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Turn 25.54 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25 and depicts Lelouch and Kallen discovering that the latter is pregnant.


A few days before Christmas, Lelouch is telpathically contacted by Elizabeth who tells him that she has discovered something important about Kallen. She explains that, when Lelouch is in contact with her, she is able to feel Kallen's life force, but now it has changed, as if there has been an addition to it. Lelouch immediately realizes that this may mean that Kallen is pregnant.

In the bathroom, Kallen looks at a pregnancy test that reads positive; it is the third to give such a result. She immediately receives a phone call from Kaguya who has been watching her and Kallen confirms to her that she is pregnant. Kaguya congratulates her, but wonders if it really is the best thing for them. Kallen assures her that it is what she wanted and she will handle everything.

Kallen meets with Lelouch in the kitchen, planning to tell him about the pregnancy, but Lelouch brings it up before she does. To avoid telling Kallen the truth about his connection with Elizabeth, Lelouch explains that he read the Braille written on the boxes of the pregnancy tests. Kallen says it is has been about seven or eight days since the conception and apologizes, claiming that she forgot to take the morning-after pill. However, Lelouch calls her out, claiming that she really wanted a baby all along. Realizing she has been caught, Kallen admits it and explains that she believes a baby is the only way to save Lelouch from his suffering.

Lelouch considers her words and then tells her a story about an old man he played chess with in the park who told him that having children brings out one's inner strength. Kallen agrees with the sentiment, but goes so far as to say that having children is the same as living. However, she is still willing to accept whatever decision Lelouch makes. Without hesitation, Lelouch decides they will have the baby.

Lelouch explains that Elizabeth gave up her life so he could have a second chance and he does not wish to insult her sacrifice. Kallen holds Lelouch's hand to her stomach, telling him that it is their heredity and it will grow up in a positive world. Lelouch says he will do everything he can to be a good father and asks Kallen not to strain herself during the pregnancy. The two decide that if it's a boy they will name him after Naoto and if it's a girl they will name her after Shirley.

As Lelouch leaves the kitchen, he wishes Kallen a Merry Christmas. Kallen replies that it's a bit early, but it appears they have already received their Christmas gift. The two embrace and Kallen wishes Lelouch Merry Christmas.