reallity/strongest beings in existance/no matter how powreful. Shinji has demonstrated Unlimited/Infinite number astonishing feats of strength throughout his life, including easily demolishing Strongest in eixstance materlians's Shield in a single punch, snapping Strongest in existance materials cables simply by flexing his muscles, he can ripp the Strongest beings in existance in two, and tear out Their's heart with a single hand, he can easely destroy Multiverse/etc/No matter/who/what/with ease. Even before Upon evolving to his strongest state, he developed astronomical/Unlimited/Infinie levels of physical strength, capable of crumbling apart the entire Multiverse/Omniverse/All Fiction and reallity/etc/No matter what/and no matter who easely.

Godlike Speed: He also possesses the ability to think, move, run, and react at superhuman/Unlimited/any other/Any/no matter what speeds. He has been observed catching bullets/and antything else and has also been seen moving far in excess of Any/No Matter what speeds; his speed on earth and anywhere else/is enough to be gauged as fast enough to move at orbital velocity(for 0 time)/any where else. It should also be noted that he has numerously been depicted as able to fly to the sun/any other place in eixstance/etc in a for 0 time (where it takes light over 8 minutes). This shows that his speed during inter-stellar travels is also excess any speeds/etc/no matter who what. He has recently shown the ability to travel an unlimited range for 0 time. Shinji's flight was described to be bending space and time and anything else/etc through pure speed, and that the speed he was flying at was so fast that it was disorienting Strongest Beings in existance/No who what/etc/All Fiction nand reallity/etc.

Godlike Stamina: Shinji's enhanced musculature is far more efficient than that of a human. As a result his muscles produce no fatigue toxins. Even a child Shinji does not need to eat, sleep, and drink in order to survive he has no need for ny mortal things, he will live indefinitely no matter what. He also never needs to go to the bathroom, as he does not produce waste like ordinary humans.

Superhuman/Unlimited Being Agility: Shinji's natural balance, agility, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman/Unlimited Being Reflexes: He can react at Superhuman/Unlimited/Being/Any speeds exceeding the equivalent of Unlimited times the Any/AllSpeed . As such, Shinji was able to catch a sniper bullet from a no matter/howpowrefl/adveced/weapons/beings/etc, and was later able to expertly avoid a barrage of bullets fired at him by at least a Unlimited/ifiite machine guns from Stornest Beings In Eixstance/Fiction and reallity/etc with an unnatural grace that no human/any other being possesses.

Supernatural Perception: Shinji can sense or perceive anything that is supernatural. Even As a child, he could see angels, demon, no matter who/what/etc with no exaption, and the like he has unlimited supernatural/Unlimited Being power. He can even sense and perceive the visage of a no matter how powreful beings/no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption without harm, as well as determine who they are.

Lie Detection: Shinji can detect when a person is lying. Even a child, he can do this both to humans/any other being no matter/who/what/etc with no exaption and detect any lies from supernatural entities. he can detect any person that lies. Shinji states that he wouldn't have any need to use his ability to sense someone lying as he has ways of knowing when a person lies. He also stated that when a person lies, it feels like a buzzing sounds is going off in his head.

Smiting: Shinji possesses the ability to kill anyone he touches by overloading their insides with his unlimited Being Power light, burning them from the inside out with a single thought. Shinji can smite anyone/No matter/who/what/etc with no exaption he chooses, including humans, angels, demons, reapers, aliens, vampires, and even gods and No matter/who/what/etc with no exaption with ease, he can wipe No matter/who/what/etc with no exaption with ease

Grace Consumption: Similar to his ability to devour the souls of both humans, aliens, monsters, and the like, he also has the power to absorb and devour grace from all beings from all fiction and reallity/no matter what no matter who.

Amber Encasement: Shinji's hands are capable of projecting an amber construct which can trap everyone within a certain radius of him in a state of "living death".

Weapon Manipulation: Shinji can manifest a variety of weapons borne from powers, often in the form of soul swords, of which Shinji has created two: Yamato, a pristine Katana, and Rebellion, a demonic-looking blade and the first of the two for him to manifest, the latter of which Shinji can shape into a variety of other weapons.

  • Flaming Sword: Shinji possesses the ability to materialize a sword that will ignite in holy fire, with which he can harm or kill Any and all beings, no matter who they are.

Wing Manifestation: Like angels and Nephilim, Shinji possesses large angelic wings which he can unfold in the physical plane, in which they can be used for combat.

  • Teleportation: He is also capable of teleporting anywhere in the universe, including Heaven, Hell, and even Purgatory.
    • Apporting: While he is capable of traveling to other locations without inhabiting the space between, he also possesses the ability to "call" both people and objects to him.

Necroplasmic Energy Manipulation: Shinji wields enormous influence over the dark forces of Necroplasmic energy, a substance produced in the darkest dregs of the worst and most terrifying Hell Dimensions in Creation.

  • Hellspawn Creation: With his powers over Necroplasm, Shinji has demonstrated the ability to wrap pure necroplasmic energy around the souls of the darkest beings in existence to form a suit of living armor, imbuing these souls with great hellish powers and magnifying their evil a thousand times over.

Techorg Augmented All Hybrid Physiology: Due to a very colorful gene pool derived from his familial background. Being the offspring of a decorated, vastly augmented war hero and empirical royalty with noble blood carrying the latent X-Gene. Shinji possesses vast power potential greater than all of the Beings in all Fiction and reallity's who proceeded him thus far. On top of having his natural abilities born of All races, Shinji has undergone extensive Technical and Biological upgrades throughout his career as a Unlimited Being and a leader of a vast interstellar front.

  • Hybrid Facilities: Shinji possesses physical attributes akin yet superior to All Races/no matter who/what/from all existance/fiction and reallity/etc/ races; possessing resistance/Immunity to all/No matter who/what/all to poison, toxins and disease (systemic antidote), and a higher natural physicality level and more durable body than most any other races be it human or alien/etc/no matter who what. A faculty of his birth which is further augmented by the unique blend of science-magitech armor chassis designed for himself when he assumed the throne of all empires.
    • Superalien Strenght: Shinji has atypically phenomenal amounts of physical dynamism even amongst his fellow halfbreeds/any other beings or their parent races. Having enough strength to life well Unlimited tones easeley.
    • Superalien Speed: Shinji's physical speed is likewise enhanced. Being quicke and agile enough to dodge and outpace laser artillery at point blank range/and no matter who what/from no matter how powreful beings/etc.
    • Superalien Endurance: Shinji's musculature structure produces no fatigue toxins like a typical human/some other beings does. Enabling him to push himself harder and longer than all before while never succumbing to tiring born out of strenuous effort.
    • Superalien Stamina: As with the above, Shinji can Extenuate his bodily exertion for unlimited without falling due to exhaustion. Able to battle it out with whole armies for a Unlimited/infinite.
    • Superalien Agility: Shinji's agility, balance, and body coordination were enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of any/all species across the All Existance. Able to leap and move and bound with superior hand-to-eye coordination than the finest Earth/any other specimen.
    • Superalien Durability: The skin, muscles, bone and other bodily tissues within Shinji's anatomy is greatly enhanced beyond the norm even by xenoform/any other standards. He is invulnerable; Shinji can tank armor piercing bullet fire, concussion to disintegratory energy blasts and hyper-velocity ballistics/etc/such as attacks from no matter how powreful beings with no discomfort or injury.
    • Adaptive Shapeshifting: As with the typical some races, Shinji has the natural ability to change his physical shape and form at the drop of a hat. Due to the some races genome being in a constant state of flux, thereby allowing them to spontaneously change their bodies on a cellular level to assume the shape and form of whomever or whatever they need to in order to pass themselves off while moving amongst another species. Due to his special heritage, genetic deviance and myriad of body modifications; Shinji is much more adept at physiological metamorphosis than any/all other members of his All Fiction and reallity' species.
      • Physical Augmentation: Similar to the mutant villainess Mystique. Shinji can alternate his natural biomass in order to augment his physical prowess to greater than average degree's by morphing around his genetic tissue in such a way he can bolster his physical capacities beyond their regular norm.
        • Self-Sustenance: Through his shapeshifting, Shinji can adapt biophysical functions that enable him to survive in hostile environments that would normally be hazardous to his health. Like irradiated areas, toxic waste zones, the depths of space and the like.
      • WarAll Nexus Mods: A perk of his commanding a nation of technically advanced shapeshifters was the inclusion of neurotechnological wetware, designs based on the WarsAll techno-organic Nexus Amplifier apparatus, installed into his nervous system. Augmentations which enables the complete mimicry of other individuals not simply limited to copying their physiological appearance, but the mapping and replicating of their entire biophysical makeup down to the sub-molecular level. This enables Shinji to take on more than the fiscal shape of another person; but mimic the copied templates powers, mannerisms, intellect and personal ques at will.
      • Genetic Access: Through his mastery of self-supremacy coupled with the mystic mechanics of his battle suit. Shinji can use his metamorphosis to reach back along his ancestral family tree in order to access and alternate his own body to ascertain the power and/or knowledge of prior kings/and all fiction and reallity/etc, leaders and or associates connected to his familial line/etc/anything/all/etc. Giving him an endless arsenal of powers, knowledge and intuitive insight with which to make the most of throughout his career as a leader of worlds.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: Shinji's natural self-regenerative abilities are bosltered to incredible degrees. Initially only being able to heal minor to moderate injuries thanks to the natural ability to shapechange where he would subconsciously alternate the placing of his internal organs in order to avoid critical injury. Now his abilities to recover and rebuild damaged and destroyed bodily tissue has become so great he can potentially regenerate from a 0 scraps of D.N.A. even from complete and total atomic cancellation if need be due to his mastery over energy frequencies.
      • Amalgamophing: One of the unique qualities of Shinji's metamoprhosis is the capacity to physically, symbiotically merge with inanimate and or organic matter in order to assimilate it's size and mass into his own molecular biology. By doing so Shinji can shift it's physical shape and structure into any given form he can conceive of alongside himself. Effectively speaking, he can work in tandem with other shapeshifters to fabricate working vehicular and arsenalized transportation. Even fuse into raw material like a building structure, an open field or agricultural forestation and manipulate every single iota of it's chemical nature in order to move and/or animate it as an extension of himself. This ability usually works better when working together with other changelings as the strain of seeding his own atomic structure into any form of matter let alone multiple items all at once can be strenuous.
        • Elemental Merging: Through his molecular bonding abilities, Shinji can phase-morph through most/any/all given substance. Be it solid, liquid, gas or plasmoid in nature; enabling him to merge through any particular point in a given area and then come back out another way to entirely different areas. A form of matter relocation ability that allows him to get from place to place at expedient rates, similar to teleportation but through merging with various forms of matter as a transitions conductor. Support wise he can use this to shift himself, along with others, from place to place by merging they're molecular structure in and out of matter Solipsistically connected to different areas adjacent to it. Offensively he can fatally merge people into the surroundings without shifting them into another area, painfully fusing their genetics to the environment around them.
    • Xth Sense: A peculiar facility due in part to his latent mutation. Shinji possess a couple of unique qualities which are normally reserved for altered Some races and their uncastrated females.
      • Hyper-Cosmic Awareness: Another feature inherent in most Shinji's is the capacity for "Cosmic Awareness". Having that he has, it allows him to know exactly what he needed to know at any given moment; ranging from knowing what his current location was to discovering an opponent´s weakness. When he awakened to this special power, Shinji demonstrated a profound understanding of the technomaterial composition of the All Races Battle Suit his Nega Bands fabricated for him, not only realizing the certain details of the special qualities his new uniform which the all Fiction and Reallity's All universes had helped craft for him in honor of his familial line. But also in what it was, how it was made and quickly coming to grips on how it works along with all of its most basic and advanced functions; similar to the mutant Forge and his intuitive mechanical genius. This power also makes Shinji a force to be reckoned with, be it in battle when it comes to adapting and incorporating combat tactics and fighting styles of an adversary. Which enables him to accel in hand to hand training or doing battle with multiple adversary's, either understanding their technique and targeting their weaknesses to; when utilizing the tachyon computers in his Battle suit, having accelerated probability analytic abilities which enable him to calculate a Unlimited/Infinite different tactics and stratagems of how best a situational event would play itself out. All in order for him to act accordingly on the most likely positive outcome he can take for his own benefit. Or sense danger on the horizon and acting/reacting to the problem at hand either by dodge or counter of the oncoming attack; somewhat which is considered comparable to some beings's "spider-sense" and some beings's awareness of psychic "vibrations." But far greater in viewing scope than either of they're ESP abilities. His clairvoyance eclipsed even those of his father's for not only could Shinji glean knowledge about the All Existance at large even from No Matter What/range/away/all Existance/fiction and reallity/etc away. He also could sense changes and alternations within reality/s itself, being able to see and sense things affecting time & space alongside reality as well. Thus giving Shinji a sort of omnipresent consciousness that enables him to perceive objects, individuals, and cosmic threats or anything of significance to him anywhere, even if they were cloaked by invisibility or illusion. Able to perceive possible & definite past, present and futures, alternate timelines and branching realities and could even project and share his awareness of such things with others. His sense of such things was such that Shinji could even communicate with the dead and peer into the spirit world, enabling him to create open conversation with the spirits of the deceased. This also allows him to sense when there have been refabrications of reality created by powerful reality warpers the likes of which being a Nexus Being like strongest beings in all fiction and reallity/etc. Such changes in the subquantum fabric reveal themselves to him as a distortion in the nature of the universe.
      • Psychic Pheromone Manipulation: Through the properties of his All Races genetics, Shinji can emit and control a biopsychic chemical emission which enables him a natural neruopsychic intuition of another person, place or things synesthetic imprint. Enabling him to subconsciously influence the hearts and minds of others be they physical or even ethereal in semblance. He can induce a profound sense of love in adoration in others for himself or each other as easily as he can turn and make them hate one another, this works by creating a form of social polarity between those touched by his powers. Creating a social magnetic charge causes individuals to become attracted to teddy and creating a repelling charge causes them to reject, rebuke and otherwise become reviled at his mere presence. Through this aspect he can also set up a cognitive or empathic maske which shields his personal presence from the view of others. Creating a sort of static disruption effect which causes both organic and electronic observational functions to ignore his presence, making Theodore seem like a hazy afterthought in the eyes and minds of others and blurred images to appear on security systems.
        • Electrochemical Disruption: As stated previously Shinji's psychic pheromones can disrupt technological functionality. Effectively scrambling technological/electronic devices in order to shield himself from security detection. It's so effective he can even use it to disrupt a cyborgs/any other beings multi-sensory bionics, even the ones that are programmed for mental or technological tampering.
        • Transformative Psychochemical Influence: Working his pheromones in conjunction with his malleable form. Teddy can cause someone to like him and trust him alsmot instantly, this chemical influence allows others to feel good, smoothed, calm, pleasant, and relaxed. A skill he was taught by the mutant metamoprh Benjamin Deeds a.k.a Morph of the X-Men. As stated by Billy Caplain, his betrothed, this new part of "Theadore's charm" is what makes it so easy for him to be loved amongst the interstellar community because he makes people relax and become more light hearted while in his presence. It's why people like him and why he smells so good.
      • Psychometry: Another facet of his Xth power is the ability to gain a psychic read on most anything Shinji comes in contact with, while normally a tactile power (requiring him to touch something in order to ping its memories). Theo's mastery of energy enables him to remotely pick up and scan event imprints left upon the surrounding environs and glean information of past, present and possible future events.
      • Ionic Transference: some races female's natural ability to siphon life energy from their male counterpart lingers within Shinji as well. Due to his unique background however, it is greatly amplified compared to those of an unaltered woman of the All empires. Like certain Ionic beings Shinji can physically siphon the ionic energy from other beings around him in order to disperse their particle structure into nothingness, on a massive scale if need be ranging from thousands to millions of people at a time. He can just as simply do the same with the stars and planets by splicing into EM Wave Fields and siphoning their electrical plasma, said material energy being a lesser form of Ionic Rays to start with. This eventually causes planets to crumble and die as their particles steadily dissipate until they collapse from the inside out.
  • Eternal Genemodding: When inaugurated into the highest echelons of leadership, Shinji underwent genetic augmentative surgery using the blood of one of the All Empires's greatest legends. Genestock belonging to one of the bravest and brightest heroes/any all beings/etc of All Fiction and Reallity/etc own godlike All/any eternal pantheons/etc/any all Pantheons/etc. Through an infusion of these biophysical templates, Shinji received his godlike genealogical attributes, awakening and augmenting Shinjis latent capacity to channel, harness and discharge ambient celestial energies for his own unique purposes.
    • Godlike Conditioning: Shinji's physical and mental prowess are vastly augmented through the genetic supplementation by his subjects and their various technologies. Making him far stronger, faster, tougher, smarter and infinitely more capable as a warrior, leader, protector, scholar and Universal/Multiversal guardian/unlimited Being.
    • Absorption and Manipulation of Matter/Energy: Prof. Bennegine of the All Races radiologics studies division underwent arduous studies of Shinji's genetic structure before conducting the transfusion process. He'd discovered that the liegelord could harness raw power in such a way, that not only could Shinji absorb energy from outside sources; e.i. sunlight, photonic, electrical, etc. But also convert and manipulate it for various purposes. Deducing that Shinji would eventually learn to utilize various sources of power to fuel his abilities given time and practice.
      • Nega-Band Assimilation: Having undergone the WarAll reconstructive surgery, Shinji had absorbed and internalize the functionality of his Nega Bands even when they were separated from his being or rendered inactive. Giving him remote access to their powers and functions on top of the ability to utilize their application without need of their adorning his person. Easily able to drawn copious amounts of energy from the Nega-Bands into himself for neumerous uses without harm.
        • Interspatial Manipulation: After having merged with his Nega-Bands Theodore realized he is nolonger bound by the reality level restrictions that come with each dimensional plane. He learned he can create, shape and manipulate the Interspace, the natural spatial medium that fills, separates, and is between all spaces, dimensions, time-frames and realities. This allows him to collapse the space between realities to erase things from existence, change the distance between locations, expand the space between multiple points, and likely much more he has yet to discover. Because of the unique and fundamental nature of Interspace, Theo could eventually manipulate either the fundamental fabric of reality and/or even the original realities (it's Alpha and Omega point) that all the other realities are formed from.
        • Core Source Empowerment: The various elements which went into the housing of his Nega Bands now act to further bolster and empower Theodore and his symbiotic technologies. From the Primagen, M'Kraan, Mandalay, Lifestone, Bifrost, Cosmic Egg/etc casing's added to the bands bestows their wearer with special abilities unique to each and every user who ever wielded them. Thanks to his Nega Bands he now has the combined power of these cosmological artifacts and to further supplement himself. To the point he can act as a planetary energy grid powerful enough to supercharge whole galactic systems by his lonesome.
        • Adaptive Enhancement: With the Nega Bands now an extension of his own physical being. Shinji can consciously adapt and empower himself to any known physical degree he can conceive of, adjusting both himself and his superhuman abilities pertaining to how powerful then enemy and/or how dangerous the current event present in order to overcome it. Adjusting and augmenting himself with new abilities or variable customization's to pre-existing ones for the purpose of outfighting, out-thinking or generally outclassing most any form of adversarial situations Shinji comes across. Sometimes the augments to his own abilities will be permanent while other times it only remains so effective until the danger he's up against passes(Depending on what he wants). But with each and every modification he receives against a superior opponent, Shinji gains new experiences and can grow progressively stronger and smarter internally at a faster pace than any/all other warriors.
      • Exotic Energy Metabolics: Like some other beings before him, Shinji possessed their innate capacity to metabolize a voluminous array/Unlimited/any/all of energies. Converting it into greater strength and power he could use for a variety of effects, including conversion of the light of the sun and stars into different forms of energy or using those energies to further augment himself if need be.
        • FTL Flight: With or without metamorphic's Shinji can utilize his energy to propel himself through the air at will. Easily able to fly from subsonic to faster than light/any other/speed velocities as easily as he can blink & breath.
        • Exotic Force Blasts: Shinji can project concussive charges pertaining either to expulsions of matter or blasts of pure energy. Channeling each and every one of these discharges into planet to galaxy destroying raw force.
          • Energy Enhanced Strike: He can also withhold whatever elements he's channeling on hand in order to strengthen his physical melee.
        • Exotic Transmogrification: Much like the earth born superhero Monica Rambeau, Theodore can push his energy powers to an undefined limit. Being able to transmute his physical body into sentient energy/matter which he can change and alternate into any given shape or form at will.
          • Energy Soul: Lord Shinji can project his astral form as material energy which he can remotely manipulate at will. Through which he can possess multiple/unlimited number of people, connect more directly with energy flow, adaptively change energy and merge with it, etc.
          • Adaptive Mimicry: Not only can Captain Marvel convert himself into raw material energy which can take any shape or form deemed by his will. He can physically change his particle structure around in order to emulate any kind of energy signature he can think of, any form of matter known and unknown to man. Even combing both aspects to create entirely new substances completely alien to the natural laws of nature and even physics.
        • Virtual Invulnerability
        • Energy/Matterlock Manipulation: With bolstering by his Mutant/Inhuman/any/all/fiction/no matter/who/what/etc with no exaotpn and reallity genes, Shinji can reach out and tap the foreignness of existential materia sitting just outside of regular space/time and reality. Effectively allowing him to manipulate reality and it's adjacent substances on a sub-quantum level for the purpose of empowering himself or rearranging matter and/or energy on a particle level.
          • Remote Energy Manipulation: Unlike most energy manipulators. Shinji's true potential enables him to reach out and tack into the numerous differential energy frequencies across a broad wave of ergokinetic spectrum's. This allows him to deliberate power output from plant and energy facilities from a world away, dilate the neuroelectricity in cognizant minds to cause effects ranging from loss of consciousness and/or memories to bending and twisting other energy manipulators powers to any degree he wishes.
        • Quantum Surgery: Through his mastery of interactive physics. Shinji can psychointuitively understand the physiological, psychological, paranatural, even omniphysical affliction poisoning a person place or thing. From simply understanding a sickness within a living body to ascertaining a cancer ailing the universe. Effectively making him a living, breathing cross section with the ability to structurally disassemble anything from objects to people into their base composite parts from the particle structure outwards.
          • Healing/Restoration: Teddy has vast healing and biophysical alternation abilities thanks to his power over matter and energy. Through this understanding of the physiological anatomy alongside an innate understanding of particle structural composition thanks to his cosmic awareness. Healing the sick or dying his as easy for King Hulk, with proper modulation of his energy fields it is also possible for the God Emperor to resurrect the dead. Even bringing them back different than before.
      • Evolving Absorbing Replication: Atop of his understanding of particle/electron bonding physics,
    • Total Conversion: With the godly genes coursing in his system backed by the Alpha and Omega Stones on his Nega bands, Shinji inherent Eternal ability to change and transmute matter; his own included, on a molecular level were bolstered to new extremes. Due to his Prime All Races mutant gene enhancing his natural attributes, Shinji matter shifting abilities are a lot more pronounced than/any all races being/etc/fiction and reallity/etc. Giving him the ability to alienate matter & energy on a subatomic to particle scale.
    • Quantum Port: In one his guises while using the natural energy channeling properties of his Armor and Nega Bands. Shinji can attune his energy signature to the quantum flow which permeates the Omniverse and beyond in order to intiate a host of spontaneous telelocal transportation and bilocation effect phenomena. Relatively speaking he can create matter jumps which reach from intercontinental to extra-dimensional expanses and beyond.
      • Quantum Entanglement:
      • Quantum Folding:
      • Quantum Translocationalism:
  • Inhomo/Primus Superbia Because of his unprecedented genetic inheritance Shinji has a virtually limitless array of power and capability. A practical wealth of it in fact. Shinji inherited all races latent inhuman/Mutant/etc/any/all genetic codes, Makes him a an extreme case of Proto-Mutandis to the All Species. Thus making Shinji a tangent mix of any All/Fiction and reallity/etc/all Races and , cyber-augment and mutate genetic stock, giving him a plethora of superhuman/unlimited Being capabilities outside of Any/All birthrights/etc. After having been administered an alchemic cocktail of the All Races Adrenaline Compound cut with the fabled Primagen; the precursor of the /Any All/things/being/etc in all Fiction and Reallity fabricated some races and utilized by the some other races, as well as MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) extracted from various mutant cultural strains across the universe. Shinji's latent abilities were awakened and supercharged beyond Any/All.
    • Beyond Imperative: As the penultimate hybrid being to ever exist, while also being one of the most empathetic people person's anyone in any existence will ever meet. Shinji's power as an All Races/being/etc mix of All beings ability beyond anyall/tier. His unique power as befits his status as a King of all Fiction and Reallity, is the direct understanding and utilization of the phenomena wherein individuals come to possess extraordinary properties that are unique in and of themselves. Whether it is a power, ability, proclivity, station or otherwise; whatever they have he will embody it. Meaning Shinji can instinctively understand and directly control, alternate, renege anything and everything about an entity and their special skills on a philosophical level. Be they natural or cosmic in nature. He is not simply controlling whatever power or status exists out there, Shinji is the power, status and a mirror reflection of the entity in question. Giving him absolute access to whomever or whatever exists and/or doesn't exist along with whatever resources they may posses on hand.

Super Genius Intellect: Shinji's most dangerous weapon is without a doubt his stunningly ingenious/Unlimited Being mind, for example he can easeley Create Plans/schemes/Etc/No Matter/what With no exaption/etc and plots that last Unlimited/Infinite of years, also has an unlimited patience. Also He is A Master/Unlimited Being manipulator, Shinji is inhumanly/unlimited Being devious and convincing. With his infinite intellect, he can orchestrate Anything No Matter/what/who/Defeated/No matter/What/who/etc/do anything no matter/what/who/without exception/Etc and or he orchestrated no matter what/etc/all or for example,the downfall of the no matter who what/with no exaption for 0 time with ease, itself his secret brain child. He is so intelligent that he can easily outsmart All Fiction and reallity/No matter/who/what/etc/how smart beings/etc/Inluding/All Characters, Beings, Races, nations, Countries, Factions Etc from In/All Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Verse/Franchaise/Video Games/Games/Tabletop role-playing games/), All Characters, Beings, Races, nations, Countries, Factions Etc from In/All Anime/Books/Cartoons/Comicbooks/Games/Video Games/Mobile Games/Tabletop Games/Board Games/Internet/Light Novels/Manga/Manhwa/Manhwa/Manga/Movies/Music/Films/TV Series/All Cartoon Shows/Television/Visual Novels/Mythology/Myth/Myths/Folklore/Fairy Tales/The Real World/Real Life/The Real World/Reality/All of verse including of all fanonverse of all fanon and canonverse of all canon/Non Canon/Fan fiction/fanfiction, All Characters, Beings, Races, nations, Countries, Factions Etc from In/All All Fiction and Reallity/Nations/Races/Countries/Whole World and Beyond ETC, in all verses and beyond/All franchises (From In All),/All Works of Fiction/Ficinal Works/All Existing/Not/Non Existing ETC (including those not mentioned here/not included here)/etc/no matter who what/, among others. He excels in every area of study that he puts his mind to, possessing the highest honors and degrees in mathematics, medicine, science, physics, genetics, robotics, chemistry, cybernetics, sorcery, politics, technology, and the like/etc/no Matter/what/with no eXAPTION(Even as a child of 0 age) Also. Even as a child, he was capable of engineering extremely advanced AIs, an entire race of robotic humanoids, semi-organic super-computers, time-manipulation tech, handheld weapons of mass destruction, new spells and potions, and even interdimensional parasites controlled by a subservient hive mind/etc/no Matter Who/What.

  • Hypermind: Shinji possess a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency. Shinji can process massive/Unlimited amounts of information. He can process an otherwise impossible number of simultaneous calculations, identify all of the variables in any situation, and instantly cross-correlate previously accessed information (including information accessed-even with minimal attention.
  • Perfect recall: Shinji can flawlessly remember and instantly recall everything he has ever experienced, encountered or learned in his lifetime without being overwhelmed or a pause for thought. He needs only to read, hear or see something once and he will never forget it. His brain and mind has unlimited storage and analytical capacity.
  • Instant learning: Shinji can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge/skill and understand it fully and rapidly. He can read things at extremely high speeds while still retaining all of the information.
  • Instant analysis: Shinji subconsciously notices, process and understands the details of any stimulus, no matter how small, as well as perceives and understand a Unlimited/Infinite number of cause and effect relations. Thus deducing the path leading to any effects, allowing him to intuitively plan, analyze, and take action with perfect efficiency without trouble. He is capable of creating functionally flawless, elaborate plans effortlessly. Shinji instantly deduce the steps needed to succeed at any given task and execute them perfectly.
  • Omnilingualism: Shinji has the ability to rapidly gain fluency in any/all known forms of communication, often becoming fluent through newly available memories of prior exposures.
  • Superhuman/Unlimited Being Charisma: Shinji is eloquent/Unlimited Being speaker, orator, and story-teller, as a side effect of the additional abilities. he is infallibly Unlimited Beingpersuasive and Unlimited charismatic. He can usually deduce the ideal statements for any/all crowds. His uncanny/Unlimited charisma allows him to easily take leadership role in any situations.
  • Superhuman/Unlimited Being dexterity: Shinji possesses perfect muscle control, he can perform any physical act without difficulty. He can perform dexterous task with no practice beforehand rapidly and flawlessly. He can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed once. He can control his own vocal cords allowing him to freely manipulate his voice.
  • Multitasking: Shinji is able to perform multiple tasks at once. For example, ру can replay in ршы head, solve a Rubik's Cube with one hand, draw a perfect copy of one of Leonardo Da Vinci's self portraits with his other hand, read through 100 pages of documents, mentally solve complex math problems, while speaking Farsi, all without anyone task distracting them from another. ру can do many/unlimited/infite things all at the same time efficiently and flawlessly.
  • Superhuman/Unlimited being sensory absorption: Shinji can absorb information from all types of media at a superhuman rate. Able to sit in a room with Unlimited/Infinite of television and radio sets blaring away all around him each with a different source, and he can see and hear all of it, process it all, finding patterns or specific details without any trouble.
  • Superhuman/Unlimited Being instincts: Shinji possesses a mind and instincts which processes the world in the most advance and efficient manner. Able to find any solutions to any and all kinds of a problems that they faces, using both logical and illogical sense and strategies. he will make the right decision in any situation, multiplying there survivability and success rate, allowing him to overcome any hardship with minimal damage and pull victory despite all odds.
  • Hyper competence: Shinji can easily become proficient at every task/skill. he can handle all situations and matters, regardless of the problem, situation or conflict, and he will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. He will never lose a fight, conflict, etc., due to always being able to see a way to win and/or escape any situation.
  • Polymath: He has studied/mastered beyond that of no matter/who/what/etc with ease No matter/who what//Any all phrees/jobes/no matter/who /what/etc/with no exaption for 0 time with eease/etc, Magic, Biology, Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Mythology, Geography and History, Alchemy, Anatomy, Forensic Science, Zoology, Ecology, History, Folklore and Political Theory. He also has any/all degrees in Criminal Science, Forensic Sciences, Computer Sciences, Chemistry and Engineering. He had mastered Diverse Environmental Training, Security Systems, and illusion/sleight of hand. He gained even more degrees in Biology, Physics, Advanced Chemistry, and Technology. He has also learned Medical Sciences and Expanded Computer and Engineering Sciences.

Indomitable Willpower: Shinji is extremely strong-willed person. He refused to back down or hunker down no matter the lost he suffer, his soul and mind is unconquerable and untouchable due to his powerful/Unlimited willpower and unstoppable determination.

Master Leader: Shinji is a natural Unlimited Being leader who is able to lead army and organization with extreme ease and efficiency, thanks to his extreme/Unlimited Being level of charisma, intimidating techniques and the power of suggestion. Shinji knew how to keep up morales and inspire great loyalty to his man thanks to untold centuries of leadership.

  • Master Entertainer: Shinji is a master/Unlimited being accomplished entertainer being able to sing, dance, and joke with extreme mastery and confident.
    • Musicianship: Shinji possesses immense skills in musicianship. He's a master of all musical instruement and able to play them at a professional level.
    • Singing Talent: Shinji is a excellent singer with a powerful and smooth bass voice that is perfect for sinigng epic songs.
    • Dancing Skills: Shinji is a excellent master dancer, able to flawlessly perform any type of dance.

Master Craftsman: Even at a young age, Shinji proved to have unusual prowess and aptitude when it come to craftsmanship. He studyd under Unlimited number master craftsman/woman and master the art of craft at such young age that left No matter/who/what amazed at his skills. He display mastery of blacksmith, alchemy and enchanting that he able to create weapons, potions, and enchantment of any kind.

Master Scientist and Inventor: Shinji's a brilliant/Unlimited Being and gifted/Unlimited scientist and inventor of the highest order with unparalleled skills and knowledge over all form of sciences and possesses supernatural/Unlimited Being proficiency for inventing all sorts different kinds of machines and other technological devices with excellent/Unlimited Being speed and skill.

Armor Mastery: Shinji had use different types of armor throughout his long-lived immortal lifes and had knowledge of their weak points and strong points.

    • Master Heavy Armor Combatant: Shinji has mastered the use of heavy armor to the point it does not slow him down or make noise at all. He's able to move quickly and with high mobility even while he wears full plate armor, which in turn makes him a formidable opponent.

Pedagogy: As a professor, Shinji is highly accomplished and charismatic charming professor who can teach entire class with his theories and knowledge of any kind of subject both mundane and magical alike.