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Suzaku Kururugi (Code Ghoul)
Full Name: Suzaku Kururugi
Nicknames: Suza
Age: 18 (Pre-Aogiri) 19 (Post-Aogiri)

Birth Date: a.t.b. July 10 (disregard a.t.b)
Death Date: a.t.b. ???
Height: 176 cm
Nationality: Japanese
  • CCG/20th Ward
  • Unknown (manga-verse)
  • Deceased (anime-verse)
Other Info:
Species: Human
"Put yourself in my shoes! When rabbits get lonely, they can die!"
―Suzaku to Lelouch

Suzaku Kururugi is one of the few major characters in Code Ghoul, and plays the role of Hideyoshi Nagachika. He is a regular human college student at Kamii University (the same school that Lelouch attends), and later on he works part-time for the CCG during the post-Aogiri arc in order to get in contact with his best friend who he has not seen since the events before and during the pre-Aogiri arc. During the Owl Suppression Operation, or the CCG's raid on Anteiku, Suzaku mysteriously disappears; though in the anime-verse he dies from stomach wounds.


Early Life[]





Suzaku is a late teen standing at 176 cm (5'9") with a slender build. His casual attire has yet to be determined, though at the current moment he is still depicted wearing his Knights of the Round outfit (although it doesn't exist in this universe) for the meantime due to his casual look being taken down by the module's creator. His skin is fairly tanned, and he has short, chestnut-colored hair with green eyes. It is said by Makonatic that Suzaku doesn't really change in appearance during the Post-Aogiri arc.


Suzaku is portrayed to be having a carefree attitude almost all the time. He is always joyous and outgoing, and there hardly any times where he happens to get angry or upset. Aside from this, Suzaku happens to be very observant and can figure out things about people in a Sherlock-like manner; in regards to this, he claims has a habit of pretending to be a detective. He also has a habit of developing multiple interests in things and working hard on them, before moving to the next. Suzaku is usually very determined, and if he has goals, he will stick with them to the end. He also happens to be quite loud and outspoken, but knows when to keep his concerns to himself.


  • Lelouch/Mezame Kagayaki. Lelouch is Suzaku's best friend since elementary school, and practically the only friend that the latter will ever trust. They frequently meet up at Anteiku and spend much of their free time together when they're not at college. However, when the events of Code Ghoul begin, the two begin to lose contact of eachother due to Lelouch being involved with working with Anteiku staff all the while being involved in CCG threats. Suzaku joins the CCG to hopefully reconnect with his best friend by finding clues on his whereabouts, only to die peacefully upon Lelouch's arms at the end after succumbing to fatal stomach wounds.


  • The creator states that Suzaku will probably be wearing the same outfit that whole entire comic, since the creator for most of the Code Geass 3D modules took down Suzaku's casual attire module.