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Gekka Jikisan

Tjhe Type-04 Gekka Jikisan is a knightmare used by the Chinese Federation and Black Knights in Code Geass R2: Twin Demons . It is piloted by Rio Shuska.


The Gekka Jikisan is a modification of an Akatsuki Jikisan and the Gekka Pre-Production Type. This new machine can be singled out by its blue color scheme. Another part of this machine is it's three fingered Radiation Wave Splitter which fires off Radiation Wave Beams that can be split into more than one. Another feature of this machine is it's float system which consists of only two wings rather than four.


This machine first made an appearance in Chapter 10 against the Black Knights and alongside the Shen-Hu. It was showed to have the ability to hold its own against a Hadron Cannon blast, with its Radiation Wave Splitter, but only barely.