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The Revolutionaries are a loose group of rebels within the Britannian Homeland that uphold the ideals from Washington's Rebellion by removing the Britannian monarchy and establishing a democratic system in its place. They make their debute later in the story



Unlike the military of other nations, the Revolutionaries have no big name departments backing them initially in the early years of the war with the Britannian Government, using what was available in the Britannian Military.

Months later into the war, the Revolutionaries would acquire knightmare designs to identify them as being seperate from Britannia. Most of them being rejected design concepts by the Britannian military, such as the first design concept of a mass production aerial superiority model known as the Sabre.

Major Members[]


  • Sutherlands
  • Gloucesters
  • Vincent Wards
  • Gareths
  • Sabre
  • Sabre Commander Model


  • The theme of the Revolutionaries is Union from the anime Gundam 00, composed by Kenji Kawai.