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The Shinkiro is one of the 5 Knightmare built from the bodies of a Proto-form, a Cybertronian Exo-Skeleton. It is piloted by Lelouch vi Britannia, also known as Zero. Later upgrades thanks to the Forge of Solus Prime allows the Shinkiro to combine with the Lancelot Albion to form the Silver King.

Design and Development[]

The Shinkiro was one of the five Knightmares developed using Cybertronian Protoforms taken from the crashed Decepticon warship, the Harbinger, as a template. Since it uses the exoskeleton of what was meant to be a Cybertronian body, the Knightmare is more powerful than a standard Earth-based Knightmare.

Another feature the Shinkiro has, along with the other four Knightmares, is that it poses a T-Cog, an organ within Cypertronians that allow them to Transform. The Shinkiro's Alt-mode is that of a Cybertronian shuttle, capable of incredible speeds and maneuverability.

Since Lelouch is more of a strategist than a pilot, even after he has gotten better thanks to Tohdoh and Ironhide's training, the Knightmare is equipped with an advanced defense system that takes a genius to operate it effectively. It includes a set of ranged weapons, along with some CQC weapons.

The Shinkiro is able to connect to Lelouch's Zero armor, able to use the Armor's power system to operate the machine while its out of power, though at most, it only allowed for visual functions.

It's also capable of diverting all of its power to its Chest-mounted Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon. The power is several times stronger than the original, the beam being about as large as the Shinkiro itself. It was even able to completely obliterated a military compound, leaving nothing in its wake. However, such an attack leaves the Shinkiro depleted of almost all of its energy, making it impossible for it to continue fighting after using such an attack. At most, the Shinkiro is able to move around slightly and fly a little.

After upgrades from the Forge of Solus Prime, the Shinkiro is now able to combine with the Lancelot Albion, creating the Silver King.

After the Primes transfer a portion of each of their sparks to Lelouch to revive him after Megatron kills him, the Shinkiro is embuid with that energy as well. It changes from black and gold to white and glowing blue, and the face changes to that of Zero's Mask. Lelouch is able to control that Knightmare as if it was his own body similar to a Cybertronian. After Lelouch kills Megatron and Optimus puts a stop to Neo-Ragnarok, the Shinkiro returns to normal.


General Characteristics[]

  • Crew: One
  • Height: Same level as Optimus Prime*
  • Weight: 8.06 Metric Tons
  • Power Source: Energon

Design Features[]

  • Absolute Defense System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Integrated Air Glide System
  • Factsphere Sensor
  • Blaze Luminous Shielding
  • Fortress Mode
  • Druid System
  • T-Cog
  • Combiner System


  • 2x Wrist-mounted Energon/Hadron Cannons (fires spherical-shaped blasts, not continuous beams).
  • 1x Chest-mounted Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon (can be fired without the prism for concentrated attack) (Primary Weapon).
  • 2x Slash Harkens concealed within both knees.
  • 1x Chat Deployment System.
  • 2x Rapid-Fire Energon Blasters (Cypertronian Shuttle mode only).
  • 2x Transformable Arm Blades.


  • *In canon, the original Shinkiro was said to be 4.67 Meters tall. But in the narration, the Author mentions that it stands on equal height with Optimus Prime, who was noted to match the Galahad's height, which is 7.20 meters tall.
  • The original Shinkiro had no CQC type weapons. The fact that they have arms blades could be a sign of Lelouch's admiration and respect of Optimus Prime, considering how he views the Autobot leader as a father-figure.
  • The red spheres of the Hadron Cannons are now blue since they are mixed with Energon.