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The First Autobot Encounter was a battle between Autobot Scout, Bumblebee and the Britannian Knightmare Frame, Lancelot during the Battle of Shinjuku.


Thanks to the intervention of the Autobots and Lelouch Lamperouge, the tide started to turned against the Britannians. With no other options, Clovis ordered the launch of the Lancelot, the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame. Piloted by Suzaku Kururugi, the Lancelot proceeded to decimate every rebel Sutherland that were in its sights.

Lelouch and Bumblebee fled once the Lancelot discovered them leading to an intense pursuit. Realizing that this Knightmare might discovered Lelouch's identity as a Britannian prince, putting the young man in danger, Bumblebee chose to confront it. Before the Lancelot could steer away, Bumblebee transformed and punched the white Knightmare right in the face. Lelouch, Suzaku and the Lancelot's support staff were utterly shocked what they had just witnessed. [1]


Bumblebee pressed his attack against the Lancelot and fired his Energon Blasters at it. Suzaku regained his senses and piloted the Lancelot to charge at the mechanical being who dodged it before delivering another series of attacks.

Suzaku fired a slash harken but Bumblebee grabbed and crushed it. However before Bumblebee could fire his energon blasters, the Lancelot leapt into the air and delivered a spinning kick. Bumblebee blocked the attack but he still got knocked down. The Lancelot attempted to behead Bumblebee who managed to roll out of the way on time.

Bumblebee got up and tackled the Lancelot against the wall of a ruined building and then grabbed the Knightmare's head and smashed it against the wall repeatedly. Suzaku fired his slash harkens at the wall to knock him and Bumblebee back. Unfortunately, this caused the building to finally collapsing. Suddenly, both combatants heard a scream and looked up to find a woman and her baby still occupying the building. They fell causing Bumblebee to disengage the fight and immediately came to the civilians' aid much to Suzaku's surprise.

Not wanting to continue fighting, Bumblebee punched the side of the building to cause debris to fall down and create a dust cloud. When the cloud settled, the Autobot had disappeared. [1]


As Suzaku continues to search for Bumblebee, wanting to learn more about what just happened, the Autobot ends up encountering Lelouch again. The two then approach Clovis' command unit and Geass their way inside. [1]

Holding Clovis at gunpoint, Lelouch forces him to call a ceasefire, ending the massacre. He interrogates Clovis about the circumstances behind his mother's death before killing him. Lelouch then meets with the other Autobots outside the Command Center before being taken to the Ark. [2]


Bumblebee vs. Lancelot


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