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The Silver King is a Knightmare Combiner from the Fanfiction series Code Prime. It is a combination of Cybertrionian Knightmare Frames the Shinkiro and Lancelot Albion. It is piloted by both Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi.

Design and Development[]

Using the Forge of Solus Prime, Optimus Prime was able to upgrade several Knightmare Frames, chief among them being the Shinkiro and Lancelot Albion, gifting them with the ability to combine into one powerful Knightmare: The Silver King.

When the two combine, the Shinkiro's head folds down into the chest while the arms are withdrawn and merge with the legs, creating a pair of heavily armored legs attaching to a lower body. The Lancelot Albion's legs fold inward then outwards to merge with the arms. The chest unit then links up with the Shinkiro. The paint job then fades from black and white to almost becoming completely silver with the bright red emblem of the Autobot-Black Knight Alliance that shins on the chest. It's optics turn blue and has shinning blue energy wings from the back.

The pilots' cockpit is similar to that of the Gawain, with Suzaku below and upfront with Lelouch sitting in the back above him.

It's maneuverability matches that of the Lancelot, as it was able to preform Suzaku's signature spin kick.


General Characteristics[]

  • Crew: Two
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: 17.18 Metric Tons
  • Power Source: Energon Core (2x)

Design Features[]

  • Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Factsphere Sensor
  • Energy Wing System
  • Combiner-Function


  • 1x Central Chest Canon
  • 2x MVS (Able to combine into one blade)
  • 6x Slash Harkens


  • It's weight comes from the combined weight of the Shinkiro (8.06 metric tons) and the Lancelot Albion (9.12 metric tons).
  • It is unknown whether or not the Silver King has a total of 6 Slash Harkens. That's more of a possiblity, given the Lancelot had 4 slash harkens, located on its arms and hips, and the Shinkiro had two located on the knees.
  • The formation of the Silver King is a reference to the Powerlinx combinations of Transformers: Energon.


The Silver King and FireStorm

The Silver King (Top) with Firestorm (Bottom)