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Suzana Julia li Britannia
Full Name: Suzana Julia li Britannia
Nicknames: Queen of Fairy
Aliases: Julia
Age: 25 years old (Appearance)
Real Age ( Unknown)

Blood Type: A
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Elizabeth III (Incarnation)
Charles Zi Britannia (husband)
Cornelia li Britannia (daughter)
Euphemia li Britannia (daughter)

Holy Britannian Empire
Knights of the Rounds

Additional Information
Title: Knight of Four
Second Empress
Rank: Royalty

Suzana Julia li Britannia is the Empress and 2nd consort of Charles zi Britannia. She is from the high family of von wincott bloodline. She is also the mother of 2nd Princess Cornelia li Britannia and 3rd Princess Euphemia li Britannia. Her previous incarnation was Elizabeth III the one who founded Holy Britannian Empire along with Sir Ricardo von Britannia as her former lover.


Julia have the same long pink hair and purple eyes just like her daughter, Euphemia. She adorned a small crown in her head, She donned a white gown with a necklace which belong to her family.


Julia has kind heart just like Marianne, she knows the kind heart of Euphemia and Cornelia. She is also strict when the duty of knights is needed.

Character History[]

Julia joined the knight of rounds at the age 17, and that time she met the Emperor Charles zi Britannia and fall inlove, and then she bore him 2 daughters, Cornelia and Euphemia.

Character Outline[]

Julia was born from the noble family of von Wincott, they have close relations to the royal family of Britannia, She joined the knight of rounds and met Emperor Charles zi Britannia and she married him and has two daughters with him.