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Turn 24.5 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series. It occurs between Turns 24 and 25 and depicts Kallen's desire to stay close to Lelouch during his recovery.


​As Kallen recovers on Horai Island, she gets out of her bed, still barely able to walk. Regardless, she stubbornly pushes through, trying to get to Lelouch's room. She meets the two guards outside is room, stating that she must go in, but the guards refuse. She then begs them, claiming that Lelouch is her only reason for living and, after getting Ohgi's approval, they let her in.

​Kallen enters and speaks with the still-unconscious Lelouch. She tells him he has a 60% probability of survival and Nunnally, unfortunately, will not be able to visit for a while. She then chastises herself, saying that she is a weakling and a coward and only now has the courage to say what feels while he's unconscious. She explains that, thanks to Elizabeth, she knows about Lelouch's past. She says that they have had similar experiences in that they were both betrayed, abandoned, lied to the people they cared about, and ultimately lost everything they cared about. She doesn't care about anything he's done in the past, as he is the one who gave her and the others hope. She further explains that, when Lelouch held her in his arms on the Damocles, it was the first time she felt safe. She says she is prepared to go to hell for him and if he dies then she will die as well. She then asks Lelouch to live, saying it would be better to live and witness the new future brought about by his sister and that the Geass isn't a sentence to be alone. She holds his hand to her heart and begs him to come back to them.

​Ohgi thanks the guards for their help and they ask if they could get in trouble for letting her in. Ohgi says they'll be fine as it was all his idea and Horai Island is his responsibility.

​Kallen lies down next to Lelouch and watches him.