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The Invasion of Pendragon (commonly referred as the Fall of Britannia) was a large scale attack against the Britannian Capital perpetrated by the Decepticons. Not only was this event ended the alliance between the Holy Britannian Empire and the Decepticons but also was the beginning of the nation's destruction.


Although the Decepticons were allies to Britannia, Emperor Charles zi Britannia feared the Cons might one day be a threat to his plans. Thus he took measures in keeping his secrets hidden while ordering weapons be developed against the machines, including a Knightmare designed to kill his teacher, Megatron. Unbeknownst to the emperor, the Decepticons were planning to retaliate against Britannia after they discovered Charles's treachery.

Charles zi Britannia's son, Schneizel swore allegiance to the Decepticons and offered intel on the Britannian capital, Pendragon. Analyzing Schneizel's intel, the Cons understood that Pendragon was too well defended and they would require a distraction to lure Britannia's main military force away. When Euphemia li Britannia announced to the world her plans in creating a Special Administrative Zone (SAZ) for the Elevens, Megatron saw this as a perfect opportunity. He ordered Airachnid to kidnap Euphemia allowing a Pretender unit to take the princess's place.

On the opening ceremony of the SAZ, the Decepticons initiated their plan, ordering the Pretender to open fire on the Elevens. Soundwave hacked into Britannia military communications and synthesized his voice to be that of the Emperor's, tricking the Knights of the Round and the rest of the soldiers stationed there to take part in the massacre. Angered at the deaths of the innocent and the misblame on Euphemia, the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance chose to wage war against the Britannians, leading to the Black Rebellion. With much of Britannia's military distracted at Area 11, the Decepticons headed to Pendragon and conquer it once and for all.


Soundwave used his abilities once more to deceive most of the Britannian Royal family and nobility to gather at the royal palace. He then groundbridged himself and his Mini-Cons underneath the palace where they proceeded to slaughter Geass Order personnel and commandeered the Thought Elevator.

When the Nemesis arrived, Megatron announced to his troops about the crimes Britannia had committed against them before shouting "Decepticons! Transform and Rise Up!", ordering them to attack. Starscream, his Seekers and the Insecticons transformed and flew down to take out the outer perimeter defenses. Groundbridges then opened up on Pendragon's grounds allowing the land-based Vehicons to exit and started opening fire.

Former Knight of the Round, Beatrice Franks lead a counter offense to try and halt the Decepticons' advance. Although they were able to hold their own for a while, the Britannians were ultimately no match and were brutally torn apart. Beatrice Franks would be killed by Starscream.

The royal palace faired well during the attack as the turrets stationed there repelled any oncoming air-based Vehicons and Insecticons. Unfortunately, Kanon Maldini betrayed the Britannians and deactivated the turrets allowing Thundercracker and Skywarp to lead a small squad to break into the palace and capture the royal family.

Meanwhile, Megatron landed on Pendragon and soon encountered Charles, piloting the IFX-V999 Excalibur. Both teacher and pupil battled against one another. Megatron used a combination of his skills and experience as a Kaon gladiator and his Dark Energon powers while Charles used his Knightmare's capabilities including many Slash Harkens, a pair of shoulder Hadron Cannons and a Blaze Luminous Shield. Charles initially got the upper hand when he fired his Hadron Cannons to knock Megatron back. He was about to destroy the Decepticon leader with his cannons but Megatron fired and landed a direct hit on the right cannon causing a massive explosion. The Excalibur's right side was severely damaged. Megatron began tearing apart the Excalibur till it's completely inoperable.

With his Knightmare destroyed, Charles made one last ditch effort and used his Geass against Megatron only to be overwhelmed by the latter's Dark Geass, being forced to go through his worst fears. After Megatron tormented Charles enough, he deactivated his power and allowed him to see his brother, V.V standing alongside the Decepticons. With that, Megatron executed his former pupil.

The Nemesis flew above the royal palace and obliterated the building in a colossal explosion. Megatron and Soundwave headed to the burnt site and rejoined the Decepticons. Megatron declared the battle had been won and the Decepticons cheered "All Hail! Megatron!".


Megatron later revealed to the world the Empire's fate and declared his intentions to rule the Earth. Not long after, the Decepticons attacked Area 11 to wipe out the Autobot/Black Knight alliance and Britannians. A number of Black Knights and Britannians had been killed with the remaining barely managed to escape.

The rest of the royal family were taken by the Cons as hostages and be used as political tools for their own agendas.

Work began to construct a new fortress on the ruined Pendragon that'll act as a base of operations for the Decepticons.

News of the Emperor's death and Pendragon's destruction spread fast causing multiple uprisings in the other Areas.

The Knights of the Round managed to rally Britannia's Pacific Fleet and attempted to retake their homeland from the Decepticons. Unfortunately, they were quickly defeated.