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Turn 25.1 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25. The story focuses on Cornelia living with Nonette and her children.


At Nonette's home, Corenlia is watching the news, which reports that the Black Knights have been officially disbanded and that the Empress Nunnally has restored noble titles to several families. Nonette comments that she wonders what would think about Cornelia, the Britannian prime minister, coming to her house as often as she does. As she lifts Nonette's son Eichi onto the sofa, Cornelia explains that she likes coming to her house as the chaos of the children relaxes her. Nonette's daughter Kyoko then approaches Cornelia and shows her a remarkably well-drawn picture of her as a magical warrior.

Cornelia comments that Nonette's apartment seems so empty and Nonette confirms that Nunnally as elected her to serve as security for Nunnally's estate. Therefore, both her and her children will be moving to her house. Nonette also comments that having children around will bring liveliness and good cheer to the house. Cornelia believes that such an arrangement will be interesting. 

As Cornelia is about to leave, Nonette asks if she can look after Kyoko and Eichi while she is away to commemorate her deceased son Timothy. Cornelia happily obliges, saying that she owes her her life.

Abruptly, Nonette approaches Cornelia and kisses her, much to her surprise. Nonette immediately apologizes, saying she did it on instinct. As Cornelia leaves, she wonders if perhaps she enjoyed it or if she is developing feelings for Nonette.