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"Any gains by contemptible means aren't worth anything."
―Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi is a major character of the fanfiction series Code Prime, depicted originally as an antagonist before becoming a protagonist. He was originally a soldier of the Holy Britannia Empire before joining the Decepticons under Megatron's manipulations. He defects to the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance near the end of R1 and becomes apart of Zero Squad in R2.


Suzaku is a young man with light brown hair and forest green eyes. He is rather tall, being slightly shorter than Lelouch. Like most characters in the series, he also is rather skinny, belying his extreme physical prowess.

In R1, he is usually clothed in a white knightmare frame battle suit or the Ashford Academy uniform, and is also seen wearing a prison outfit and a soldier's uniform on separate occasions. When he joins the Decepticons, his pilot uniform includes a Decepticon insignia attached to it.

In R2, as a member of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, he wears a uniform similar to that of a Knight of the Round, but being black instead of white with the Autobot-Black Knight insignia on his uniform's chest.

While at the Gypsy camp, he wears a grey and white open top with black pants.


After Japan was conquered and killing his own father, Suzaku's personality was significantly changed from a selfish and bratty child to a self-righteous death seeker who actually believed that he was the hero of the story. He dedicated his cause to not endorse terrorism and rebellion, which he believed would only result in pointless killing. Unwilling to sacrifice the innocent, Suzaku held a more positive outlook on Britannia, believing that it could be changed for the better. He also held a strong sense of loyalty, never questioning the orders of his superiors. Suzaku also wished to take responsibility for his actions, as his ultimate goal was to atone for the killing of his father. Yet, paradoxically, he also has refused to accepting responsibility for his actions, seemingly unwilling to admit he made the wrong choice in killing his father and joining the wrong side, hoping to die to absolve himself of the guilt.

This misguided sense of loyalty and guilt left him open for manipulation by Megatron, who took advantage of his naivety and skewed morals. He began to manipulate him into joining the Decepticons after Narita and the supposed death of Shirley's father. After Suzaku learns of Megatron's true nature during an interrogation, he then dedicates himself to serving the warlord, for fear of Megatron revealing Lelouch and Nunnally to their father the Emperor.

After the SAZ Massacre and Euphemia being framed for it by Megatron, Suzaku finally sees Britannia and the Decepticons for what they truly are, pure evil, which leads him to join the Autobots and Black Knights to stop them. He also admits that he made the wrong choice in siding with Britannia, later the Decepticons, and he made a mistake in killing his father and suicide as a way of Atonement. He's in great shock when Ironhide and Tohdoh, some of his harshest critics, both tell him he still has a second chance, even after everything he's done. While on the battlefield, he has become ruthless and explodes in rage if anyone tries to badmouth Euphemia. However, Ironhide cools him down and helps keep him focus.

By R2, Suzaku is now committed to seek true redemption for killing his father and choosing the wrong side, determined to work and save the world from the Decepticons, while also trying to find a way to let go of the guilt he feels for his mistakes, keeping Lelouch's 'live' command as a form of penance until he can finally move on. In regards to how he views those who hate him for siding with the Decepticons, like Kallen at first, he understands their hatred, yet it doesn't make it hurt less.

He also has become lenient of of his no killing belief, realizing now that killing is part of war and he has to no choice but to do so. However, Suzaku holds a strong desire to kill the likes of Megatron and Airachnid for all that they did to him and the people he loves.

Eventually, having been fighting for true freedom alongside his friends and making new ones for some time, he begins feel free from the guilt of killing his father. Lelouch points this out when Suzaku's 'live' command is removed by Thundercracker's Geass Canceler, claiming Suzaku doesn't need or want to throw away his life anymore. He then promises to not let this newfound freedom, from both his guilt and Geass, go to waste.

Character History[]

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Suzaku is an expert pilot and a master combatant in and out of a Knightmare Frame, able to disable enemy units with ease, without killing them. However, against skilled and seasoned warriors like the Autobots and Decepticons, the best he can hope for is a draw, as nearly every encounter he's had with them had ended with them escaping. Though as pointed out by Megatron, he is the only one out of Britannia's soldiers that hasn't been defeated by the Autobots hands. However, against the likes of Optimus Prime and Megatron both, he is outmatched, even with Lelouch aiding him against the latter.

During the six month time skip between R1 and R2, Suzaku has been working with C.C. to control the Geass command Lelouch gave him to 'live'. He seems to have full mastery over the command, able to have full control over his mind and actions, just a more intense desire to live and to do whatever it takes to stay alive. This, along with the advanced Lancelot Albion, made from a Cybertronian Proto-form which can transform into a Cybertronian jet, allowed him to snatch the Spark Extractor from Megatron's grasp and escape with ease. However, the live command was eventually removed by Thundercracker's Geass Canceler.



The only Decepticon he trusts and considers his brother-in-arms.

Suzaku first worked alongside Dreadwing when the Purebloods, along with the Decepticon Seekers led by Starscream, tried to kill Jeremiah over suspicion he was working with Zero and the Autobots. The two worked together to disable the rouge units and even protected Princess Euphemia from harm.

The two worked together again to act as decoys against the JLF durning the hotel hostage situation. Before the operation, Dreadwing took the time to praise Suzaku for his piloting skills, even stating him that his skills can rival, even surpass, that of Cornelia herself, and even admonishes Britannia of their lack of foresight for not using Suzaku to deal with this situation because of his nationality. He also promises that they will save his friends, causing Suzaku to smile in gratitude.

Throughout their time working together and because of the honor and respect he has shown Suzaku, Dreadwing becomes the only Deception that Suzaku has come to fully trust among all their ranks, and a major reason why he believes they are truly fighting for a noble cause and joins them. At one point he even considers sharing with Dreadwing that Lelouch and Nunnally are alive, something he never considered to do with anyone in canon. However, when Airachnid, a sadistic Ex-Decepticon interrogator and butcher, rejoins them, he stops himself from doing so for fear of what she would do to them if she finds out.

After Suzaku learns of the true nature of the Decepticons and resigns as Euphie's Knight, Dreadwing goes to support him at the request of the Third Princess and his own concern. Before the Battle of Kyushu, Dreadwing takes a moment to remind Suzaku that he doesn't have to be perfect to be a good soldier also cautioning him not to push Euphemia away, which Suzaku is grateful for hearing, thanking the sole Decepticon he trusts for being there with him, calling him a good friend.

When the two are surrounded by Chinese Federation forces and are about to die, Suzaku confesses to Euphie in front of Dreadwing that Lelouch and Nunnally are alive, signifying that he does indeed trust Dreadwing with this knowledge. As then Suzaku tries to apologize for dragging him to his death, Dreadwing stops him and states that it was his choice to fight with Suzaku, and it was an honor to know him, calling the Japanese boy brother. The title surprised Suzaku, but he soon smiled with tears of joy, grateful to know how much Dreadwing cares for him. Thankfully, the two are saved by the Autobots and Black Knights.

The two would then pledge themselves to serve Euphie and work together to bring to pass her vision of a peaceful world, even if it meant working with the Autobots and Black Knights. But when she is captured and replaced with an imposter to start a massacre, they then decide to join the Autobots and Black Knights completely to save her. Suzaku later volunteers to have a bomb planted in the Lancelot, simply because he doesn't want Dreadwing, who requests a bomb to be planted in his brain, to feel like he's the only one who has to suffer for any attempted betrayal. This idea is however shot down in favor of a tracer implanted instead.

The two are then able to rescue both Euphie and Cornelia, but are then cornered by Airachnid and an Incecticon swarm. To save his human friends, Dreadwing stays within the mine and sacrifices himself to destroy the horde by detonating a large supply of Energon, but not before offering his final words to the three of them. He reaffirms that Suzaku is his brother, and despite his flaws, he wouldn't trade him for another. He then implores Suzaku to keep living for his friends and loved ones sake, and to seek redemption.

Six months after Dreadwing's death, Suzaku still misses him a great deal, and is determined to honor the wish of his brother-in-arms and avenge him. Even having a Cypertronian Jet-Alt form for the Lancelot Albion, as a way to honor Dreadwing. After his Geass command to 'live' is removed, he then pledges to not let this newfound freedom, from both the Geass and his guilt, go to waste, promising Dreadwing in silence.


His former leader and most hated enemy.

When the two first met, Suzaku took heed of the advice he received from Optimus Prime and was weary to trust the likes of Megatron. Megatron, however, took a very keen interest in Suzaku, impressed with his piloting abilities, as he was the only Knightmare combatant who could engage the Autobots in an even fight. He also possibly recruited him as a way to toy with Zero, who he learned was Lelouch vi Britannia, as he did admit later on he felt a great deal of satisfaction seeing the two friends become enemies.

He sees Suzaku as a much more naive version of Orion Pax, the former identity of his former friend and mortal enemy Optimus Prime, and desired to corrupt him. He has the Lancelot upgraded because he saw potential in the Knightmare and Suzaku, and sought to turn him into the first Human Decepticon.

After the Battle of Narita and the supposed death of Shirley's father, Megatron saw the chance to bring Suzaku fully to his side. He then claimed to Suzaku that the destruction of Cybertron with the fault of the Autobots and Optimus for not stopping the fighting after Megatron implored him too, which was a lie. But Suzaku was too naive and clouded by rage for the Autobots and Black Knights after Narita to see through it, which allowed Megatron to manipulate the boy into finally joining the Decepticons.

Since then, Suzaku has been working as a loyal soldier to Megatron, trying his best to carry out his orders. However, when Megatron had brought Airachnid back into the Deceptions, who Suzaku had despised for her murdering and butchering innocent Japanese in the Ghettos, his belief in the leader of the Decepticons was strained. However, he was still committed to follow Megatron's orders, despite what he felt about the situation.

However, with Suzaku's continued hesitation and inability to kill his enemies, Megatron's patience had begun to wear thin. After returning from Kamine Island, Megatron subjects Suzaku to the Cortical Psychic Patch, a mind reading device used primarily for interrogation. Megatron admits his disappointment and anger in Suzaku's lack of results and hesitance to take a life. He even later threatens to remove Suzaku from the Britannian Military should he not be able to provide results. When Megatron later discovers that Suzaku killed his own father, he smiles as he then realizes that the true reason Suzaku joined the Military was to die for a cause he deemed righteous for redemption. After seeing memories of Lelouch and Nunnally, he then blackmails Suzaku into continuing to serve the Decepticons by treating to reveal them to Charles. Hoping to protect Lelouch and Nunnally, the two people he wanted to keep safe more than anyone, he then vowed to follow all of Megatron's orders, knowing he had just sold his soul to the devil.

After the SAZ Massacre, learning of Lelouch's identity as Zero, and Megatron's hand in the massacre finally allows Suzaku to see Megatron for who he really is: a warmongering tyrant who only desires power. Suzaku has now grown to hate Megatron so much that he wants nothing more than to run his Knightmare's blades into his spark. This desire grows after he witnesses a brainwashed cyborg Jeremiah, Dreadwing's sacrifice to stop Airachnid, and the fact that Megatron knew Lelouch was Zero and didn't tell Suzaku, even after he joined him. He outright declares that Megatron's existence is a mistake, calling him the absolute scum of the universe and that he must be purged before attacking him with Lelouch. During the fight, Suzaku completely throws away his hesitation to kill his opponents, fighting with so much hatred and ferociousness, all to try and kill Megatron, but the warlord defeats him and Lelouch with ease.

Six months later, Suzaku's hatred of Megatron has only grow, intensifying ever time he sees the warlord, along with his despicable actions, though he has learned to keep the hatred under control so that he doesn't go off the rails whenever he sees him. He is utterly horrified and disgusted when Megatron uses Dark Energon to raise the dead in the Tokyo Settlement, and is even more angered when Megatron uses Marianne, Lelouch's mother's, corpse as the Dark Queen's energy source. He even admits that he’s willing to cut through the entire Decepticon army of it means he can kill him.

After Megatron briefly kills Lelouch, Suzaku is absolutely merciless with the tyrant, repeatedly cutting him down again and again despite him being immortal.

Lelouch Vi Britannia[]

Suzaku's first and best friend.


The Decepticon he hates almost as much as Megatron.

Suzaku first met the ex-Decepticon interrogator in the ruins of Shinjuku, searching for signs of a monster who had been butchering people in the ghettos. When he met her, he is shocked by the fact that she used to be a Decepticon. When he asks why she was doing all this killing, his shocked and angered when she tells him that she's doing all this as a hobby. Airachnid mocks Suzaku for his ideals and the fact that he joined a side that goes against those very ideals.

After Airachnid rejoins the Decepticons, Suzaku is shocked and clearly angered over this, so much that he even begins to have doubts about joining the Decepticons.

After she kidnaps and torments Euphie, Suzaku's hatred for her was sealed.

After the six month time skip between R1 and R2, Suzaku and Airachnid have grown to despise each other even more. Suzaku blames Airachnid for the death of Dreadwing and for tormenting Euphemia and Cornelia, along with her mocking his ideals and butchering his people in the ghettos. Airachnid wants to kill Suzaku for playing part in giving her the most grievous injury she's suffered (the lose of her right hand, spider-legs, and damage of the right side of her face).

After Airachnid’s death at the hands of Arcee and Kallen, Suzaku confesses that he’s glad the Decepticon is dead, though he does wish he himself got to finish her off for being responsible for Dreadwing’s death, despite all the pain Arcee and Kallen went through because of her.

Optimus Prime[]

A former ''nemesis'', father figure and the hero he admires

Through one sided on Suzaku's part at first, he considered Optimus the most dangerous threat to the world and someone who is incredibly misguided as he fought against the young boy's "crusade" to reform the Britannian Empire, despite being grateful to the Prime for saving him from the Purebloods.

But after the events that took place in the SAZ, he finally understood the truth that Optimus wasn't the misguided one he thought he was but is everything that a real hero should be and someone who was strong enough to be gentle, unlike Britannia or Megatron.

And like so many others, Suzaku began to see Optimus as a father, after the time they had in hiding



  • Suzaku learns to master the 'live' command much earlier than he did in canon.
    • Suzaku's 'live' command has since been removed by chapter 19 of Code Prime - R2: Revolution, something that never happened in canon Code Geass.
  • Suzaku's english voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, also voiced a Decepticon Mini-Con named Glacius in Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015). His Japanese voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai, also voiced Double Face (Sideways) from Transformers Armada, Blur from Transformers Animated, and Vince from Transformers Prime. The latter being a rival of Jack Darby, the human protagonist of Transformers Prime and his Japanese voice actor being Jun Fukuyama, Lelouch's Japanese voice actor.
  • Suzaku pilots the Lancelot Albion earlier in canon, skipping past the Lancelot Conquista, which is a separate model piloted by former Knight of Nine, Nonnette Ennegram, named the Galeschin Conquista.
  • Suzaku is so far the only character to willingly be apart of the three main factions of the fan fiction (Britannia, Decepticons, and Autobot-Black Knight Alliance) as any others were either forced to do so.
  • His character theme is "What I've Done" by Linkin Park.