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Turn 26.3.5 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs after Turn 25. The story depicts Lelouch and Kallen suffering from severe post-traumatic stress after they begin their new life together.


​From the surveillance room, Tohdoh asks Nagisa to give him a report on Lelouch and Kallen's condition. Nagisa replies that Lelouch is suffering from an emotional crisis, having given up the composed facade he made for his sister. Meanwhile, Kallen, after seeing him in that state, has shut herself in her room and is suffering from a PTSD attack. Despite her suffering, Tohdoh says that this was Kallen's choice and she must get through it on her own.

​In her room, Kallen is in immense pain. She can barely breath and it feels as if her heart wants to leap out of her chest. She believes it is her conscience punishing her due to her failure to protect her mother and Lelouch. She collapses to the ground, but decides that she cannot go on like this and she must be strong so she can help Lelouch.

​Kallen enters Lelouch's room, but he tells her to leave him alone. Despite his blindness, he claims he can see images of thousands of people, presumably his victims. Kallen objects and forcibly holds Lelouch's hand to her chest, telling him to feel her heartbeat. She tells him that as long as he can feel her heartbeat, he is not alone and she will be there for him to protect and heal him. She reminds him of the time he told her to live on, but tells him that she cannot do it without him. She tells Lelouch that he must continue to live for her and Nunnally and everyone else who cares about him. Lelouch breaks down and sobs into her arms, begging her to help him and apologizing for hurting her so much.

​As Kallen holds Lelouch in her arms, she thinks about everything she learned about him from C.C. In spite of everything he's done, she knows the Lelouch she is holding is the true Lelouch, the man she loves. She considers that Lelouch received his Geass power because he wanted help from others, while Kallen herself wanted to help others, and thus that is why C.C. chose Kallen to be with Lelouch. She reaffirms that she will stay by Lelouch's side, helping him heal and build a new future together. Believing that her mother, brother, Shirley, and everyone else are watching over them, she decides they will live for them too and she will not fail again.