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Leader of the Du Loc Organization, Thomas has a tendency of using information and schematics left behind by other researchers (e.g. Rakshatta, Cecile and Lloyd) for his newer designs.


Physical Discription[]

Despite the way he looks, Thomas is actually a well built man whom served in the Britannian Armed Forces as a Knight Commander before taking up an interest in Science, he


Thomas in the Armed Forces

had a rough run in with EU Knightmare Frames Nine Years Ago ans since then it seems he has scars on his back that are more than physical.


Thomas - Present

Thomas wears a undershirt and jeans, over it which he wears a Lab Trenchcoat and has Italian Leather shoes, he wears glasses that are no actually needed other than being an invention that can be used for spying purposes and he has Brown Eyes and Light Brown Hair.


It is revealed by Lloyd (calling the Kettle Black as usual) that Thomas was mentally insane for over nine years and joined the Imperial Colchester Institute to become a Scientist at a very late time in their courses, regardless it seems that Thomas has learned one thing that makes Science worthwhile: no idea is original, therefore he uses others ideas to create his own.

Thomas has a mighty hatred of the EU expecially the Russians, Germans, French, Polish and Spanish; this presently has adapted into a Britannian sense of superiority over them. This cooled hatred is due to his serving on the battlefield when faced with difficulty in such nations, naturally when Maximillion Vi Britannia promised his own "conquoring of" the EU, Thomas was the first to jump aboard.

Thomas either spends time in his lab with near to no rest and working on Knightmares in the Celeste, he called Nina Einstein an "old hack" because she had no idea what her research into Nuclear Technology would cause, Thomas knowing full well that Britannia was planning to militralize into Superweapons and as powersources on Knightmares.

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