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Special Administrative Zone Massacre (or SAZ Massacre) was an incident that took place at Area 11(Japan) where the Britannian Military massacred Elevens under the orders of the Britannian Royal Family. Unbeknownst to the world and the Britannians themselves, the massacre was a ploy engineered by the Decepticons.


During the war against the Autobot-Black Knight Alliance, Britannian Princess Euphemia li Britannia was able to encounter the Alliance's leaders, Optimus Prime and the mysterious Zero who she learned to be her half-brother, Lelouch vi Britannia. She then learned that the Autobots were actually refugees who escaped their home planet after it was poisoned by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons who were the Autobots' greatest enemy and currently Britannia's main ally. [1] After returning back, Euphemia had begun to fear that the Decepticons would one day destroy everything. Hence, she sanctioned the construction of the Special Administrative Zone to not only allow the Elevens to have the chance to regain their freedom but as a message to Optimus and Lelouch about her desires to join them in their cause.

Euphemia was proved right as the Decepticons had been secretly planning to overthrow Britannia. Despite their vast firepower, the Cons understood that the Britannians outnumbered them and they would need a distraction to divide their forces. It was then that they had learned about Euphemia's actions and found the perfect tool for their purposes. Megatron ordered Airachnid to kidnap the princess allowing a Pretender drone crafted from the remains of Makeshift to take her place. [2]


Once the Pretender was on stage, Megatron ordered his drone to open fire on the Elevens. The Pretender converted its arms into blasters and started killing several Elevens. Soundwave, impersonating Emperor Charles Zi Britannia, ordered the Knights of the Round and the rest of the Britannian military forces present to open fire on the Elevens. Most of them comply without question.

The Autobot-Black Knight Alliance intervened and prevented any more Elevens from being slaughtered by the Britannians. A Groundbridge was opened, allowing the Elevens to escape from the SAZ to the Ark. Lelouch, outraged at Megatron's actions against Euphemia, personally destroyed the Pretender. [2]


Although the Alliance revealed that the massacre was a Decepticon ploy, the world would never forgive Britannia for what had happened in the SAZ which served as undeniable proof that many of the Britannians were cruel and evil tyrants. [3]

The more benevolent Britannians, including several Knights of Rounds, were completely disgusted at the atrocities their comrades committed at the SAZ, some even defected to the Alliance. [4] Suzaku and Dreadwing likewise join the Alliance. [2]

Princess Cornelia li Britannia went on a rampage against the Decepticons, only to be handily defeated and captured by Megatron, who turned her in to Airachnid. [3]