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Suzaku Kururugi is the deuteragonist of Code Geass. He is the son of the last prime minister of Japan before the war with Britannia, Genbu Kururugi. He becomes a soldier for Britannia, which makes him an unwitting foe to his childhood friend Lelouch vi Britannia.


Suzaku is a handsome young man with brown hair and green eyes. Despite his thin frame, he is amazingly strong and agile. In his mid-to-late twenties, he grows his hair out to his shoulders. Upon reaching middle age, his hair is shortened once again and his face is noticeably more wrinkled. He also grows a beard and moustache, but shaves them off at a later point.


Dismayed by the death of Euphemia and the betrayal of his best friend Lelouch, Suzaku has become a very cold and stern person, in contrast to his formerly kind and pleasant self. However, he also has a strong sense of duty and will do everything in his power to protect those that are important to him. After putting his hatred of Lelouch behind him, Suzaku begins to open up and become gentler and kinder, but still retains his sternness.

​Character History[]


After Lelouch assumes the throne as the 99th Emperor of Britannia, Suzaku serves him as his faithful Knight of Zero. In actuality, he is complicit in helping Lelouch achieve is Zero Requiem plan. When the remaining Knights of the Round attack the royal palace, Suzaku quickly defeats them, killing Dorothea, Monica, and Bismarck, but spares Gino. When Lelouch attends a conference to join the UFN, Suzaku observes the crowd outside and locates Nina and Rivalz. He then hears about the destruction of Pendragon and rushes to inform Lelouch. Later, Suzaku is present when Lelouch receives a video call from Schneizel and learns, along with everyone else present, that Nunnally is still alive. Though the news shocks all of them, Suzaku is adamant that the Zero Requiem must go ahead as planned.

After learning of the Black Knights' alliance with Schneizel, Suzaku and the others discuss what to do with him commenting that even his Albion won't be enough to defeat all of the Black Knights. Suzaku then makes his preparations for the final battle against the Damocles, which will take place the following day.

The day of the final battle, Suzaku gets ready to fight the Damocles, but receives a message from Cornelia, which he relays to Lelouch. The message reveals Schneizel's intention to betray the Black Knights and the UFN, which causes them to join Lelouch's side and for Schneizel to be seen as the true enemy of the world. When asked by C.C. if he is disappointed about that Lelouch will no longer be the enemy of the world, Suzaku replies that he only wishes for Euphemia's name to be cleared and reaffirms that Lelouch must still die at the end of the Zero Requiem.

As the battle gets under way, C.C. surprisingly sacrifices her own life to simultaneously destroy the Damocles' FLEIJA cannon and rid the world of the Code and the Geass. Suzaku observes bitterly, claiming that is the beginning of Lelouch's punishment, as he must lose everything. He then yells at the despondent Lelouch, telling him that he and his men need orders, when, suddenly, Schneizel's Merlin KMF appears on the battlefield.

Kallen then joins the battle on Lelouch's side and, thanks to her and a sacrificial gambit from Gino and Xing-ke, they are able to bypass the Merlin's Blaze Luminous shield, after which Suzaku destroys the Merlin. Suzaku then boards the Damocles along with Lelouch, but is almost immediately instructed to take Kallen to the medical bay for treatment. As Suzaku transports her, Kallen reveals that she learned all about the Zero Requiem plan from C.C. and begs Suzaku to not go through with it, but he remains steadfast in his decision to kill Lelouch for Euphemia's sake.

After dropping Kallen off at the Avalon, Suzaku returns to the Damocle and contacts Lelouch. Lelouch orders him to rescue Nunnally, but Suzaku objects, claiming Lelouch cannot face Schneizel alone. Suzaku rushes to Lelouch's location, but arrives too late as Schneizel as shot him in the head, rendering him unconscious and severely injured. Suzaku shoots Schneizel in the chest, mortally wounding him. Suzaku checks Lelouch's pulse and sees that he is still alive. Nunnally, Cornelia, and Nonette then arrive, and Nunnally notices Lelouch's bloodied and unconscious body and tearfully cries out asking Suzaku if he is dead or not, leaving him with the decision to save Lelouch or leave him to die.

Suzaku ultimately decides to save Lelouch and takes him to the Avalon's sick bay, laying him to next Kallen, but confesses that he only did so as he believes Lelouch continuing to live would be a greater punishment for him. Suzaku then bitterly departs, telling Kallen that he must now attend to Nunnally, the new Empress. He looks on with Nunnally as the Damocles explodes.

Later that day, Suzaku checks on Lelouch's status for Nunnally's sake. The doctor explains to him, Kaguya, and Ohgi that Lelouch is permanently blind and in critical condition and suggests that it may be best to just let him die. Upon hearing this, Kallen goes berserk and viciously attacks the doctor. Suzaku sedates Kallen to put her back to sleep, but takes a nasty hit from her in the process. During this incident, he also learns of the dossier that C.C. left behind.

Four days later, Suzaku escorts Nunnally as she goes to visit Lelouch and Kallen, during which they discuss her difficulties with negotiating with the new Japanese government and the Black Knights.

After Lelouch awakens from his coma, he and Suzaku are judged before a tribunal. While Lelouch is sentenced to exile, Suzaku is absolved of his crimes, though apparently he wished for some form of punishment.

Later, Suzaku joins Lelouch and Kallen as they visit Shirley's grave before their departure. As Lelouch weeps, Suzaku condemns him, saying that he will never be able to live down the guilt of his actions. Suzaku then takes his leave of them, warning Kallen of what will happen if Lelouch does anything to betray the UFN's trust. The then speaks to Ohgi, who is concerned about Kallen, and tells him that he must move forward and help rebuild relations between Japan and Britannia.

After Nunnally assumes the throne as the 100th Empress of Britannia, Suzaku is appointed as her personal bodyguard.

Six years later, Suzaku resides at Nunnally's estate, along with Cornelia, Nonette, Sayoko, and their children. After Suzaku plays a KMF fighting game with Kyoko, Nonette's adopted daughter, Cornelia and Kaguya arrive and the group meets up with Nunnally. As a celebration for her birthday, Nunnally has sent Sayoko to find Lelouch and set up a camera so she can see him through a monitor, making it the first time she and Suzaku have seen him since his exile. As they watch the video, Suzaku is shocked to discover that Lelouch and Kallen have had children. After looking through a care package Kallen sent to Nunnall, Kaguya comments that Suzaku did not have a stern expression upon seeing Lelouch again, but Suzaku defensively says that Lelouch is not the man he once knew. Nunnally then asks Suzaku to tell her everything he and Cornelia have uncovered about her father and Lelouch's Zero Requiem plan. After hearing about the Zero Requiem, Nunnally says she is glad that it ultimately did not go through as it was a horrific plan that likely would not have worked. Suzaku is convinced by her words, but replies that it was the only solution he and Lelouch could see at the time. As Nunnaly leaves to join Nonnette, Kyoko, Eichi, and Jeraldine in a game of rugby, Suzaku looks on wistfully, knowing that Nunnally was indeed the right person to become empress, but he knows that he and Lelouch will never be able to forgive themselves.

Some time later, while visiting Paris for a meeting with the French government, Suzaku and Cornelia encounter a girl being brutally assaulted by two men who attempt to rape her. The two intervene and Cornelia kills the two men. As Suzaku calls the authorities, Cornelia tends to the girl who identifies herself as Josephine. Later, after investigating the girl, Suzaku reports his findings about Josephine to Cornelia. Since the girl has no family, Cornelia decides to adopt the girl. On the plane ride home, Suzaku says he agrees that Cornelia has done a good thing, but is concerned that they have broken the law. Cornelia replies that sometimes the law must be broken to do what is right.

About six years later, Suzaku, Nonette, and Gino battle guerrilla soldiers in Nigeria and emerge victorious. Gino and Nonette express their concerns at them having killed so many of the soldiers, but Suzaku assures them that it was their only choice and will make the area safer. Suzaku then contemplates to himself that, due to the lingering Geass curse still inside him, he instinctively knows that some greater threat involving the Geass will arise soon.

One month later, at the testing zone of Ashford Laboratories, Suzaku assists Kyoko when she is overwhelmed while testing a new KMF model. Suzaku and Kyoko then meet Cecile who takes Suzaku to meet with Nina. After reuniting with her, Nina tricks Suzaku into revealing that Lelouch is still alive and has a family with Kallen. Nina then moves on to the reason she called Suzaku, explaining that, about one month ago, there was a spike in geomagnetic activity at the Kaminejima Ruins. Nina asks Suzaku if he might know anything since has been there before, but Suzaku denies any relevant knowledge about it. He tells Nina that Kaminejima Ruins is inviolable and should remain that way.

After Suzaku meets back up with Kyoko and tells her to give Nina's report to Nunnally, he meets up with Lloyd who has completed work on the Lancern, a new KMF that Suzaku requested of him. Suzaku promptly takes the Lancern, ready to test its full speed as he is in a hurry. Suzaku departs in the Lancern, and prepares to confront Lelouch.

Upon arriving in Westerville, Suzaku rents a car and informs Kaguya of his intentions, but she protests, saying he must go through the standard procedures. Suzaku dismisses her and then witnesses a terrible car crash and comes to the aid of the injured.

Later, outside Lelouch's house, Suzaku receives unfortunate news about the car accident, but tells the caller that he wants to investigate the matter further and will take responsibility for it. Suzaku then examines Lelouch's house, but is attacked by Kallen. Suzaku protests, saying that he only wanted to talk, but Kallen is still furious at his sneaky behavior. Suzaku notices the ring on Kallen's finger and she tells him that she and Lelouch are married. After explaining why he came to Westerville, Kallen tells Suzaku he doesn't need to bother Lelouch since she has all of Lelouch's memories. She reveals that Lelouch has been able to connect with the collective unconscious, but it couldn't have anything to do with the spike that Suzaku mentioned. Kallen then tells Suzaku that he must get over his obsession with Euphemia and suggests that he should talk to somebody as just a single word gave Lelouch the will to live. Kallen ends the conversation telling Suzaku to never come near her family again and then rips the door off his rented car.

Later, on board the Lancern, Suzaku notices that he has a holograph projector full of family photos that he recalls Nunnally gave to him. He puts the projector in his pocket and focuses back on his mission. He realizes the Lancern's computer systems are password protected, but manages to bypass them by guessing Rakshata's password.

Suzaku arrives at Kaminejim Ruins, but is frustrated by how much time it has taken him to get there. He locates the Though Elevator and is transported to C's World where C.C. greets him. Suzaku accuses C.C. of deceiving everyone as she is apparently still alive, but C.C. assures him that she is dead as she can only exist in C's World and once Lelouch dies she will join the collective unconscious. She further explains her connection to Lelouch's Geass, but then then misleads Suzaku, telling him that she cannot contact him and he is unaware of her existence. C.C. then escorts Suzaku through C's World, and tells him everything she has learned about the history of the Geass. After explaining the origin of the Code and the Geass, C.C. shows him a dismantled machine, which was likely the cause of the energy spike. She tells Suzaku she doesn't know what it is, but about a month ago it came to life and attacked her, but stopped once it saw she had the Code.

After C.C. details the origins of Britannia, Suzaku questions whether she used Kallen as a pawn, and she replies that she did a kindness for her since she was on the brink of suicide. Suzaku says she couldn't have known what was best for her, but C.C. counters that she read Kallen's mind and knew that Lelouch was the only hope she had left. Suzaku still remains unconvinced, believing that Kallen's love for Lelouch was forced on her due to her trauma, and claims that Shirley was the one who truly loved Lelouch. C.C. replies that Shirley wouldn't have had the fortitude to endure the Zero Requiem, which Shirley herself admitted.

Suzaku is then approached by Shirley who punches him in the face and scolds him for accusing Lelouch of killing her. Suddenly, Suzaku becomes aware that Mao manipulated Shirley, Lelouch erased her memories, and Rolo ultimately killed her, as Shirley transferred her memories to him. After explaining the events leading to her death, Shirley tells Suzaku that C.C. can only summon people from the collective unconscious for a limited time. Suzaku watches as the scenery changes into a beautiful meadow and Euphemia appears before him.

After being assured that it is truly her, Euphemia holds her hand to Suzaku's head to read his memories and then immediately slaps him, scolding him for the way he has treated Nunnally. Forgoing her frustration, Euphemia happily takes Suzaku's hand and the two talk about what has happened over the last thirteen years. Suzaku shows Euphemia the photos in his hologram projector and she is delighted to learn about Cornelia and Nonette and their adopted children, Nunnally's rehabilitation, and Lelouch starting a family with Kallen. When Suzaku remarks that Kallen is a harsh person, Euphemia shows him pictures of Kallen with her family, demonstrating her loving and caring nature. Euphemia accuses Suzaku of judging people superficially and C.C. concurs, stating this is the same reason the Zero Requiem wouldn't have worked. Suzaku remains skeptical, but Euphemia explains that he was already the victim of a similar plan by Charles zi Britannia when he sent Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan. Euphemia's story also forces Suzaku to confront the real reason Suzaku killed his father; so that he could protect Lelouch and Nunnally as his father had planned to kill them out of retribution for Britannia's attack. Outraged at the idea, Suzaku accuses C.C. of deceiving him, but she explains that Suzaku's mind had blocked off that part of his memory due to the trauma.

After gong into more detail about Charles' plan to dominate the world, C.C. asserts to Suzaku that her claim about Lelouch being innocent of Euphemia's death is true. Furious, Suzaku grabs C.C. and fiercely refutes her claim. However, Euphemia stops Suzaku and supports C.C.'s story. Though Suzaku continues to deny Lelouch's innocence, Euphemia refutes each of his claims with a reasonable explanation until he has no choice but to accept her story as the truth. Suzaku breaks down and laughs maniacally at his own failings, crying out to the collective unconscious and telling it that millions of the souls within are dead because of him. Suzaku falls to his knees and Euphemia takes him into her arms and consoles him.

Suddenly, C.C. collapses and explains that she has reached her limit and she can no longer sustain Euphemia's consciousness. Though Suzaku desperately claims that Euphemia can come back once C.C. recovers, Euphemia tells Suzaku that he must move on and continue his life in the living world. The two tearfully embrace one last time and Euphemia dissipates in Suzaku's arms. C.C. attempts to apologize, but Suzaku simply tells her that, once she recovers, there is one more person he wants her to summon.

A few hours later, Suzaku speaks with the summoned Jeremiah and shows him pictures of his daughter Jeraldine. After he goes back to the collective unconscious, Suzaku constructs a small grave-like monument. C.C. approaches him and asks if it's a grave for Euphemia, but Suzaku replies that it is a grave for his past self as he is now ready to move on. With that Suzaku takes his leave, telling C.C. that the next time he comes to C's World he will likely be dead.

On Kamine Island, Suzaku awakens next to his Lancern and is met by Gino and Amanda who tell him they have been looking for him for the last three days. Suzaku then calls Nunnally who immediately berates him for being gone so long. However, before Suzaku can explain the matter, Nunnally informs him about the disappearances at the Pendragon crater and orders him to go there with Gino and Amanda. Knowing the danger, Suzaku tells Gino and Amanda they must go back their base and mobilize all available forces.

As Suzaku and the others head to the Pendragon crater, Gino asks Suzaku if he will be his best man for his and Amanda's wedding and Suzaku happily agrees to. At the rendezvous point, Suzaku and the others meet up with Kyoko and Josephine and the rest of the KMF squad. Once they reach the Pendragon crater, a male voice permeates all the radio channels, announcing itself as their new god. He announces that he is Castor rui Britannia and is the real heir to the Britannian throne.

Incredulous, Suzaku protests that Castor and his brother Pollux were killed by Zero years ago, but Castor explains how he survived. Suzaku tells Castor they are willing to negotiate, but Castor refuses, proclaiming that he is their new god. Josephine then contacts Suzaku by phone, informing him that she has performed tests that indicate that, while Castor can their intercept their transmissions, he cannot overhear them through their civilian phones. Suzaku sends a text message to Cornelia, telling her that they have an advantage in that Castor doesn't know where Nonette is or the advancements in their army's technology, though Cornelia refutes that they don't know about Castor's weapons either.

Suddenly, a humongous airship emerges from the ground, on top of which is a centaur KMF. Suzaku then makes an announcement to squad, asking forgiveness as many of them have not had real combat experience, but tells them that they must fight and protect justice for the sake of the world, just as Zero did. As Castor taunts him, Suzaku overrides the safeties on his KMF and unleashes the full power of the Lancern Mephisto.

Suzaku and the others battle Castor's drones, but find that their armor is too powerful. As they fight, Suzaku tries to explain to Castor that their are no real deities in the world, but rather collective human emotions, but Castor refuses to listen. As Suzaku easily dispatches two of Castor's drones, he explains that the codes and the Geass and all of the other artifacts were manmade.

After Britannian reinforcements arrive, Josephine, having discovered the Centaur KMF's weakness, proposes a synchronized attack with Kyoko attacking one end with her Gauss Rifle while Suzaku attacks the other end. To distract Castor, Suzaku continues to mock his supposed Godhood and challenges him to block his attack. Castor falls for the bait and blocks Suzaku's attack, but his Centaur KMF is penetrated by Kyoko's Gauss Rifle. Castor ejects the damaged portion of his KMF and forcibly ejects Kyoko from her KMF.

As Suzaku continues his battle against Castor, Gino tells him to move away from the Centaur KMF as a barrage of missiles head towards them. Suzaku retreats, but tells Gino that such an attack will not work against him. However, Gino explains that the missiles were only a diversion as the Dreadnought bears towards the Centaur KMF and crashes into Castor's airship. However, Castor survives the attack and Suzaku furiously charges towards the airship intending to face Castor alone. Castor mocks Suzaku, calling him a failure like his father, but Suzaku angrily proclaims that the world doesn't need the Geass or a being like Castor.

After Castor then explains his history to Suzaku, he begins to mock him and the Japanese people as a whole. Suzaku admits that he and Japan have made many mistakes, but argues that humans capacity to do right and everyone can be given a second chance. However, Suzaku tells Castor that he has lost his chance and he will put an end to him. Suzaku is then surrounded by several small drones, which Castor commands to kill him, but, using the Geass Lelouch had placed on him, Suzaku avoids the drones' attacks and reaches Castor, slicing his arm off. Castor furiously orders the drones to kill Suzaku, but they stop, apparently ignoring his orders. Acknowledging Suzaku's "Live" Geass, the drones identify him as their new master.

Knowing that the drones will not attack him anymore, Suzaku contacts Gino for a report. Suzaku then commands Gino to come pick him up and move the rest of the fleet away from Castor's airship. Suzaku commands the drones to maintain their position and not do anything until he returns. Turning his back to Castor, Suzaku approaches his destroyed Lancern and sets it to detonate. Suzaku then departs on Gino's KMF, leaving Castor to his fate. The Lancern detonates in a humongous explosion, incinerating the airship, the drones, and Castor.

On the Prince of Skies airship, Suzaku informs Gino and Amanda that the bomb that destroyed Castor's ship was a FLEIJA; the last one in existence that they had recovered from the Dallas Laboratories. Nunnally then approaches Suzaku and slaps him in the face, scolding him for always being so secretive and doing things alone. Suzaku apologizes, admitting that he has been wrong this whole time and he must start being honest. Suzaku then confesses to everyone in the room that he is the father of Nunnally's child. He admits that he did not want the responsibility as Nunnally is the sister of Lelouch, but now he has resolved to put the past behind him. Kyoko and Josephine then tell Suzaku that they all knew from the very beginning and Nunnally had only asked them to play along, much to his embarrassment. Suzaku then asks Nunnally and Cornelia to accompany him aboard a stealth ship as there is a place he would like to take them.

After telling Nunnally and Cornelia about his trip to C's World, Suzaku assures them that everything he told them about C.C.'s and Euphemia's words are true. Suzaku reveals that, to prove his story, he took some pictures while in C's World.

The three then reach their destination, which is the roof of a hospital in Westerville. They are greeted by a doctor who takes them to a secure room within the building. Once inside, Suzaku shows Nunnally and Cornelia a baby girl that he has adopted. He explains that, during his visit to Westerville, he happened upon a car crash that killed a man and his wife who was in labor. Though the baby was born completely healthy, she had no living relatives, making Suzaku feel responsible. He ultimately decided that the right thing to do was to adopt the child and care for it as his own. He then tells them that, with Cornelia's permission, he would like to name the baby Euphemia, which Cornelia wholeheartedly approves. As Nunnally holds the baby Euphemia, Suzaku thinks back to what Kallen said about a single word being able give Lelouch the desire to live again, now understanding what she meant.

Two months later, after Nunnally has given birth to Suzaku's son, Lelouch su Britannia, Suzaku and Nunnally make a secret rendezvous to a cabin in an undisclosed location for a surprise Ashford Student Council reunion. After Suzaku escorts, Milly, Nina, and Rivalz to the cabin, Lelouch and Kallen soon arrive as well. The group catches up and talks about their lives, making Suzaku a little embarrassed as he has merely continued his life as a soldier for last ten years.

After a while, Suzaku takes Lelouch and Kallen aside to have a private discussion. Suzaku tells Lelouch about his visit to Kamine Island and Lelouch claims he was unaware of C.C.'s presence. Suzaku further explains that he spoke with Shirley and Euphemia who told him about what really happened with them and then asks Lelouch why he never told him the truth. Lelouch replies that he still felt responsible as their deaths were still an indirect result of his actions and he wanted to punish himself for it. Suzaku accepts Lelouch's answer and tells him that he is trying to start his life over as Lelouch has. Knowing that it is the last time they will likely see each other, Suzaku asks Lelouch to shake his hand so they can continue towards the future. Lelouch accepts and the two reach a degree of reconciliation. The reunion concludes shortly thereafter and Suzaku returns home.

Later that night at Nunnally's estate, Suzaku holds his infant son as he contemplates how he has finally severed his connection to Lelouch and Kallen. He then thinks about his relationship with Nunnally and how Lelouch had not chosen his new life for himself, but ultimately grew to accept it. Suzaku is then met by Nunnally who informs him that the Nigerian militia has attacked their military storages. Despite Nunnally's protest, Suzaku leaves for Africa to settle the matter. As he departs, he solidifies his resolve to protect his family and the Britannian people in the name of justice.

Fourteen years later, Suzaku attends the World Technology Expo at Ashford Laboratories and is accompanied by Sophia and Aileen, the two newest members of the Royal Knights. Despite their reservations, Suzaku assures them they are good choices for the Royal Knights. Suzaku introduces them to the rest of the Royal Knights who are preparing a stage play. Suzaku then asks where his son Lelouch is, but is informed that he never arrived. Angered at his son's disobedience, Suzaku leaves in search of him.

Suzaku goes to his daughter Euphemia and asks where her brother is. Nervously, Euphemia explains that Lelouch has been playing online chess with a girl and now has decided to meet her face-to-face for a decisive match as she is attending the expo. Suzaku is frustrated at Lelouch having hidden his plans from him and then accuses Jeraldine of collaborating with him. Jeraldine explains that she wanted to help Lelouch as he has very few friends and, furthermore, she has investigated the girl and is sure there is no danger. Suzaku departs, intending to give Lelouch a stern lecture.

Suzaku locates who Lelouch who has finished his chess match with the girl who is, in fact, Elizabeth Shallon. Suzaku contemplates that she is very similar to her father, both in appearance and intellect. After Suzaku talks with her briefly, discussing her family, he gives Lelouch permission to attend the expo with Elizabeth. As the two rush off for the theatrical presentation, Suzaku is assured that their relationship will only be a good friendship.

As Suzaku watches the play commence, he contemplates how C.C. wanted to be Lelouch's partner and laments the secrets that they must keep from their children about their past lives. He contacts Nunnally to inform her about Lelouch and Elizabeth.

One year later, Suzaku, along with Cecile, visit after hearing about a talented KMF pilot who participates in Russia's organized Knightmare fights. After being explained the logistics of the fights, Suzaku expresses his interest in recruiting the "Winter Goddess", the reigning four-year champion, as one of Nunnally's Royal Knights. After being given free reign of the facility, Suzaku examines the Winter Goddess's KMF, The Raccoon, and then encounters a woman named Rusalka Odintsov who introduces herself as the Winter Goddess. She explains that she built the Knightmare herself from other KMF parts. After discussing Rusalka's life as a Knightmare pilot, Suzaku offers to recruit her as Nunnally's twelfth Royal Knight. Rusalka is hesitant about the offer, but then Suzaku reveals that he knows she is not a KMF pilot. Suddenly, a girl enters the room who identifies herself as Melana Odintsov, Rusalka's sister, and reveals that she is the real Winter Goddess. Having heard Suzaku's offer, she declines, saying that she will only decide if she can face Suzaku in a duel, but since registrations are closed it's too late anyway.

Suzaku then talks with Aileen who has managed to dig up information on Melana and Rusalka's history. In an attempt to infiltrate the tournament, Suzaku meets with William Ashley, an ex-pilot for the Britannian Special Forces who is now taking part in the tournament. Honored by Suzaku's visit, William explains the particulars of his Knightmare, the Little Zorro, after which Suzaku asks if he may take his place. William agrees and Suzaku asks Cecile to reprogram William's KMF to be able to adapt to his reaction times. Cecile says she can do it, but the joints of the Knightmare will likely break if he uses his "Live" Geass. Sophia then informs Suzaku that Melana has an arrogant personality and, if he were to corner her, her reaction could be unpredictably volatile. With all the information presented, Suzaku knows how he will handle Melana.

Some time later, the final match between Suzaku and Melana commences. Though she puts up a good fight, Suzaku easily dominates and defeats Melana. Traumatized by Suzaku's impossible strength, Melana nevertheless reluctantly accepts his offer along with Rusalka.

After bringing her to Britannia, Suzaku forbids Melana from using a Knightmare until she turns eighteen and makes her attend school and military training so she can be a bodyguard for his children. Though Suzaku still intends to make her a Royal Knight, it is apparent that he truly just wanted Melana as a friend for his son and daughter.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Though previously good friends, Suzaku and Lelouch's relationship becomes marred with hatred on Suzaku's end due to Lelouch's actions as Zero and his murder of Euphemia. Suzaku agrees to help Lelouch with his Zero Requiem plan, but only so he may clear Euphemia's name and ultimately end Lelouch's life. However, the Zero Requiem plan falls apart and, in a critical moment, Suzaku decides to save Lelouch's life, claiming that he only did so because he believes Lelouch continuing to live would be a greater punishment for him. After Lelouch is sentenced to exile, Suzaku bitterly parts ways with him, telling him that he will never live down the guilt of his past actions.

Suzaku and Lelouch do not meet again until twelve years after his exile during the Ashford Student Council reunion. During the reunion, Suzaku explains to Lelouch that he has learned the "truth" from Shirley and Euphemia and now believes Lelouch was not truly responsible for their deaths. The two shake hands and reach a degree of reconciliation, though are still not quite friends, and then part ways once again. In a sense, Suzaku becomes Lelouch's brother-in-law after he has two children with Nunnally.

Nunnally vi Britannia[]

Nunnally is very important to Suzaku and he is totally devoted to serving and protecting her as her personal bodyguard. Their relationship is complicated somewhat by the fact that Nunnally still deeply cares for her brother Lelouch, while Suzaku continues to hold a bitter resentment towards him. Eventually, though, Suzaku and Nunnally's relationship becomes physical and the two end up conceiving a child together. Initially, Suzaku refuses to acknowledge that the child is his, but, after coming to terms with his past, he accepts his responsibility for the child. He also adopts a daughter and Nunnally and him share the responsibility of raising the children together. However, while Suzaku cares for Nunnally, he does not feel a sense of true lasting love and, thus, the two never marry.

Euphemia li Britannia[]

Suzaku continues to feel great grief and sadness even years after Euphemia's death as she is likely the only woman he ever truly loved. Her death also greatly fueled his hatred for Lelouch whom he knew was responsible. One of his main goals in helping Lelouch with the Zero Requiem was so that he could clear Euphemia's name from the SAZ massacre. Though the Zero Requiem does not go as they planned, Suzaku is ultimately satisfied as C.C.'s testament clears Euphemia's name to the public, though he still holds a grudge against Lelouch, believing C.C.'s testament to be false.

Thirteen years after Euphemia's death, Suzaku visits Kamine Island and enters C's World where he is reunited with Euphemia whose consciousness has been summoned by C.C. The two catch up, after which Euphemia convinces Suzaku that C.C.'s testament was true and Lelouch was not at all responsible for her death. Though this is a lie, Suzaku believes it and is able to give up his hatred for Lelouch. The two tearfully bid farewell one last time and Suzaku departs C's World, ready to move on with his life. Afterwards, Suzaku adopts a daughter whom he names after Euphemia.

Gino Weinberg[]

Suzaku continues to enjoy a good friendship with Gino, even several years after the Damocles battle, though his jocular demeanor sometimes irritates him. Gino eventually asks Suzaku to be his best man at his wedding, and Suzaku happily accepts.

Lelouch and Euphemia su Britannia[]

When Suzaku learns that Nunnally is pregnant with his child, he initially refuses to acknowledge the child as his own due to his lingering resentment towards Lelouch. However, once he puts the past behind him, he accepts the responsibility of raising his child. He also adopts Euphemia, the orphaned child of two parents who were killed in a car accident, knowing it was the right thing to do.

As a father, he is very strict with his children, but also very loving and forgiving. When Lelouch wanders off and disobeys him during the World Technology Expo, Suzaku becames angered and prepares to give him a harsh lecture. However, once he sees that Lelouch only left to meet up with his new friend Elizabeth (Lelouch and Kallen's daughter), he forgives him and allows them both to enjoy the Expo.

Kyoko, Eichi, and Josephine[]

Suzaku has developed a close relationship with Kyoko, Eichi, and Josephine as they see him as something of an uncle. In fact, they take to calling him "Uncle Suzaku", which he verbally disapproves of. However, after putting his past behind him, Suzaku becomes more accepting of the Uncle title. For Kyoko and Josephine, Suzaku also acts as a mentor and instructor as they both become KMF pilots. As with his children, he can be very stern towards them, but deep down is truly kind and caring.


Suzaku has exceptional physical prowess and is a very talented Knightmare pilot. After receiving a Geass command from Lelouch, ordering him to live, Suzaku's physical capabilities expand even further as the power of the Geass pushes his body to its limits in life-or-death situations, allowing him to evade life-threatening danger that would otherwise be fatal.