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Turn 26.05 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs after Turn 25. The story depicts Cornelia rescuing and adopting a French girl named Josephine.


In Paris, Cornelia and Suzaku are being chauffeured after a meeting with the French government. Suddenly, Cornelia orders the driver to stop as she sees two men beating and attempting to rape a young girl. Cornelia and Suzaku approach the attackers and order them to get away from the girl, but the two men come at them with knives. Cornelia takes the men on herself and kills them.

As Suzaku calls the authorities, Cornelia holds the girl who has fainted. Upon awakening, the girl backs away from Cornelia out of fear, but she assures her that the men are gone and she can trust her. After asking her name, the girl tells her that her name is Josephine. Cornelia wraps Josephine in a blanket and takes her to safety.

Some time later, Suzaku reports his findings about Josephine to Cornelia. At a young age, the girl's parents were killed in a bombing attack. She lived with her grandfather afterwards, but he too died after some time. She then lived in an orphanage, but ran away two days prior. Cornelia agrees to notify the police and social services, but she wishes to give Josephine a chance to calm down as she is in a state of shock. Cornelia tells Suzaku she has been tended to by a doctor and should make a full recovery in a few days. She then hangs up and tends to Josephine herself.

As Cornelia brushes her hair, Josephine asks if she is a mother, as she had mentioned having a daughter. Cornelia replies that she lives with another woman who has two children and so they are like her own children. Josephine is a bit confused, wondering where the father is in their family, but Cornelia replies that a family doesn't necessarily have to have a father, a mother, children, or anything else, as long as the people in it all love each other. Josephine asks if that's why Cornelia saved her; if she loves her like a mother or a big sister. 

At Nunnally's estate, as she is playing a game with Kyoko, Nunnally receives a phone call from Cornelia. Cornelia informs her that the meeting with the French government went well and that she has a surprise for them when she returns.

On the plane ride home, Suzaku says he agrees that Cornelia has done a good thing, but is concerned that they have broken the law. Cornelia replies that sometimes the law must be broken to do what is right. Cornelia thinks to herself about Euphemia and how, despite their differences, she kept her from becoming a complete monster. She thinks about how similar Josephine is to Euphemia when she was her age and she believes that Euphemia must have sent her to her.