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A device designed by Thomas Harvey after the Sakuradite Nuclear Reactors and the Relics found in Atlantian Knightmare-type Weapons, oddly enough these devices create their own Thermal Reaction which intensifies, it produces an unknown Thermal Particle that seems to function a lot like a Charged Particle making it possibly a Charged Particle Reactor


Thomas Harvey designed it as a means of replacing Sakuradite after the destruction that Lelouch caused by destroying the Sakuradite deposits at Mt. Fuji, his designs were based on the Relics discovered from achient Races, despite these relics however the Mass Production of them however fell short compared to the originals.

Unlike the originals, these base imitations can run out of production limit and then the Solar Resonators would burn themselves out which would take ages to repair without he right equipment, this became a problem since the only unitswith these devices were The Cavalry (Wide-Area Response Brigade) and their Knightmares, despite most of them being allied to Maximillion there was roughly 1/5th loyal to Richard whom however knew how to repair the Resonators but not to Mass Produce them.