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Lekazu’s Older Brother Sukayo Lamperouge is one of the weaker protagonist of the season of Code Geass Sons of Powers


Sukayo has hair similar to his Father Lelouch vi Britannia styled in a casual spiky emo like Hair with purple highlights but his facial features are different...His eyes are very similar to his father’s purple and casual looking...

Sukayo is first wearing a grey shirt with black shorts as his pajama and every day outfit but later changed into a Purple shirt with grey or black shorts as his main outfit...

Age And Changes through Age[]

Sukayo first grows up to be a 7 year old kid who has the power to control fire and heat sources, As a 7 year old Sukayo is very hot headed, Arrogant and selfish but as he is given the responsibility to take care of his younger brother he becomes more supportive, protective and selfless. As he learns to control his Pyrokinesis Sukayo feels self-aware and weak due to his lack of strength in his power.

As a 15 year old Sukayo is still the hot headed, protective Older Brother he came to be but still feels weak and worthless in battle as he realize how much he cannot defeat any opponents. And can’t even come close to hurting a enemy with Pyrokinesis But Sukayo Later Embraces this weakness making his ego less and less.


Sukayo is very protective, emotional and kind of hot headed due to his brother’s pranks and maybe just being in a horrible mood...although Sukayo learns to be kind, less selfish and more cool headed from time to time although he still gets a little hot headed


Pyrokinesis: Sukayo can manipulate heat into flames that he can control to defend himself and for defense and attacking, although not very powerful Sukayo does use this power to defend himself.

Low Intellect: Sukayo is not very bright like his brother and often makes tons of bad luck type mistakes, Although he can be lucky at times...

Luck: Sukayo is an idiot but he does get lucky in the most threatening situations to escape with his life.

Flame Flight: Sukayo can fly by producing flame from his hands to push himself up eventually soaring through the air, Sukayo uses this ability or technique to travel in the air to avoid traffic.


Code Geass: Sons of Powers[]

As one of the Main characters of the season Sukayo appears in episodes alongside his brother Lekazu who is the most powerful Kinetic in the Code Geass universe...Sukayo is a idiotic weak character with fire powers but tends to be very lucky and avoids many danger, Sukayo was originally going to be a supporting character until Sunrise suggest that the former Protagonists take the supporting role.


Lekazu vi Britannia: Sukayo normally hates his brother and is easily angered by him, but he learns to tolerate and support his brother thanks to Lelouch’s advice.

Hakuru Kaname: Sukayo Cares for Hakuru as a Friend and often supports him although they have argued multiple times in many instances, But Sukayo does consider Hakuru as a Best Friend.

Ikura Kaname: Sukayo seems mostly suspicious of Ikura until he fully admits why he has villain like tendencies and finally accepts his error of his ways and becomes friends with him.

Lelouch vi Britannia: Sukayo looks up to Lelouch like a real father and supports him most.

C.C/C2: Sukayo Cares tons of his Mother and tries his best to support her and Takes care of her.

Nunnally vi Britannia: Sukayo looks up to his aunt much like his mother and tries his best to support her.

Shirley Fennette: Sukayo briefly becomes Jealous of Shirley as she hangs out with Lekazu most of the time completely feeling abandoned by his little brother until he learns to bond with her as well.

Euphemia: Sukayo And Euphemia May have a hard time recognizing each other but they do end up having a nice relationship, with Euphemia asking for Sukayo Advise about her crush Suzaku and how she should talk to him.

Schneizel: Like His Brother, Sukayo is very hostile to Prince Schneizel as he is responsible for Lelouch’s past traumatic pain.

Cornelia: Being working under the prince Sukayo despises Cornelia and ultimately helps kills her despite all his morals against violence.


Elemental Form: Sukayo awakens his elemental form when he is in near danger or becomes very scared which allows him to control Rocks, water, fire and wind all at once without any limits which makes him powerful by 30 times his base form in the state.

Power Usage[]

Sukayo used his Pyrokinetic Powers to disable his lighter without his control when first awakening his powers in his sleep.

Sukayo used his Pyrokinetic Powers again to try to payback for Lekazu from a Prank which fails.

Sukayo uses his Fire Powers to reduce the heat when the Britannia Family House was getting hot and making everyone tired and exhausted.

Sukayo uses his Pyrokinesis to defend himself from a Bully in his middle school.

Anger List[]

Sukayo first got angry when Lekazu barges into his room asking about who he was calling, pushing Lekazu out of the room.

Sukayo also gets angry when Lekazu steals his watch and tries to fight him for it

Sukayo gets angry when he is scolded by Lelouch after he witnessed his two sons fight.

Sukayo gets angry for the 4th time when Lekazu pranks him with cold and hot water, Although he attempts to get payback which results in not affecting His Brother.

Sukayo gets angry in Lekazu’s dream where he surrenders to some Britannia Swat Team Officers until Lekazu whines and begs him to change his mind provoking Sukayo enough to throw his own car’s keys out his window, This also causes Lekazu to lash back at him by driving the car with his powers leading to his death.

Sukayo gets angry when Ikura and Hakuru argue about Lekazu’s Powers being used to defend himself or beat people with it disagreeing with their idea.


Sukayo is mainly inspired by Sean Diaz, Teruki Hanazawa And Sasuke Uchiha very hot headed and arrogant.

Sukayo’s Pyrokinetic Powers came from Fire bending of Avatar

Sukayo seems to be harsh towards his brother at first but he supports him more near the end of the season and other episodes.

Sukayo is as hot headed as Ikura and laid back like Hakuru making the two similar.

Sukayo May be the weakest member due to his poor mastery of his Fire Abilities But as he trains himself he grows along with his Powers.

Sukayo looks a lot like Lelouch due to his DNA and is mentioned to be having fire powers due to Lelouch’s anger and unconscious hatred.

Sukayo seems to be A Lelouch Dominant Child of his whole Lekazu is a Less Dominant Child as He is the complete opposite of his father this gaining maximum Godly Potential of unlimited Power due to the fact that Lelouch has a low level worthless ability that has minimum potential and bad limits.

Sukayo seems to be also the opposite of C2 and Lekazu, unlike his mother Sukayo has no abilities but can use his flames to defend himself and unlike Lekazu Sukayo cannot easily overpower a strong enemy often relying on his brother for help.

Sukayo’s Gentle Nature[]

Sukayo despises violence as he has morals against them, Sukayo ends up having no choice but to watch Lekazu Kill another person for the sake of saving the world

Sukayo seems to be supportive of his brother and everybody related to him no matter how they are he is never judgmental to others and tries to make friends.

Sukayo initially dislikes Shirley due to his assumption that she is spending too much time with Lekazu feeling abandoned by him blames her for his behavior which he apologizes about later.

Sukayo seems to know a lot about dating as he admires Lelouch’s relationship with C2 and also gives dating Advise to a resurrected Euphemia how she should act around Suzaku without being shy supporting her at his fullest.

Sukayo even keeps by his morals when Suzaku is killed by a Evil Knight of Round which enrages Lekazu Although Sukayo cannot stop him regardless; Sukayo puts all his effort to try and calm Lekazu from using his Telekinetic Potential Strength as he knows about the Destruction it could cause.

Sukayo’s Responsibilities[]

Sukayo is highly responsible for guiding and defending his younger brother who cannot Control his Immense Telekinesis And is supported by Lelouch to do so.

Sukayo doesn’t really like looking out for Lekazu as he dislikes him for being a brat and being very emotional, but over time learns to respect Lekazu as a younger brother.

Similarities to C2 and Lelouch[]

Sukayo seems to share a partial resemblance to Lelouch, with a neatly styled hair and a very subtle personality with the exception of rage of course but lacks his mother’s Wisdom although Sukayo does inherit his Father’s Luck due to surviving at his most dangerous situations.

Questions from Fans[]

(Why does Sukayo hold back?)

Sukayo holds back his power because he has good morals

(Why Sukayo is so worried about Lekazu using his Telekinetic Powers?)

Sukayo understands that Lekazu is mentally insane and has difficulty harnessing his inner strength and even though he never manages to stop Lekazu he is always brave enough to try.

(Why Sukayo And Lekazu have K in their names?)

Sukayo got his KA from Suzaku along with Lekazu but they do have a few differences.

(Why Sukayo is weak even mastering the Pyrokinesis?)

Sukayo isn’t weak because of his powers or anything, He’s weak mentally because of his morals and his code against violence, But even so Sukayo can still have a full Pyrokinetic Potential where he can finally become powerful.


(Kid) “Dude!, Stop showing off your Powers!”

(Kid) “Lekazu don’t use your god damn powers for 3 minutes please?”

(Kid) “Two Words Brother, Little Brat!”

(Kid) “Dad!, Mom don’t worry keep kissing It’s fine for a little romance for me.”

(Kid) “Schneizel is dangerous I should stop him.”

(Teen) “I wish Lekazu was here.”

(Teen) “Where is my Brother!?!??”

(Teen) “Le-Lekazu?, Brother!?”

(Teen) “Where have you been?”

(Teen) “Give me a break Bro!, I haven’t even trained since I was a kid dude.”

(Teen) “Euphemia, I never knew how hurt and guilty you felt when you died.”

(Teen) “Shirley!, Kazu is not your brother and you made him abandoned me!!” - Sukayo to Shirley when he sees her with Lekazu.

(Teen) “Shirley?, I’m Sorry...I shouldn’t of shout at you and I should’ve understood.”

(Teen) “Does our Mother have a Real name?, She only has a single letter and number It’s too simple.”

(Teen) “I may not be as strong as my brother but I am strong at average.”

(Teen) “Talking to Suzaku would be a good start if you want to bond with him, I admire your relationship Euphy.” Sukayo to Euphemia about Suzaku.

(Teen) “I don’t love anyone, but I do know some advice for many relationships.”

(Teen) “Mom, How were you and Dad before we were born?” - Sukayo to C2 Before she kisses his cheek good night

(Teen) “Dad What did you see in Mom that was so great?” - Sukayo to Lelouch about C2

(Teen) “Who the heck thinks of a stupid plan like that Kura?!, I could of came up with a plan better than yours!” - Sukayo to Ikura after their first loss without Lekazu.

(Teen) “Damn It!, We can’t win without Lekazu’s Damn Powers!!” - Sukayo to The Kinetic Team without Lekazu’s Powers

(Teen) “Like You had anything to do You Worthless fool!, And Ikura What were you doing standing around doing nothing, This is your fault!” - Sukayo to The Team after realizing their loss.