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"Even the Council of Guardians deferred to their elders.
Great Old Ones had even Greater Old Ones, and their word was law

Big, peaceful, Unlimited Power creatures with unlimited power, The Grace

the Grace stepps into the world to prevent it from falling apart

Omnipotent - The Grace's incomprehensible power is so great that he is forced to restrain himself, otherwise the all-too-fragile multiverse could be instantly destroyed by a simple uncontrolled manifestation of this power. Reality and fantasy, concepts and relevance, life and death, science and magic obediently obey his ability to shape and change the fabric of the universe.

  • Self-limitation - as has been said, the Grace creates its own boundaries. they, superior and invulnerable, limits themselves to physical form, limits himself to three spatial dimensions instead of an infinite number of them, limits himself to the “now” and moves through time in sync with all other things, limits himself even to the influence of physical laws like gravity or momentum. But the more powerful the opponent, the less he holds back and the easier it is for him: if in a battle with one of oponets the frivolous grace adheres to an awkward imitation in the form of creating shields, flying and basic energy manipulations, then when facing another openets he easily exchanges billions of blows, feints and parries per second on countless layers of existence.
  • Mind Manipulation - The grace is able to read, change the minds and remove the thoughts and memories of all beings, as well as directly bend them to his will, turning them into loyal and devoted servants without a shred of doubt. This is not only about something conscious from the point of view of people, submissive creatures include animals, plants, bacteria and viruses, gods, water and earth themselves, every erg of energy, even every elementary particle of substance in the world - they are all in direct meaning they revere and bow before the Grace. Even conceptual abstract beings like Death are forced to obey their desires.
  • Manipulation of life and death - such concepts as "life" and "death" are much more multifaceted than those considered in human philosophy. The Grace, viewing these concepts from their superior position, can easily resurrect the "dead": they are not even dead from their point of view, as well as kill and destroy targets on a much more fundamental level than ordinary death. For one who has experienced the totality of life in all its forms, for one who has killed Death itself, the fundamental cycle of birth-death-after-death-rebirth is nothing more than a convention.
  • Annihilation - The Grace is able to instantly erase its targets from existence on a material, spiritual, and conceptual level. They can take on the consistent destruction of even traces of existence: for example, making the alien fleet that attacked them disappear, then he went even further, eliminating their planets, and then all the worlds that had ever contacted them, after which he removed the all races/all, who recorded and, accordingly, remembered this event - as a result, eliminating several infinite races, not killing, but literally ceasing their existence, not even leaving souls, as if they never existed. Everything that exists at once can be easily destroyed by the Grace in one blinding white flash.
  • Feeling Manipulation - The Grace is able to create, alter, and manipulate people's feelings and emotions. This also includes love, which (at least in its true manifestation) is indescribable even for abstract-conceptual beings. The Grace can this ability on a infinite number of women who began to see him as such a wonderful, incredible and unforgettable person that they were ready to kill themselves for him - also , his female form was ready to do this with any male.
  • omniscience - The Grace is able to observe reality in the way it desires, whether through subatomic analysis, seeing countless non-physical levels, or understanding the most fundamental aspects of the multiverse. His omniscience comes as a necessary consequence of omnipotence, allowing you to feel the surrounding reality in other planes of perception, through other senses, as well as contemplating the past and future - and all this from feeling the texture and movements of each atom to the dance of infinity itself. Every secret, every thought, every smoldering desire is perceived by the Grace as no less material than “matter”, and even the darkest depths of the human soul are open to its gaze.
  • Paradoxaliy - the power of the grace allows it to perform internally contradictory and mutually negating actions that are impossible for anyone in the multiverse. Examples include causing death in a world where "Death" is fundamentally destroyed, as well as bringing a finite element into his's own infinity without losing its qualities.
  • Beyond evaluation - the predominance of the Grace over the multiverse actually has an indefinite quantitative-qualitative value. There are many claims about his strength, ranging from those known for its superiority millions of times, ending with the literal indistinguishability of reality and fantasy, coupled with the assertion that everything that exists could simply be their fiction, as well as ambiguous interpretations of the difference between humans and the most powerful beings in the multiverse.
  • Shapeshifting - When manifested, The Grace are able to take on any form without losing power. However, in spite of everything, their favorite form, by a strange coincidence, is a form close to humans, both from the point of view of biology and from the point of view of society. Although they are more informational form of life than biological.

Timeless Child's realm is the place from witch The Grace come from, a white blackness from outside the multiverse. It is emptiness and nothingness, but at the same time it contains totality and fullness in itself. It is finite and infinite. It is nothing, but at the same time it is everything and everything is it. It has always been and always will be.

  • Unlimited - Timeless Child's realm does not contain "finiteness", has no qualities, properties, concepts, time and space, and as such does not possesses neither consciousness nor any other limitations. It embodies the very concept of "beyond": everything that is "beyond" the totality of existence belongs to the transcendent white blackness.
    • Power beyond the Power is a component of Timeless Child's realm, which can be called its filling, internal infinite potentials. It was from her that the The Grace became aware of themselves upon contact with the multiverse, it was this energy that they used. Power in itself, going beyond the very limits of this concept.
    • Nothing is a component of Timeless Child's realm, containing nothing emptiness, absolutely. This is "Beyond". It cannot be described in any way and there is nothing to say about it except what has already been said.
  • Infinity — Timeless Child's realm is different from the multiverse, in which each of its components and the entirety is finite, and each phenomenon carries the seeds of its own destruction, having not only a beginning, but also an indispensable completion in the process of total entropy. In turn, having no end at all, even as an internal idea, Timeless Child's realm is not a false, but a true infinity: pure, untainted energy and emptiness beyond the description of any concept of the multiverse. Infinity, relative to which everything loses its meaning.
  • Totality - the immense white blackness contains nothing and everything, overwhelmingly surpassing everything that has any limitations in itself. It is above the multiverse and its concepts, Light and Darkness, Order and Chaos, randomness and cyclicity, form and formlessness, the desire for life and inevitable death, as well as love. Moreover, based on a number of facts, it can be argued that it surpasses the blackness of non-existence, which personifies Oblivion. This means that even the sea of eternal emptiness and non-existence, containing that which does not exist as such, in itself is totally inferior to the fullness and nothingness of Timeless Child's realm.
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Idris is the main Deuteragonist of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

Name Idris, Lady Idris, Magnus Prime, The Last Prime, Caretaker of Spacetime, The Dimensional Supervisor

Origin: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

Classification: Proto-Fiend

Status: Online

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Alignment Law

Voice Actor(s): Haruka Kudo (Japanese) ,Michelle Rojas (English)


Idris is a mass produced Proto-Fiend model created by Bethel



Idris starts as robotic in nature whose sole mission is to protect humanity, as well as rarely, if ever, emoting. Her experience while merged with Shinji has her learn more about humanity, their flaws, and capability to grow stronger and adapt. In regards to her relationship with Shinji, Idris only aids him because of her directive (i.e. protecting humans), but eventually comes to genuinely care for the Shinji's wellbeing

She's naturally protective towards Shinji, both partially because she's meant to protect humans and because she genuinely begins to care for him. As such, Idris will do everything in her power to ensure Shinji has the means to defend himself,


Idris has an appearance remotely similar to C.C., if only in facial features and hair style. Idris hair has an unnatural coloring impossible for a normal human being.

Idris outfit also features several instances of the Geass sigil, visible on Idris neck and as the shape of the top of Idris clothes.


Proto-Fiend is a unique race. Demons in this race are artificially created by Hadou gods by infusing the power of a Hadou God and using another Hadou God as a template for the resulting fiend. Idris is the only Proto-fiend shown , imbued with the power of the Hadou God Nova Prime. It is implied that Idris is the last functioning Proto-fiend remaining, as Shinji encounter no other Proto-fiends nor are any others mentioned besides Idris.



Shinji Ikari, Bethel, Guardians



"One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall."

"Sometimes even the wisest of men and machines can be in error."

"There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.."



  • Personality of Idris is Inpiered by Optimus Prime (Transformers).
  • Idris is True Self/Nahobino/Gouitsujin of Shinji Ikari.
  • Idris is Inpiered by Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen).
  • Idris is Inpiered by Aogami (Shin Megami Tensei V).
  • Idris is Godmaster (Transformers).