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The AVV-00 Sylph is a Black Knight prototype 11th generation knightmare frame and the personal knightmare of Arche Kouzuki during the events of Code Geass: Arche of the Rebellion.


The frame is significantly larger than most Knightmare Frames of its class. The size of the frame is nearly twice that of the Z-01 Lancelot, but due to technological marvels it stands to be a step in the right direction for future Knightmare Frame production.

The armor was traditionally black with white highlights prior to it being rolled out for use with the Black Knights. After which the armor was given a charcoal coat with almost golden highlights to reflect the image of the organization using the frame.

Technical Specs[]


Code Name: “Sylph”

Unit Type: 11th Generation Knightmare Frame

Manufacturer: Longinus Corporation a.k.a. Avalon Foundation

Operator: Order of the Black Knights

Deployment: 2017 A.T.B.

Dimensions: Overall Height: 6.5 Meters

Weight: Combat Weight 8.8 Metric Tons

Powerplant: Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system/Prototype Cold Fusion Drive

Equipment and Design Features

  • Electro-Active Polymer Muscle Pack System
  • Advanced Sensor Suite
  • Onboard A.I. System
  • ECS Jamming System


  • 2 x AX450 Multi-barreled CIWS, Head mounted
  • 2 x XHZB600 Magnetic “Black Out” Harken under forearm mounted
  • 3 x XF1A Monomolecular Combat Knife
  • 2 x XZR00A Aegis Particle Shield
  • 1 X XF2M Aegis-Zero Weapons Platform, (Beam Pistol, Monomolecular Blade)
  • 1 x AVW-SF2A Anti-Knightmare Combat Shotgun
  • 1 X MX21 Anti-Knightmare Assault Rifle
  • 2 x MX10 Directed Energy Beam Pistol
  • 1 x EX909 High Energy Sniper Rifle