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Turn 25.51 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25. The story depicts Kallen attempting to soothe Lelouch after he has a nightmare.


​In C's World, Elizabeth is distraught as she can feel all the emotional pain that Lelouch is going through; it's as if all his nightmares are crushing him.

​In the living world, Lelouch screams out in pain and Kallen rushes in to aid him. She consoles him, telling him it was only a nightmare. Lelouch tells her that he can't deal with the pain and it wasn't his plan to live. Kallen replies that it doesn't matter as the world decided to spare his life and he must continue to live. She tells him that he is not the only one suffering as guilt weighs on her conscience too. She holds Lelouch's head to her chest and tells her to focus on his happy memories, the fact that he isn't alone, and her heartbeat. Lelouch recognizes Kallen's heartbeat as anguished heartbeat, like his, and one that he has heard before. Kallen asks if he would like her to stay with him and the two fall asleep together.