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Turn 25.09 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25. The story depicts Nunnally, Kallen, and Cornelia visiting Lelouch's fake grave.


After Lelouch's public funeral, Nunnally, Kallen, and Cornelia visit his grave, observing that there are no flowers. Despite Nunnally's protests, Kallen, who is clearly fatigued from watching Lelouch around the clock, insists that she's alright and wanted to attend to make the charade more believable. As Nunnally lays flowers at the grave, she remarks that only a few people know the truth about Lelouch, including Kaguya, Ohgi, Tohdoh, the UFN commission, and themselves. Kallen then expresses her stress and anxiety about being unable to help Lelouch and then collapses to the ground. Nunnally voices her concern, saying that Kallen is sick, both physically and emotionally, but Kallen angrily refutes her.

Cornelia contemplates to herself, wondering if this is really the same girl who defeated her at Narita. But, at the same time, she understands Kallen's emotional turmoil brought about by her devotion to Lelouch, believing that she feels the same sometimes when she thinks of Guilford. Cornelia remarks that emotional distress can irreparably destroy a person, but a true warrior can persevere overall, especially a Japanese one. Kallen angrily counters Cornelia, saying that she is a Britannian. Knowing that she can't stand on her own, Cornelia offers to hold Kallen up as they walk back and she reluctantly accepts. Cornelia considers how not only Kallen, but Euphemia as well, were so devoted and protective of Lelouch in spite of his crimes. She is determined to uncover the truth about him.