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Suzaku Kururugi is one of the seven main protagonists of the Fanfiction series Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron. He is the second and current Purple Paladin after Queen Melenor and pilot of the Purple Lion or Yoru as he named her.


Suzaku is a young man with light brown hair and forest green eyes. He is rather tall, being slightly shorter than Lelouch. Like most characters in the series, he also is rather skinny, belying his extreme physical prowess.

He wears the standard Purple Paladin armor, which is white with purple lines running across the suit. His casual attire consist of a long blue trench coat with a green shirt underneath, blue jeans, and sneakers.


Suzaku began with his canon level of personality at the start of the story. Mostly with his views against using violence as a means to change things. However, as his time as the Purple Paladin and fighting alongside the others, he has began to realize that violence is the only thing most people will listen to.

He also has different views regarding that of Britannia, noticing their very similar attributes with the Galra. This revelation, along with the actions made by Britannia after they return to Earth convinces him that the Empire can't be changed the way he once believed it could be.

Suzaku is a very honorable person, which is the main reason why he is able to pilot the Purple Lion. He's not ashamed of his beliefs, and is willing to stay true to them despite the doubts he may have or what others say. However, it was because of this sense of honor that Suzaku felt he was unworthy to continue being a Paladin when the truth about his father's death came to light. The others manage to convince him to come back though.

After Euphie is almost killed by Britannia in an assassination attempt during the SAZ and after the Emperor announces his alliance with the Galra, Suzaku finally realizes the Emperor's true nature and confesses that the real reason he joined the military was to die for a cause he deemed was righteous, because he believed it would redeem him for killing his father. He then makes the decision to keep living and fighting, as to not let Euphie or his fellow Paladins down, even going so far as to form a contract with C.C., despite his previous apprehension of Geass when he learned of it.

Any hesitance he has when fighting against enemies is gone as he didn't hesitate to place his Bayard in to form Voltron's sword, even doing so with an angry growl.

His biggest fear, as revealed by Mao, is that he may one day kill his fellow Paladins and Allura, becoming like a Galra soldier.

Character History[]

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Suzaku is a master combatant and the most physically fit of all the Paladins next to Kallen and Rai. He was able to fight and subdue two of his fellow Paladins, Rivalz and Milly, while they were under some form of mind control. He's also a very skilled swordsman, as his Bayard takes on the form of a sword with a katana-like blade and a European hilt, mixing both Japanese and Britannian fighting styles, hinting that he's probably an expert at both.

He is also the best pilot among the Paladins, next to Kallen, able to expertly maneuver his Lion and take down many Galra and Britannia troops. He was even able to fight on par against Nonette Enneagram, the Knight of Nine, in the Lancelot, though this could also be because he has experience piloting the Lancelot so he knows it's movements as well. He was even able to fight against Zarkon, with Kallen's assistance, but still got beaten by the Emperor of the Galra.


After the SAZ Massacre and Euphie almost being killed, Suzaku then asks to form a contract with C.C. While the name of his Geass hasn't yet been revealed, his power seems to be able to see into the future. as he was able to see a future image of a Ro-Beast Coffin landing on the battlefield. It is unknown how this power activates, or how far into the future he can see, but so far it seems to be able to see a few minutes into the future at least.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

The two are the first real friends that either of them ever had. Suzaku was indeed shocked by Lelouch's identity as Zero, and was quickly angry on why he would resort to terrorism to try and change Britannia. But after hearing Lelouch's reasons and theories on what Charles would do if he had access to Galra technology, Suzaku agreed to work with Lelouch, so long as lines weren't crossed.

By the time they return to Earth, Suzaku has learned to trust Lelouch as his leader, choosing to follow him not because he had to, but because he wanted to. Lelouch's words, along with the other Paladins, also were able to convince Suzaku to come back to them after he decided to leave.

Kallen Kozuki[]

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His cousin.

Rivalz Cardemonde[]

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Milly Ashford[]

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Shirley Fenette[]

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The Purple Lion, the one he pilots.

Suzaku had earned her respect when he fought against a Galra soldier far stronger than himself in an attempt to protect the lion. After he killed the soldier, memories of his father's death flooded his mind, but were soon pushed away when the Purple Lion's purr entered his mind. It is implied that the lion saw what he did, but still chose him to pilot her nonetheless.

After Suzaku left the Paladins, he soon began to miss Yoru, feeling as though a part of himself was missing and that he was unsafe inside the Lancelot and she in turn missed him. When Yoru showed up, he was surprised when Nunnally, who was piloting her at the time, told him that the Purple Lion wanted to help him, even after the knowledge that he killed his father came to mind. He then exited the Lancelot and enter into Yoru, who was excited to receive her Paladin.


  • Suzaku names his Lion Yoru, the Japanese word for night.