General Characteristics
Model Number Mk6–T4X1
Code name Tiger
Unit type Sixth Generation Heavy Quadruped Ground Assault Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Henschel & Son

European Alliance:

  • Germany
Dimensions Overall Length: 10.5 meters

Overall Width: 4.03 meters

Overall Height: 3.89 meters

Weight Combat Weight: 20.7 Tonnes
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler
Equipment and Design Features
  • 4 x Kampfketten
  • 2 x HWK207 Rocket Thrusters
  • MSlS231 Multispektralsensor System
  • EAu203 Mono-eye camera rail
Fixed Armament
  • 2 x BzH002 Blitzhauer
  • 4 x BzK003 Blitzklauen
Optional Armament

Mulitpurpose Turret:

  • 1 x Dual barrel 120mm Rhienmetall railgun
  • 1 x Dual barrel BzG319 Blitzgewehr
  • 1 x 11-tube NbW63 120mm Missile Launcher
  • 1 x 175mm PzH1964 Howitzer
  • 1 x Rhinemetall 105mm Zwillingsflak Autocannon

The Mk6-T4X1 Tiger, is the EA's specialized Sixth Generation quadruped knightmare frame built for multi-terrain combat, as well as to perform the duties of a highly-mobile gun platform. Many design functions for the frame and all of the weapons are credited to Wing Zero Alpha.


The Tiger's design is based on the TMF/A-802 BuCUE from Gundam SEED, modified to fit with the knightmare designs, with the beam blades removed and replaced with Blitzschwert weapons and given claws (the claws are retractable like its name sakes), from and based on WZA's designs, from the Waltfeld BuCUE and retains the camera's single eye sensor track. Its also is equipped a multipurpose turret mount on its back like the GAT-X399/Q Wild Dagger to allow it to house a large number of weapons as its primary, depending on the mission and the crew, such as railguns, blitzgewehrs, missile launchers, gatling guns, howitzers, etc. It is equipped with a pair of rocket thrusters that allows the frame to reach speeds that far exceed any bipedal knightmare models on the ground when in its tank mode; and when used in conjuntion with its claws/fangs, it allows the frame to perform a charging/pouncing attack upon its opponents.

Design HistoryEdit

Design Edit

The Tiger Frame greatly differed from earlier EU knightmare design philosophies. While its predecessor, the Panzer-Hummel, worked with the standard bipedal designs, it struggled in incorporating the proven attributes of the Main Battle Tank without sacrificing any of the three atributes: Firepower, Armor protection, or mobility; they tended to lack flexibility in dealing with stronger targets and constantly changing battlefront lines.

Going with an entirely new design based on quadruped animals, the designers chose a for something that was going to be more balanced than a bipedal Knightmare, while also being able to carry MBT sized weaponry and equipment.

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