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Turn 25.46 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25. The story depicts a conversation between Kallen and Kaguya after the former has begun her new life with Lelouch.


On their computers, Kallen and Kaguya have a conversation via instant messaging. It has been one month since Lelouch and Kallen began their new life and so Kaguya asks how they are doing. Kallen says there isn't much tell to her as everything is very routine. Kaguya comments on the "miracle" that Nunnally performed by standing before the entire world. Kallen says she is glad for Nunnally and asks if she'll be able to walk, but Kaguya replies that she'll have to wait a few more years. Kallen asks how Nunnally is doing and Kaguya replies that, although she still has much to learn, she is doing very well. Kaguya asks how Lelouch is and Kallen replies that he has been very sick. She then excuses herself as Lelouch wakes up.

Upon her return, Kaguya asks if everything's okay, to which Kallen bluntly replies No. After Kaguya asks what happened, Kallen harshly replies that she can watch the surveillance tapes if she wants to know. However, Kallen relents and explains that Lelouch has been unable to sleep due to nightmares caused by his guilt and she has given him a sleeping pill. Kaguya decides to conclude the conversation by asking Kallen why she chose this life for herself. Kallen angrily replies that she loves Lelouch with all her heart, unlike Kaguya who she says only sought him for political power. Kallen finishes by saying she has nothing against Kaguya or Ohgi, but asks that they leave her alone, and then signs off. A dejected Kaguya contemplates that she still has much to learn before she can understand Kallen's feelings.