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Arfon Knights

Ancient Order of Arfon Knights

Base of Operations


Official Language English, Celtic

Military Order

Paramilitary Organisation


Sir Bedivere of Camelot

Patron King Arthur Pendragon
Formed from
  • Knights of the Round Table
  • Camelot Royal Army
  • Various military and civilian organisations throughout history and around the globe

The Knights of the Ancient Order of Arfon (also refered to as the Arfon Knights or just The Order) is a mysterious paramilitary force that seems to be in conflict with the Geass order. Most of its members are shown to be Britannian knights and soldiers that had formerly served Lelouch Vi Britannia. They are led by their Grand Master who is currently known only as "Lord Bernard of Bedford", a member of the Britannian nobility still loyal to the Empress and the knights go into battle under the name of Bernard's Household Guard to hide their true identity.

Their symbol seemed to be based on the coat of arms of an ancient Kingdom of Britannia.

The Knights have seen action in various major battles in the Britannian Civil War.

Prominent Members:

  • Bernard Bedford
  • Lloyd Asplund
  • Cecile Cloomy
  • Anduin Landers
  • Henry Dunford
  • Jack Nelson
  • Marcus Gordon
  • Jeremiah Gottwald
  • Sayoko Shinozaki
  • Anya Alstreim