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The Griffin Corps is part of Britannia Army . They stationed at the North America region which is the Holy Britannian Empire homeland. They are tasked with defending their homeland from the enemy attack.


It is unknown when the corps first created. But, there been report that the corps had served since the 30th emperor making them the oldest army division of Holy Britannian Empire.

After the coup d'etat by Schneizel el Britannia to overthrown the emperor, Charles zi Britannia at Kamine Island , the Griffin Corps is the only army division that remains loyal to the emperor.

Later, they joined with the dark prince of Britannia in leading the attack to reclaim their Motherland from the traitorous prince and saving the princess, Nunnally zi Britannia .


As the main force of Holy Britannia Empire, they are quite diverse military warfare. Their warfare unit is a lot the same as Britannia army

Ground Force[]


The Griffin Infantry is the division that consisted of conventional foot soldiers. They usually deployed at the place where Knightmare/Gundam is too large to use. They are wearing the same combat suit and uniform as the Britannia army. All infantries are provided with an assault rifle, grenades, and telecommunication device.


After the coup d'etat by Schneizel el Britannia, the Griffin Corps lost their valuable weapon, the Knightmare Frame. However, their loyalty toward the emperor was rewarded when they are given Gundam as the replacement. The Gundam is the ultimate war machine and far superior to the most advanced Knightmare Frame.

The Gundam is still a new weapon, therefore there are not many variations of Gundam been made by the Horus's Scientist.  The Griffin Corps is given three type of Gundams to pilot during the battle between Lelouch zi Britannia and Schneizel el Britannia.

The three Gundams are:-


The Zond-44 is a Britannian mothership which is a large air-cruiser. As mothership, the Zond-44 function not only acts as mobile command center but it also act at hospital field to treat wounded soldier and Gundam workshop to repair damaged Gundam. Since these mobile bases are almost always carrying someone important, they are always surrounded by heavily Gundam units and armored vehicles.

Armored Vehicles[]

The Griffin Corp mobilized conventional vehicles and other military vehicles during combat. Some of the noted vehicles are:-