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The Mk6-S2E2 Tiger, is the URE's specialized Seventh Generation quadruped knightmare frame built for multi-terrain combat, as well as to perform the duties of a highly-mobile gun platform. Many design functions for the frame and all of the weapons are credited to Wing Zero Alpha.


The Tiger's design is based on the TMF/A-802 BuCUE from Gundam SEED, modified to fit with the knightmare designs, with the beam blades removed and replaced with Blitzschwert weapons and given claws (the claws are retractable like its name sake), from and based on WZA's designs, from the Waltfeld BuCUE and retains the camera's single eye sensor track. Its also is equipped a multipurpose turret mount on its back like the GAT-X399/Q Wild Dagger to allow it to house a large number of weapons as its primary, depending on the mission and the crew, such as railguns, blitz cannon, missile launchers, howitzers, etc. It is equipped with a pair of rocket thrusters that allows the frame to reach speeds that far exceed any bipedal knightmare models on the ground when in its tank mode; and when used in conjunction with its claws/fangs, it allows the frame to perform a charging/pouncing attack upon its opponents.


With intelligence and news reports of Britannia's advancements of new Knightmare tech, the URE began taking consideration in need of a Kniughtmare more capable of traversing difficult terrain to defend their territories. No only in the Far East of Russia, but also their territories within the African continent and their Mediterranean States with the recent Britannian conquest of the Middle Eastern Federation.

The development of the project conceived one of the first Knightmares to feature a quadruped design resembling that of a predatory cat: thus it was called Tiger. Instead of the Landspinner Propulsion System found on most Knightmares, the Tiger forgone those in place with caterpillar treads, similar to those used on tanks. This allowed the Tiger to transform between two modes: the quadruped mode was used to traverse rough terrain and heavy obstacles, and cruising mode (also called tank mode) to rapidly traverse flat terrain and to travel over terrain that isn't suited for walking or traditional Landspinner Propulsion such as deserts and snowy plains. In addition, the Tiger is fitted with rocket thrusters to increase its speed and mobility, making it harder for its opponents to get a lock on it. This increase in speed and mobility also making it perfect for quick hit and run strikes with either its weapons used in its multi-purpose turret or to add more punch when striking the enemy with the Knightmares fangs/claws in pouncing strikes similar to it namesake.

This mobility allows the Tiger to surpass any of Britannia's mass produced Knightmares in any terrain, and can equal any of their experimental/Ace/Commander Custom Knightmares on the ground.


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