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Turn 25.59 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs during Turn 25. The story depicts Nina beginning her new life under the protection of the Ashford Family and Rivalz's decision to marry her.


​At the Ashford Estate, Milly is overwhelmed as she and Rivalz have had their memories restored by a Geass Canceler created by Lloyd. They now realize that Rolo was not actually Lelouch's brother and, as explained by Nunnally, he was the one who killed Shirley.

​Elsewhere, Rivalz explores the Ashford Estate, impressed by its vast size. He also contemplates that, with Nina's amnesia, she has become kinder and she likes him more. He happens upon a conversation between Cornelia and Duke Ashford, wherein they are discussing Nina's fate. He wants Nina to work for him at the Ashford Institute, but also would like to arrange a marriage so they can use her future husband's family data to start a new life for her. Rivalz interrupts the conversation, claiming he has a solution to the problem.

​Later, the three meet with Nina and Milly and explains their plan to them. Nina is thankful for the opportunity, but she refuses the marriage plan as she does not want to involve other people. Duke Ashford explains that Rivalz has already volunteered to be her husband. Nina is shocked by the revelation and Milly is pleasantly surprised. Rivalz admits that the idea may be crazy, but, as her friend, he truly wishes to help her as she has lost everything. Nina is moved to tears by Rivalz's selflessness and she accepts his proposal.

​Milly then grabs Nina, taking her away to get her measurements for her wedding dress. Cornelia approaches Rivalz, warning him that there's no going back now. Rivalz it may have been a rash decision, but he is sure it will all work out.

​The final image shows Rivalz and Nina several years in the future with their infant son.