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The Fall of the Holy Britannian Empire, also known as the Fall of Britannia was a war between the Holy Britannian Empire and the Decepticons.


The relations between the Britannians and the Decepticons had been relatively peaceful due to Charles and Megatron being student and mentor. However, Charles feared the Decepticons might be a threat to his plans and did everything to keep his secrets hidden from the Cons all the while building weapons that could stand up against them. Unfortunately, Megatron started to grew suspicious with Brittania's allegiance. After capturing and interrogating Charles's brother, Victor, his suspicions were confirmed. Now discovering that his pupil had been plotting behind his back, he decided that it was time for the Decepticons to tighten their grip on the world.


Special Administrative Zone Massacre[]

When Princess Euphemia li Brittannia announced the Special Administrative Zone (SAZ), Megatron seized the opportunity to initiate a false-flag operation by having her abducted and replaced by a Pretender drone to incite a massacre to provoke the Black Knight/Autobot alliance into fighting Brittannia as a distraction for his true goal.

Black Rebellion[]

In wake of the SAZ massacre, the Black Knight/Autobot alliance declared war on Brittannia, with Zero delivering them an ultimatum to either leave Japan or be destroyed.

Invasion of Pendragon[]

With the bulk of Britannia's military occupied with the Black Rebellion, the Decepticons launched an assault at the Britannian capital, Pendragon. Pendragon's defenders did their best to hold off the Decepticons but they all soon fell by the Con's superior strength and weaponry. Megatron confronted Emperor Charles and the two engaged in a fight to the death. In the end, Charles was defeated and killed by the leader of the Decepticons.

Quelling of the Black Rebellion[]

Shortly after conquering Pendragon, the Decepticons headed to Area 11, Tokyo to exterminate the Autobot/Black Knight alliance and Britannians who were too tired and weakened to put up an actual fight. Half of the Alliance's forces were destroyed while only a small number of Britannians were able to escape the slaughter.

Defense of New Kaon[]

While constructing their new base of operations on the land formerly known as Pendragon, the Decepticons detected the Britannian Pacific fleet approaching them. The Combiner team, Constructicons and Combaticons engaged the enemy invaders and easily destroyed them. Only a few Knight of Rounds were able to survive but were then captured by the Decepticons.

Conquest of the Britannian Territories[]

The Decepticons began a world-wide conquest on the remaining territories of Britannia. All Areas suffered brutal defeats at their hands.


Thanks to the destruction of Britannia at their hands, the Decepticons had instilled fear into the remaining world superpowers.

The fall resulted in the deaths of thousands, if not millions of Britannians. A majority of them had been subjected to slavery where they were forced to mine Energon for their new masters. What remained of the Britannian nobility, including the Royal family were spared from such fate and were used as tools to further the Decepticons' political agenda.

Six months after Britannia's fall, the Autobot/Black Knight alliance had returned, striking at the Energon mines at Mt. Fuji in Area 11. They successfully rescue the slave labor and capture the mine before blowing it up, collapsing the mountain. Optimus and Zero then declare their return to the world and challenge the Decepticons to open war once again.