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The Destruction of Mt. Fuji was an event where Area 11's landmark, Mt. Fuji was destroyed by the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance. It was also the event that marked the return of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance following the Fall of Britannia.


After taking over Area 11, the Decepticons seized Mt. Fuji and turned into a massive mining operation to harvest raw Sakuradite (Energon). Workers were solely comprised of humans: Elevens and Britannians, while the Decepticons acted as guards and Thunderhoof being the supervisor and warden.

Meanwhile, the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had slowly been growing stronger since they went into hiding. Not only was their technology improved but they also gained allies such as the anti-Britannian terrorist organization, Peace Mark and other Autobot soldiers who were secretly contacted by Optimus Prime to come to Earth and aid in stopping the Decepticons.

Several agents infiltrated the mines and were successfully able to hack into the communications systems allowing the alliance to direct the slavers away from the crossfire while ensuring the Cons won't be able to contact additional forces for help.


The mines were attacked from multiple fronts. The North Tunnels were assaulted by the Zero Squad, the South Tunnels were under attack by the Elite Guard, the Wreckers took over the East Tunnels and the Black Dragon unit handled the West Tunnels.

Thunderhoof ordered the Energon the Cons collected to be transported from the battle. A dropship took possession of the Energon and flew off with a large escort of Vehicons. However, they are soon ambushed by airborne Knightmares and the Aerialbots. The escorts were shot down while the Gawain Nerion killed the dropship's pilots allowing the cargo to be taken by the alliance.

A groundbridge opened at the Central Chambers where the remaining human slaves were kept. Optimus Prime, Zero and C.C. exited out of the portal and took out the Vehicons guarding there. They succeeded in liberating the prisoners and escorted them to safety.

Back with the Wreckers, the group had begun placing bombs on the largest pile of raw Energon with the intent on detonating them and causing a massive chain reaction. With all slaves and personnel escaped, Lelouch activated the bombs resulting in the complete destruction of Mt. Fuji.


Although Mt. Fuji's destruction is a huge loss to Area 11's culture, Taizō Kirihara deemed it worthwhile as he saw the mountain had already been ravaged beyond repair by the Decepticons and would rather see it destroyed to be a symbol of resistance.

The return of the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance would inspired countless human rebel groups to rise up and fight their Decepticon oppressors. Despite the Decepticons' best efforts to quell the uprisings, more humans joined the fight.

Only Thunderhoof survived the explosion. He was assigned to Steeljaw's pack to atone for failing to protect the mines.