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Turn 26.6 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs after Turn 25 and depicts a conversation between Nunnally, Kyoko, and Josephine and the wedding of Cornelia and Nonette.


​While Nunnally, Kyoko, and Josephine are showering, Kyoko remarks how nice it is to be home after several years of military academy. Kyoko and Josephine are scheduled for an exam in which they will fight against Suzaku and, if they pass, they will become royal guards with their own Knightmare units. Josephine says she doesn't want to fight against Suzaku, but Kyoko replies she's just a pacifist by nature.

​Nunnally interjects, saying she doesn't want to her such a conversation anymore. She explains that she doesn't want a squad like the old Knights of Round, but is distracted when Sayoko begins washing her hair. Nunnally asks Sayoko why she is so apprehensive around Jeraldine when she asks about her father. Sayoko replies that she isn't sure what to tell her as she didn't really know anything about Jeremiah. Nunnally then decides she will take it upon herself to help Sayoko with her daughter. Kyoko then asks Nunnally where Cornelia and Nonette are and Nunnally replies that they had important business to take care of, but didn't say where they were going.

​In Las Vegas, Gino Weinberg and Amanda Bradley meet up with Cornelia for an incognito mission. After learning the nature of the mission, they ask Cornelia why they chose them specifically. Cornelia explains it is because they live so far away from everyone else and if they tell anyone about it she will kill them herself.

​They meet with a priest who tells them that everything is in order and they will receive total anonymity. As a formality, he asks who will assume the role of "husband". Cornelia and Nonette, dressed in wedding gowns, point to one another, while Gino and Amanda stand at the side to bear witness.