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Turn 26.3.5 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs after Turn 25. The story depicts Tohdoh and Nagisa spying on Lelouch as he purchases a wedding ring.


As Tohdoh is practicing Kendo, Nagisa notifies him that Lelouch is behaving suspiciously. After Kallen went out with Nicholas to get her car serviced, Lelouch called a taxi without her knowing. Once they return, Nagisa finds that Lelouch made a phone call to Scarlet. Though Tohdoh admits the situation is odd, he doubts Lelouch will do anything suspicious since he knows he's being watched. However, since Lelouch has called Scarlet, Tohdoh is intrigued and decides he will investigate further.

Later, Lelouch meets up with Scarlet at the mall and Tohdoh observes them in person from a distance. As Scarlet escorts Lelouch, she asks what he needs and why he asked her to accompany him. Lelouch explains that he needs to go to a jewelry store and that he wants a feminine opinion, though he can't ask Kallen. Scarlet immediately understands his intentions and congratulates him on making such a big step.

Tohdoh pilots a flying microscopic drone and lands it on Lelouch's jacket. Through the drone, he and Nagisa are able to hear Lelouch and Scarlet's conversation.

Once in the jewelry store, Scarlet gives Lelouch two rings that she has selected. Elizabeth chimes in and asks Lelouch if he wants any help, but he tells her his touch will be sufficient and he doesn't want to draw suspicion from Tohdoh and Nagisa who he's sure are watching him. Lelouch finally selects a ring and asks it to be inscribed with the words "You are my tower of strength". Lelouch tells Scarlet that he will propose to Kallen that evening and Scarlet offers to give him a ride home as Tohdoh pilots the drone back to him.

Later, Tohdoh returns to the surveillance room and Nagisa tells him that nothing else of interest has happened. Tohdoh tells her that he gave his report to Kaguya and that he asked to end the surveillance mission. After Nagisa asks why, Tohdoh explains that, after almost eight years, they no longer have any reason to fear Lelouch as he changed and has too much to lose now. Despite her lingering suspicions, Nagisa trusts Tohdoh, but makes the request that he get rid of his moustache.