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Turn 27 is an appendix chapter of bonzo's R2Remake comic series that occurs after the OAV Special. The story depicts Kallen and her friend Scarlet attending a comic convention with their children.


In 2031 a.t.b., Kallen, Shirley, Scarlet, and Scarlet's son Sean arrive at the Columbus Comic Convention. As a seven-year veteran of comic conventions, Scarlet asks Kallen what her first impressions are, to which Kallen replies that it looks like a theme park. Kallen explains that she only attended so she could purchase models at a discount and Scarlet offers to be her guide.

As they tour convention, Kallen recognizes a model she built that has been submitted to a contest under her customer's name. Disgusted by the fact that they have passed off the work as their own, Kallen nevertheless decides to let it go, believing it isn't even worth exposing them.

As they continue, they encounter a man dressed up as Zero and Shirley asks her mother to take a picture of her with him. Amused that Lelouch's icon has turned into such a commercial phenomenon, Kallen takes the picture.

Kallen reminisces about how she used to see people dressed up in costumes in Tokyo before the war started as she looks at the many people dressed up at the convention. Scarlet comments that, while many people wear cosplay for fun, she believes that many of them consider it an escape from reality and many dress up as characters in total sincerity without realizing their body structures do not match the characters.

Kallen and Scarlet finallly reach the model shop where Kallen picks up her order. While at the stand, Kallen notices the Alexander model, which she doesn't recognize. Scarlet explains that it was a European prototype KMF, almost all of which were destroyed in 2017. Kallen asks how she knows that, as it seems like confidential information. Caught off guard, Scarlet nervously lies that her husband told her as he was a KMF pilot in the invasion force sent to Europe, which manages to convince Kallen. Kallen then finishes her purchase, a little dismayed that she spent more than she had intended.

Later, Kallen checks in with Lelouch who is watching over the children with Modesty. Lelouch tells her that all is well and Natalie came over to visit Naoto. As Kallen and the others prepare to leave, Scarlet comments on Shirley's new hairstyle. Shirley explains that she wanted to try the same hairstyle that her mother had when she was a teenager, prompting Kallen to reminisce about her rebellious "tomboy" days.

Once they return to the car, Scarlet asks Kallen what she thought about the convention. Kallen replies that it's good for people with certain passions, but the items and collectibles are too expensive. The four finish packing and head home.