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Turn 25.3 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25. The story depicts Lelouch and Kallen as they depart Japan to begin their new life.


Kallen goes to her father's estate and finds that the gate is locked, indicating that he and his wife have moved. She contemplates that the personal effects Kaguya recovered for her is all that remains of her life as Kallen Stadtfeld. Realizing that she has additional time, Kallen asks her driver to stop by her mother's grave. She places a marker next to her mother's grave to act as her brother Naoto's grave. Kallen regrets that this is the last time she'll be able to visit them, but she tells her brother that Japan is free now just as he wanted. She bids farewell to her mother and brother, saying that they will meet again in C's World.

At the departure site, Nunnally tearfully embraces Lelouch and Ohgi holds Kallen as the two prepare to leave. On board the plane, Kallen looks over their new IDs, passport, and certificates, commending Kaguya's work on them. Lelouch lies on the floor, stretching his leg out to lessen the pain. He asks Kallen how she feels having to lie to so many people. Kallen replies that she's feels terrible about it and Lelouch replies that it must feel like someone continuously pumping her out very slowly as he feels the same way. Kallen says she doesn't want to see Lelouch unhopeful as they both agreed to start a new life together. She begins to tell him that she loves him, but Lelouch stops her, telling her she doesn't have to say it. Kallen looks away, despondent, but Lelouch reaches out and touches her hand. Kallen thinks back to what Suzaku said and believes that, though it may take some time, Lelouch will return her love.