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Jikisan Red

The Type-04 Akatsuki Radiant Type is a knightmare used by the Black Knights in Code Geass R2: Twin Demons. It is piloted by Kallen Kouzuki.


The Akatsuki Radiant Type is the sister unit to the Type-04 Gekka Jikisan. This machine is colored bright red and has a couple of additions to the unit. The left arm is replaced by the upgraded Radiation Wave Surger which was originally meant for the Guren Flight Enabled Type, but it was storaged for future use since the Radiation Wave Buster was used instead. It also features two beak like chest pieces from the Guren, one on tope of the other.


This machine made it's first appearance in Chapter 13 when Kallen was given it as a temporary replacement for the lost Guren. It wasn't named in the chapter.