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"The TQ-22 Yaoguai is the newest Knightmare Frame introduced by the Chinese Federation and is supposed to be a Fifth Generation Machine but falls quite short of other Fifth Generation Machines like our own Sutherland. That said, like the earlier TQ-19 Gun Ru the Chinese have produced this Knightmare in large numbers due to being quite cheap, with a price tag of only 70% of our own Sutherland, and being quite easily to construct. So if a war ever broke out in between our own Empire and the Federation our Knightmares could easily get swamped by large numbers of these new machines. "
―An Intelligence Briefing on the TQ-22 Yaoguai delivered to Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia

The TQ-22 Yaoguai (妖怪, lit. "Monster") is the latest Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame and is introduced by the Chinese Federation to replace their aging TQ-19 Gun Ru. Overall, this new machine is introduced quite late in the scheme of things with top-of-line soon becoming the eighth generation knightmare frames. Even these cheap but reliable units can still be quite a threat in the right hands.




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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Heavily based on the RK-91/RK-92 Savage from the light novel and anime series: Full Metal Panic! I just made it smaller like other Knightmare Frames and redid its background story to make more sense in the world of Code Geass.