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The Order of the White Knights
Founder(s) Lelouch vi Britannia
Leader(s) Lelouch vi Britannia
Marrybell mel Britannia
Locations Britannia
Historical Information
Formed from Japan
Founding a.t.b. 2015
Dissolution a.t.b. 2018
Successor The Knights of Union

The Order of the White Knights is a military and anti-terrorism organization founded by Lelouch vi Britannia that is within the Britannia Military. One of their major goal is to reform Britannia and suppress the Black Knights and other terrorism organization and many other dominant powers they slowly expand it number and influence.

By 2018 it became one of the most powerful military force in Britannia where 40% of of entire Britannia Military are part of the organization. After the Battle of Mt. Fuji Lelouch rescue remanent of the White Knights and merge with the Black Knights forming the Knights of Union


Lelouch founded his Organization order deal with suppressing terrorism throughout the controlled territories of the Holy Britannian Empire and conquering the various territory of other nation, the White Knights grow in strength exponentially recruiting individual from a various organization that they had defeated and merging another elite unit in the Britannian Military like Glinda Knights and Glastion Knights, becoming a force by 2017 after successfully conquering most territory in the United Republic of Europia and has made and become the most powerful Military Force within the Britannian Military by 2018.


Head Commander Division[]

Twenty-Four Division[]

Is the Main Military Division of the Order of the White Knights Headed by the 1st Division

1st Division[]

2nd Division[]

3rd Division[]

4th Division[]

5th Division[]

6th Division[]

7th Division[]

8th Division[]

  • Gilbert G.P. Guilford
  • Alfred G. Darlton
  • Bart L. Darlton
  • Claudio S. Darlton
  • David T. Darlton
  • Edgar N. Darlton

9th Division[]

10th Division[]

11th Division[]

  • Ashley Ashra
  • René Laurent
  • Jan Manes
  • Simon Mericourt
  • Kuzan Montoban
  • Alan Necker
  • Franz Vallo

12th Division[]

  • Theodore Boyle

13th Division[]

14th Division[]

  • Oiaguro Zevon

15th Division[]

  • Kaiji Kyogoku (Masqurade)

16h Division[]

  • Wilhelm Sibrand
  • Francis Backmeyer

17th Division[]

  • Kewell Sorsei

18th Division[]

  • Marirrosa Noriega

19th Division[]

  • Julius Kingsley

20th Division[]

  • Tenneth Jung

21st Division[]

  • Andrea Farnese

22nd Division[]

  • Grant Moran

23rd Division[]

24th Division[]

Special Divisions[]

Engineering Division[]

Operation and Intelligence Division[]

  • Johann Schwarzer
  • Eris Kschessinskaya
  • Toto Thompson
  • Pierre Anou
  • Sarah Danes
  • Olivia Reuel

Medical and Provision Division[]


  • Lancelot Club - Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Utopia - Lelouch vi Britannia
    • Utopia Ray - Lelouch vi Britannia
    • Utopia Ray Victory - Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Paradise - Marrybell mel Britannia
    • True Paradise - Marrybell Mel Britannia
  • Lancelot - Suzaku Kururugi
    • Lancelot Conquestia - Suzaku Kururugi
    • Lancelot Albion - Suzaku Kururugi
  • Urien - Erika Lemouri
    • Urien Atlantis - Erika Lemouri
    • Urien Olympia - Erika Lemouri
  • Lamorak - Eugene Schevesti
    • Lamorak Helix - Eugene Schevesti
    • Lamorak Titan - Eugene Schevesti
  • Lionel - Adrian Wallach
    • Lionel Lumino - Adrian Wallach
    • Lionel Blitz - Adrian Wallach
  • Hector - Julius Kingsley
    • Hector Arsenal - Julius Kingsley
  • Griflet - Akito Hyuga
    • Griflet Hannibal - Akito Hyuga
    • Griflet Liberte - Akito Hyuga
  • Daniel - Bruno Watson
    • Daniel Club
  • Cador - Alice Mulberry
    • Cador Swayther -
  • Kay - Coby Robbins
    • Kay Haos - Coby Robbins
  • Meliodas - Leila Malcal
    • Meliodas Barias - Leila Malcal
  • Dagonet - Ashley Ashra
    • Dagonet Demolitor - Ashley Ashra
  • Lancelot Grail - Oldrin Zevon
    • Lancelot High Grail
    • Lancelot Albion Grail
  • Cestus - Marika Soresei
    • Comet Cestus - Marika Soresei
  • Sheffield Eye - Sokkia Sherpa
    • Sheffield Overdrive - Sokkia Sherpa
    • Sheffield Exceed - Sokkia Sherpa
  • Bradford - Leonhartd Steiner
    • Bradford Brave - Leonhartd Steiner
    • Bradford Maxus -
  • Zetland - Tink Lockhart
    • Zetland Heart - Tink Lockhart
    • Zetland Spade - Tink Lockhart
  • Agravain - Oiagros Zevon
    • Agravain Escudo - Oiagros Zevon
  • Arthur - Ivan zi Britannia
    • Arthur Excel - Ivan zi Britannia
  • Merlin - Schnee Hexenhaus
    • Merlin Onore - Schnee Hexenhaus
  • Lynette - Ledo Offen
    • Lynette Veloce - Ledo Offen
  • Vincent Commander Model - Gilbert G.P. Guilford
  • Leonidas - Gilbert G.P. Guilford