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Turn 24.4 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series. It occurs between Turns 24 and 25 and details an altercation that took place during Lelouch and Kallen's recovery.


​After the battle against the Damocles, Lelouch and Kallen are recovering in sick bay. Ohgi and Kaguya ask the doctor about Kallen's status and he explains that she has multiple fractures and lacerations and a concussion, but she will live. They then ask about Lelouch and Suzaku arrives explaining that he is checking on his status for Nunnally's sake. As Kallen regains conciousness, the doctor explains that Lelouch is in critical condition. Though his brain is functioning, his right eye has been lost and the optic nerves and canal of his left eye have been severed, rendering him blind. He has also lost a lot of blood and they do not have his blood type on hand. All this combined with his weak constitution will require him to have a second surgery, but there is no guarantee he will survive. The doctor then considers that it may be best just to let him die.

Hearing all this, Kallen furiously leaps out of her bed and attacks the doctor, proclaiming that if Lelouch dies then he will die. Suzaku and Ohgi attempt to restrain her while Kaguya fetches a sedative. Suzaku injects the sedative into Kallen, but she still manages to resist and almost pokes Ohgi's eyes out before losing consciousness. The trio are stupefied by Kallen's actions with Kaguya even wondering if she may be under the influence of the Geass, but Ohgi assures her that she isn't.

As Ohgi holds Kallen in his arms, he thinks back to everything he and Kallen and Black Knights have been through and some of the regretful actions they have taken, including him not keeping his promise to Naoto to keep Kallen out of the war.

Suzaku explains that C.C. spoke with Kallen the day before, causing her love for Lelouch to explode. Ohgi says he understands Kallen's situation and offers his condolences to Suzaku for Euphemia's death, knowing now that she was innocent. They then discuss what to do if Lelouch survives. Kaguya explains that they will likely have to fake his death and then put him on trial, after which he will be under surveillance. In regards to his caretaker, although she will try to dissuade her, Kaguya believes Kallen will be the one to do. As he places her back in her bed, Ohgi agrees, knowing that Kallen will do anything to stay by Lelouch's side.