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Class Tsuru
Ships of the Line
  • BKS Tsuru
  • BKS Washi
  • BKS Chuhi
  • BKS Fukurou
Unit type Air Cruiser
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: 200 meters
  • Overall Width: Unknown
  • Overall Height: Unknown
Weight 6,000+ metric tons
Equipment and Design Features
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Gefjun Disturber
  • 8 x Close-In Weapon System
  • 36 x Missile Launcher
Units Carried
  • 48 x Knightmare Frames

The Tsuru-class air cruiser is a vessel utilized by the Order of the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo. It is the Order's sole airship model.


The Tsuru is based on the Garuda-class airship from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, but is much smaller. It is normally colored in its host organization's black.


Following along with other airship types of the day, the Tsuru-class air cruiser is a large transport craft, specifically designed for long-range airborne assault operations. Being based on the Britannian Griffin-class, the Tsuru-class is meant to transport anything from ground attack personal to knightmares to even additional smallcraft over great distances; the Tsuru herself demonstrates this capability by transporting an assault force from India all the way to the Arctic Circle and back again in little under twenty-four hours. That being said however, as with other airships, it takes much in the way of resources to deploy even one of these airships, meaning that the Black Knights can only use them sparingly as compared to their mobile warship fleet.

Overall, the Tsuru can carry anywhere between four squadrons of knightmare frames as well as gunships, VTOLs, armor and hundreds of personnel. And though not designed for direct attack, the Tsuru is well defended with several CIWS and missile launchers, the latter in turn granting it fire support capability. Despite its immense size and relatively heavy load however, the Tsuru-class has limited STOL capability, allowing it to take off from and land on virtually any airstrip that's rated for aircraft of its type. In lieu of an airstrip, it can also take off and land from bodies of water, granting it amphibious capability as well.


Though the Black Knights had long been interested in developing their own airship since the appearance of the Avalon over Shikine Island not too long ago, the lack of development in float technology combined with the sheer amount of resources required to produce even a conventional airship would prevent the Order from making such an endeavor. As a result, it would not be until after the Red Rebellion, in which several Britannian Griffin-class air cruisers are captured, that the Chawla Design Bureau had an effective basis to manufacture Order exclusive airships, resulting in the Tsuru-class. Even then however, the same strain in resources would result in only a handful of these airships being produced overall, with the pathfinder Tsuru marking the class' debut in Operation Fubuki, the attack on the Eildon base in Alexandra Land in the Arctic Circle.