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The Purist Alliance

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Various Rebel Cells


Overthrowing Empress Nunnally Reformation of Darwinst Britannia

Explusion of Non-Britannians

Destruction of the Black Knights


Arch-Duke Oxbridge

Duchess Lunamaria Bradley

Various other nobles

The Purist Alliance, or more commonly known as rebels or less well known Purists, refer to those who rebelled against the newly reformed Britannian government under Empress Nunnally vi Britannia after the fall of the Demon Emperor.

The rebels mainly consists of former nobles who lost their power and status as a result of Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia's policies, and Britannian purist fanatics who desire to create a Britannia for what they deem as pure.

In the begining of the rebellion, the Britannian military that stayed loyal to the Empress consisted less than 70% of the entire Empire. They are a major antagonist faction of When Fates Converge .


The rebel forces apparently took with them almost 70% of the Britannian military, although the real figure was much less.

Although they were often outmatched by Imperial Guard units and the Empress's own royal guard, the rebels were more than a match against the lesser Imperial militias.

The Aerial Armada too was divided between Imperial and rebel forces.