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Turn 26.1 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs after Turn 25. The story depicts Lelouch Kallen explaining their past to their children, Naoto and Shirley.


​As a pregnant Kallen works on a miniature Guren model, she recalls that she has left lunch cooking for too long. She rushes to the kitchen and finds that the lunch is ruined, letting loose a loud string of profanity. She calms herself down out of concern for the baby. Hearing their mother's swearing, Naoto and Shirley rush over to her, cheekily commenting on her cooking skills. With lunch delayed, the two ask Kallen to tell them how she and their father met. Kallen calls Lelouch, letting him know that "the time has come".

​As Kallen walks Lelouch down the stairs, they privately discuss the alternate history they have prepared for their children. Kallen believes it may be too soon, but Lelouch reminds her that they are very intelligent and curious for their age, just as he was. The two sit down with their children and tell them of their past.

Kallen explains that, after living with her Britannian father and Japanese mother in Japan, she moved to Britannia to attend high school. On her first day, the other students shunned her for being part Japanese, but she was offered a seat by "Adam" who welcomed her warmly. Since then, the two were always together, Adam helping her with her studies and her acting as his caretaker, and they eventually became a family.

Naoto still wonders why the two of them always look so sad and Shirley comments that they heard the world used to be a bad place. Kallen is caught a little offguard by the their questioning, but confirms that their used to be a war. Lelouch and Kallen tell their children that it's too soon to talk about it, but Lelouch explains that their parents, as well as Kallen's brother Naoto, died during the war. Naoto looks over the pictures of Elizabeth, Shirley, Naoto, and Kallen's mother that are on their shelf. He asks why he has the same name as his uncle and Kallen explains that naming your children after someone you care about is a way to honor their memory. They ask who Elizabeth and Shirley are and Kallen explains that they were her and Lelouch's best friends. Shirley asks if they will name their little sister Elizabeth. Kallen replies that that was the plan, but it turns out they will be having a little brother that they will name Nicholas. Naoto and Shirley voice their approval.