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Class Suzuka
Ships of the Line
  • BKS Suzuka
  • BKS Izusu
  • BKS Yura
  • BKS Natori
  • BKS Mogami
  • BKS Kinu
  • BKS Abukuma
  • BKS Sendai
  • BKS Jintsu
  • BKS Kaku
Unit type Mobile Destroyer
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: 200 meters
  • Overall Width: Unknown
  • Overall Height: Unknown
Weight 20,000+ metric tons
Equipment and Design Features
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Gefjun Disturber
  • Inaba Drive System
  • 10 x Close-In Weapon System
  • 200 x Missile Launcher
Units Carried
  • 36 x Knightmare Frames

The Suzuka-class mobile destroyer is a vessel utilized by the Order of the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo.


The overall design is based on the Lesseps-class land battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, but scaled down to destroyer size. Notably it lacks the mounted gun turrets of its original basis, instead mounting VLS clusters in their place. Following its affiliation, she is colored black.


Whereas the Izumo and Mikasa-class mobile cruiser were meant to be standard-fare warships, mounting both gunnery and missile based weapons, the Suzuka-class was strictly designed as an all-terrain version of the guided missile destroyer. For this purpose, it does away with the mounted hyper-velocity cannons of its cousins and is instead equipped with clusters of VLS, as well as one of the most advanced aegis systems to be utilized. This makes the Suzuka virtually unmatched in the field of missile warfare, being able to defend themselves as well as their battlegroups against almost any missile threat while also having the firepower to match. Of course the lack of gunnery weapons limits the Suzuka's versatility, especially when compared to the Mikasas, and so fleet commanders must take care to utilize these missile destroyers in the areas that they excel at.

Beyond the aforementioned design focus, the Suzuka-class is little different from other Black Knight mobile warships, being equipped with the standard Inaba Drive and Gefjun Disturber, as well as allocating hangar space for knightmares and other such smallcraft. As a destroyer however, the Suzukas do not have hangar bays as large as their cruiser and battleship counterparts, which again limits their versatility as well as their field longevity. Even so, the Suzuka-class can still carry up to three squadrons of knightmares alongside supplementing gunships and armor, granting them a fair level of carrier capability in their own right.


The third and presently final line of Black Knight mobile warships, the Suzuka would not make its debut until well after Pearl Harbor. Specifically, a number of these vessels would take part in the latter end of the Battle of Xiaopei, where their advanced missile targeting systems allowed them to pinpoint and destroy the Gefjun Disturber emplacements that had disabled the Chinese land battleship force, allowing the Chinese and their Black Knight supporters to escape. Following that, the class would be deployed wholesale in the Red Rebellion, where they would supplement the mainline Mikasa-class (as well as the Chinese Mao Zedong-class landships) in attacking various cities and outposts throughout Area 22.